Tildon's Yard - Toddyneslane

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Tildon's Yard

North out of St. Mary Axe. In Aldgate Ward (Strype, ed. 1720 and 1755, in maps Lime St. Ward).

No further reference.

Timber Wharf

See Dorset Wharf.

Timber Wharf

South out of Thames Street to the Thames, west of Timber Yard (Rocque, 1746).

Site seems now occupied by Anchor Wharf (q.v.).

Timber Wharf

Between Coal Wharf east and Brickhill Lane west. In Vintry Ward (Rocque, 1746).

Site occupied by,"Bell Wharf "in O.S. 1880.

Timber Wharf

See Wood and Co.'s Wharf.

Timber Yard

See Little Somerset Street.

Timber Yard

At the south end of William Street, between Wood and Co.'s Wharf and Pig's Quay (Horwood, 1799).

See Woodmongers' Wharf.

Timber Yard

South out of Thames Street to the Thames, west of Castle Street (Rocque, 1746).

Site seems occupied by "Albion Wharf " in O.S. 1880.

Timber Yard

South from Earl Street to the Thames, in Farringdon Ward Within (Horwood, 1799).

Site now covered by Blackfriars Station, etc.

Timber Yard, Dorset Street

See New River Office and Yard.

Timber Yard, Upper Thames Street

See George Yard.


A close called "le Tymberhawe"in parish of St. Peter de Cornhill, being the western boundary of shops in Lime Street Ward adjoining the garden of the lord de la Zouche east, 9 H. VI. 1430-1 (Cal. L. Bk. K. p.119). Seems to occupy part of the site of Leadenhall Market.


Tenements and wharves in Timberhythe, otherwise called "Broken wharf," in parish of St. Mary Somerset (H. MSS. Com. 9th Rep. 18).

So called of timber or boordes there taken up and wharffed (S. 363).


A wharf and open yard on the Thames in the parish of St. Mary Somerset, in the Ward of Queenhithe (S. 363).

First mention: "Tymberhuth," 56 H. III. (Ch. I. p.m.). "Tymberhethe," 56 H. III. (Anc. Deed, A. 2684).

Other forms: "Timberhethe," 1294 (Ct. H.W. I. 114). Wharf called " Tymber-hyde" demised to the Fishmongers, 26 H. VI. (H. MSS. Com. 9th Rep. 18).

The name was also used to designate a street or lane in the same locality, sometimes called " Timberhithe," sometimes " Tymberhithelane" or " Timberhithe Street."

Now High Timber Street (q.v.).

Timberhithe Lane, Street

See High Timber Street.

Times' Printing Office

On the north side of Printing House Square (q.v.).

Tin Plate Workers

Incorporated 1670.

Tobacco Roll Court

West out of Gracechurch Street. In Bishopsgate Ward Within (O. and M. 1677-Boyle, 1799).

The site is occupied by offices and chambers. Name derived from the sign.

Toddes Alley

Alley called "Toddes Alley" with houses at Bishopsgate belonged to Jasper Fisher, 22 Eliz. 1580 (Lond. I. p.m. Br. Rec. Soc. III. p.19).

In 1540 it also comprised a Teynter yard (L. and P. H. VIII. XV. p. 411).

See Fisher's Folly.

It seems to have occupied part of the site of Devonshire House (q.v.).


See Dodding Pond.