Addenda and corrigenda to volume 2

Pages 228-235

The Aldermen of the City of London Temp. Henry III - 1912. Originally published by Corporation of the City of London, London, 1908.

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Page 5 J. Reynwell. He is described as 'Iremonger' in Letter Book K, fo. 127, under date March 1, 1433.
" 6 J. Coventre, for died c April, 1429, read died March 29, 1429 (Letter Book K, fo. 71). N. Jamys, for Ironmonger read Fishmonger (see Vol. I., p. 234). R. Gosselyn, for April 24, 1428, read April 26, 1428. W. Estfeld, for 1448 (bis) read 1446.
" 7 R. Otele, omit 1436–8 (after 'Auditor'). R. Skynnard, add died before July 19, 1431 [Letter Book K, fo. 85b]. W. Russe, for c 1432 (Master Mint) read 1431–4.
" 8 J. Olney, to marginal date 1435 append footnote, Olney is described as 'Alderman' among those present in the Court on October 13, 1432 (Letter Book K, fo. 112b). This is clearly an error of the scribe, as he does not again appear as an Alderman before 1435 and a little later in this Letter Book (K, fo. 127) under date March 1, 1433, 'John Olney the other Sheriff' is carefully separated from 'John Pattesle, Alderman and one of the Sheriffs.' Also on September 21, 1434, he is explicitly described as a 'Commoner' (K, fo. 141b).
J. Olney, in the dates of his terms of office as Auditor between 1434–5 and 1443–5 insert 1436–8.
W. Combes, after died c June, 1452, insert buried June 14.
" 9 S. Forster, for (Auditor) 1446–7 read 1445–7. G. Feldynge, omit (Auditor) 1445–6. See Dr. Sharpe's Calendar of Letter Book K, p. 309n.
" 10 W. Dere, to July 16 append footnote 'According to the entry in Journal 5, fo. 60, he was both elected and sworn on July 16; in Letter Book K, fo. 253b, he is said to have been elected July 14 and sworn on July 16. His company is nowhere mentioned, unless, as is probable, he was identical with the William Deer, 'peautrer,' who was appointed one of the four persons to levy and receive a subsidy in 1437 (Letter Book K, fo. 165b). J. Walderne, read Waldene (so also at p. 13).
" 11 R. Josselyn, add died October 25, 1478.
" 12 H. Hayford, for (Prime Warden Goldsmiths) 1462 read 1465.
" 16 T. Percy, for 1481–95 read 1481–94. He resigned December 16, 1494 [MS. Vitellius A xvi., Chronicles of London, ed, Kingsford, p. 203].
" 17 R. Chester, for vice Bassete read vice Bassett. J. Fenkyll, after died May, 1499, add (buried May 31).
" 18 H. Pemberton, between died and 1500 insert September 7. [He died on the day on which he made his Will.]
" 21 W. Copynger, for vice Bede read vice Rede.
" 23 R. Fenrother, for Aldgate read Aldersgate.
" 24 N. Partryche, for died c April, 1525, read died 1525 (buried April 2). M. Englysshe, before Will insert died January, 1539 (buried January 8). Footnote 31, for City Wards read City Records, and omit ' nephew and' and also 'whose relationship . . . . particularize.'
" 5 R. Amadas, 'Farringdon Without, 1523,' should be in italics, as he was not sworn.
Page 25 J. Hardy, after Auditor, 1531–4 insert Master Haberdashers, 1528–9.
" 28 R. Trappes, add died December, 1560 (buried December 23). Footnote 35. The sentence 'Kytson's election . . . article' should precede the words 'He was not . . . 1533.'
" 30 J. Sadler, for died c 1560 read died 1559 (buried July 3).
" 31 W. Lok, prefix to name (D) and append footnote. 'In the D.N.B. notice of him neither his Ward nor date of election as Alderman is given, and the date of his Knighthood is incorrect.'
" 32 J. Usshe, add or Wysse. His name is given as Usshe and as Wysshe at ff. 198, 198b respectively of Letter Book Q, and he is almost certainly identical with John Wysse of Warminster who possessed property in Billingsgate Ward, and whose Will, dated May 30, 1554, was proved June 21 following [P.C.C. 3 More].
" 33 Sir J. Ayliffe, in date of death between October and 1556 insert 14.
" 34 Add to footnote 50. His election as Alderman is also slightly misdated.
" 39 T. Pullyson, for vice Dawe read vice Dane. W. Kympton, add died between September 10, 1601, and February 24, 1609. J. Harryson, add died c 1582; adm. July 5, 1582.
" 41 Sir J. Allott, for died September 7 read died September 17.
" 42 Add to note 56. That Skinner was not knighted is shown by his funeral certificate and by the inscription on his monument in St. Mary Magdalen Church, Milk Street.
" 46 R. Cambell, add Will June 12, 1609, proved July 16, 1610 [P.C.C. 71 Wingfield].
" 47 H. Brawne, for vice Bayning read vice Brooke. T. Smythe, after Ambassador to Russia add 1604. Footnote 65. There is also an error in the day of his removal to Cordwainer as stated in D.N.B.
" 50 M. Awbery, add Will March 11, 1607, proved December 3, 1608 [P.C.C. 107 Windebank].
" 51 R. Pyat read Pyot.
" 52 T. Walthall, for died May, 1613, read died May, 1612. H. Chapman, after M.P. Newcastle insert 1597–8.
" 53 W. Williamson, add died 1613, Will June 16, proved July 24 [P.C.C. 72 Capell].
" 55 W. Paine. He was probably the William Payne of Fulham whose Will dated August 26, 1617, was proved February 28, 1626 [P.C.C. 25 Hele].
" 57 T. Overman, add died c 1651: Adm. January 24, 1652.
" 58 R. Morley, before proved insert (date of Will) October 17.
" 59 Sir S. Leeche, before proved insert (date of Will) February 15. C. Clitherow, before proved insert (date of Will) April 14, 1640.
" 61 W. Mott, add died 1638 (buried September 22).
" 62 R. Jeffereyes. His Will which was signed 'Geoffrayes' was dated May 2, 1631. S. Cranmer, before November 4, 1640, insert proved. H. Andrewes, in date of Will, for August 17 read August 7.
" 63 G. Harrison, add Adm. March 24, 1652. J. Highlord, before proved insert (date of Will) November 2, 1640.
" 64 Sir J. Wollaston, for (Aldersgate) 1644–7 read 1644–57 for Deputy Governor 1636–7 read Governor Irish Society 1654–7 (Deputy Governor 1633–4, 1636–7). Footnote 87, line 1, for p. 25 read p. 257.
" 65 A. Reynardson, after Candlewick 1648–9, insert 1660. P. Blore. Probably the Peter Blower of West Ham whose Will was proved May 28, 1647 [P.C.C. 114 Fines].
Page 65 I. Jones. Possibly the Isaac Jones of Kingston in Surrey whose Will was proved January 26, 1647 [P.C.C. 4 Fines].
" 66 W. Gibbs, before died insert Sheriff Suffolk 1677–8.
W. Ashwell, omit from died to the end, and insert died 1656: Will (cod. July 18, 1656) proved September 11, 1656 [P.C.C. 319 Berkeley]. [The erroneous statements in the text refer to his nephew and namesake.]
" 68 W. Methold, for vice Cordall read vice Cordell.
G. Morewode, add died 1650: Will May 11, proved June 21 [P.C.C. 97 Pembroke].
" 69 R. Draper, for vice Garratt read vice Garrett.
" 70 E. Harvey, before Will insert died May 27, 1661.
J. Vickers, for 1642 read 1649–50.
" 71 R. Cheslyn (rectius Cheslen), died c July 1651: Will [P.C.C. 162 Grey] July 20; proved August 20.
" 72 R. Chiverton, for (Bridge Without) 1657–79 read 1667–79.
J. Hayes, between died and 1661 insert October 8.
" 73 J. Howland, add Sheriff Suffolk 1667–8.
J. Mayo, after March 15, 1675, insert Adm. May, 1675.
E. Harvey, for Bodwin read Bedwin; also for Edmund read Edmond.
T. Ivy, transfer ? to the third line, placing it before 'knighted.'
" 74 W. Cleve. The date of death in the text is correct: White (History of Walbrook Ward) has April 3.
W. Middleton, add died 1651: Will [P.C.C. 191 Grey] June 15, 1648; proved October 21, 1651.
J. James. Probably the date of Knighthood should be May 14, 1665, and of Commissionership of Excise 1665–6. [There were two contemporary personages of the name both Knights and both Commissioners of Excise: the Alderman was almost certainly the elder.]
" 75 A. Biddulph, add died 1651: Will August 11, proved October 28 [P.C.C. 181 Grey].
" 76 R. Gale, add died 1656: Adm. November 7, 1656.
R. Baskerville, add Will February 20, 1654, proved March 7, 1655 [P.C.C. 327 Aylett].
" 77 Alexander Holt, see vol. I., p. 343, for the doubt as to his company. An Alexander Holt, Goldsmith, died April 28, 1657: Will June 24, 1655; proved May 20, 1657 [P.C.C. 151 Ruthen].
" 78 H. Pickering, insert M.P. Cambridgeshire 1654–5, 1656–8, 1659.
J. Blackwell, for proved January 20 read proved January 14.
" 79 J. Ellis, before Sheriff insert (?) Co. Co. Castle Baynard (1681).
M. Herring, add died 1657: Will January 16; proved May 20 [P.C.C. 168 Ruthen].
" 81 M. Hardy, add died 1666.
R. Turner, add died 1660: Will November 11, 1659; proved July 12, 1660 [P.C.C. 113 Nabbs].
" 82 H. Hunter, between died and 1669 insert December 27.
E. Ash, read Ashe and before died insert M.P. Heytesbury, 1640–53.
F. Whorwood, omit the line beginning 'Will' and substitute died January, 1655: Will January 7; proved January 22 [P.C.C. 41 Aylett].
" 83 R. Turner, jun., add died May 20, 1676: Will (cod.) May 19; proved June 2, 1676 [P.C.C. 116 Bence].
H. Wrigley, between vice and Andrews insert D.
Page 85 R. Wynn, add Will October 29; proved November 16 [P.C.C. 117 Bence].
J. Hawley, add Will (cod. Nov. 6, 1667) proved December 14, 1674 [P.C.C. 4 Bunce].
" 87 M. Noell, between September and 1665 insert 29.
" 88 J. Barkstead, prefix (D*) and append footnote—'In the original edition of the D.N.B. his Ward is not given, and in the second his election is misstated. His inclusion in Cromwell's 'Other House' is not mentioned.'
" 90 E. Backwell, add Controller Customs Port of London till 1674. The date of election in text (1660) is correct: in Hilton Price's Handbook of London Bankers it is given as 1657.
" 92 N. Delves, for 1659, 1660 read 1659–60.
" 93 W. Greene, after November, 1664 insert Sheriff Surrey 1667–8.
" 94 T. Blackall. In vol. I., pp. 41, 161 (corrected at pp. 411, 417) he is erroneously identified with the Alderman of Farringdon Without 1657.
G. Hanger. This name should be in italics, as he was not sworn and admitted Alderman.
" 98 T. Swallowe, after Mint insert (1660)–76.
" 100 E. Smith, for Sept. 25 read Sept. 28.
P. Jemmott, read Jemmett.
J. Jermyn. The Alderman was probably the father of the Master of the Salters. The father died 1668, Will July 17: proved August 28 [P.C.C. 106 Hene]. The son's Will was dated (codicil) June 13, 1674 and proved June 22, 1675 [P.C.C. 65 Dycer].
" 102 P. Delannoy, insert M.P. Southwark, 1656–8.
" 104 J. Morris. Before M.P. insert Co. Co. Broad Street, 1675, 1680.
" 105 T. Wandell, read Wandall.
R. Clayton. Before M.P. insert F.R.S., November 30, 1688.
" 106 P. Ward, after Commissioner Customs for 1689–97 read 1689–96.
J. Ashe, insert M.P. Westbury 1681.
Footnote 132, line 8, for probably read privately.
Footnote 132, line 13, after 1671–2 insert: The date can be fixed between even closer limits, inasmuch as the MS. refers to the 'Stop' of the Exchequer which was ordered on January 2, 1672, and includes amongst the Aldermen Sir Jonathan Dawes who died on April 18 following.
" 107 J. Smyth, prefix Sir.
" 108 P. Daniel, before Committee E.I.C. insert Sheriff Surrey 1681–2.
" 110 Sir W. Gostlyn, add to his Wards Castle Baynard 1688–90.
" 111 Sir M. Vincent, before Treasurer insert Agent Factories in Bay of Bengal 1677–81.
" 113 J. Mawson, add Goldsmith.
" 114 T. Rodbard, for t, read w.
" 115 C. Lethuillier, after Dowgate for (1681) read (1680).
" 118 Sir W. Hedges, after Bassishaw for 1680 read 1679–80.
" 119 Sir R. Bedingfeld, omit Sir. [He was not knighted till after his election as Alderman.]
W. Withers, after Cheap (1675)-80, for 1681 read 1681–3.
" 123 G. Merttins, between Co. Co. and Cornhill insert Candlewick 1706-11.
F. Forbes, after Co. Co. Bridge, for 1708–10 read 1706–13. [Forbes, though a Tory in Anne's reign and elected by that party to the Shrievalty in 1713, voted for the three Whig candidates and one Tory (Child) at the City election in 1722.]
E. Becher. He is marked w as being a Whig in George I.'s reign, but in 1710 he voted for three and in 1713 for all four of the Tory candidates for the City.
Page 124 L. Skinner. I have marked him w as he voted for three Whigs and one Tory (Parsons) in 1722, but in Anne's reign he had supported the four Tory candidates at the City elections of 1710 and 1713. Both Becher and Skinner appear to have been opportunists who made it a rule to 'shout with the largest crowd.'
" 125 J. Williams, prefix Sir.
F. Porten, omit Bridge 1708–11.
Sir J. Tash. Though at this time a Whig, he had voted for the four Tory candidates at the City election of 1713. He also, like Becher and Skinner, appears to have modelled his political action on that of the Vicar of Bray.
" 127 Sir J. Lequesne, for t read w.
Sir W. Rous, for (Co. Co. Vintry) 1728 read 1727.
" 128 Sir R. Ladbroke, insert (in the Wards column) contested Castle Baynard 1722.
" 129 E. Davies, prefix t.
J. Heywood, prefix (D). I have marked him w, but he was a very independent Whig and one of the anti-Walpoleans.
" 132 A. Master, add died c January, 1793: Will [P.C.C. 101 Dodwell] January 15, proved February 28, 1793.
S. Turner, after Queenhithe for 1751–7 read 1751–8.
" 133 J. Shakespear, prefix t.
" 134 J. Rosseter, prefix t.
J. Bird, prefix t.
" 135 R. Peckham. Though a Whig during the North period, he became a supporter of Pitt later.
W. Lee, below Aldgate, 1775–80 insert contested Vintry 1774.
" 136 T. Wooldridge, below Bridge, 1776–83, insert contested Tower 1775.
E. Pugh, before Master insert Land Coal Meter 1784–7.
H. Kitchin, prefix t.
J. Burnell, prefix w.
W. Gill, prefix w.
" 137 J. Boydell, for Cheap read Cheap.
" 138 S. Swain, prefix w.
R. C. Glyn, below Bridge Without 1829–35, insert contested Aldgate 1790.
S. Langston, before Deputy-Governor insert Sheriff Bucks 1788–9. (He had been a Whig before the period of Pitt's administration, but was a Ministerialist when elected Alderman).
(Note 185) for he was himself read he himself was.
" 139 G. Hibbert, after May, 1811 insert F.S.A. 1812.
" 140 J. Prinsep, for vice Hankey read vice Harley.
" 142 J. T. Thorp, to London 1818–20 append footnote 'Mr. Welch in History of Modern London, p. 174, makes him M.P. also for Arundel 1826, 1830, 1831, obviously confounding him with Alderman Atkins.'
" 143 Footnote 196, line 4, for Modern Lands read Modern London.
" 148 Sir S. H. Waterlow, prefix (D) and add footnote 'He is the subject of a full and accurate notice in the last supplemental volume of D.N.B
" 150 Footnote 221, line 8, for hereto adjudge read adjudged.
" 153 Sir J. C. Bell, add Master Haberdashers, 1912–3.
" 154 Sir T. V. Strong, add Candidate for Chamberlain, 1912.
" 155 Sir C. C. Wakefield, add (Sheriff).
J. Roll,
Sir W. H. Dunn, add M.P. West Southwark, 1910.
Page 161 R. de Frowyk, omit 'son of . . . and.'
J. de Northall. The baptismal name of the Archbishop was (not Thomas but) Richard.
" 163 J. Coventry, for Chancellor read Keeper.
" 165 R. Bassett, omit this note and substitute His widow married as her fourth husband the fourth Baron Bergavenny, the others being Richard Nailer (Alderman 1482–3) and John Stokker (Alderman). If, as stated in G.E.C.'s Complete Peerage (ed. Gibbs) ii., 31, this Stokker was the Alderman of 1479–85, she must have lost three husbands successively in the years 1483, 1484, 1485, and their order as given in the Peerage must be wrong as Bassett's death came between those of Nailer and Stokker. Possibly her first husband was John Stokker, Alderman 1458–64.
" 166 Sir J. Browne, for uncle read cousin.
" 167 T. Percy, for Victorian (bis) read Victoria.
Sir W. Capel, dele accent on last letter of Zouche.
" 169 Sir R. Dodmer, for daughter read widow, and for p. 33 read p. 330.
" 170 Sir T. Kytson, for The daughter read Her daughter.
Sir W. Laxton, for eldest daughter read step-daughter, and for a younger read his daughter.
" 172 Sir R. Heyward, after Thynne insert grandson of Sir R. Gresham and.
" 173 J. Bacon, after married insert as his third wife.
W. Kympton, before he was insert In 1580.
" 174 Sir J. Hart, for second read grand-daughter.
Sir S. Soame, omit last sentence.
" 177 G. Smythes, add Grandfather of James Vernon (Secretary of State to William III.) and great-grandfather of the celebrated Admiral Vernon.
B. Ianson, add and of J. Ianson (Alderman 1651).
" 179 R. Bateman, add He was the first Deputy-Governor of the New River Company.
" 180 Before John Cordell insert Sir.
Sir T. Soame, add His daughter was second wife of Sir Thomas Abdy (son of Anthony Abdy, Alderman, Sheriff 1630–1).
" 181 Sir T. Adams, add [Fuller's memory for Biblical references seems to have played him false: presumably he wrote Meribah for Marah (Exodus XV. 23)].
Sir T. Foot, before John Cutler for Sir read Sirs.
Sir T. Vyner, for Frances read Francis.
W. Methold, after (Lord Mayor 1628–9), add whose daughter he married three months after his first wife's death and a fortnight before his own.
" 182 R. Wilson, after widow insert who was sister to the wife of Sir Edmund Wright (Lord Mayor 1640–1).
J. Massingberd, for Berkley read Berkeley.
Sir R. Chiverton, add he was a native of Cornwall and married the daughter of Anthony Biddulph (Alderman 1651).
" 183 E. Harvey, for Edmund read Edmond.
Sir T. Biddulph, add and nephew of Anthony Biddulph (Alderman 1651), who was son-in-law of Robert Palmer (Alderman 1625), and ancestor of Lord Biddulph and of Sir Thomas Myddelton-Biddulph, Privy Purse to Queen Victoria.
" 187 Sir W. Bolton, after widow add February 29, 1680 (Journal 49, fo. 100b).
" 188 Sir R. Piggott, for brother-in-law read son-in-law.
" 189 Sir J. Moore, add He founded a grammar school at Appleby in Leicestershire.
Page 192 Sir P. Rich, add He survived twelve of his children.
" 195 Sir J. Jeffreys, add His daughter married Sir Joseph Eyles (Alderman, Sheriff 1724-5).
Sir G. Heathcote, for reported read reputed.
Sir F. Eyles, for 1734-5 read 1724-5.
" 196 Sir J. Eyles, for 1735-6 read 1724-5.
Sir F. Child, for Grandson read Son.
" 198 Sir M. Blakiston, for 10 to 9 read 9 to 8: the majority were Sir C. Asgill, W. Beckford, Sir W. Stephenson, Sir R. Kite, B. Trecothick, B. Crosby, R. Peers, T. Hallifax, J. Shakspear, the minority consisting of Sir R. Ladbroke, R. Alsop, Sir T. Rawlinson, Sir N. Nash, Sir J. Esdaile, S. Plumbe, B. Kennett, J. Kirkman.
W. Beckford (in second line), for 16th read 10th.
" 199 W. Cracraft, for wife read widow.
" 205 T. Wood, for his connexion with the Talacre Coal and Iron Company see Mining Journal of September 23, 1843.
" 209 Between S. fitz-Mary and J. de Northampton insert— 1312 John Lambyn. In Letter Book D (fo. 3b) the name of John le Mazeliner is accidentally substituted for that of Lambyn as one of the Sheriffs, and Dr. Sharpe in his Calendar (p. 27) has assumed that 'le Mazeliner' is 'apparently another name for Lambyn,' and has entered in his index 'Mazeliner, John le, otherwise Lambyn.' It is, however, clearly an error on the part of the original scribe. Le Mazeliner, who was Chamberlain of the City 1311-1313, was a pepperer (fo. 82b), whereas Lambyn was a fishmonger (fo. 3), and the latter was one of the Aldermen before whom the former rendered his account as Chamberlain in 1313 (fo. 155), and earlier in the same year Lambyn was also one of the Aldermen who issued a precept to le Mazeliner for the sale of pledges taken for arrears of money lent to the King (Edward II.), [Letter Book E, fo. 1b].
" 211 Between Z. Highlord and J. Barber insert
1638 Sir Thomas Adams (see ante p. 181). Pepys, under date March 27, 1668, records having seen 'the stone cut lately out of Sir Thomas Adams, the old comely Alderman's body . . . . bigger I think than my fist and weighs above twenty-five ounces; and which is very miraculous, he never in all his life had any fit of it, but lived to a great age without pain, and died at last of something else, without any sense of this in all his life.'
1709 Sir George Thorold. Pope (Dunciad I., 85, 86,) refers to his Mayoral procession, partly by land and partly by water.
''Twas on the day that Thorold, rich and grave, Like Cimon, triumph'd both on land and wave.'
Between J. Barber and Sir W. Calvert insert
1728 Sir John Barnard (see ante p. 196). Pope ('Imitations of Horace.' Epistle I., 85) writes;—
'Barnard in spirit, sense and truth abounds.'