Memorials: 1328

Pages 169-171

Memorials of London and London Life in the 13th, 14th and 15th Centuries. Originally published by Longmans, Green, London, 1868.

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A Coverlet valued to Richard de Betoyne, in part payment of his expenses as Representative of the City in Parliament.

2 Edward III. A.D. 1328. Letter-Book E. fol. clxxxiii. (Latin.)

On Wednesday next before the Feast of the Apostles Philip and James [1 May], in the second year of the reign of King Edward, after the Conquest the Third, it was ordered and agreed by Hamon de Chiggewelle, the Mayor, Gregory de Nortone, and other Aldermen, and in presence of Richard de Betoyne, (fn. 1) that a coverlet furred with minever, which was lately, in the time of the disturbances, (fn. 2) delivered (fn. 3) at the house of Isabel de Rokeslee and Andrew Horn, the Chamberlain, for the use of the City, should be sold.

And thereupon, the said Richard de Betoyne begged that the same coverlet, assessed at its true value, might be delivered to him, in part payment of his expenses for the time when he was last at Parliament for the City, at York. (fn. 4) And it was accordingly delivered to him, at the price of 8 marks.

Wardship granted of John, son of Robert Fitz-Walter.

2 Edward III. A.D. 1328. Letter-Book E. fol. clxxxvii. (Latin.)

The wardship of John, (fn. 5) son of Robert Fitz-Walter, was granted and delivered by Hamon de Chiggewelle, Mayor, and the Aldermen, to Johanna, wife of the late Robert aforesaid; together with the tenements of the same John which the said Robert had in the City of London etc., until the full age of him, the said John; upon the surety of John de Writelee and Thomas de Maryns, on the Monday next before the Feast of the Translation of St. Thomas the Martyr [7 July].

Account of moneys disbursed in the purchase of presents sent to the King and Queen.

2 Edward III. A.D. 1328. Letter-Book E. fol. clxxxix. (Latin.)

Assessment made, by common assent of the Mayor and Aldermen, and also, of the Commonalty, in the month of December in the year of Our Lord 1328, and the second year of the reign of King Edward, after the Conquest the Third, for discharging the cost of a gift made unto our Lord the King, and our Lady the Queen: which presents were sent to the same at Westminster, on Thursday the morrow of St. Clement [23 November], in the same year.

There were sent to our Lord the King:—10 carcasses of beeves, price 7l. 10s.; 20 pigs, price 4l,;—these being bought of Nicholas Derman: 24 swans, price 6l.; 24 bitterns and herons, price 4l. 4s.; and 10 dozens of capons, price 50s.;—the same being bought of John Brid and John Scot: 5 stone of wax, price 19l. 19s. ¾d; 4 barrels of sturgeon, price 12l.; 6 pike and 6 eels, price 10 marks;—these being bought of Hugh Medefrei.

To our Lady the Queen:—5 carcasses of beeves, price 75s.; 12 pigs, price 48s.;—these being bought of the said Nicholas Derman: 12 pheasants, price 48s.; 12 swans, price 60s.;—these being bought of the said John Brid and John Scot:—3 stone of wax, price 11l. 19s. 5¼d.; 2 barrels of sturgeon, price 6l.; also, 3 pike and 3 eels, price 66s. 8d.

Sum total paid for the gift aforesaid, 95l. 13s. 6d.


  • 1. Late Mayor of the City.
  • 2. Probably those in October 1326, when Walter de Stapledon, Bishop of Exeter, the King's Treasurer, was brutally murdered by the populace.
  • 3. Probably rescued from the depredators, and, no owner for it being found, deposited at the house (or lodging) of the City Chamberlain.
  • 4. Beginning February 7, 1328.
  • 5. John, Lord Fitz-Walter, descendant of the Fitz-Walters, Lords of Baynard's Castle, and Castellains and Bannerets of the City of London. For some particulars as to this family, see the Liber Custumarum, (printed ed.) Introd. p. lxxvi.