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Memorials of London and London Life in the 13th, 14th and 15th Centuries. Originally published by Longmans, Green, London, 1868.

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EDWARD I, 1272-1307

Coroner's Roll of our Lord the King, in the time of Ralph le Blound and John Horn, Sheriffs of the City of London, in the fourth year of the reign of King Edward, son of King Henry (A.D. 1275, 6); Sir Gregory de Rokesle being then Chamberlain in that City. 3
Coroner's Roll of our Lord the King, in the time of Robert de Araz and Ralph le Fevere, Sheriffs of the City of London, in the fourth year of King Edward, son of King Henry (A.D. 1276, 7); Sir Gregory de Rokesle being then Chamberlain in that city. 9
Roll of Felonies committed, and Misadventures that happened, in the City of London, in the time of Matthew de Columbers, Chamberlain of our Lord the King in the same, Walter le Cornewaleys and John Adrien being then Sheriffs of the same city (A.D. 1277, 8). 17
Regulation as to wearing Furs, and clearing the Streets 20
Provisions for the Safe-keeping of the City, the City Gates, and the River Thames 21
Sureties for a suspected Welchman 22
The Melters excluded from Chepe 22
Acknowledgment made by a Painter 23
The Water-course of Walebrook 23
Claim of Born Bondmen belonging to Edmund, Earl of Cornwall 23
Theft of silver dishes belonging to Baroncin 24
Inquisition as to the Bridge of Walbroke, near Bokerelesberi 25
Grant of the Small Beam 25
Insult offered in the Sheriff's Court 27
Petition of the Bishop of London as to enclosure of woods at Stebenhethe; and rejection thereof 28
Killers of Swine elected 28
Proclamation as to treatment of the expected Envoys from the King of France 29
Conviction for making false law in the City Courts 29
Contract as to making a Chalice 29
An Earthen Wall in Fynkislane, presented as a nuisance 30
Offence against Sir John de Metingham, one of the King's Justiciars 30
Proclamation as to giving aid to Prince Edward in the defence of the Southern coasts; and resistance in the City thereto 31
Injunctions to be conveyed to the Citizens from King Edward. 31
Answer given thereto 32
Evechepynges in Soper Lane forbidden 33
Provision as to mooring vessels at Billingsgate and Queen Hythe 33
Regulations for the Safe-keeping of the Streets 34
Watch and Ward at the City Gates 35
Ordinance for the Safe-keeping of the City 35
Privilege of Sanctuary in the City 36
Mandate for the preservation of the peace within the City 36
Letter from the Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, with news of the defeat of the Scots at the Battle of Falkirk, 22nd July 37
Terms of reconciliation of two Master Masons 38
Bread deficient in weight, taken in West Chepe 38
Sale of reeds near the lands of the Bishop of Bedlem 39
Importation of knives of foreign make 39
Goods forfeited for violating the custom of the City 40
Sureties found by Laurence Ducket 40
Punishment for defaming the Aldermen 40
Suspension, and pardon, of a Ward Bedel 41
Conduct of the Sheriffs to the Mayor 41
Donation to the Brethren of the Pui, for a Chaplain at the new Chapel of the Guildhall 42
Injunctions to the Bedels of the Wards, as to the passing of crocards and pollards 42
Inquisition as to the liability to maintain two bridges in the Ward of Broad Street; and to find the hinges of Bishopsgate 43
Inquisition as to the liability to repair the covering over the Watercourse of Walebroc 43
Inventories of goods left by will, and delivered in presence of the Mayor and Aldermen 44
Loss of a seal, and notice given thereon 45
Letter of the Mayor and Citizens of London to the Countess of Gloucester 45
Assault upon a serjeant of the Mayor 46
Insult to William de Leyre, an Alderman 46
Agreement to indemnify the City against fire, and to roof houses with tiles 46
Inventories of pledges sold for arrears on the King's tallage 47
Valuation of household goods, taken for debt 50
Letter of Walter, Bishop of Chester, Treasurer, to the Mayor and Sheriffs of London; and Answer thereto 50
Acknowledgment as to a wall belonging to Sir John de Banquelle 51
Quitclaim by Thomasin Guydichon to Aleyse Darcy, of all interest in an embroidered cloth in her possession 52
Surety exacted for cursing 53
Letter of the Bishop of Chester, as to the Imprisorment of the Lady de Leukenore 53
Inquisition as to persons rioting and committing assault by night Bond as to due delivery of a sealed box 55
Mainprise for a tun of wine, due to Sir Ralph de Hengham, Justiciar 55
Lease of a Tourelle near Bisshopesgate 56
Proclamation made for the protection of strangers coming to the Parliament 56
Nets burnt in Chepe 57
Exemption of the Hanse Merchants at Bisshopesgate 57
Writ for the replevin of John de Uggele; and Return thereto 57
As to Countors, Attorneys, and Essoiners, sworn 58
Loss of the freedom, from being born bondmen of the Bishop of London 58
Terms of reconciliation between the Mayor and one of the Sheriffs 59
Grant of the Gate of Crepelgate 59
Agreement as to a Choir Cope; but afterwards cancelled 60
Acknowledgment of a debt due to Sir Ralph de Hengham, Justiciar 60
Letter to Walter de Langetone, Bishop of Chester, in reference to his wish to make a Park at Greneford 61