Doctor of Philosophy - external

University of London: the Historical Record (1836-1926). Originally published by University of London Press, London, 1926.

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  • Kerby, William Moseley. M.A.: Downing College, Cambridge.


  • Allen, Edgar Leonard: Westminster College, Cambridge.
  • Bernstein, Enoch, B.Sc.: University C.
  • Cohen, Abraham: Private study.
  • Dennis, Charles Philip Luke: Keble College, Oxford.
  • Jung, Leo: Fitzwilliam Hall, Cambridge.
  • Notcutt, Henry Clement: Private study.


  • Epstein, Isidore: Private study.
  • Gidden, Harry William, M.A.: Private study.


  • Birch, Austin Hedley: University College, Aberystwyth.
  • Parsons, Alice Eleanor: Private study.
  • Thompson, Edward John: Private study.


  • Curnow, Irene Jeannie: Private study.
  • Feldman, Asher: Private study.
  • Malalasekera, George Peiris: School of Oriental Studies.
  • Platt, Joan: University Coll, Reading.
  • Strong, Charles, Frederick, M.A.: Birkbeck College and King's College.
  • Wilson, Charles Edward: Private study.
  • Yeaxlee, Basil Alfred: Private study.


  • Bullock, Constance: University of Reading.
  • Clarke, Mary Evelyn, M.A.: Private st.
  • Hewitt, Herbert James: Private study.
  • Jones, Lance George Edward: Pr. st.
  • Martin, Eveline Christiana, M.A: Westfield College.
  • Milum, John Parton: Private study.
  • Offor, Richard: University College and University of Leeds.
  • Rees, George Brychan, M.A.: Pr. st.
  • Taylor, John George: Private study.
  • Tirol, Mayer Marcel: Private study.
  • Watts, Arthur Herbert, M.A.: Private study.