St Pancras Soper Lane: Tithe assessment 1672

City of London Tithe Assessments 1638-72. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], [n.d.].

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St Pancras Soper Lane

CLRO Assessment Box 45 MS 10: A Rate for raysing the tythes of St Pancrace Soper Lane assessed by us whose names are underwritten by vertue of an order from the Court of Aldermen of London according to a late act [in margin '22. to 23. Car.2.'] of Parliament to Commence from the 24th of September 1672

Title First name Surnam Status Occupation Property Assessment
Mr John Angitine p[ar][s]on £1 15s
Mr Edward Gawdren £1 15s
William Alington Esqr £2 19s
Mr Joseph Benson £1 14s
Mr Joseph Billers £1 15s
Mr Thomas Trotman £1 15s
Mr William yard his own house 12s
Mr William yard his other house 18s
Mr Edward Kempe 8s
Mr Dickenson 13s
Mr George Copping 18s
Mr Philip Baynham 10s
Mr Samuel White 7s
Mr Thomas Watkins (fn. 1) the fore house £1 1s
[Mr] [Thomas] [Watkins] the back house 4s 8d
Mr John Bridge £1 1s
Mr Michael Hentkorn 9s 4d
Mr Hilliard 8s 8d
Dr Sampson £1
Mr Chambers 8s 8d
Mr Maurice Williams £1 2s
Mr Thomas Deane £1 18s
Mr Ducane £3
Mr Delme 19s
Mr Benjamin Lenud 16s
Mr Tindal ye Corner house 14s 4d
Mr Samuel Clutterbuck ye plough 12s 8d
Mr Direck Elder 18s
Mr Thomas Cooper 10s
Dr Bolnest 15s
Mr Isaac Browne 15s
Mr Thomas Walton £1 4s
Mr Jno Wright £1 4s
Mr Thomas Coates 2 parcels of ground each 14s 6d £1 9s
Mr Thomas Coates for ye tavern ground £1 9s
Mrs Clarke 14s 8d
Mr George Billers 18s
Mr Robert Russell £1 6s
Mr Simon Mosse £2 8s
Mr Isaac (fn. 2) Read £1 15s
[TOTAL] 45.l.


Wm Alington
Joseph Billers
George Billers
Tho Watkins


  • 1. Name listed once but assessed separately for two separate properties.
  • 2. Initial letter of surname faint.