Swan (The), Crooked Lane - Swan Court, East Smithfleld

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Swan (The), Crooked Lane

See Leaden Porch.

Swan (The), Old Fish Street

In Olde Fish Street, 18 and 27 Eliz. (Lond. I. p.m. III. 82).

Seems to have been near Distaff Lane, and probably on the northern side of the street, unless it is to be identified with the " Swanne on the Hoope" mentioned as the southeastern boundary of the Fish Market in Old Fish Street, in the Inquisition as to the limits of that market, 1 H. V. (Cal. L. Bk. I., set out in Riley's Mem. p. 598).

Burn has a tradesman's token of the "Swan Tavern" in Ould Fish Streete, issued 1649-72, and suggests that it is identical with this "Swan on the Hoop Tavern" mentioned in the Inquisition. He places it at the south-east corner of Old Fish Street at its junction with Bread Street, which would be its position if the market occupied the whole extent of the street, as is suggested in the Inquisition. He says it was destroyed in the Fire and rebuilt and mentioned as late as 1712 (p.143).

Swan Alley

In Birchin Lane (Strype, ed. 1755-Boyle, 1799).

Not named in the maps.

Swan Alley

On the west side of Bishopsgate Street, south of Gresham College, extending to Broad Street. In Broad Street and Bishopsgate Wards (O. and M. 1677).

In Rocque's map, 1746, called Sun Yard (q.v.).

Name derived from the sign.

Swan Alley

South out of Newgate Street, in Farrlngdon Ward Within, east of Newgate Market (Strype, ed. 1720 and 1755).

Site rebuilt for business purposes.

Swan Alley

In Upper Thames Street, at the foot of Garlick Hill.

Mentioned on a tradesman's token, 1666.

No later reference.

Swan Alley

West out of Puddle Dock Hill to Curriers' Alley. In Farringdon Ward Within (Strype, ed. 1720-Boyle, 1799).

The site is now occupied by Green Dragon Court, St. Andrew's Hill (q.v.).

Swan Alley

See Swan Street, Minories.

Swan Alley

On the north side of Cornhill. In Cornhill Ward (S. 193).

Removed 1566 for the erection of the first Royal Exchange (ib.).

John Travers sold 6 messuages in this Alley for the making of a " Monyment" called the Burse, 13 Eliz. (1571) (Lond. I. p.m. II. 148-9).

"Swane Alley" mentioned in Churchwardens' accounts of St. Michael Cornhill, 1548 (Overall, p.71)

Swan Alley

See Swan Street, Upper East Smithfield.

Swan Alley

West out of Wood Street, in Cripplegate Ward (O. and M. 1677).

Site rebuilt for business purposes.

Swan Alley, Coleman Street

See Great Swan Alley.

Swan Alley, Court

West out of Old Change to St. Paul's Churchyard (Strype, ed. 1720 and 1755).

Named after the Publick House there, called the Swan.

Site rebuilt for business purposes.

Swan Alley, Lothbury

Messuage within the precinct or close of the Augustine Friars abutting on the west end of the churchyard wall where the pulpit stands, new built, granted by the Friars to Thomas Cromwell, and adjoining east to the lane leading to the Friars' Church. Also the tenement called the "Swanne" and the alley called Swanne Aley, one end abutting on the garden belonging to one of the 2 messuages in which Cromwell dwells north and the other end abutting on the King's high street called Lothbury south, 24 H. VIII. 1532 (L. and P. H. VIII. V.p. 472).

No later mention.

Swan and (with) Two Necks Inn

On the north side of Lad Lane at No.10 (Lockie 1816).

First mention: O. and M. 1677.

Called" Swan Inn " in Horwood, 1799. Taken down 1859. The site is now occupied by offices and business houses.

The name is a corruption of the name" Swan with Two Nicks," the mark of the Vinners' Company (q.v.), for their " game of swans" on the Thames.

Swan and Hoop Passage

South out of Cornhill to No.78 Lombard Street. In Cornhill and Langbourn Wards (P.C. 1732-Elmes, 1831).

Former names: "Cardinal Alley" (Leake, 1666). "Cardinal Cap Alley," "Cardinalls Capp Alley" (Rocque, 1746, and Strype, 1720 and 1755). "Cardinal's Cap alley" alias " Swan and Hoop alley " (P.C. 1732).

It occupied the site of and derived its name from the "Cardinals Hat Tavern" mentioned by Stow (p.201) as having been given with the alley by Simon Eyre in 1459 towards a brotherhood of our Ladie in St. Marie Woolnoth's Church (ib. 206).

Site now occupied by offices and chambers.

Swan Chambers

In Great Swan Alley, Moorgate Street, adjoining Swan House (P.O. Directory).

First mention : L.C.C. List, 1912.

Swan Court

In Foster Lane (Strype, ed. 1755-Boyle, 1799).

Not named in the maps.

Swan Court

West out of Mansell Street in parish of St. Mary Whitechapel (Lockie, 1810-O.S. 25 in. 1880).

Site seems to be occupied by a Fives Court in Horwood.

Swan Court, East Smithfleld

See Nightingale Court.