Four Gates (The) - Foxetayle Alley

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Four Gates (The)

A cellar in the parish of St. Martin in the Vintry called "The Four Gates," "Les quatres portes," 33 Ed. I. 1305 (Cal. L. Book C. p. 199).

Not further identified.

Four Swans Inn

West out of Bishopsgate Street Within, in Bishopsgate Ward Within, at No. 83 (O. and M. 1677-O.S. 1848-51).

It is mentioned in Taylor's "Carriers Cosmographie," 1637.

One of the old galleried inns of London. Taken down 1873. A tavern with the same sign occupies part of the site, the remainder being occupied for other business purposes.

A good view in Lond. Topog. Rec. II. 36.

Fowke's Buildings

Soutb out of Great Tower Street at Nos. 24 and 25, between Harp Lane and Water Lane. In Tower Ward (P.O. Directory).

Earliest mention : Boyle, 1799.

Former name : "Fook's Court" (O. and M. 1677-Strype, 1755). "Fowks Court" (Strype, ed. 1720, I. ii. 52).

Derivation of name : John Fowke devised five messuages in Tower Street and Water Lane to Christ's Hospital in 1686 (Endowed Charities Report, All Hallows Barking parish, 1902, p.14), so that the name Fook's or Fowk's Court would seem to be derived from this family.

Fowle Lane

See Cross Lane, St. Mary at Hill.

Fowle Lane, Newgate Market

See King Edward Street.

Fowler's Buildings

In Little Tower Street (Boyle, 1799).

Not named in the maps.

Fox and Crown Court

South out of Barbican in Aldersgate Ward Without (Strype, ed. 1720-Boyle, 1799).

The site is now occupied by the Metropolitan Railway.

Fox and Crown Court

South out of Barbican, in Cripplegate Ward Without (Strype, ed. 1720-Boyle, 1799).

The site is now occupied by offices and business houses.

Fox and Goose Inn, Yard

On the south side of London Wall, in Cripplegate Ward Within (Hatton, 1708-Boyle, 1799), between Coleman and Basinghall Streets.

Site rebuilt in the 19th century.

Name derived from the union of two signs.

Fox and Hounds Yard

East out of Bishopsgate Street, in Bishopsgate Ward Without (Rocque, 1746-Elmes, 1831).

The site is now occupied by Bishopsgate Institute.

Fox and Knot Court

West out of Cow Lane and north through Fox and Knot Inn to Chick Lane, in Farringdon Ward Without (Horwood, 1799-Elmes, 1831).

Called "Foxes Court" in O. and M. 1677-Strype, 1755.

Site now covered by Smithfield Market and the railway lines.

The site is commemorated in the Fox and Knot Street Schools in Charterhouse Street.

Perhaps name derived from union of two signs, the knot or top-knot being possibly a reference to the head-dress worn by ladies in the 18th century.

Fox and Knot Inn

See Fox and Knot Court.

Fox Court

North out of Long Lane, West Smithfield, in Farringdon Ward Without (Lockie, 1810-Elmes, 1831).

Not named in the maps.

Fox Court

Out of Snow Hill, in Farringdon Ward Without (Strype, ed. 1755-Boyle, 1799).

Not named in the maps.

Fox Court

South out of Newgate Street, near the Gate, in Farringdon Ward Within (Hatton, 1708-Boyle, 1799).

Not named in the maps.

Fox Court, Cow Lane

See Fox and Knot Court.

Fox Court, Nicholas Lane

See Fox Ordinary Court.

Fox Ordinary Court

West out of St. Nicholas' Lane. In Candlewick and Langbourne Wards (O. and M. 1677-Elmes, 1831).

"Fox Court" in Hatton, 1708.

Removed c. 1831 for the formation of King William Street.

So named from a public eating House there formerly (Strype, ed. 1720, I. ii. 163).

The word "ordinary" in this connection is used to denote "a public meal provided at fixed time and price in tavern, etc."

Foxes Court

See Fox and Knot Court.

Foxetayle Alley

Six messuages in this Alley in the parish of All Hallows in London Wall, 36 H. VIII. 1544 (L. and P.H. VIII. XIX. (2), p. 180).

Not further identified.