A Dictionary of London

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Cripplegate Ward - Cross (Holy) or Holy Rood
Cross (Holy), Friars of - Cross Lane
Cross Street - Crown and Cushion (The)
Crown and Cushion Court - Crown Court
Crown Court, Bethlem - Crown Yard
Crowne (Le) - Currier's Alley
Curriers' Alley - Cutler Street
Cutler Street Warehouses - Cyvyndonelane
Dagger Alley - Daw's Court
Dayes Court - Denzhill Lane
Deputies', Deputy's Court - Dice Quay Lane, Passage
Dicereslane - Doby Court
Dockwell Court - Dolphin (The) at Aldersgate
Dolphin Alley - Dorset Court
Dorset Garden - Dowgate
Dowgate Dock - Drawbridge (The)
Drewry House - Duke's Head Passage
Duke's Head Yard - Dunstan (St.) near Fanchurch
Dunstan (St.) near the New Temple - Dutch Church, Austinfriars
Duties Alley - Dyneshemanhalle
Eagle and Child Alley - Ebenezer Square
Ebgate Back Alley - Eldefistrate
Elden Lane - Ely (Bishop of), Soke
Ely Court - Essex Court
Essex Street - Exchange Buildings
Exchange Chambers - Eyre Almshouses
Faculty Office - Fancherchestrete
Fann Court - Farthing Alley
Fasal Cock Yard, Angel Alley, Bishopsgate - Feathers Tavern
Felipeslane - Fern's Yard
Ferronerye (le) - Finsbury Court
Finsbury Pavement - Fisher's Folly
Fisher's Rents - Fleet (The)
Fleet Bridge - Fleur de lis Court
Fleur de lis Court, Houndsditch - Flying Horse Yard
Flying Horse Yard, Half Moon Alley - Foster Lane
Foster Street - Four Dove Court
Four Gates (The) - Foxetayle Alley
Foxton Inn - Fresh Wharf Gateway
Freshfish Wharf - Fryar Alley, Milk Street
Fryar Street, Blackfriars - Furriers' Alley
Fusters (The) - Fyve Foot Lane
Gabriel (St.) Fenchurch - Garlick Hill
Garlickhithe - George (St.) in Pudding Lane
George (St.). Botolph Lane - George and Catherine Wheel Alley
George and Vulture Tavern - George Street
George Street, Minories - George Yard, West Smithfield
George's (St.) Avenue - Gingerbread Alley, Court
Gingerbread Court - Globe Tavern
Globe Yard - Gofairlane
Gold and Silver Wiredrawers - Golden Lion Court
Golden Lyon Inn - Goodman's Gate
Goodman's Wharf - Gough Square
Gould Buildings - Gravel Lane, Houndsditch
Graves' Wharf - Great Carter Lane
Great Cock Alley - Great Fryers Gate
Great Garden Street - Great Oxford Court
Great Prescott Street - Great Swan Alley
Great Synagogue, Duke Street - Green Acre
Green Arbour Court - Green Dragon Court
Green Dragon Inn - Greenwich Street
Greenwood Court, Harrow Alley - Greyhound Alley
Greyhound Court - Grocers' Garden
Grocers' Hall - Guildhall Tavern
Guildhall Yard - Guttige's Rents
Habechirche - Half Moon Alley
Half Moon Alley, Bethlem - Hall's Court
Hall's Rents, St. Katherine's - Hand Alley
Hand Alley, Bishopsgate - Hangman's Gains
Hangynge (le) - Harp Court
Harp Court, Alley - Hart Court
Hart Lane, Great Tower Street - Hatchet Alley, Aldgate High Street
Hatchet Alley, Little Tower Hill - Heart Street
Heathen Court - Helmet Court, East Smithfield
Helmet Court, Wormwood Street - Hermitage Basin
Hermitage Brewhouse - Hide's Rents
High Holborn - Hog Lane, Spitalfields
Hog Lane, Whitechapel - Holborn Viaduct
Holbornstrete - Honesty Square
Honey Lane - Horne Alley, Shoe Lane
Horner's Alley - Horseshoe (The)
Horseshoe Alley - Horshoe Court, Upper Thames Street
Horsmylle (le) - Hucker's Court, St. Nicholas Lane
Hudson Bay Company's Hall - Hutchison Street
Hutchison's Market - Hyltonsyn
Idle Lane - Inns of Chancery
Inns of Court - Isaiks Rents
Ismonger, Ismongeres Lane - Iweyne (St.)
Jack Alley, Bow Lane - James' (St.) Place, Aldgate
James' (St.) super ripam - Jews' Almshouses
Jews' Garden - John Street
John's (St.) Alley - Jones' Yard
Jonyscroft (St.) - Juwerie Lane
Katherine (St.) by Alegate - Katherine Wheel Alley, Snow Hill
Katherine Wheel and George Alley - Katherine's (St.) Wharf, East Smithfield
Katones Lane - King Street
King Street Passage - King's Arms Inn, Snow Hill
King's Arms Tavern - King's Head (The), Newgate Street
King's Head Court - King's Head Tavern
King's Head Tavern, Mark Lane - Knyghttes Hill