Doctor of Philosophy: Honours and Higher Degrees: Internal Students

University of London: the Historical Record (1836-1926). Originally published by University of London Press, London, 1926.

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  • Datta, Nalini Kumar: University Coll.
  • Penson, Lillian Margery: University C.


  • Bostock, John Knight: University Coll.
  • Dunn, Esther Cloudman: Bedford Coll.
  • Harris, Margaret Ethel Agatha: University College.
  • Howie, Margaret Dickie: University C.
  • Raychaudhuri, Bibhutibhushan: School of Oriental Studies.
  • Sitaram, Kullidaikurichy Narayanier: School of Oriental Studies.


  • Beach, Douglas Martyn: University C.
  • Godinski, Leah: Royal Holloway Coll.
  • Lall, Gulshan: School of Oriental Studies.
  • Majumdar, Jatindrakumar: University College.
  • Richmond, Helen Macdonald: Royal Holloway College.
  • Rose, William: University College.
  • Wilson, Claudine Isobel: Royal Holloway College.


  • Datta, Susilkumar: School of Oriental Studies.
  • Dunham, Aileen: University College.
  • Gupta, Surendrachandra: King's Coll.
  • Hitchcock, Elsie Vaughan: Univ. Coll.
  • Latif, Saiyid Abdul: King's College.
  • McFarlane, Margaret Mary: Bedford C.
  • Musafar, Karam Chand: King's College.
  • Sen, Jyotishgobinda: School of Oriental Studies.
  • Stapleton, Ada Bell: King's College.
  • Wright, Bertha Dorothy: University C.


  • Banerji, Sukumar: School of Oriental Studies.
  • Das, Sudhendukumar: School of Oriental Studies.
  • Dawson, Thomas Henry: University C.
  • Garrard, Barry Lappage: University C.
  • James, Edwin Oliver: University Coll.
  • Liddle, Margaret Gladys: Royal Holloway College.
  • McRae, Christopher Ralph: London Day Training College.
  • Pienaar, William James Bennie: University College.
  • Popovitch, Vladeta: King's College.
  • Slocombe, Charles Spencer: London Day Training College.
  • Strasheim, Johannes Jacobus: London Day Training College.


  • Branfoot, Anne Isabel Stafford: King's College.
  • Chatterji, Bijan Raj: School of Oriental Studies.
  • Chew, Helena Mary: King's College.
  • Corvesor, Dorothy: Birkbeck College.
  • de Sousa, Augusta Marie Joseph Bougelet: University College.
  • Guhathakurta, Prabhucharan: School of Oriental Studies.
  • Gupta, Kisorimohan: School of Oriental Studies.
  • Gurrey, Percival: University College.
  • Hamid, Shaikh Abdul: University Coll.
  • Hans, Nicholas: King's College.
  • Jain, Banarsi Das: School of Oriental Studies.
  • Matthews, William: King's College.
  • Papenfus, Ethel Mary: University Coll.
  • Payne, Frank Walter: King's College and East London College.
  • Rees, William: King's College.
  • Robbins, Ivy Caroline: Royal Holloway College.
  • Skinner, John William: University C.
  • Smith, Elsie: Birkbeck College.
  • Stevanovic, Borislav: King's College.
  • Stoyanovic, John: King's College.
  • Varma, Sheo Prasad: University Coll.
  • Walker, Alice: Royal Holloway College.
  • White, Harold Dineley Jennings: University College.