Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery: Honours and Higher Degrees: External Students

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University of London: the Historical Record (1836-1926). Originally published by University of London Press, London, 1926.

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Graduated with Honours as External Students.

May, 1912.

  • Evans, Evan Parry (a): University College Cardiff and London Hospital.

October, 1912.

  • Jones, Cecil Meredyth (a): Westminster Hospital.
  • Marshall, Charles Jennings (a, b, c) ¶: Charing Cross Hospital.

None in May, 1913.

October, 1913.

  • Ewing, Hugh James Orr (a, d) ¶: University of Bristol.
  • Greer, Henry Little Hardy (e): Queen's University, Belfast.

None in May and October, 1914.

None in May and October, 1915.

None in May and October, 1916.

None in May, 1917.

October, 1917.

  • Greenwood, Henry Harold, (d): University of Leeds.
  • Parker, Alexander Edward Patrick (a, d) ¶: Westminster Hospital.

May, 1918.

  • Hewitson, William Andrew (d): University of Durham.

None in October, 1918.

May, 1919.

  • St. John, Frederic Agar (d): St. Mary's H.

October, 1919.

  • Jones, Rhys Trevor (a, c, e) ¶: St. George's Hospital.

May, 1920.

  • Elkington, George Ernest (b): University of Birmingham.

October, 1920.

  • Roberts, Theodore Ernest (a, c): University of Glasgow.
  • Williams, Oscar (a): University College Cardiff and University College Hosp.

May, 1921.

  • Clulow, Florence Ruth (b): University College Hospital.

October, 1921.

  • Davies, Charles Owen (c): University of Liverpool.
  • Sykes, Kathleen Annie Harvey (d): University of Liverpool and London (R.F.H.) School of Medicine for W.

May, 1922.

  • Maizels, Montague (a): Guy's Hospital.

None in October, 1922.

None in May, 1923.

October, 1923.

  • Tanner, Selwyn Edward (a): University College Hospital.

None in May, 1924.

October, 1924.

  • James, John Angell (a): University of Bristol.
  • Toleman, Richard James (a): London Hospital.

May, 1925.

  • Craggs, Charles Philip (d): St. Bartholomew's Hospital and University of Durham.

None in November, 1925.

May, 1926.

  • Brew, Robert Bindon (b): University College Hospital.
  • Shepherd, Joseph (a): University College Hospital.
  • Smith, Jean Lilian (a): Charing Cross, Hospital.

None in November, 1926.