St. Mary Colechurch 105/28

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Historical Gazetteer of London Before the Great Fire Cheapside; Parishes of All Hallows Honey Lane, St Martin Pomary, St Mary Le Bow, St Mary Colechurch and St Pancras Soper Lane. Originally published by Centre for Metropolitan History, London, 1987.

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This property lay in Poultry between 27 to the W. and 29 to the E., and like them may have originated in a pentice of encroachment built in front of 26.

In 1278 it was held by Adam of St. Albans, and was one of 4 shops in Colechurch parish (27-30) from each of which John le Ferroun had a rent of 1 mark (13s. 4d.) which he left for a chantry in St. Stephen Walbrook. The solar between the shop of Hamo le Ferrun and the shop of Adam de Seint Auban the younger, leased by Thomas Kari, who owned 26, to Roger de Eure, ironmonger, in 1286, was probably over 27 and possibly also over 28. In 1289 and 1291 the tenement or shop of Adam of St. Albans, senior, lay to the W. of 29, held by Adam of St. Albans, junior, and his executors. In 1298 Eleanor, widow of Adam of St. Albans, senior, and William de Bray, citizen, executors of Adam, granted to Maud de Salle all the shop which Adam had in ferr' London' prope conductum in the parish of St. Mary Colechurch, for £9. In 1300 the tenement (?late) of Eleanor wife of Adam of St. Albans, ironmonger, lay to the E. of part of the property of Avice la Haubergere (26, solar over 27). The shop was subsequently granted by Maud de Salles and Thomas Caumpes to Richer de Refham, kt., who by his will of 1328 left his two shops with solars over in the parish of St. Mary Colechurch, which he had acquired from Blackmore Priory (27) and from Maud de Salles and Thomas Caumpes, to his son John, charged with 16s. to Blackmore Priory and 2 marks to a chaplain in St. Stephen Walbrook. 27 and 28 were subsequently treated as part of 26. By the late 15th or early 16th century the rent charge to St. Stephen Walbrook was no longer paid. (fn. 1)


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