Katherine (St.) by Alegate - Katherine Wheel Alley, Snow Hill

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Katherine (St.) by Alegate

See Katherine (St.) Creechurch.

Katherine (St.) Colchirche, Guild

See Mary (St.) Colchurch.

Katherine (St.) Coleman

On the south side of Fenchurch Street (P.O. Directory).

First mention found in records : "Sanctae Katerinae de Colman cherche," 1301 (Lib. Cust. I. 235). "St. Katherine or All Saints Colmanchurch" (Dugdale VI. (1) 155).

Stow says it was dedicated to St. Katherine and All Saints (S. 151), and the documentary evidence seems to point to the identity of this church with All Hallows Coleman-church (q.v.).

It seems also probable that in early times it was referred to as Colemanchurch (q.v.).

A Rectory. Patron : Bishop of London (Newcourt, I. 377).

Until the temp. H. VIII. and the dissolution of the monasteries, the living belonged to St. Martins le Grand (ib., and Lib. Cust. I. 235).

Not burnt in the Fire, but rebuilt in 1740. Archt., Horne.

Derivation of name : The addition of Coleman, Stow says, was taken of a great Haw, yard, or garden of olde time called "Coleman haw" partly in this parish (S. 151).

But if it is identical with Colemanchurch it may have been named after a builder or restorer of the church "Coleman," as in temp. H. II. it is referred to as "Colemanes chirche" (Anc. Deeds, A. 1900).

Fenchurch Street (q.v.) seems to have been called "Colmanstrete" at one time.

Katherine (St.) Coleman Churchyard

On the north side of the church (O.S.).

It seems to have been more extensive in old days than now, as in Rocque's map, 1746, it is shown north, south and west of the church.

See Katherine (St.) Cree.

Katherine (St.) Cree

On the north side of Leadenhall Street at No. 84 (P.O. Directory.)

First mentioned in records : "St. Katherine de Christchurch at Alegate," 1280 (Ct. H.W. I. 50).

Strype says it was built temp. Richard de Graveshende, Bishop of London (Strype, 1720, 1. ii. 62). He was bishop 1280-1303.

It was erected within the churchyard of the Priory of Holy Trinity, and in early records is frequently referred to as the "church or chapel of St. Katherine" within the church-yard of the church of Holy Trinity (Ct. H. Wills, I. 282, 594 ; II. 184, 250, 371.)

From a decree of the Bishop of London, 1414, set out in full in Strype (ed. 1720, 1. ii. 56) it appears that the parishioners of St. Katherine's used to attend the Priory Church of Holy Trinity, but that there was so much confusion owing to the canons holding their services there at the same times, that they built themselves a church or chapel dedicated to St. Katherine in the churchyard of Holy Trinity, and only attended the Priory Church en certain special occasions.

Various names : "B. Kath. prope Christchurch," 1295 (HarI. Ch. 112, I. 2, in B.M.). "Sanctae Katerinae Trinitatis," 31 Ed. I. (Lib. Cust. I. 229). "St. Katherine by Alegate," 23 Ed. I. (Anc. Deeds, A. 1607). "St. Katherine Trinity near Algate," 1349 (Ct. H.W. I. 596). "St. Katherine 'in atrio' Holy Trinity Church," 1350 (ib. 636). "St. Katherine's Chapel, founded within the churchyard of Holy Trinity," 1349 (ib. 594). "St. Katherine near Alegate," 1301 (ib. 153). "St. Katherine within Alegate," 1307 (ib. 191). "St. Katherine de Alegate," 1349 (ib. 583). " St. Katherine de Crichirche, 1408 (ib. II. 390). "St. Katherine Christ Church or Chreechurch," 1633 (ib. 755).

In Stow's time a descent of 7 steps had to be made to enter the church (S. 144).

Steeple or bell tower erected 1504 (ib.). New church begun 1628, completed 1630, 15 ft. above the old, as shown by a pillar of the old church still standing at the west end adjoining the steeple (Strype, ed. 1720, I. ii. 65). Magdalen College to repair the chancel, 1623-4 (MSS. H. of Lords in H. MSS. Com. 5th Rep. 29).

There was a Cloister on the back side of the north wall of the old church (Strype, 1720, I. ii. 64-5).

Church consecrated by Laud, 1631 (Povah, p. 179).

Repaired and re-decorated 1879.

A Rectory. Patrons : Magdalen Coll., Cambridge.

See Creed Churchyard.

The addition of Christchurch to the dedication name is of course derived from the Priory of Holy Trinity or Christ Church, in the churchyard of which it stood.

Is the pronunciation "Cree" a relic of the pre-reformation Latin pronunciation?

Katherine (St.) Cree Churchyard

On the north and east sides of the church (O.S.). Shown in O. and M. 1677 north-east.

See Creed Churchyard.

Katherine (St.) de Belyeters Lane

A tenement in the parish of "St. Katherine de Belyeters lane" mentioned in 1349 in will of Wm. Ostage (Ct. H. Wills, I. p. 565).

Might be either St. Katherine Colman or St. Katherine Creechurch.

Katherine (St.) Dock Entrance

East of St. Katherine's Wharf (O.S. ed. 1894).

Constructed with the St Katherine's Docks, 1827-8, and occupies site of Brown's Wharf.

Katherine (St.) Docks

East of the Tower and west of London Docks. Divided into two portions east and west. Constructed 1827-8 on the site of the St. Katherine's Hospital and precincts. Architect, Hardwick ; Engineer, Telford. Area, 24 acres. The number of houses demolished was about 1250, and 11,300 inhabitants were removed.

The names of the streets, etc., demolished are set out in the account of Katherine's (St.) Precinct (q.v.).

Katherine (St.) Holy Trinity

See Katherine (St.) Cree.

Katherine (St.) in the Churchyard of Holy Trinity

See Katherine (St.) Cree.

Katherine (The) Wheel, East Smithfield

West of Hermitage Dock (Rocque, 1746). A tenement called "le Katheryn Whele" in East Smithfield was in the time of Henry VIII situated between the Three Kings beer-house west and the Mille Dock of the Abbey of Graces east, the Thames south and the ditch running between the tenements of the convent north, 34 H. VIII. 1542 (L. and P. H. VIII. Dom. S. Vol. XVII. p. 399).

Not identified on the maps.

Katherine Buildings

On the west side of Cartwright Street, East Smithfield.

Erected, with other blocks, on both the east and west sides of Cartwright Street by the Metropolitan Industrial Dwellings Co. Ltd., commenced 1884.

The blocks of buildings occupy the site of Cartwright Square, Well Yard, Turner's Place, Providence Place, etc.

Katherine Court, Seething Lane

See Catherine Court.

Katherine Court, Throgmorton Street

See Catherine Court.

Katherine Well Alley

Mentioned in the register of burials at St. Lawrence Pountney in 1601-2 (Wilson, p.11).

"Katherine Wheel Alley" in 1623 (ib. 127).

Tofts, grounds, etc., in 1669 in Katherine Wheel Alley are described as abutting north on Thames Street, south on the Thames, and west on Old Swan Alley in St. Lawrence Pountney, in length 315 ft., and in breadth at both ends 32 ft. 6 in. (Wilson, p. 210).

The Mercers had tenements in "Catherine Wheel Alley" in Thames Street in 1596 (L. and P. Ed. VI., etc., D.S. IV. 281).

Site rebuilt and occupied by offices and business houses.

Name derived from the sign of the Katherine Wheel.

Katherine Wheel (The), Aldersgate Street

A capital messuage called the "Katheryne Wheale," in parish of St. Botolph without Aldersgate, in the ward of Aldersgate between the great ditch under the walls of London east and the highway called Aldersgate strete west, 1 Ed. VI. 1547 (Lond. I. p.m. 4 Eliz. II. p. 6).

No later mention.

Katherine Wheel (The), Newgate Street

Tenement called Tabne now called "la Katerine Whele" in poch sci Nichi infra Newgate and situm est inter tent. ptinent Ponti London orientem, venellam vocat Dycylane alias vocat la Rydye west, tenementum Decani et Capituli Sancti Pauli south and vicum regium de Seint Nicholas flesshameless north, 13 H. IV. (MS. D. and C. St. Paul's, Press A. Box 21, No. 378).

No later mention.

Katherine Wheel Alley, Bishopsgate

See Catherine Wheel Alley.

Katherine Wheel Alley, Snow Hill

See Catherine Wheel Court.