Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery: Honours and Higher Degrees: Internal Students

Pages 165-167

University of London: the Historical Record (1836-1926). Originally published by University of London Press, London, 1926.

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  • (a) Distinguished in Medicine.
  • (b) Distinguished in Pathology.
  • (c) Distinguished in Forensic Medicine.
  • (d) Distinguished in Surgery.
  • (e) Distinguished in Midwifery and Diseases of Women.
  • ¶ Medallist.


May, 1912.

  • Forrester-Brown, Mand Frances (b, c): L. (R. F. H.) School of Medicine for W.
  • Graves, Thomas Chivers (c): University College Hospital.
  • Mitchiner, Philip Henry (a) ¶: St. Thomas's Hospital.
  • Pascall, Donovan Blaise (a): St. Bartholomew's Hospital.
  • Rowntree, Harold (a): Middlesex Hosp.
  • Turner, Catherine Violet (a): L. (R. F. H.) School of Medicine for W.

October, 1912.

  • Taylor, Julian (a): University College Hospital.

May, 1913.

  • Daunt, Francis Eldon (e): St. Thomas's Hospital.
  • Early, Philip Vanner (e): University College Hospital.
  • Goodwin, Aubrey (a) Univ. Coll. Hosp.
  • Moreton, Adrian Leonard (d, e) ¶: St. Bartholomew's Hospital.
  • Morley, Donald Ewart (a): London H.
  • Webb, William Leslie (b): Guy's Hosp.

October, 1913.

  • Hallinan, Alfred Ernest (b): Charing Cross Hospital.
  • Ladell, Leslie Mordaunt (a): London Hospital.
  • Palmer, Alexander Croydon (e): London Hospital.
  • Thornton, Charles Edgar (a): Middlesex Hospital.

May, 1914.

  • Hoyte, Henry Julyan (a): Westminster Hospital.
  • Mackenzie, Fede Margherita (e): London (R.F.H.) School of Medicine for W.
  • Randall, John Beaufoy, B.Sc. (a): St. Bartholomew's Hospital.

October, 1914.

  • Rowlands, Richard Alun (a): London H.
  • Wooderson, Douglas Henry D., B.Sc. (a, e): St. Bartholomew's Hospital.

May, 1915.

  • Colebrook, Dora Challis (e): London (R.F.H.) School of Medicine for W.
  • Cooke, Clement (a): St. Bartholomew's Hospital.

October, 1915.

  • Fanstone, James (a, b): London Hosp.
  • Linder, Geoffry Challen (a, b, d) ¶: St. Bartholomew's Hospital.
  • Martland, Edith Marjorie (a): London (R.F.H.) School of Medicine for W.

May, 1916.

  • Phillips, Leonard George, B.Sc. (a, d): Middlesex Hospital.
  • Ritson, Stanley, B.Sc. (a, d, e) ¶: King's College Hospital.

October, 1916.

  • Rivington, Eveleen Blanche Gibson (a): London (R.F.H.) School of Medicine for Women.
  • Slater, Constance Brodribb (d): London (R.F.H.) School of Medicine for W.
  • Wilson, Graham Selby (a, b, d, e) ¶: Charing Cross Hospital.

May, 1917.

  • Keen, John Isaie (d): Charing Cross H.
  • Thomas, John Herbert (d): University College Hospital.

October, 1917.

  • Hinde, Bertha (d): London (R.F.H.) School of Medicine for Women.

May, 1918.

  • Lewis, Emily Catherine (d): London (R.F.H.) School of Medicine for W.
  • Wardrop, John Glen (c, d): University College Hospital.

October, 1918.

  • Rendel, Olive (b): London (R.F.H.) School of Medicine for Women.

May, 1919.

  • Banks, Annie Hardy (c.): St. Mary's H.
  • Cokkinis, Apollo John (b, d): St. Mary's Hospital.
  • Connan, Donald Murray (c): Westminster Hospital.
  • Debenham, Leonard Snowden, B.Sc. (a, b): Guy's Hospital.
  • Geffen, Dennis Herbert (b): University College Hospital.
  • Moseley, John Grimson (a): London H.
  • Perkins, Rowland John (a, c, d) ¶: St. Bartholomew's Hospital.
  • Sawday, Albert Ernest (d): Guy's H.

October, 1919.

  • Day, Mary (c, e): St. Mary's Hospital.
  • Joffe, Jack, B.Sc. (b, d): Guy's Hosp. Portas, Frank (b): Westminster Hosp.
  • Watkins, Alfred Basil Keith (a, d): London Hospital.

May, 1920.

  • Dowling, Geoffrey Barrow (a): Guy's H.
  • Huddy, George Philip Buckingham (e): London Hospital.
  • Marcus, Maurice (c, e): London Hosp.
  • Ross, James Paterson (c, e) ¶: St. Bartholomew's Hospital.
  • Slot, Gerald Maurice Joseph (a): St. Bartholomew's Hospital.

October, 1920.

  • Broadbridge, Harold George (c): London Hospital.
  • Broome, Frederick Charles Sedgwick (e): Guy's Hospital.
  • Cheater, George William (c): Charing Cross Hospital.
  • Coburn, Maurice (e): Guy's Hospital.
  • Gibbons, Gerald Francis Petvin (d): St. Bartholomew's Hospital.
  • Hall, Edith May (e): London (R.F.H.) School of Medicine for Women.
  • Handfield-Jones, Ranald Montague (d, e) ¶: St. Mary's Hospital.
  • Hume, John Basil (a): St. Bartholomew's Hospital.
  • Telfer, Arthur Cleve Damien (c): St. Bartholomew's Hospital.
  • Tree, Mark (a): London Hospital.

May, 1921.

  • Andrewes, Christopher Howard (a, c, d) ¶: St. Bartholomew's Hospital.
  • Harris, Henry Albert (c): University College Hospital.
  • Ledlie, Reginald Cyril Bell (d): Guy's H.
  • Maitland-Jones, Arthur Griffyth (a): London Hospital.
  • Negus, Victor Ewings (c): King's College Hospital.
  • Steinberg, Phillip (a): London Hospital.

October, 1921.

  • Barry, Frances Sophia (a): London (R.F.H.) School of Medicine for W.
  • Barry, Geraldine Mary (a, d) ¶: London (R.F.H.) School of Medicine for W.
  • Hartley, Martin Curgenven (c): London Hospital.
  • Joy, Henry Charles Victor (d): Lond. H.
  • Lloyd-Jones, David Martyn (a): St. Bartholomew's Hospital.
  • Sanderson, Maud (a): St. Mary's Hosp.
  • Thomas, Eric Waldo Caryl (c, d): St. Bartholomew's Hospital.

May, 1922.

  • Dodds, Edward Charles (b, e): Middlesex Hospital.
  • Gwillim, Calvert Merton (e): St. Bartholomew's Hospital.
  • Iliff, Lily Graham (c): London (R.F.H.) School of Medicine for Women.
  • Massie, Grant (d): Guy's Hospital.
  • Middlemore, Merell Philippa (a, d): London (R.F.H.) School of Medicine for Women.
  • Norris, Donald Craig (c, d): London H.
  • Perry, Alan Cecil (a, d) ¶: London H.
  • Pughe, Philippa Parry (d): University College Hospital.
  • Richards, Edward Horace (c): Guy's H.
  • Weatherall, Estlin Hugh (a, c, e): St. Bartholomew's Hospital.
  • Wright, Arthur Dickson (a): St. Mary's Hospital.

October, 1922.

  • Brocklehurst, George Lawton (d): St. Bartholomew's Hospital.
  • Heckles, Graham William (d): Guy's H.
  • Hunt Cooke, Robert (a): St. Bartholomew's Hospital.
  • Mocatta, Sybil Grace (e): St. Mary's H.
  • North, Thomas Stanley (e): St. Mary's H.
  • Thompson, Winifred Alice M. (a): London (R.F.H.) School of Medicine for Women.
  • Wade, Richard Herbert (a, d): St. Bartholomew's Hospital.
  • White, Agnes Helen (c): London (R.F.H.) School of Medicine for W.
  • Wright, Samson (a, d, e) ¶: Middlesex Hospital.

May, 1923.

  • Garvin, Una Christina (c): London (R.F.H.) School of Medicine for W.
  • Gray, Winifred Marion (d): London (R.F.H.) School of Medicine for W.
  • Lukis, Dulcie Helen (a, c): London (R.F.H.) School of Medicine for Women.
  • Patey, David Howard (d, e) ¶: Middlesex Hospital.

October, 1923.

  • Bernard, Susanna May (e): London (R.F.H.) School of Medicine for W.
  • Geldard, Joan Openshaw (d): University College Hospital.
  • Krestin, David (a, d): London Hospital.
  • Levi, David (d): St. Mary's Hospital.
  • Moncrieff, Alan Aird (a, d) ¶: Middlesex Hospital.
  • Morland, Andrew John (a): University College Hospital.
  • Saxton, Eileen Margaret (e): St. Mary's Hospital.
  • Smith, Ernest Flavel (e): St. Thomas's Hospital.

May, 1924.

  • Arnsby, Kathleen Daisy (b): London (R.F.H.) School of Medicine for W.
  • Gallop, Edward (a, e,): St. Bartholomew's Hospital.
  • Gibson, Dorothy (a, d) ¶: London Hospital.
  • Jarratt, William Otley Charles (d): St. Thomas's Hospital.
  • Maxwell, James (a, e); St. Bartholomew's Hospital.
  • Rogers, Alfred Talbot (d): Guy's Hosp.
  • Sheldon, Wilfred Percy Henry (a): King's College Hospital.
  • Stoessiger, Hilda North (b): London (R.F.H.) School of Medicine for W.
  • Summers, Thomas Collyer (d): London Hospital.
  • Walker, Harold Flcetwood (e): Middlesex Hospital.

October, 1924.

  • Byrom, Frank Burnet (a): London H.
  • Dulake, Lawrence (b, d) ¶: King's College Hospital.
  • Turnbull, Mary Mabel (a): King's College Hospital.

May, 1925.

  • Barrett, John Cridlan (b): St. Thomas's Hospital.
  • Brews, Richard Alan (d, e): London H.
  • Evans, William (d): London Hospital.
  • Johnson, Reginald Sleigh (a) ¶: St. Bartholomew's Hospital.
  • Poole, Frederick Denys Stanton (a): St. Bartholomew's Hospital.
  • Tyars, Mary Elizabeth, B.Sc (H. & S.S.) (a, e): University College Hosp.
  • Ward, Iris Violet Irene (d): London (R.F.H.) School of Medicine for W.
  • Wrigley, Arthur Joseph (b): St. Thomas's Hospital.

November, 1925.

  • Billig, Hannah (a): London (R.F.H.) School of Medicine for Women.
  • Boggon, Roland Hodgson (d): St. Thomas's Hospital.
  • Evans, Margaret Du Boulay (e): London (R.F.H.) School of Medicine for Women.
  • Macpherson, Alice Margaret Craig (b): London (R.F.H.) School of Medicine for Women.
  • Spurrell, Walter Roworth, B.Sc. (b, d) ¶: Guy's Hospital.
  • Taylor, William Alford (a): London Hospital.
  • Wilkinson, Paul Biddulph (a, d): King's College Hospital.

May, 1926.

  • Bowman-Manifold, Kathleen Mary (a, b): London (R.F.H.) School of Medicine for Women.
  • Byrne-Quinn, Anacletus (d): St. Thomas's Hospital.
  • Fathi, Joseph Thompson (d): London Hospital.
  • Harrison, Margaret Annie (a): London (R.F.H.) School of Medicine for W.
  • Low, Marjorie (a): London (R.F.H.) School of Medicine for Women.
  • Luff, Mary Constance (b): University College Hospital.
  • Mill, William Allin (d): Guy's Hospital.
  • Simmonds, Hyman (d): St. Bartholomew's Hospital.
  • Simmons, John Howard (a): King's College Hospital.
  • Stewart, Dorothy Evelyn (e): London (R.F.H.) School of Medicine for W.
  • Walker, Robert Milnes (d, e) ¶: University College Hospital.

November, 1926.

  • Dalzell, Alexander Charles (b, e): King's College Hospital.
  • Hartston, Lazarus (a): London Hospital.
  • Mitman, Maurice (a, d): Guy's Hospital.
  • Steele, Gerald Hector (a, d): University College Hospital.