Little Somer's Key - Little Tower Hill

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Little Somer's Key

See Dark House Lane, Somer's Key [Somar?].

Little Somerset Street

West out of Mansell Street into Harrow Alley. In Portsoken Ward (P.O. Directory).

Earliest mention : Horwood, 1799.

The western end is occupied by a Timber Yard in Rocque, 1746, which seems to have formed part of the possessions of the Abbey of St Clare of the Minoresses, 34 H. VIII. 1543, and 1 Mary, 1554 (L. and P. H. VIII. Vol. XVIII. Pt. 2, 199, and Lond. I p.m. I. 127, and III. p. 89).

Little St. Bartholomew

House there mentioned 1613. The site is not indicated. Probably near St. Bartholomew's Hospital (H. MSS. Com. Beaulieu MSS. 90).

Little St. Helen's

A large court on the east side of Bishopsgate Street leading to Leathersellers' Hall, etc. (S. ed. 1598, p. 133-Horwood, 1799).

It was rebuilt more regularly in 1799 as St. Helen's Place, but continued also to be called "Little St. Helen's" for some years (Elmes, 1831).

It was called "Little St. Helen's" because it pertained to the Nuns of St. Helen's and was their house (S. ib.).

The Hall of the Priory stood here and the almshouses of the Leathersellers' Company (ib.).

Called "Little St. Helen's Close" in Strype, ed. 1720, I. ii. 105.

See Helen's (St.) Place.

Little St. Thomas Apostles

West out of Tower Royal across Queen Street to Bow Lane. In Cordwainer and Vintry Wards (Strype, ed. 1720-O.S. 1848-51).

In O. and M. 1677, called "Back of St. Thomas Apostles" (W. Stow, 1722-P.C. 1732) "Backside of St. Thomas Apostles."

Removed for the western extension of Cannon Street, 1865.

Little Swan Alley

West out of Little Bell Alley, then north to the Ward Schools and Cross Key Court (O.S. 1880). In Coleman Street Ward.

First mention : Rocque, 1746.

Former name : "Swan Alley," 1668 (Tradesmen's tokens, Burn, p. 186).

Site now occupied by offices and business premises, Swan House and Swan Chambers.

Little Swan Alley

Out of Three Colt Yard, London Wall (Rocque, 1746-Dodsley, 1761).

Site has been rebuilt for business purposes.

Little Thames Street

East from Tower Bridge to the entrance to St. Katherine's Docks (L.C.C. List of Streets, 1912).

Former name : "St. Catherine's" (Survey of St. Katherine's, 1686, Sloane MS. 3254, A.1.-Lockie, 1810).

Rebuilt at the time of the construction of St. Katherine's Docks, and called first "St. Katherine's Street" (O.S. ed. 1848-51).

See Lower East Smithfield.

Little Thomson's Rents

In Half Moon Alley, Coleman St. (Strype, ed. 1755-Dodsley, 1761).

Not named in the maps.

Little Tower Hill

North-east and east of the Tower, extending south from the Minories to Little Thames Street (Stow's Survey, 1598-P.O. Directory, 1912). Now called Tower Hill (q.v.).

It seems to have been all called Tower Hill in early days, for Strype (ed. 1720, I. ii. 12) refers to it as Tower Hill (now called Little Tower Hill).