Three Kings (The) - Three Pigeon Alley, Barbican

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Three Kings (The)

Brewhouse and wharf in East Smithfield, west of the Katherine Wheel and Mille Docke, part of the possessions of the Abbey of St. Mary of Graces, 34 H. VIII. 1542 (L. and P. H. VIII. Vol. XVII. p.399).

Qy. =the King's Brewhouse.

Three Kings Alley, Minories

See Three King Court.

Three Kings Court

North out of Fleet Street at No.150, between Fetter Lane and Shoe Lane, in Farringdon Ward Without (P.O. Directory).

First mention: O. and M. 1677.

Three Leg Alley

West out of Bishopsgate Street, in Bishopsgate Ward Without, near Bethlem Churchyard (Strype, ed. 1720, I. ii. 108).

The site is now occupied by Liverpool Street Station and the Great Eastern Railway lines.

Name derived from the sign, which represents the Manx arms, and is also the emblem of Sicily.

Three Leg Alley

East out of Fetter Lane to West Harding Street, and east again, in Farringdon Ward Without, 1641 (L. and P. Chas. I. XXIII. p.633, to Boyle, 1799).

It is also called "Red Lion Passage" from "a paltry Inn there which bears that sign," with a thoroughfare on suffrance through the house of Samuel Francome at the sign of the Horseshoe in West Harding Street (W. Stow, 1722).

See Trinity Church Passage.

Three Leg Court, Yard

East out of Whitecross Street, in Cripplegate Ward Without (O. and M. 1677-Elmes, 1831).

Site now occupied by the City Greenyard (q.v.).

Three Legges Alley

In parish of St. Mary le Bow in Cheapside, or West Chepe 27 H. VIII. 1536 (L. and P. H. VIII. X. p.119).

Mentioned also in 32 H. VIII. 1540 (ib. XVI. p.176), and in 4 Ed. VI. 1550 (Lond. I. p.m. I. 86-7).

Not further identified.

Three Legs (The)

In Cannon Street, 1655 (Strype, ed. 1720, I. iii. 201).

Not named in the maps.

Three Mariner Court

North out of Fore Street at No.102, in Cripplegate WardWithout, west of Grub Street (Horwood, 1799-Elmes, 1831).

"Green Dragon Court" (q.v.) in O.S.

Name derived from the sign.

Three Mariners Court

In Fleet Street (Strype, ed. 1755-Boyle, 1799).

Not named in the maps.

Three Needle Street

See Threadneedle Street.

Three Nonnes

Tenement so called in parish of St. James Garlykhith, 22 H. VIII. 1530 (L. and P. H. VIII. Vol. IV. Pt. 3, p.2883).

Not further identified.

Three Nun Court

East out of Aldermanbury at No. 19 (P.O. Directory). In Bassishaw Ward and Cripplegate Ward Within, leading into Church Alley, Basinghall Street (q.v.).

First mention: O.S. 1848-51.

Formerly called "Church Alley," Basinghall Street (q.v.).

Name derived from the sign.

Three Nun Inn, Aldgate; Three Nuns Hotel

See Three Nuns Yard.

Three Nunnes Alley

See Three Nuns Court.

Three Nuns Court

North out of Threadneedle Street, between St. Christopher's Church and Prince's Street In Broad Street Ward (Strype, ed. 1720-Boyle, 1799).

Former names: "Three Nun Alley" (O. and M. 1677-Hatton, 1708). "Three Nunnys Alley," 15 H. VIII. 1523, in Wardmote inquest of Broad St. Ward (L. and P. H. VIII.- III. Pt. 2, p.1515). " Three Nunnes Alley," 1614 (Ct. H.W. II. 738).

Site is now occupied by the Bank of England.

Three Nuns Yard

North out of Aldgate High Street, east of St. Botolph's Church (Rocque, 1746-O.S. 25 in. 1880).

Former name: 'Three Nun Inn" (Proc. in Chancery, temp. Eliz. Vol.111. p.78, to Horwood, 1799).

The site is occupied by the Three Nuns Hotel, 10-13 Aldgate High Street, rebuilt ,880 (P.O. Directory).

No yard or passage in front of it.

Three Pidgeon Court

North out of Angel Alley, in Bishopsgate Ward Without (Rocque, 1746).

The site is now occupied by the North London Railway lines.

Name derived from the sign.

Three Pigeon Alley

South out of London Wall. In Broad Street Ward (O. and M. 1677-Strype, 1755)

Site seems occupied by "White Horse and Half Moon Stables" in Rocque.

Three Pigeon Alley, Barbican

See Three Pigeon Court.