Smither's Lane - Smythes Lane

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Smither's Lane

See Eastcheap.


See West Smithfield.

Smithfield (East)

See East Smithfield.

Smithfield Market

On the south side of Charterhouse Street, north of West Smith field, in Farringdon Ward Without (P.O. Directory).

First mention: S. 382.

A great horse and cattle market.

In the 17th and 18th centuries the buildings in connection with the Market consisted only of pens for sheep and cattle, constructed on the western side of West Smithfield and called "Smithfield Penns'" (O. and M. 1677, and Rocque, 1746, and Strype, ed. 1720 and 1755). In the O.S. 1848-51 the market covers the central area, but in 1855 it was removed to Copenhagen Fields. In O.S.1875-8o the new buildings for the dead-meat market were in course of construction on the northern side, while the central area was. left open as at present.

The market buildings cover the site of numerous small Courts and alleys as: "Three Fox Court," "Bell Inn," the southern end of "St. John Street," "Adam and Eve Court," "Ram Inn," "Rose Inn," "Chick Lane," "Duke's Court."

See London Central Markets.

Smithfield Penns

See Smithfield Market.

Smith's Almshouses

In St. Peter's Hill, Doctor's Commons. Founded 1584 by David Smith for six poor widows.

Burnt in the Fire and rebuilt by Sir Thos. Fitch, and charge of maintenance committed to Christ's Hospital.

Not named in the maps.

Smith's Buildings

North of Kingsdown Place and Clements Place, Lamb Alley In Bishopsgate Ward Without (Horwood, 1799-O.S. I 88o).

Site formerly occupied by part of Hoare's Yard (Rocque, 1746-Boyle, 1799), now by Liverpool Street Station and the railway lines.

Named after the owner or builder.

Smith's Buildings

See Mansell Street.

Smith's Buildings

Behind No.74 Leadenhall Street, on the north side by Aldgate pump, 1806 (L.C.C. Deeds, Harben Bequest, Deeds of 1800, etc., No. 14-Elmes, 1831).

Not named in the maps.

Smith's Buildings, Billiter Street

See Smith's Rents and Fishmonger Alley.

Smith's Court

North out of Holborn Hill at No.93, opposite St. Andrew's Church (W. Stow, 1722-Elmes, 1831).

Not named in the maps.

Smith's Court

North out of Brackley Street, in Cripplegate Ward Without, near the northern boundary of the Ward (Lond. Guide, 1758-O.S. 1880).

Site now occupied by offices and business houses.

Smith's Court

West out of Aldersgate Street, in Aldersgate Ward Without (Strype, 1720-Boyle, 1799).

Seems to occupy part of the site of " Swan Inn," Aldersgate, in O. and M. (q.v.). Site rebuilt and now occupied by business houses.

Smith's Rents

In Angel Square, Bishopsgate Without (Lockie, 1810-Elmes, 1831)..

Not named in the maps.

Smith's Rents

South-west out of Billiter Square, leading down Fishmongers' Alley to Fenchurch Street (Povah, 313).

First mention : Strype, ed. 1720, I. ii. 82. Called " Smith's Buildings " (p.164). See Fishmonger Alley.

Smith's Wharf

To the north of Queenhithe Dock (O.S. 1875-Bacon, 1912).

Smith's Yard

In Fleet Lane (P.C. I 732-Boyle, 1799). By Fleet Market.

Not named in the maps.

Smlthfield Bars

At the north end of West Smithfield dividing the Liberty of the City from the County, on the northern boundary of Farringdon Ward Without (O.S. 1848-50).

First mention: "The Bar of Smethefeld," 35 H. III. (Anc. Deeds, A. 2689).

Other names : " Bar of West Smethefeld," 30 Ed. I. (Ch. I. p.m. 115). " Smethefeld. Bar," 13 Ed. III. (Anc. Deeds, A. 2599). " Bars of St. John the Baptist," 19 H VIII. (L. and P. H. VIII. IV. (2), p.1628). (Perhaps an allusion to Holywell Priory, dedicated, to St. John the Baptist.) "Smithfield Bars" (O. and M. 1677).

Smyth Lane

See Eastcheap.

Smythes Lane

In the parish of St. Benet Sherugge and ward of Cordeweynerstreate 37 H. VIII. 1546 (L. and P. H. VIII. XXI. Pt. I, p.351).

Qy. =Sythes Lane=Sise Lane.