Addenda and corrigenda to volume 1

The Aldermen of the City of London Temp. Henry III - 1912. Originally published by Corporation of the City of London, London, 1908.

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Alfred P Beaven, 'Addenda and corrigenda to volume 1', The Aldermen of the City of London Temp. Henry III - 1912, (London, 1908), pp. 217-228. British History Online [accessed 16 June 2024].

Alfred P Beaven. "Addenda and corrigenda to volume 1", in The Aldermen of the City of London Temp. Henry III - 1912, (London, 1908) 217-228. British History Online, accessed June 16, 2024,

Beaven, Alfred P. "Addenda and corrigenda to volume 1", The Aldermen of the City of London Temp. Henry III - 1912, (London, 1908). 217-228. British History Online. Web. 16 June 2024,

Addenda and Corrigenda.

[See also vol. I., pp. 223-234, 409-422.]

Page 1 G. de Wychingham, add [referred to as Geoffrey Tableter in Letter Book F, ff. 99b 100b, (April 15, May 20, 1346)].
J. Aubrey, add present March 6, 1377 (Letter Book H, fo. 58b).
" 2 M. Phillip, add present November 17, 1475 (Journal 8, fo. 114).
" 3 H. Cote, add present July 19, 1498 (Rep. 1, fo. 39): he was discharged the same day.
J. Warner, add present February 10, 1511 (Rep. 2, fo. 107b). to afterwards Grocer append footnote. He was ordered to translate himself to another Company March 21, 1503 (Rep. 1, fo. 146b).
" 4 J. Lambarde, add present July 10, 1554 (Rep. 13, fo. 160b). for A. Hynde read Alderman Hynde.
E. Gylbert. A letter from Queen Elizabeth begging for his discharge from office was read July 27, 1564 (Rep. 15, fo. 365b).
A. Gamage, add present June 4, 1579 (Rep. 19, fo. 459b).
" 5 M. Calthorp, for Alderman Harte read John Harte.
R. Herne, add present February 17, 1625 (Rep. 39, fo. 111b).
" 7 Sir R. Howe, add present July 19, 1683 (Rep. 88, fo. 164).
" 9 A. de Hallingberi, see vol. I., p. 378, footnote 6.
T. Sely, add acting April 3, 1311 (Ancient Deeds A, 6397).
" 11 J. Haydon, add (Sheriff-elect).
" 12 F. Jones, add (Sheriff-elect).
" 13 Sir T. Beckford, for October 16 read October 13.
" 16 W. de Caustone, for died 1355, read died 1354.
J. Fyfhide, add present January 13, 1377 (Letter Book H, fo. 54b).
J. Estone, add Mercer (see note p. 361).
" 17 R. Rawson, add died 1485.
" 18 Sir G. Barne, after nominated read Alderman Sir W. Dixie, Sheriff Howse, T. Skinner, and add (in margin) present November 28, 1592 (Rep. 23, fo. 7).
" 19 J. Spencer. Before his election there was a doubtful nomination of which particulars are not recorded: on August 16, 1594, it was ordered that the paper of the late nomination for Bassishaw Ward 'be sent back that it may be known whether it was made orderly.' (Rep. 23, fo. 269b.)
" 22 S. de Abyndon. The date of election should be January 16 (not 13), 1320.
R. de Hakeneie, add (Sheriff).
R. de Lenne, after elected add and sworn.
" 23 W. Cauntbrigge, add (Mayor).
" 24 W. Remyngton, add present April 29, 1511 (Rep. 2, fo. 111b).
" 25 T. Bennett, jun., for died May 18 read died April 19.
" 33 Bishopsgate—Dr. Sharpe (Husting Wills i., 119) describes Stephen de Cornhill as Alderman of this Ward in 1294, apparently on the ultimate authority of Lansdowne MS. 558. On this see ante vol. I., p. 238.
" 34 H. Pountfreyt, add present December 10, 1410 (Letter Book I, fo. 106).
" 40 J. Jolliffe, add reduced to £420 October 7.
" 42 J. Sheldon, add (Sheriff-elect).
Page 43 R. C. Glyn, add (Sheriff-elect).
(Note B., line 1) for Billingsgate read Bishopsgate.
" 45 R. de Honilane, for acting February 13, 1307, read acting May 13, 1307 (Letter Book C, fo. 128).
" 47 H. Clopton, add (Mayor).
" 48 A. Nicholas, add present April 8, 1578.
" 49 W. Abell, for between Oct. 28 and Nov. 10, read November 3 (cf. Rep. 51, ff. 1b, 5, and Letter Book NN. fo. 53).
" 54 Note A, lines 9–10, omit appears to have died . . . . 244 (15) and substitute died September 15, 1496.
" 56 J. Michell. With regard to his Company see Notes and Queries, 10th Series, xii., 361 (November 6, 1909).
" 57 Sir R. Haddon, add present July 24, 1516 (Rep. 3, fo. 98).
A. Judde. In nomination insert before the others Sir W. Bowyer (Lord Mayor).
Footnote 30, for 48b read 58b.
" 58 R. Clarke. He was committed to prison on the day of election for refusing to accept office, but was sworn two days later.
" 61 Sir M. Bloxam, for June 15 read June 10.
" 64 R. Pyat, read Pyot.
" 71 J. Malewayn, before sworn insert elected and.
Footnote 28, for 138 read 130.
" 73 W. Hollyes, prefix Sir and for Knighted 1535 read Knighted c 1533.
" 75 R. Nelmes, add £200 of his fine was repaid to him October 20, 1676 (Journal 48, fo. 242).
" 76 Sir R. Vyner, add sworn August 23.
" 77 W. Prichard (1672), add (Sheriff-elect).
" 81 N. Godestone, read Godessone.
W. Crowmere, for died 1433 read died January, 1434.
" 82 J. Brokle, for c 1433 read 1434.
J. Derby, for September 13 read October 19.
W. Bonde, add A nomination had been rejected (names not recorded) on February 13 (Rep. 116, fo. 163b).
" 84 J. Lewis, for April 16 read April 22.
" 86 J. Edwards. He appears to have received his discharge on the day on which he was sworn (June 17), subject to a fine of £620: presumably he preferred not to pay the fine, as he took his seat in the Court of Aldermen on July 1.
" 88 Castle Baynard Ward. Called Warda Castri in Letter Book A, fo. 61 (February, 1292).
" 90 T. Walsingham. In the nominations, for Dufthons read Dufhous.
N. Marshall. It is recorded (Journal 7, fo. 101) that the coins with which his fine of £20 was paid included '40 half-nobles called salews.'
" 93 E. Rudge, for July 25, 1640, read November or December, 1640.
" 94 Footnote 82, for Rep. 5 read Rep. 55.
Footnote 83, for 334 read 332, and for 559 read 59.
" 97 Note A, for Ashton read Aghton.
" 98 Note B, line 7, for F. R. Craker read F. J. Craker.
" 99 R. de Conduit, for M. 1334–5 read M. 1334–6.
" 101 W. Purchase, omit Lord before Mayor.
B. Rede,
W. Boteler, add (Sheriff).
" 104 J. Morris, for sworn May 26 read sworn May 27.
Page 105 Footnote 87, for 45 read 46.
" 110 J. Sadler. In the text it is stated that he was discharged on the plea of sickness, but there were other reasons, the minute of his discharge (Letter Book Q, fo. 161b) mentioning not only his 'contynuall syknes and dyseases' but also 'hys losses of meny and sundry greate and notable sums of money as well by the seas as by evyll dettors.' (The whole minute is quoted by Sir J. Baddeley, Aldermen of Cripplegate Ward, p. 190.)
" 113 T. Dolseley, add present January 29, 1360 (Letter Book G, fo. 80).
J. de Northampton, before the date in margin insert and sworn.
" 115 T. Baldry, add present December 13, 1533 (Rep. 9, fo. 40). W. Williamson. He paid £100 of his fine and gave a bond for £400, which was repaid to his widow.
" 118 R. Read. In the nominations, for John Nicholson read John Nichols.
" 119 Thomas Wardell, read Thomas Wandall.
" 121 J. de Grantham. By a clerical error his name is entered as 'Graham' in the minute of his election (Letter Book E, fo. 147b).
J. Philpot, before the date insert and sworn.
" 123 R. Drope, add present September 7, 1486 [Journal 9, fo. 120b].
Sir H. Colet, T. Kneseworth, omit Lord before Mayor.
R. Acheley, add present December 15, 1519 (Rep. 4, fo. 35b).
" 129 J. de Mytford, for present July 20 read present July 23.
W. Cotton, insert present September 21, 1409 (Letter Book I, fo. 83).
" 130 J. Botiler, insert acting October 13, 1422 (Letter Book K, fo. 1).
" 137 B. Frestlyng, before the date insert (and sworn).
W. Dere. The 10 who voted for Dere were the Mayor (N. Wyfold) and Aldermen Frowyk, Broun, Eyre, Olney, Norman, Forster, Derby, Canynges and Hulyn; the four who supported Boleyn were Aldermen Gregory, Abraham, Philip and Warter, the two last named being then the junior Aldermen.
" 139 W. Harper. In the nominations, for Hurd read Hare:
" 140 E. Crispe, for present read sworn.
J. Parker. He paid £200 of his fine and gave a bond for £400, which was cancelled at the request of his widow October 2, 1634 (Journal 36, fo. 29).
" 141 Sir T. Kinsey, add (Sheriff).
" 143 J. de Chichester, for present March 6, 1337, read present March 6, 1377.
" 145 J. Standolf, read Standelf.
W. Whetenhall. His 12 supporters were the Mayor (W. Estfeld) and Aldermen Wandesford, Broun, Chalton, Hatherle, Clopton, Catteworth, Olney, Gregory, Holland, Yoo and Combes: Norman was supported by Aldermen Welles, Frowyk, Paddesle, Large and Melreth, the first two of whom were the only ex-Mayors who were present.
" 146 J. Brown. In the nominations, for Tysselton read Twysselton.
Sir S. Pecocke. In the nominations, for ex-Sheriff, Sir T. Kytson, etc., read Alderman Sir T. Kytson, ex-Sheriff Altham, R. Fermor.
" 148 Sir W. Bond, for sworn November 30, read sworn December 3.
" 155 R. Amadas, for March 6 read March 5.
" 158 Sir W. Herrick. The reason given for his discharge was that 'being the King's sworn servant [he] cannot attend the daily service of the City'.
" 159 W. Cokayne, for sworn May 19 read sworn May 30.
J. Poole, for before November 4 read October 28 (cf. Rep. 40, fo. 2, Letter Book II, fo. 173).
" 160 E. Harvey, for fo. 306 read fo. 356.
" 161 G. Gore, for sworn Nov. 6 read sworn Nov. 4.
Page 166 Langbourn Ward. It appears to have been called 'Langebrod' in earlier times. Geoffrey, Alderman of Langebrod Ward is named in Ancient Deed A 5853.
R. de Frowyk, for August 11 read May (Letter Book D, fo. 32b).
" 167 W. Cauntbrigge. He is described as 'Alderman' in the minute of his election as Sheriff on September 21, 1415, his predecessor in the Aldermanry of Langbourn, H. Halton, being recorded as present also (Letter Book I, fo. 158b). I think there is an error on the part of the scribe. Halton appears to have died in October and it is possible that Cauntbrigge was elected his successor between September 21 and the actual entering of the minute. There is no trace in the records of his serving as Alderman for any other ward before this date. See, however, vol. II., p. 5 (footnote 10), where I have suggested another possible solution of the difficulty.
" 169 Sir W. Chester. The reason for his removal from the Aldermanry does not appear: as far back as November 2, 1571, a deputation of three Aldermen (Sir John White, Sir Roger Martyn and Sir Rowland Hayward) was appointed 'to go to Sir W. Chester to talke with hym concernynge the office of his Aldermanshipe' (Rep. 17, fo. 226).
" 170 J. Langley, add present November 14, 1577.
" 173 A. Fraunceys, prefix elected and to sworn.
" 176 Sir W. Cokayne, in the nominations, read Aldermen Sir J. Jolles, Sir F. Jones and Halliday.
" 177 J. Porter, before (the name of his opponent) W. Alexander, insert ex-Sheriff.
" 180, 181. Portsoken Ward. The list of Priors of Holy Trinity is incorrect in many points of date: a more accurate list is substituted on p. 418 where, however, the name of Thomas Pomeroy has been accidentally omitted. His dates are congè d'elire April 14: royal assent April 21, 1445: restoration of temporalities February 19, 1446. There was a controversy as to his election, the royal assent being given also to that of William Westkarre on May 23, 1445, but Pomeroy ultimately was confirmed in the possession of the Priorate.
" 180 Richard (de Templo), for died August 14, 1248, read August 14, 1250 (as on p. 371). Richard was acting as Prior March 11 and May 16, 1250 (Ancient Deeds A, 2407, 2294).
Gilbert (de Wrottong), for 1260 read c 1261. His predecessor John de Totynge was acting in October, 1260 and February, 1261 (Ancient Deeds A 2147, 1698) and himself in February, 1263 (A. 2151) and in October, 1268 (A 1698).
" 186 T. Johnson, for seated read elected.
" 189 J. Little, after the date insert and sworn.
" 190 N. Jamys, for present March 1, 1433, read acting March 1, 1433, and in footnote 23, for K, fo. 12, read K, fo. 127.
" 191 J. Wylkynson, for September 11 read September 1.
" 197 W. de Hadestok, for acting Feb. 23, 1288, substitute acting October, 1289 (Letter Book A, fo. 51).
W. de Combemartyn insert present September 21, 1304 (Letter Book C, fo. 111b).
W. de Halden, after date add and sworn.
Footnote 1, for H.R. 18 (16) read H.R. 16 (16).
" 198 W. Tonge, after date add and sworn.
N. Wyfold, add (Mayor).
" 199 B. James, omit (Mayor).
" 207 J. Percyvale, in nominations before ex-Sheriff insert Alderman and.
" 208 R. Manning, for May 8 read May 7.
" 209 Sir H. Windham. His discharge was in consequence of his 'being in prison and so disabled to perform his duty as Alderman.' He was a Royalist and had been imprisoned by the Roundheads.
" 210 G. Wynn, under date insert sworn same day and omit sworn and before discharged.
Page 213 T. Pilkington. On the day of his election (February 26, 1689) it was ordered that he 'shall have ye same place and precedence that he formerly had in this Court' (i.e. when Alderman of Farringdon Without).
" 214 E. Gibbon, for sworn April 22 read sworn April 12.
" 215 Note C, line 7, after scrutiny insert which closed January 23.
" 217 W. Constantyn, for June 15 read July 4 and for July 9 read July 8.
" 221 W. Gore, for sworn January 8 read sworn January 13.
" 222 S. Sunderland, before discharged prefix sworn and.
" 225 The figure 2 should be placed before Sir N. Twyford, a line higher than in the text.
Footnote. This note should be read with and modified by what I have written on p. 378 (note 6), where I have shown reasons for coming to a different conclusion as to the true date in question.
" 226 John Robinson, for 1,000 marks read 100 marks.
" 227 Line 1, for 20 read 19 and prefix 20 to line 3.
Thomas Chalton, for Journal 5 read Letter Book K.
" 228 Line 13, after 'unto hym' add reference (Rep. 10, fo. 268).
N. Ashton read Aghton.
" 229 Mertinus, the true reading is Merttins. I. Penington, line 3, omit practically before certain. Omit the correction to p. 73.
" 230 G. Boleyn. The 11 voters for Boleyn were the Mayor (W. Gregory), Aldermen Broun, Olney, Wyfold, Derby, Feldynge, Scott, Cantelowe, Hulyn, Philip and Warter: the five who supported Feelde were Norman, Forster, Abraham, Marowe and Dere.
R. Verney. The 9 voters for Verney were Aldermen Hatherle, Feldynge, Marowe, Cantelowe, Hulyn, Warter, Lee, Waldene and Middleton: the five who supported Stokker were Norman, Scott, Alley, Cook and Josselyn. Aldermen Olney, Gregory and Feelde, who were present, are not marked as voting.
" 231 Correction to p. 103, for Jemmott read Jemmett.
Correction to p. 104, for July 29 read July 23.
" 234 Before Thomas Turges, for 211 read 210 and insert 211 at the beginning of next line.
J. Adrien, omit the whole entry, and see note on pp. 404, 405.
" 235 For the heading 'Early Aldermen' substitute 'Aldermen recorded in Liber Trinitatis.' (The whole subject of the Aldermen of an earlier period than the date of the first Letter Book is treated more fully on pp. 362–375.)
" 242 Line 8, after discreet citizens insert There was a similar ordinance enacted on October 10th, 1420 (Letter Book I, fo. 249).
" 246 Between 86 and 87 insert 86a February 13, 1567, Candlewick (names not recorded).
" 250 J. de Grantham, for c January, 1345, read December 29, 1344.
H. Darci, for 1345 read 1344.
Between J. de Stodeye and J. Chichester insert 1376 J. Wroth.
1378 for J. Pyel (Castle Baynard) read W. Walworth (Bridge).
W. Venour, for 1393 (March) read c August, 1392.
" 251 Between Colet and Chawry insert (?) 1505 Sir William Martin (Cordwainer).
[The exact date of Martin's death is not known: he died between September 21 and October 20, 1505: if he survived October 1 he became senior Alderman on Colet's death.]
Sir J. Harte (date of death), for February 8 read January.
Sir J. Spencer (date of death), for March 30 read March 3.
Page 252 Sir J. W. Ellis, add discharged June 8, 1909.
(End of list A) add 1909 Sir Henry Edmund Knight (Cripplegate).
Omit R. de Basyng (Candlewick) and c 1297 and read c 1295 Stephen Eswy.
W. de Caustone, for died 1355 read died 1354. [So also in list C, page 253.]
A. Aubrey, for 1355 read 1354.
Before 1393 insert 1392 (c August) Adam de St. Ive (Langbourn).
" 253 1481 omit the note in small type appended to Taillour.
R. Chawry, omit died 1509.
Insert 1506, Thomas Percy, Prior of Holy Trinity [Portsoken], died 1512.
Sir J. Tate, for 1509 read 1512.
" 256 Line 4, for 1438–9 read 1437–8.
Line 9, for Whitsunday 1440 read Whitsunday 1439.
Line 40, for ex-Alderman read ex-Aldermen and after Brawne insert C. Hoddesdon.
Note 2, add There is also the case of 'Dame Johanna Large,' widow of Robert Large, Mayor (Letter Book K, ff. 272, 273), whose husband was certainly not a Knight.
" 257 Paragraph 4, between S. Leeche and H. Rowe insert M. Abbot.
Line 7 from end, for eighteen read twenty-three.
Line 6 from end, for twenty read twenty-six.
(Line 3 from end) for conferred to read conferred on.
For and those of G.C.I.E. . . . respectively read that of G.C.I.E. on Sir G. F. Faudel-Phillips and that of K.C.V.O. on Sir J. C. Dimsdale and Sir T. V. Strong.
" 258 Paragraph 1, add Since Vol. I. was published five Knights (all ex-Sheriffs) have been elected Aldermen, viz.: Sirs T. V. Bowater, W. H. Dunn, G. J. Woodman, H. B. Marshall and J. J. Baddeley; in addition to these ex-Sheriff Sir T. H. Brooke-Hitching was returned by the Ward of Farringdon Within but his election was not confirmed by the Court of Aldermen.
Paragraph 3, omit J. Trott (1660) and G. Page (1714); between J. Dethicke and M. Noell insert T. Ivy (1661), transfer J. James from (1670) to (1665), add F. P. Alliston (1908) to the Knights and C. Lloyd (1661) to the Baronets.
" 259 Knights Bachelor, add 1905 June †T. V. Strong.
1906 June †H.G. Smallman.
1907 June †T. B. Crosby.
1908 June †D. Burnett.
1908 June †C. C. Wakefield.
1909 June †F. S. Hanson.
1911 June †C. Johnston.
K.C.V.O., add 1911 November *Sir T. V. Strong.
" 260 Baronets, add 1905 July *J. Pound.
1906 July *W. V. Morgan.
1907 July *Sir W. P. Treloar.
1908 July *Sir J. C. Bell.
1909 July *Sir G. W. Truscott.
" 268 For 1371, January read 1370, January.
For writ dated December 2, 1370, read writ dated December 12, 1369.
For (writ dated) January 8 (1371) read January 1.
(1377 October) insert writ dated August 4.
Page 270 1404, for no return extant read John Wodecok [Cripplegate].
William Brampton [Bridge].
*Alan Everard.
Robert Haxtone, Grocer.
1411, John Michell, He is described as Grocer, though he was certainly a Fishmonger later (see Notes and Queries, 10th Series, xii., 361, November 6, 1909).
1416, March, N. Jamys, add Fishmonger.
" 271 1420, for November 11 read November 12.
1421, for April 14 read April 21.
1427, for September 11 read September 16.
Note 115, for 261 read 259b.
" 272 1453, for Walderne read Waldene.
" 274 1539, before Roger Cholmeley insert Sir.
1545, for King's Serjeant read Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer.
" 280 1747, for Jannsen read Janssen.
" 284 1861 July. The numbers polled for Wood and Cubitt are given correctly in the text from the official declaration. Those recorded in Mr. Welch's Modern History of the City of London (p. 229) are so ludicrously remote from the true ones as to recall Pope's comment on the straws, etc., in amber (Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot v. 172): they are clearly not a typographical error.
" 285 Add 1906, June 15.
Vice Clarke (new writ June 11).
Sir Frederick George Banbury, Bart., Con.
" 285 1910, January.
Right Hon. Arthur James Balfour, Con., 17,907.
Sir Frederick George Banbury, Bart., Con., 17,302.
Sir Thomas Hugh Bell, Bart., Lib., 4,623.
1910, December.
Right Hon. Arthur James Balfour, Con.
Sir Frederick George Banbury, Bart., Con.
" 286 1362, for proved read enrolled.
" 287 1442, John Bowys, after 1435 add (Speaker 1435).
1449, T. Billing, omit last sentence.
" 289 T. Norton, for 1562–1563 read 1562–1567.
" 291 1710, add Aldermen Sir T. Stampe, Sir J. Fleet, W. Lewen, Sir G. Thorold, J. Fryer, did not vote.
1713, add Sirs W. Ashhurst, R. Beachcroft, S. Stanier, J. Bateman, G. Thorold and G. Merttins, and Alderman F. Forbes appear not to have voted.
1722. The eight Aldermen who did not vote were Sir S. Stanier, Sir W. Humfreys, Sir G. Thorold, Sir W. Stewart (Lord Mayor), Sir G. Conyers, Sir T. Scawen, Sir John Eyles, Sir H. Master.
" 292 1724, add Sirs G. Merttins, J. Fryer, F. Forbes and R. Brocas did not vote.
1727, add Sir C. Peers to the Aldermanic voters for the Whig candidates and R. Brocas to those for the three Tories. Sir G. Merttins (who died three or four weeks later) did not vote.
1768. The eight Aldermen who did not vote were Sir J. Hankey, Sir M. Blakiston, Sir F. Gosling, R. Peers, W. Nash, Sir J. Esdaile, S. Plumbe, J. Kirkman.
Page 292 1773, add Bull was supported by the Chamberlain (Sir S. Janssen) and by Aldermen Bridgen, Sir W. Stephenson, Kirkman, Sawbridge and Sir W. Lewes, in addition to his proposer and seconder: Roberts received the votes of Aldermen Alsop, Harley, Sir H. Bankes, Sir T. Hallifax, Shakspear, Sir J. Esdailo, Kennett and Rawlinson.
" 293 1784, add Atkinson was supported by Aldermen Alsop, Sir J. Esdaile, Townsend, Clark, Kitchin, Boydell and Bates.
1796. The four Aldermen, other than the candidates, who did not vote were N. Newnham, W. Gill, Sir J. Hopkins and Sir B. Hammett.
" 294 1841, add Masterman was seconded by ex-Alderman Hibbert.
" 295 1861, add to Cubitt's supporters, Sir R. Carden, Sir F. Moon and W. F. Allen, and to Wood's, D. Salomons, W. Lawrence, J. C. Lawrence, T. Dakin and J. J. Mechi.
" 296 1874, add The Liberal candidates were supported by Aldermen Sir B. Phillips, Sir J. C. Lawrence, R. Besley, Sir S. Waterlow and J. Paterson, the Conservatives by T. Q. Finnis, Sir R. W. Carden, J. Carter, T. S. Owden and Sir F. W. Truscott.
" 297 Add 1910, January. The Conservative candidates were proposed by Sir J. C. Dimsdale, and amongst the assentors were Aldermen Sir A. Newton, Sir M. Samuel, Sir J. C. Bell, Sir G. Truscott, Sir F. Hanson, C. A. Hanson and Sir G. Woodman.
1910, December. The candidates were proposed by Sir J. C. Dimsdale, and amongst the assentors were Aldermen Sir J. Savory, Sir J. Pound, Sir W. V. Morgan, Sir J. C. Bell and Sir G. Woodman.
" 300 (1640-1653), E. Ashe, who sat throughout the Parliament for Heytesbury was elected Alderman of Vintry in June, 1653.
" 304 1702-1705, line 6, after Aldersgate add who was returned for Agmondesham.
" 307 Lines 4, 5, for 'Fludyer . . . Whigs' read 'Fludyer and Dickinson were Tories and Porter a Whig, but in this parliament the distinction between Whig and Tory was not of importance, the few Tories in the House generally attaching themselves to one or other of the contending sections of the Whig party. From 1757 to 1760 there was practically no Opposition to the Newcastle-Pitt coalition.'
" 308 (1780-1784), B. Hammett, omit then a Common Councilman for Farringdon Within.
" 313, 314, 315, omit all references to P. A. Taylor, whom I had confounded with his son. The father, who was the Common Councilman, was never a parliamentary candidate.
" 315, 316 1886-1892 1892-1895, 1895-1900 Omit references to Mr. E. K. Bayly, ex-Sheriff. The parliamentary candidate was Mr. E. H. Bayly, a different person.
" 316 1892–1895, add Mr. R. Stapley (Common Councilman for Cripplegate Within) was the unsuccessful Liberal candidate for the Brixton division of Lambeth.
1895-1900, after Bow and Bromley insert division of the Tower Hamlets in 1899.
1906–1910, after Central Glasgow add which he retained till his death in 1909. Mr. H. H. Wells (Common Councilman for Farringdon Within) unsuccessfully contested the St. Georges-in-the-East division of the Tower-Hamlets as a Liberal.
Add 1910, January-December. Alderman Sir W. H. Dunn sat as Conservative member for West Southwark. Mr. ex-Sheriff Foster, after ten years' absence, resumed his old seat for the Lowestoft division of Suffolk, Mr. A. C. Morton retained his seat for Sutherlandshire, Mr. Lamb was defeated at Rochester and Sir Richard Stapley in the Holborn division of Finsbury.
1910, December. Sir William Dunn and ex-Sheriff Foster lost their seats, Mr. Morton was re-elected and Mr. Lamb recovered the Rochester seat which he had lost at the previous election.
Page 317 Between Sir W. Herrick and Sir B. Hicks insert Henry Chapman [Farringdon Within, February, 1611] November, 1597–8, 1604–11.
Between Sir B. Hicks and R. Bateman insert
Henry Banister [Aldgate, February, 1622] Preston, 1625.
Robert Morley [Dowgate, June, 1625] Bramber, 1620–2, 1624–5; Shoreham, 1628-9.
Between R. Bateman and T. Hussey insert Thomas Lawley [Castle Baynard, January-March, 1641] Wenlock, 1625, 1628, 1628–9.
Between T. Rich and T. Biddulph insert William Dudley [Bishopsgate, July, 1651] Northampton, 1663.
Between A. Bence and J. Baker insert Edward Ashe [Vintry, June, 1653]; Heytesbury, 1640–53.
Sir William Leman [Billingsgate, September, 1653] Hertford, 1645–53, 1659–60.
John Blackwell [Bishopsgate, October, 1659]; Surrey, 1656-8.
Between J. Man and Sir H. Ashhurst insert John Ashe [Broad Street, 1672], Westbury, 1681.
" 318 For the last two lines read 1654–55, 1659–60, Jan.-Dec., 1910 1; and 1906–10, Dec., 1910- nil.
" 323 Omit the name of P. A. Taylor from the seven divisions in which it is placed (Nos. 37–43) and that of E. K. Bayly from the two (46–47).
" 324 I. Penington, for 1641–3 read 1642–3.
" 326 R. Browne, for London read Wycombe.
H. Parsons, for Maldon read Harwich.
" 327 Line 5, the name of Joseph Lawrence should be in italics They were never Aldermen.
Last line, the name of S. M. Peto should be in italics "
" 331 At the end of paragraph 5 add: As far back as 1546–1549 Henry Goodyere, Leatherseller, appears to have served three years as an Alderman without being translated; also John Catcher, Alderman 1588–96, remained a member of the Pewterers' Company. The latter served as Sheriff, the former did not.
" 337 Column 2, J. Townsend, for 1687 read 1787.
" 338 Grocers, insert R. de Betoyne (1322–33), between Bureford and Grantham.
" 339 Column 2, Sir J. Frederick, for 1661 read 1653.
" 340 Grocers, for W. C. Simmons (1902–) read W. C. Simmons (1902–1909).
Drapers, insert R. de Gloucester (1295–1323) between Russell and de Armentiers.
" 341 I am not satisfied that there is sufficient evidence to justify the inclusion of H. fitz-Aylwin in the list of Drapers. Probably the forthcoming history of the Company which, I understand, has been entrusted to a historical writer of deservedly high reputation will throw light on the point.
" 342 Fishmongers, Sir P. Delmé, for 1721 read 1712.
" 344 Goldsmiths, for *Sir J. Knill read Sir J. Knill.
" 346 Merchant Taylors, for W. M. Guthrie (1902–) read W. M. Guthrie (1902–1909). for F. S. Hanson (1905–) read Sir F. S. Hanson (1905–1910).
" 347 Haberdashers, the names of Sir J. C. Bell and Sir G. W. Truscott should be in capitals and without the prefix * (as also in the other lists in which they occur viz.: Vintners, Innholders, Stationers).
Add *Sir C. C. Wakefield (1904–).
" 351 Bakers, omit Sir W. H. Wilkin. Tallow Chandlers, add J. Humphery (1912-).
Armourers and Braziers. The three first named were Armourers only (before the union with the Braziers).
Girdlers, add F. Howse (1906–9).
*Sir T. V. Bowater (1907–).
Butchers, add E. Hart (1888-94).
Page 351 Sir W. P. Treloar (1892-).
*Sir W. H. Dunn (1909-).
" 352 Cordwainers, for *F. P. Alliston (1895-) read Sir F. P. Alliston (1895–1908).
Add *Sir C. C. Wakefield (1908-).
Masons, add Sir F. P. Alliston (1895–1908).
Plumbers, the names of Sir J. Knill and Sir T. V. Strong should be in capitals without the prefix*.
Innholders, add *Sir C. Johnston (1906-).
Founders, add Sir D. Burnett (1902–).
F. Howse (1906–9).
" 353 Coopers, add Sir A. J. Newton (1890-).
" 354 Fruiterers, add E. C. Moore (1912).
Stationers, for *Sir T. V. Strong read Sir T. V. Strong.
Add *Sir H. B. Marshall (1909–).
*Sir J. J. Baddeley (1912-).
Between Upholders and Musicians insert
*J. Roll (1910-).
Musicians, add Sir G. W. Truscott (1895-).
*E. E. Cooper (1909-).
Turners, for *Sir T. B. Crosby read Sir T. B. Crosby.
Add *Sir W. H. Dunn (1909-).
Glaziers, add *Sir H. B. Marshall (1909-).
Between Glaziers and Farriers insert
Horners. : *Sir W. H. Dunn (1909-). *J. Roll (1910-).
" 355 Loriners, for *Sir D. Burnett read Sir D. Burnett.
add *Sir W. H. Dunn (1909-).
*Sir H. B. Marshall (1909–).
*J. Roll (1910–).
[*Sir T. H. Brooke-Hitching (1912–).]
*Sir J. J. Baddeley (1912–).
Apothecaries, add Sir T. B. Crosby (1898-).
Shipwrights, add Sir J. Whitehead (1882-96).
*Sir W. H. Dunn (1909–).
Spectaclemakers, add Sir J. C. Bell (1894–).
*Sir W. H. Dunn (1909–).
*Sir H. B. Marshall (1909–).
*J. Roll (1910–).
Glovers, add E. J. Gray (1883–91).
*J. Roll (1910-).
C. J. Cuthbertson (1912).
" 356 Framework Knitters, add *Sir G. J. Woodman (1909–).
*Sir J. J. Baddeley (1912–).
Gardeners, add *Sir H. B. Marshall (1909–).
Wheelwrights, add *Sir W. H. Dunn (1909–).
*Sir G. J. Woodman (1909–).
Pattenmakers, add *C. A. Hanson (1909-).
Page 356 Glass Sellers, for F. Howse (1906) read F. Howse (1906–9). Gold and Silver Wyre Drawers, add *Sir W. H. Dunn (1909-). [*Sir T. H. Brooke-Hitching (1912). Playing Card Makers, add [*Sir T. H. Brooke-Hitching (1912)].
" 357 Fanmakers, Sir H. G. Smallman, omit * and after 1898-, insert 1909.
add Carmen.
J. Roll (1910-).
" 362 Line 3 from end, for 1115 read 1130 (See Round Geoffrey de Mandeville, pp. 435, 436).
" 363 Mr. C. L. Kingsford in his notice of this volume in English Historical Review (col. 24, p. 137), gives satisfactory reason for identifying the Warda Haconis with Coleman Street rather than Broad Street, in which case Warda Reimundi probably corresponded with Broad Street, thus transposing Mr. Loftie's suggestions for numbers 2 and 19 in his list. Mr. Kingsford inclines to identify Warda Herberti with Dowgate rather than Walbrook; but his identification, like my own, is put tentatively and the apparently contradictory evidence is probably susceptible of the explanation which he offers, that the boundaries of the Ward were not finally fixed in 1130.
" 366 Line 6, for 1317 read 1217. Line 17, Constantine 'juvenis' is identical with Constantine Fitzalulf (line 7).
" 370 Note 118, for Loftie read London.
" 371, 372 Of the Aldermen named in the Great Roll of 1230, nine, viz., A. Bokerell (Mayor), R. Renger, J. Viel, J. fitz-Peter [fitz-Piers], R. fitz-John, J. le Blund, W. fitz-Nicholas, R. Sperling, R. le Blund, are found as signatories of the agreement between the City of London and the merchants of Amiens in 1237, as also are W. Joynier, G. Bat and R. Eswy ('Asshewy'). [Letter Book G, fo. 25b.]
" 375 Note 6, line 7, for when read where.
" 378 Note 6c, line 6, after Letter Book insert B. R. de Gloucester, add Draper.
" 379 J. de Norhamton, for 1399 read 1299. J. de Wengrave, for vice Northine read vice Northone: J. de Gisors. See ante (vol. II.) p. 160.
" 380 N. Drury, for Bishopsgate read Billingsgate. J. de Lincoln. In Liber de Antiquis Legibus (ed. Stapleton), p. 250, he is described as 'Wineter,' i.e. Vintner.
" 381 R. de Wymbysshe, add died March 17, 1326. For Roger de Palmer read Roger le Palmer.
" 382 J. Hauteyn. The alternative date is due to discrepancies in the Letter Books D (fo. 194d) and E. (fo. 140), the former of which gives August 9, the latter August 16.
" 383 J. de Causton, for Bishopsgate read Billingsgate. W. de Pappeworth, for vice Frozte read vice Frowyk. G. de Norton, for vice Swalilyve read vice Swalclyve.
" 386 add footnote. In Hust. Roll 71, fo. 34, the name of Thomas de Grenstede occurs under date March 12, 1344, as Alderman of the Ward in which certain property in the Parish of St. Mary Woolchurch was situate. This must have been one of the four Wards Walbrook, Broad Street, Cheap or Langbourn, and almost certainly one of the two first of these, but there is no trace of any vacancy in any of them (or indeed in any other Ward) about this time to which an Alderman unnamed in Vol. I. of this work could have been elected. Grenstede is not mentioned anywhere else as Alderman of any Ward, and his name does not appear at all in any connexion in Dr. Sharpe's Calendars of Letter Books. I can only suggest the possibility that he was identical with Thomas Leggy, then Alderman of Broad Street, and that Grenstede was a place name—presumably Greenstead, co. Essex, which may have been Leggy's birthplace or residence, but I have found no direct evidence to connect him with it either as native or inhabitant.
Page 387 J. Pecche for M.P. London, 1371, read M. P. London 1370.
" 389 W. Walworth
390 J. Fyfhide
" 387 A. Fraunceys, in date of death insert May 5 before 1375. R. Smelt, insert died before January, 1362 (Letter Book G, fo. 87).
" 388 W. Forster, for vice Gunwardly read vice Gunwardby. T. de Lodelowe, for Castle Baynard read Candlewick.
" 389 J. Aubrey, before enrolled insert proved at Lambeth, January 5, 1381.
" 390 Sir J. Philipot, note 12, add the D.N.B. suggests doubt as to his election as M.P. for London in the Parliament of January, 1380. It is beyond question. See return in Letter Book H, fo. 117.
" 393 For N. Godestone read N. Godessone (so also at page 413).
" 396 Before the elections for 1382 insert: In Letter Book H, fo. 139b, a meeting of Aldermen on February 13, 1382, is recorded at which John Vyne is named as being present. There is no other indication of his having been elected an Alderman during the year 1381–2. 17 of the Aldermen elected in March, 1381, were also present, the other six being W. Baret (Walbrook), R. Lucas (Cripplegate), J. Southam (Langbourn), E. Olyver (Dowgate), J. Heende (Candlewick) and H. Fastolf (Tower). Vyne had already served for Queenhithe and Cordwainer, but the Aldermen of both these Wards were among those present. If there is no error in the record Vyne must have succeeded one of the six Aldermen named who must have resigned or been removed during the year, as all six were living later, but there is no evidence to fix or suggest a more definite identification of the vacancy which he filled. J. Ragenell, for Seaman read Seman. A. Bamme, for died read buried.
" 397 For both he and Karlill was restored read both he and K. were restored.
" 398 W. Shyringham, for Broad Street read Bread Street.
" 400 W. Brampton, M.P. London, after 1399 insert 1404.
" 403 J. Wodecok, add M.P. London, 1404. A. Neuport, add Sheriff Cambridgeshire, 1397–9.
" 404 T. Polle, before died insert Prime Warden Goldsmiths, 1414.
" 407 W. de Causton, for late read later. J. Warde, for sister read niece. J. Aubrey, for of the same family as read daughter of.
" 406, 407, 408, in headline for 1320 read 1230.
" 408 W. Askham, for c 1399 read c 1395.
" 409 For S. Warner read J. Warner.
" 410 (Correction for p. 23) for Gilder read Girdler.
" 414 W. Hauteyn, after note A add page 415.
" 416 T. Semer, omit 'brother . . . . Somerset.'
" 417 Gilbert, for c 1258 read 1261.
" 418 W. Harradon, in congé d'elire column insert August 9. Between J. Sevenok and T. Percy insert 1445 T. Pomeroy, April 14, April 21, February 19, 1446.
" 420 Correction to p. 257, for twenty-two (baronetcies) read twenty-five, and for twenty-five (knighthoods) read twenty-seven.
" 421 p. 285, omit this addition. Correction to p. 296, for 1691 read 1891. Correction to p. 316, for Conservative read Conservatism.