Yeldehalle - Yvilane

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The chamber of Yeldehalle in Candelwikestrete, 1369, in the parish of St. Clement (Cal. L. Bk. G. p.258).

Not identified.

Riley suggests that it may be identical with the "Aula Dacorum," the Guildhalla Teutonicorum, called "Olde Hall" by Stow in his description of Dowgate Ward (Memorials, xv.), But this is impossible, as no portion of the parish of St. Clement is in Dowgate Ward. Stowe does not identify "Olde Halle" with the "Guildhalla Teutonicorum," the hall of the Hanse merchants.

See Steelyard; Olde Halle.

Yellow Street, Court

North out of Little Minories, without Aldgate (Hatton, 1708-Boyle, 1799).

Not named in the maps.


Wharfam vocatam" Yerdeswharfe "in parish of All Hallows" parva" in warda de Dowgate, 8 H. IV. (P.R.O. Misc. Ch. Bundle 68, file 12, No.333) (quoted in N. and Q. 11th S. 3, p.243).

Not further identified.

Yeuan (St.)

See Audoen (St.).

York Abbot of

London residence in parish of St. Peter Paul's Wharf, sometimes called the "Abbot of St. Mary of Yorkes place," 1589 (Lond. I. p.m. III. 147).

Given by Henry VIII. to Thomas lord Wriothesley, 35 H. VIII. (Dugdale, III. 540).

Belonged to Thomas Randolphe, 1589 (Lond. I. p.m. III. 147).

The stable adjoined the churchyard of St. Peter's Church (L. and P.H. VIII. XIX. (t), p.86).

On the east side of Peter Hill (S. 369).

York House

Wheatley says Baynard's Castle was known by this name, Richard Duke of York having lodged there in 1457.

Yorkshire Yard

In Bishopsgate Street (Strype, ed. 1755-Boyle, 1799).

Not named in the maps.

Young, Young's Court

See Young's Buildings, Church Alley.

Young's Buildings

North out of Church Alley in Basiughall Street, in Bassishaw Ward (Lockie, 1810-Elmes, 1831).

Former name : "Young, Young's Court " (Strype, ed. 1720).

In End. Ch. Report, 1902, St. Michael Bassishaw, p.9. The George Hotel seemed to occupy part of the site

Young's Buildings

North out of Paul's Alley, in Cripplegate Ward Without (O.S. 1875-80).

Site was formerly occupied by Garden Court (q.v.) and now by Australian Avenue and Cotton Street.

Young's Quay

Between Wiggin's Quay east and Ralph's Quay west (Leake, 1666 Horwood, 1799).

Further east in Rocque and Strype.

First mention: Made a general place for lading and discharging goods by Act of Parliament, 1559 (Strype, ed. 1720, I. ii. 49). One of the legal quays.

"Young's Quay" near Billingsgate, 1639 (L. and P. Chas. I. Dom. S. XIV. p.54).

Site now occupied by the Custom House.

Ypres Inn

See Ipres Inn.


See Ironmonger Lane.


See Alfieslane.


Hostel of John Caundissh, so called in parish of Holy Trinity (the Less), 1435 (Ct. H.W. II. 473).

Belonged to John Stephene and called "le yuyhalle," in parish of Holy Trmity the Less, formerly belonging to Thomas Romayn, 1349 (lb. I. 546).

Seems to be referred to as "le Gihale"in Rot. Hund. I. 419, 3 Ed. I.

Not further identified.


See Ivy Lane.