King's Head Tavern, Mark Lane - Knyghttes Hill

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King's Head Tavern, Mark Lane

See London Tavern.

King's Printing House

In Blackfriars, 1643-4 (L. and P. Chas. I. XIX. p. 12).

Burnt down 1742, but rebuilt and made the completest Printing House in the world (Maitland, 1775, II. 924).

Removed in 1770 to New Street, Gough Square (Treloar, p. 33).

See Printing House Square.

King's Street, Water Lane

See Pav'd Alley.

King's Wardrobe (The)

Between Carter Lane north and St. Andrew's Church south, Puddle Dock Hill west and Addle Hill east. Shown in O. and M. 1677 as a large vacant space. "The King's Wardrobe was here."

Called in Leake, 1666, "The Wardrobe."

Built by Sir John Beauchampe, who lodged there and died 1359. His executors sold the house to Ed. III., who granted 40s. out of it to the parson of St. Andrew's for tithe.

King's letters enrolled there and not in the Chancery (S. 368-9).

Certain houses in the City were given by the Mayor in 1311 for the purposes of the King's Wardrobe (Cal. L. Bk. D. 254).

Described as a branch of the Exchequer for the receipt and disbursements of monies in the personal expenditure of the sovereign (Lib. Cust. Glossary, s.v. "garderoba").

Chests kept there containing books of account, etc., 1327 (Cal. L. Bk. E. p. 225).

The site is now occupied by the Rectory, Wardrobe Place, Wardrobe Terrace, etc.

King's Weigh House

See Weigh House.

Kingscote Street

South out of Tudor Street to William Street (P.O. Directory). In Farringdon Ward Without, in the precinct of Bridewell.

Formerly called King Edward Street (q.v.).

Name changed 1885.

Kingshead Court, Coleman Street

See King's Arms Yard.

Kingsown Place

North out of Lamb Alley to Smith's Buildings. In Bishopsgate Ward Without (O.S. 1880).

"Angel Court" seems to occupy the site in Rocque, 1746 (q.v.).

The site is now occupied by Liverpool Street Station.

Kirby Court

North out of Chick Lane, in Farringdon Ward Without (Rocque, 1746-Elmes, 1831).

Removed for the formation of Charterhouse Street, etc.

Named after the owner or builder.

Kirone Lane

See Kyrune Lane.

Kneseworth Key

Messuage with wharf annexed belonging to Thomas Kneseworth, formerly called "Hatters Kaye," and now "Kneseworth Kaye," in the ward of the Tower of London, 1513 (Lond. I. p.m. III. p. 320).

No later mention.


See Cnihtegild.

Knightrider Court

North out of Knightrider Street, at No. 49, to Carter Lane (P.O. Directory). In Castle Baynard Ward and Farringdon Ward Within.

First mention : Horwood, 1799.

Former name : "Do Little Lane" (q.v.).

For the origin of the name, See Knightrider Street.

Knightrider Lane

Houses at the corner of Bredestrete upon Knyghtrider-lane in the parish of St. Mildred, 1349 (Ct. H.W. I. 617).

Now Queen Victoria Street, and formerly Old Fish Street and Knightrider Street (q.v.).

Knightrider Street

East out of Addle Hill, at No. 23, to Queen Victoria Street at Friday Street (P.O. Directory). In Castle Baynard, Bread Street and Queenhithe Wards.

From a deed 26 Ed. III. (Anc. Deeds, C. 189) it appears that Knightrider Street at that time extended at least as far as and perhaps beyond Cordwainer Street or Bow Lane, which portion was afterwards known as Trinity Lane (q.v.).

The eastemmost portion of the present street was called until 1872 "Old Fish Street" (q.v.), the middle portion to Paul's Chain "Little Knightrider Street," and the western portion "Great Knightrider Street."

A considerable portion of the street was removed for the formation of Queen Victoria Street.

First mention : "Knychtriderestrete," 3 Ed. III. (Anc. Deeds, C. 2795).

Other forms and names : " Knyghtriderestrete," 1349 (Ct. H.W. I. 560). "Knyghtryderestrete," 26 Ed. III. (Anc. Deeds, C. 189). "Knyghtrederistret," 1397 (Ct. H.W. II. 328). "Knightriders streete " (S. 365).

Stow says so called of Knights well armed and mounted at the Tower Royall, ryding from thence through that street west to Creede Lane and so out at Ludgate (S. 247).

See Great Knightrider Street, Little Knightrider Street, Trinity Lane, Old Fish Street.

Knightriders Street, West Smithfield

See Giltspur Street.

Knight's Court

South out of Little Carter Lane, in Castle Baynard Ward (Horwood, 1799).

See Knowle's Court.

Knowle's Court

South out of Carter Lane, in Castle Baynard Ward (P.C. 1732-Lockie, 1810-O.S. 1875).

Other name : "Knight's Court" (Horwood, 1799).

Site has been rebuilt and seems now to form part of Knightrider Court.


Shops in Kyngs-aleye in the parish of St. Vedast in Goter lane, 1410-Il (Ct. H.W. II. 390).

Qy.=Kings Head Court, Gutter Lane.

Knyghttes Hill

Payment made to harry kny3te of knyghttes hill for tiles in churchwardens' accounts of the parish of St. Mary at Hill, 1487-8 (Records, p. 137).

Not further identified.