Three Colts Alley, Bishopsgate Without - Three Dagger Court

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Three Colts Alley, Bishopsgate Without

See Three Colt Court.

Three Crane Stairs

At the south end of Queen Street, on the Thames, in Vintry Ward (Strype, ed. 1720, I. iii. 13-Lockie, 1816).

The Three Cranes was the usual place for the Lord Mayor and Aldermen to take water at, to go to Westminster Hall, for the new Lord Mayor to be sworn before the Barons of the Exchequer (See Machyn's Diary, 1552, p.25).

Three Crane Street

In Thames Street (Strype, ed. 1755). Not named in the maps.

Three Crane Tavern

South out of Poultry, opposite St. Mildred's Church (Strype, maps, ed. 1720 and 1755).

Cleared away for the formation of Queen Victoria Street and widening of Poultry, etc

Three Cranes Lane

South out of Upper Thames Street, at No.77, to Three Cranes Wharf (P.O. Directory). In Vintry Ward.

First mention: (S. ed. 1603, 241). "3 Crane Lane" (Horwood, 1799).

"So called not onely of a signe of three Cranes at a Taverne doore, but rather of three strong Cranes of Timber placed on the Vintrie wharfe by the Thames side to crane up wines there as is afore shewed; this lane was of old time, to wit the 9 Richard the 2, called the ' painted Taverne lane' of the Taverne being painted" (S. 241).

Lane taken up by Costermongers (Strype, ed. 1720, I. iii. 13).

"Fruiterers " in 1755 edition.

The birds were adopted on the sign in punning allusion to the name.

Three Cranes Wharf

Adjoining Red Lion Wharf east and Southwark Bridge west. In Vintry Ward (P.O. Directory).

First mention: Rocque, 1746.

Three Crown Alley

See Three Crown Court, Minories.

Three Crown Alley

South-west out of Houndsditch (O. and M. 1677).

Site rebuilt for business purposes.

Name derived from the sign.

Three Crown Alley, Bride Lane

See Three Crowns Yard.

Three Crown Court

West out of Garlick Hill, in Vintry Ward (O. and M. 1677-Elmes, 1831).

See Church Place.

Three Crown Court

West out of Foster Lane, in Aldersgate Ward (Strype, ed. 1720-Elmes, 1831).

Former names: Called the "White Ramping Lyon," 36 H. VIII. 1544 (L. and P. H. VIII. XIX. (I), p. 501). "Crown Court" (O. and M. 1677-Lockie, 1816). Site afterwards occupied by the old General Post Office buildings, taken down 1910 So named after a messuage in the parish of St. Vedast, called " the Three Crowns and formerly the White Rampinge Lyon," 16 Eliz. (Add. MS. 25590 in Br. Mus.).

Three Crown Court, Jewry Street

West out of Jewry Street at No.12 (P.O. Directory). In Aldgate Ward.

First mention : Strype, ed. 1720.

Other names: "Crown Court "in Horwood, 1799. "Three Count Court" (O.S.1875).

Three Crown Court, Minories

West out of the Minories. In Portsoken Ward (O. and M. 1677-Lond. Guide, 1758).

Former names: "Three Crown Alley" (W. Stow, 1722-Rev. of Lond. 1728). Site rebuilt for business purposes.

Three Crowns (The)

Messuage so called in parish of St. Stephen in Colemanstrete, 1569 and 1576 (Lond. I. p.m. 18 Eliz. II. 209).

Not further identified.

The origin of the sign is said by Larwood to have originated thus: The Mercers trading with Cologne set up as their sign the Three Kings of Cologne with the arms of that City.

Three Crowns (The), Foster Lane

See Three Crown Court.

Three Crowns Yard

In Bride Lane (W. Stow, 1722-Boyle, 1799).

"Three Crown Alley" in Stow, 1722.

Not named in the maps.

Three Cup Court

South out of Newgate Street, in Farringdon Ward Within (O. and M. 1677-Strype, 1755).

Or " King's Head Court" in P.C. 1732, and Strype.

Site has been rebuilt for business purposes.

Name derived from the sign.

Three Cups Inn

On the east side of Goswell Street, in Aldersgate Ward Without (O. and M. 1677-Lockie, 1816).

Site rebuilt for business purposes.

Three Cups lnn

On the west side of Bread Street, south of Watiing Street, in Bread Street Ward (O. and M. 1677-Strype, 1755).

Strype describes it as well built, very large and of a great Trade for Country Waggons and carriers (ed. 1720, I. iii. 206).

Site rebuilt for business purposes.

Three Dagger Court

North out of Fore Street at 110, in Cripplegate Ward Without (O. and M. 1677-L.C.C. List, 1901).

Called "Three Dagger Alley " in O. and M.

The site is now occupied by offices and business houses.

Name derived from the sign.

Three Dagger Court

In Grub Street, in Cripplegate Ward Without (P.C. 1732). Not named in the maps.

Three Dagger Court

East out of Old Change, in Farringdon Ward Within (Strype, 1720-Boyle, 1799).

Site now occupied as offices and chambers.