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University of London: the Historical Record (1836-1926). Originally published by University of London Press, London, 1926.

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1914. Cartledge, William : University College—Slade School.
1915. (None.)
1916. Brock, Catherine Edith : University College—Slade School. Peppercorn, Thora : University College—Slade School. Young, Helen Gray : University College—Slade School.
1917–19. (None.)
1920. Gill-Mark, Mary : University College—Slade School.
1921. Barlow, Edith Mary : University College—Slade School. Holmes, John Maurice : University College—Slade School.
1922. Chamot, Mary : University College—Slade School. Davison, James Alexander : University College—Slade School. Graham, Estella Bessie ; University College—Slade School. Thompson, Ernest Heber : University College—Slade School. Whaite, Henry Clarence : University College—Slade School.
1923. Collier, Cycill Geraldine : University College—Slade School. Prust, Edward Charles : University College—Slade School. Rutter, Gladys : University College—Slade School.
1924. Chang, Tao-Fan : University College—Slade School. Dorey, Elfrida : University College—Slade School. Ferrers, Joseph William Seymour : University College—Slade School. Gillett, Madge Emily : University College—Slade School. Hey, Lilian Muriel : University College—Slade School. Howard-Jones, Rosemary : University College—Slade School. McBride, Norah Rowan : University College—Slade School. Morris, Marjorie Victoria Owen : University College—Slade School. Parbury, Kathleen Ophir Theodora : University College—Slade School. Perry, Katherine Mary : University College—Slade School. Robson, Alice Margaret : University College—Slade School. Shiner, Audrey Elfreda Earle : University College—Slade School. White, Erica Mildred : University College—Slade School.
1925. Auty, Edith Marilla : University College—Slade School. Cast, Jesse Dale : University College—Slade School. Francis, Rosalie Mary : University College—Slade School. Hay, Mary Frances : University College—Slade School. Hughes, Annie Davies : University College—Slade School. Inglis, Violet Alice Harriette : University College—Slade School. Le Feuvre, Joyce Beth : University College—Slade School. Moenich, Emmie Cecily : University College—Slade School. Ormrod, Frank : University College—Slade School. Puttick, Ronald James : University College—Slade School. Tregarthen, Kathleen Mary : University College—Slade School. Warren. Lois Mary : University College—Slade School.
1926. Barrow, Felice Charity Waller : University College—Slade School. Berry, Marjorie Helen : University College—Slade School. Clark-Kennedy, Bertha Eward : University College—Slade School. Freeth, Kathleen Janie : University College—Slade School. Gilchrist, Dora le Gallienne : University College—Slade School. Gray, Katharine Eva : University College—Slade School. Hume-Spry, Alice Rosamond Hume : University College—Slade School. Lasenby, Mary Louise : University College—Slade School. Maxwell, Margaret Helen Anna : University College—Slade School. Page, Graham Seaton Dudley : University College—Slade School. Parker, Mary Winifrid : University College—Slade School. Searle, Kathleen : University College—Slade School. Sifton, Kathleen Margaret : University College—Slade School. Still, Ena Dorothy : University College—Slade School. Withycombe, Ellen Joyce : University College—Slade School.


1916. Barnes, Hilda Ann Hippisley : London School of Economics. Collins, Marjorie Eveline : London School of Economics. Cooke, Mary Emily : London School of Economics. Coutts, Helen Madeline Coutts : University College. Janau, Henry Victor : London School of Economics.
1917. Oxley, Maud Annie: London School of Economics.
Pitts, Harriett Maggie: London School of Economics.
Wallace, Marian Love: London School of Economics.
1918. Pillman, Mary Kathleen: London School of Economics.
1919. Ball, Eveline Gertrude: London School of Economics.
Chapman, Sarah Elizabeth: University College.
Dent, Hannah Gwendoline: Birkbeck College.
Hutchinson, Grace Enefer: London School of Economics.
Mitchell, Constance Frances: Bedford College.
Sarson, Gladys Mary: London School of Economics.
Anderson, Selina: London School of Economics.
Grove, Annie Richardson: Bedford College.
Savory, Gundred Helen Lydia: Birkbeck College.
Suggate, Lenoard Sydney: University and Birkbeck Colleges.
Swales, Alice: Birkbeck College.
Tate, Elizabeth Harbroe: University College.
1921. Allmond, Emily Clara: University College.
Anderson, Marjorie Gordon: London School of Economics.
Anderson, William: Birkbeck College.
Bennett, Edith Charlotte: Birkbeck College.
Capewell, Isabel: Birkbeck College.
Cook, Elsie Kathleen: University College.
Cox, Herbert: University College.
Creamer, Edith Violet: Birkbeck College.
Forsyth, Elsie Muriel: Bedford College.
Gregory, Dorothy Mary: University College.
Hall, Eileen Margaret: London School of Economics.
Hampton, Frank: University College.
Holdsworth, Alice Mary: University College.
Hutton, Marjorie Kathleen: Birkbeck College.
Kemp, Kathleen Lily: London School of Economics.
King, Henry Thomas: University College.
La Brooy, Aimée Theodora: University College.
Macnee, Eustace Alberic: University College.
Martin, Ethel Mary: Birkbeck College.
Phillips, Clare Vivienne: University College.
Poggi, Edith Muriel: London School of Economics.
Roberts, Griffith Thomas: London School of Economics.
Rogerson, Evelyn Mary: University College and London School of Economics.
Silk, Nellie: London School of Economics.
Spary, Victor Clarence: Birkbeck College.
Tozer, Marjorie Eve: Birkbeck College.
Williams, Robert Alwyn: University College.
1922. Allen, William Alderton: Birkbeck College.
Barrow, Stella: University College.
Bray, Frederick Charles: University College.
Brindley, Alice: Bedford College.
Chivers, Ernest: University College and Birkbeck College.
Church, Christine Maude: London School of Economics.
Coleman, Marjorie Eileen: Bedford College.
Dear, Grace: Birkbeck College.
Evans, David Tudor: University College.
Evans, Richard: University College.
Hale, Edith Mary: University College.
Hart, Evelyn Mary: Birkbeck College.
Hunt, Gladys Mary: University College.
Jolly, Annie Bertha: Birkbeck College.
Kelly, Robert John: University College.
Maddison, Hilda: London School of Economics.
Milner, Elsie Gertrude: University College.
Overy, Frances Mary: London School of Economics.
Roberts, Marie Louise: London School of Economics.
Rood, Albert Henry: University College.
Rood, William John: University College.
Shaw, Ida: Birkbeck College.
Weston, Dora Lilian: Bedford College.
Willison, Amos Adalbert: Birkbeck College.
Young, David Cook Aitken: London School of Economics.
1923. Almond, Gladys Ethel: Birkbeck College.
Baker, Hilda: Bedford College.
Baxter, Winifred Sydney: London School of Economics.
Behenna, Lucy Clara: University College.
Betts, William Edwin Peill: University College.
Calver, Evelyn Marguerite: Birkbeck College.
Fargher, Richard Herbert: University College.
Joels, Hermione Wilhelmina: London School of Economics.
Junkison, Daisy Charlotte: London School of Economics.
Keen, Frederick Alfred: Birkbeck College.
Morris, Marsena: Birkbeck College.
Murray, Blanche Winifred: University College.
Prentice, Ethel Barton: University College.
Woods, Frederick Harrison: University College.
Wrigley, Dorothy: University College.
1924. Baker, Ida Maude Mary: Bedford College.
Bestall, Percival Gregory: University College.
Drake, Frederick Séguier: Birkbeck College.
Gardner, Douglas Vernon: University College and Birkbeck College.
Goffin, Charles William: Birkbeck College.
Hope, Norman: University College.
Lodge, Amy Elsie: Birkbeck College.
Miles, May Elizabeth: Birkbeck College.
Moore, Ruth: University College.
Oram, Dorothy Barratt: Bedford College.
Parris, Winifred Edith Rhoda: London School of Economics.
Redmill, Cecil Edward: Birkbeck College.
Saul, Frank: London School of Economics.
Smith, Percy Jack: University College.
Walker, Fanny: Birkbeck College.
Williams, David: University College.
1925. Birdseye, Eva Dorothy: Bedford College.
Bones, Beatrice: University College and Birkbeck College.
Bryning, Alice Doreen: University College.
Clayton, Oscar Guy Arnold: University College.
Edington, Helen Adela: University College.
Herbert, Rhoda Frances Moss: University College and Birkbeck College.
Holt, Tom: Birkbeck College.
Hopkins, Frederick: University College.
Murray, Jane Helen: University College.
Nevell, Eleanor Florence May: University College.
Payne, William: University College.
Perry, Violet May: London School of Economics.
Poffley, Elizabeth Harriet: University College and Birkbeck College.
Rogers, John Charles Edward: University College.
Smith, Winifred Mary: Birkbeck College.
Thorne, Ursula Christine: London School of Economics.
Veitch, Katherine Lauriston: London School of Economics.
Vickers-Humphreys, Alice: University College.
Walker, Alfred Thomas: Birkbeck College.
Wye, Jesse Middleton: University College.
1926. Bacon, Constance Lilian: University College.
Billinghurst, Stanley Arthur: Birkbeck College.
Bold, Muriel Agnes: London School of Economics.
Cray, George Edward: University College.
Daniel, Mildred Vivian: University College.
Elvin, Catherine Adelaide: University College.
Harry, Hubert Teare: King's College.
Parnell, Kathleen Mary: London School of Economics.
Pope, Harold Joseph: University College.
Ward, Ernest: Birkbeck College.
Wedd, Margaret: London School of Economics.



1921. Hardingham, Benjamin George: University College.
Lewis, Wilfred Stanley: Private study.
1922. (None.)
1923. Hodgett, Henry Oswald: Private study.
Rollings, Samuel Wesley, B.Sc.: Westminster College and Private study.
1924. Carrier, Elsie Haydon: University College.
Wilmore, Albert Nelson: Private study.
1925. Brady, Richard Peter: Private study.
Browne, Constance: Birkbeck College and Private study.
Hunter, May Milligan: Private study.
White, Nancy Evelyn FitzGerald: Private study.
1926. Holdaway, Neville Aldridge: Private study.
Miles, Frank: Private study.


1920. Jaeger, Muriel: King's College.
Woodley, Fabian Strachan: University College.
1921. (fn. 1) (fn. 2) Allen, Albert Thomas Trevor: University College.
Aylett, Frederick John: East London College.
(fn. 3) Balmforth, Frank Fennimore: King's College.
(fn. 4) Berry, William James Claude: University College.
Betts, Ernest: King's College.
(fn. 5) Bryan, Undine: King's College.
(fn. 10) (fn. 7) (fn. 8) Davy, Charles Bertram: King's College.
(fn. 8) Denham, Phyllis Helen: East London College.
(fn. 6) England, Henry Herbert: University College.
Fisher, Francis Hoult: University College.
Garratt, Vero Walter: University College.
(fn. 5) Gibbons, Phyllis: Bedford College.
Haddow, Hugh Paterson: King's College.
(fn. 7) Hancock, Arthur Maurice: King's College.
Hoys, Frank Dudley: University College.
(fn. 8) Hunt, John Robert: London School of Economics.
Jameson, Rowland Robert Cozens: University College.
(fn. 10) (fn. 7) Laidlay, Edward Christopher: King's College.
(fn. 10) (fn. 7) Lawson, Frederick Arthur: University College.
Lewis, Harold Gladstone: University College.
Phillips, Cecil Ernest Lucas: King's College.
Plummer, James Henry: London School of Economics.
Rider, John Haywood: King's College.
Robertson, William: University College.
(fn. 6) Robson, Norman: University College.
Rodrigo, Joseph Lionel Christie, B.A..: King's College.
(fn. 11) Ryder, Cecily Blanche Dorothy, B.A..: King's College.
Tyson, Geoffrey William: London School of Economics.
Utley, Basil Temple: King's College.
1922. Allardyce, Kathleen Mary: Bedford College and London School of Economics.
Bools, Frank John Edward: East London College.
Bromhead, Freda Jean: Bedford College.
Brown, John Taylor: King's College.
(fn. 8) Darbyshire, Shirley Ruth: Bedford College.
Davies, Ernest Albert John: University College.
Davis, Conrad Llewellyn: London School of Economics.
Dixon, Horace Percy: University College.
(fn. 5) (fn. 7) (fn. 9) Garlick, Phyllis Louisa: Bedford College.
(fn. 5) (fn. 8) Gibbons, Stella Dorothea: University College.
Harley, Mervyn Ruthven: London School of Economics.
Hole, Annie Clara: Bedford College.
Johnson, John Edward: King's College.
Keay, Mary Lilian: Bedford College.
(fn. 5) (fn. 8) Kidd, Mary Cecil: Bedford College.
Kidner, Elsie Irene: King's College.
Lambert, Charles Albert: London School of Economics.
Leach, Eileen: Bedford College.
Leys, Mary Gordon: London School of Economics.
McClymont, Edward Irving Murray: University College.
Maunder, John: University College.
Mégroz, Rodolphe Louis: East London College.
Mukhopadhyaya, Iswar Prasanna: London School of Economies.
Okell, Phyllis Irene: King's College.
(fn. 8) Olsson, Eric Rolf Eugene:University College.
(fn. 7) Reed, Paul: King's College.
Simmons, Gurdon Ward: University College.
(fn. 8) Stevens, Frank Leonard: University College.
Vincent, Sybil Helen Mary: Bedford College.
(fn. 12) (fn. 8) Webb, Ethel Gladys: London School of Economics.
1923. (fn. 5) Christ, George Elgie: King's College.
Finlay, Donald Alexander: University College.
Gordon, Kathleen Olivia: King's College.
(fn. 8) Harding, Edward Gahan: East London College.
(fn. 5) (fn. 13) Hunter Woods, Margery Vera: University College.
Jourdan, Gertie: University College.
(fn. 7) (fn. 14) Lilienfeld, Cecil: London School of Economics.
Lloyd, John Francis Peplow: University College.
Lyttelton, Mary Frances: King's College.
(fn. 7) Nagib, Mohamed: King's College.
Paul, Sher Balwant Singh: King's College.
(fn. 5) (fn. 14) Robertson, Sheila Barbara: University College.
Roney, Dorothy: University College.
Thorne, Eileen Mary Doeg: University College.
Webb-Benjamin, Joan Bispham: University College.
1924. (fn. 17) Denham, Thomas Sidney: King's College.
Haldinstein, Daphne Louise: University College.
Hope-Panton, Violette: Bedford College.
Jaffa, Harold Bernard: King's College.
(fn. 15) Leach, Marjorie: King's College.
Miller, Elizabeth Forrester: University College.
Savill, Mary Katherine: Bedford College.
Shaw, Lilian: University College.
(fn. 15) Sillavan, Dorothy Sylvia: King's College.
1925. Allen, Constance Marian: University College.
Ansell, Marjorie: University College.
(fn. 17) Antrobus, Joan Margaret: Bedford College.
Banner, Franklin Coleman: King's College.
Bergh, Wilfred Olof: University College.
Copeman, Katherine Joy: Bedford College.
(fn. 18) (fn. 21) De Mont, Eric Alfred: University College.
Doherty, Marie Theodora Jacqueline: King's College.
(fn. 17) Fenn, Jessie Faith: Bedford College.
(fn. 20) (fn. 16) Noronha, George Eric: University College.
(fn. 18) Nott, Kathleen Cecilia: King's College.
(fn. 15) Rodger, Kathleen Gordon: Bedford College.
Sutro, Inez Margery: King's College.
(fn. 15) Warington Smyth, Elizabeth: King's College.
(fn. 15) Young, George Gordon: University College.
1926. (fn. 22) Brain, Henry Alfred: University College.
(fn. 23) Cattan, Henry: King's College.
/?/Epstein, Helen: King's College.
Evans, Eric Charles: King's College.
(fn. 22) (fn. 17) McCoach, Muriel: University College.
(fn. 15) (fn. 17) (fn. 18) Mitchell, Charles Samuel: King's College.
Moore, Cyril Francis: University College.
Mosbacher, Phyllis May: King's College.
(fn. 22) Raza, Syed Haider: University College.
Sharkey, Oswald: King's College.
(fn. 22) (fn. 17) Staniland, Alan Charles: King's College.
(fn. 22) (fn. 17) West, Kathleen Rose: London School of Economics.
(fn. 22) Wiltshire, Henry Roy Webber: King's College.
(fn. 22) (fn. 17) Winterton, Irene Mary: London School of Economics.
Zeidman, Kitty Gwendoline: King's College.


[The Students whose names are printed in italics in square brackets have passed the Examination, but will not receive the Diploma until they have furnished the necessary certificate of employment in an approved Library.]

1921. Baker, Ruth Eveline: University College.
Davies, Alice Sear: University College.
Entwisle, Norman James: University College.
Johnston, Marjorie: University College.
Little, Gladys Fox: University College.
Marshall, Lydia Mary: University College.
Oram, Evelyn Mary: University College.
Powell, Thomas William: University College.
Raven-Hart, Hester: University College.
Wild, Margery Frances: University College.
1922. Boyd, Amabel Cecilia: University College.
Harris, Marjorie Nellie: University College.
Johnson, Francis Matthew Cowper: University College.
Meister,George Ernest William: University College.
Pickard, William Burchell Bashir: University College.
Reid, Margaret Jane Cornfute: University College.
Sandry, Frank Ernest: University College.
Stewart, Jessie Rae: University College.
Taylor, Mary Rosamund: University College.
Woodward, Gwendolen: University College.
1923. Baber, Monkhouse: University College.
Catley, Dorothy: University College.
Charlesworth, Evelyn Edith: University College.
Clayton, Violet Rosamond: University College.
Coates, Dorothy: University College.
Green, Sylvia Elinor Sophia: University College.
Hanks, Doris Margaret: University College.
Hughesdon, Francis Charles: University College.
Jennings, Hilda May: University College.
Lush, Doris Annie: University College.
Orton, Agnes Millicent Laurence: University College.
Stanley-Smith, Mary Constance: University College.
White, Edith Marie Lucy Margaret: University College.
1924. [Andrews, Lilian Rose: University College.]
Ashford, Aileen Lucy: University College.
Barnard, Cyril Cuthbert: University College.
Colwell, Eileen Hilda: University College.
Coode-Adams, Monica Mary Frances: University College.
Garnham, Hilda Mary: University College.
Hindle, Christopher Joseph: University College.
Hitchcock, Florence Olive: University College.
James, Philip Brutton: University College.
Jones, Agnes Muriel: University College.
[Lord, May Brockbank: University College.]
Maggs, Henry Clifford: University College.
Moorat, Samuel Arthur Joseph: University College.
Pafford, John Henry Pyle: University College.
Stock, Ronwen: University College.
Waite, Charles Henry: University College.
1925. [Ansell, Evelyn: University College.]
[Atkins, Dorothy Leslie: University College.]
[Burgess, Lawrence Arthur: University College.]
Curryer, Estelle Eileen: University College.
Demchevsky, Margaret Spaska: University College.
[Downing, Elinor Perry: University College.]
[Eaton, Mary Lindsay Sutherland: University College.]
[Floyd, Kathleen Margaret: University College.]
Hamilton, Edward Watling: University College.
Lewis, Norah Kathleen: University College.
[Lloyd, Celia Mary: University College.]
[Maroh, Hilda Constance: University College.]
Plant, Marjorie: University College.
Quinton, Cecil Leonard: University College.
[Roupell, Marion Gwendolen: University College.]
[Weinberger, Eva Barry: University College.]
[Widdicombe, Olive Beryl Kathleen: University College.]
1926. [Barraclough, Kathleen: University College.]
Barrett, Ivy Florence: University College.
[Brown, Elsbeth Margery: University College.]
[Clark, Hilda May: University College.]
Coghill, Douglas Harry Sinclair: University College.
[Cohen, Margaret Eva: University College.]
[Dougan, Robert Ormes: University College.]
Fletcher, Mary: University College.
[Gibbons, Edith Norgate: University College.]
Gummer, Hetty Margaret: University College.
[Haslam, George Eric: University College.]
[Hendry, Ena Mary: University College.]
[Kensington, Lorna Minna: University College.]
[Low, David Halyburton: University College.]
[Maple, Henry Leslie: University College.]
[McMicken, Olive Constant: University College.]
[Palmer, Annie Maylor: University College.]
Pearson, Joyce: University College.
[Powell, Dorothy Phyllis: University College.]
[Rushworth, Susanna Herman: University College.]
[Shearman, Mary Josephine: University College.]
[Stenhouse, Cynthia Mary Louise: University College.]
[Waller, Jessie Lilian: University College.]
Wright, Phyllis Alicia: University College.


1924. Aggarwala, Bharat Ram: King's College.
Blackett, Nina Marian: University College.
Davies, Mary: University College.
1925. Roberts, Gladys Helen Bertha: London School of Economics.
1926. Allen, Lois Waveney: University College.
Bely, Nathalie: London School of Economics.
Daly, Amy Vera: University College.
Preddy, Dora Isabelle Clare: Bedford College.


1924. Waskovitz, George Joseph (Czech and Slovak) : King's College.
1925–26. (None.)


1916. Schwab, Norah : London School of Economics.
1917. Guthrie-Smith, Jean Frances : London School of Economics.
1918. Crosthwaite, Agnes Alice : London School of Economics.
1919. Glasier, Madeline Grace : London School of Economics.
1920. Bearblock, Dorothy : Bedford College and London School of Economics.
Bowden, Mabel Frances : London School of Economics.
(fn. 24) Haskins, Minnie Louise : London School of Economics.
Hyslop, Jocelyn Sophia : London School of Economics.
(fn. 24) Le Mesurier, Lilian : London School of Economics.
Mackenzie, Jean Mackenzie : London School of Economics.
Padwick, Lilian Christobel : London School of Economics.
Upcott, Gwendolen de Saumarez : London School of Economics.
Wauhope, Kathleen : London School of Economics.
1921. Bushell, Sydney Mary : London School of Economics.
Coe, Joyce : London School of Economics.
(fn. 24) Davies, Philip Taliesin : London School of Economics.
Desai, Thakorelal Mohanbhai : London School of Economics.
Finch, Dorothy Beryl Unite : London School of Economics.
Jones, Kathleen Nairne : London School of Economics.
Liddall, Mary Esther : Bedford College.
Odling, Winifrieda Lucy Sophia : London School of Economics.
Powell, Letitia Margaret : London School of Economics.
Veazey, Hilda Mary Theodora : London School of Economics.
Williams, Annie Maud : London School of Economics.
1922. Hirst, Eric : London School of Economics.
Holdsworth, Monica Lisle : London School of Economics.
Jansson, Jethrel Blanche : London School of Economics.
Lobjoit, Grace Emily : London School of Economics.
Macdonald, Janet Whyte : London School of Economics.
Tennant, Stanley William James : London School of Economics.
Wilkins, Evelyn : London School of Economics.
1923. Cree, Isabella Warden : London School of Economics.
(fn. 24) Horne, Margaret Bridget : London School of Economics.
Hunnybun, Noel Kathleen : London School of Economics.
Philp, Betty Dionysia : London School of Economics.
Scadding, Beatrice Holcroft : London School of Economics.
Small, Lydia Lucia : London School of Economics.
Stewart, Elizabeth Mary : London School of Economics.
Tetley, Ethel Norah : London School of Economics.
Thomson, Ida : London School of Economics.
Wiseman, Helen Margaret : London School of Economics.
1924. Allen, Elizabeth Acland : London School of Economics.
Croft, Geraldine Mary : London School of Economics.
Spicer, Olga Dykes : London School of Economics.
1925. Greenhalgh, Dorothy May : London School of Economics.
Jansson, Gladys Astrild : London School of Economics.
Lewinson, Paul : London School of Economics.
Narlian, Florence Violet Stephanie : London School of Economics.
Pollock, Marjorie Laura : London School of Economics.
Taylor, Dorothea Irene : London School of Economics.
1926. Currant, Ethel Mary : London School of Economics.
(fn. 24) Hodge, Janet Grey : London School of Economics.
Israel, Leila Margaret : London School of Economics.
Tabberer, Phyllis Dormer : London School of Economics.
(fn. 24) Ward, Dora Jean : London School of Economics.


For Lists see p. 122–147.


1924. (None.)
1925. Brock, Donald Eade : Hackney and New College.
Green, Cyril : St. John's Hall Highbury.
Hancock, Max William : Regent's Park College.
1926. Boulton, James Samuel : Wesleyan College Richmond.
Sandilands, Alexander : Hackney and New College.


1925. Gill, Thomas Woodman : Rawdon College Leeds.
1926. Champion, Dorothy Vera : King's College.
Hastings, Frank Gordon : Regent's Park College.
Prentice, Edward John : Wesleyan College Handsworth.


1921. Thompson, William Harding : University College.
1922. Vanes, Robert Newton : University College.
Walker, Reginald Beckwick : University College.
1923. (None.)
1924. Dent, Alwyn Ronald : University College.
Dixon, Bertram Ewart : University College.
Fincham, Edward : University College.
1925. Austin, Leslie Magnus : University College.
1926. Beaufoy, Samuel Leslie George : University College.


[The Students whose names are printed in italics in square brackets will not be eligible to receive the Diploma until they have furnished the evidence required under Section of the Regulations.]

1921. Rosevear, John Ashburnham : University College.
1922–23. (None.)
1924. Knight, Henry : University College.
1925. [Blake, John Patrick : University College.]
1926. [Benton, Claude Douglas James : University College.]
Heck, Henry William James : University College.


  • 1. Distinguished in English Composition.
  • 2. Distinguished in History of Science.
  • 3. Distinguished in History of Political Ideas.
  • 4. Distinguished in Principles of Criticism.
  • 5. Distinguished in English Composition.
  • 6. Distinguished in History of Science.
  • 7. Distinguished in Principles of Criticism.
  • 8. Distinguished in English Literature and Criticism.
  • 9. Distinguished in Philosophy.
  • 10. Distinguished in History of Political Ideas.
  • 11. Distinguished in Russian.
  • 12. Distinguished in Political Science.
  • 13. Distinguished in General History and Development of Science.
  • 14. Distinguished in Spanish.
  • 15. Distinguished in English Composition.
  • 16. Distinguished in History of Political Ideas.
  • 17. Distinguished in Principles of Criticism.
  • 18. Distinguished in English Literature and Criticism.
  • 19. Distinguished in Russian.
  • 20. Distinguished in Economics.
  • 21. Distinguished in Philosophy (Psychology).
  • 22. Distinguished in the Practical Test.
  • 23. Distinguished in French.
  • 24. Awarded a Mark of Distinction.