St Mary le Bow: Tithe assessment 1672

City of London Tithe Assessments 1638-72. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], [n.d.].

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St Mary le Bow

A Rate for the raysing the tythes in the parish of St Mary-le-Bow assessed by us whose names are underwritten by vertue of an order of the Court of Aldermen of London according to a late act of Parliament. to commence from the 24th of September last. Anno Domini: 1672.

Title First name Surname Property / owner Assessment
Marmaduke Iles 10s
Arthur Betsworth £1 1s
John George 10s
Henry Pitt 8s 4d
David Lodge 9s 4d
Richard Harthway 10s
Thomas Hight 7s 4d
Samuel Feake £1 1s
one empty house of Mr Morse 11s 4d
another empty house of Mr Morse 7s 4d
William Mowberry 7s 4d
Arthur Ashly 7s 4d
Edmund Green 7s 4d
Thomas Spencer 7s 4d
Thomas Gyde 7s 4d
John Rolphe 7s 4d
One house of Mr Cookes empty 14s 4d
Richard Wiltshire 10s 6d
Thomas Wingfeild 8s
John Grimstone 17s 8d
John Howell 15s 8d
William Gardiner 10s 6d
Henry Dobson 17s 8d
Samuel Tomlyns 14s 4d
John Fownes £1 10s
Owen Crofts £1 10s
John Webb £1 10s
Clement Stoner £1 5s
Robert Abbot (fn. 1) 18s
Samuel Bayly £1 7s 8d
Matthew Howard £1 7s 8d
Valentine Pell £1 7s 8d
one empty house of Mr Websters £1 5s
Richard Hillier £1 13s
Daniel Blundol £1 13s
Richard Royley £1 13s
a foundation building by Mr Farre £1 13s
Another building next to Mr Farre £1 13s
Nicholas Webbe £1 13s
Richard Wallis 16s 8d
Joseph Staines 14s 4d
Francis Taylor 14s 4d
Wid Elizabeth Cole 8s 8d
Wid Mary Peck 5s 8d
Benjamin Taylor 5s 8d
Philip Ford 17s 8d
Robert Leeson 14s 4d
a house empty next Mr Leesons 16s 6d
a house empty next George yard 12s 2d
[a house empty] in George yard 5s 8d
William Shambrooke 11s 4d (fn. 2)
John Ince (fn. 3) £1 1s
Wm Harrison (fn. 4) £1 1s
Dr Thompson £1 1s 8d
Thomas Oliver 7s 4d
William Budde 7s 4d
Edward Goodwyn £1 1s 8d
Henry Travies 18s 4d
John Browne 5s 8d
John Pyburne 5s 8d
an empty house 5s 8d
Cassandra Wilkin 5s 8d
Elizabeth Roberts 5s 8d
John Hubbuck 10s 8d
Edward Baynes 14s 4d
Richard Arthur 14s 4d
George Wilson 14s 4d
Jonathan Lee 14s 4d
Thomas Gardiner 17s 8d
William Withers 10s
William Withers £1 10s
Sr Walter Plummer £2 16s 8d
John Holmes £2 6s 8d
Edward Green £2 6s 8d
Richard Carpinder £2 2s 4d
Samuel Tull £1 10s
Joseph Waldoe £1 3s 4d
Esqr St John one house empty £2 9s 8d
Esqr St John two little houses empty. 20l each £1 8s 4d
Samuel Waldoe £1 3s 4d
William Piggot £2 3s 4d
John Napper 13s 4d
Thomas Lunn 1
Matthew Pocock 13s 4d
Witeman 16s 8d
John Martin £1 13s 8d
Robert Beaufoy 17s 4d
John Bernard £1 6s 8d
John Wright 1
William Budd 16s
Robert Culpepper 6s 8d
Joseph Baggs £1 13 4d
John Wilcox £1 13s 4d
John Massam (fn. 5) £1 13 4d
Mr Cannon one empty house £2 16s 8d
John Mason 1
John Sadler 1
Mr Malpus one house empty £1 10s
James Coddington 1
Henry Geering 1
William Graunt £1 16s
Richard Hodgkis £1 16s 8d
Richard Traherne £1 16s 8d
Christopher Knapp £1 16s 8d
A toft of ground of Mr Traherns in bull yard unbuilt 10s
a Toft of ground of Sr Robert Viners when built £1 1s
[TOTAL] 106

[signed] Arthur Bettesworth, Will Withers, Richd Carpender, Richard Hillers
Robert Leeson, Edward Baines (churchwardens)


  • 1. 'and partner'
  • 2. Originally assessed at 10s; new value written over the top.
  • 3. This and the next are numbered separately but assessed together.
  • 4. This and the previous are numbered separately but assessed together.
  • 5. Mr Allen