The first Common Council (1347)

Pages liii-lv

Memorials of London and London Life in the 13th, 14th and 15th Centuries. Originally published by Longmans, Green, London, 1868.

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A.D. 1347. Letter-Book F. fol. cxxxvi.

At a Congregation of the Mayor, Aldermen, and an immense number of the Commonalty, on Wednesday in the first week of Lent, in the twenty-first year of the reign of King Edward, after the Conquest the Third, in presence of Geoffrey de Wychingham, Mayor, Sir John de Pulteneye, Reynald de Conduit, Henry Darci, Andrew Aubrey, John Hamond, Richard Lacer, Roger de Depham, John Syward, Thomas Leggy, Walter Turke, John de Caustone, and Adam Brabazon, Aldermen, the persons underwritten were chosen in their respective Wards to come to the Guildhall of London, when they should be warned thereto, to treat of business touching the City; namely, from the Ward of—

Tower. 6.
Henry Wymond
William Box
Laurence de Braghhynge
Ralph de Halstede
Thomas atte Vyne
John Anketill
Billyngesgate. 6.
Richard de Lambethe
Adam Pykeman
Richard Double
John Youn
Robert Pykeman
Henry Sterre
Bridge. 6.
Nicholas atte Gate
John de Hathfeld
Roger Knoville
Geoffrey Fayrher
Richard Bacoun
Stephen Lucas
Douegate. 6.
Thomas d'Espaigne
Richard de Wycombe
William de Wircestre
James Andreu
Thomas Potyn
William Swifte
Portsokne. 6.
Peter de Westone
John de Romeneye
Alexander Cobbe
Alexander Mareschal
John le Longe
Thomas de Caxtone
Alegate. 6.
John de Neubery
Walter Costantyn
Simon Caperoun
Robert Andreu
Stephen atte Conduit
William Danyel
Langeburn. 6.
John de Bromholme
William Palmere
Geoffrey de Everdone
John de Hablond
Robert de Stratforde
Thomas Bonde
Candelwykestrete. 6.
Thomas de Wyntone
Thomas Broun
Thomas Parker
William Knight
John de Werlee
John Lemman
Walbroke. 6.
John de Bedeforde
Nicholas Hotot
Adam de Bury
John le Neue
Richard de Carletone
Walter Page
Lymstrete. 2.
Godfrey atte Swan
[The above being to the East of Walbroke.]
Vinetrie. 5.
Henry Fannere
John Cressingham
Walter Benet
Henry Palmere
Thomas Sharnebroke
Queen Hythe. 6.
Richard Smelt
Robert Hornere
William de Bernes
William Vere
William de Neuport
William de Fulham
Castle Baynard. 5.
John Tornegold
Henry Brenge
John Lumbard
Thomas de Cornwall
John Burre
Thomas de Alkefolde
Bishopesgate. 6.
John Pycot
Henry de Norhamptone
Alan Osegodeby
Nicholas Segrave
Thomas le Barber
Geoffrey Sergeaunt
Cornhulle. 6.
Robert Manhale
John de Brendewod
Ralph Cantebrege
Stephen atte Holte
John Levelife
Richard de Claveringe
Bradestrete. 5.
Richard de Staundone
John Herewardestoke
Thomas Lyouns
William le Hore
Adam Aspal
Cordewanerstrete. 6.
John de Abyndone
William de Hanhampstede
Adam Fraunceys
John Bole, Pelterer
Giles Spenser
John Berkyng the Younge
Bredstrete. 4.
John de Tyffeld
Gilbert Palmere
John de Kyngestone
Nicholas Madefrey
Farndone. 6.
Robert de Shordiche the Elder
Robert de Wyke
William Blithe
Andrew de Seccheforde
Reynald de Thorpe
Robert de Asshe
Chepe. 6.
Thomas de Waldene
Roger de Caumpes
John Blaunche
John Pecche
Henry atte Roche
John Russel
Colmanstrete. 6.
John de Hatfeld
John Deynes
Henry de Ware
John de Berkynge
Richard de Shordiche
William atte Welde
Bassieshawe. 6.
John de Dallynge
Roger Madour
William de Todenham
Roger Pycot
Henry Cotiller
Roger Latoner
Crepelgate. 6.
Richard Goldbetere
John de Hyngestone
Simon de Worstede
William Payn
Adam Walpol
William le Chaloner
Aldresgate. 4.
William de Rameseye
John de Thame
John atte Barnet
Thomas de Grauntbrege
[The above being the West of Walbroke.]