Memorials: 1397

Pages 544-546

Memorials of London and London Life in the 13th, 14th and 15th Centuries. Originally published by Longmans, Green, London, 1868.

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Royal mandate that Richard Whityngton shall occupy the place of Adam Bamme, Mayor and the King's Escheator, lately deceased.

20 Richard II. A.D. 1397. Letter-Book H. fol. cccxiv. (Latin.)

"Richard, by the grace of God, etc., to all persons to whom these presents shall come, greeting. Know ye, that whereas Adam Bamme, late Mayor of our City of London, and our Escheator within the same city, has gone the way of all flesh:—We, wishing therefore, as unto us pertains, duly to provide for the sound governance and happy rule of the said city, and of our people therein, until the accustomed day of the next election that shall be of Mayor of the City aforesaid, with the assent and advice of our Council, have appointed our well-beloved Richard Whityngtone, in whose fidelity and circumspection we do repose full confidence, to be Mayor of the City aforesaid, and our Escheator within the same city; giving and committing unto the same Richard, by the tenor of these presents, full and sufficient authority and power of ruling and governing our City aforesaid, and our people in the same, and others resorting thereunto, and of doing, fulfilling, and performing all and singular other the things which unto the offices aforesaid, and the good rule and sound governance of the same city, pertain, according to the laws and customs, in the City aforesaid justly and reasonably hitherto used; until the day on which he who shall happen to be so chosen for Mayor of the said city shall take charge of the Mayoralty thereof, and make corporal oath, as the manner is, well and faithfully to fulfil those offices. We do also, by the tenor of these presents, strictly enjoin upon the Aldermen, Sheriffs, and other officers, of the City aforesaid, as also, all and singular our faithful subjects of the same city, that they be obedient, and of good counsel and advice, unto the same Richard, as Mayor of the City aforesaid, in all things which unto the rule and governance thereof pertain, as is befitting that they should be. In witness whereof, we have caused these our Letters Patent to be made. Witness myself, at Westminster, the 8th day of June, in the 20th year of our reign."

Regulation for the future Election of Aldermen of the City.

21 Richard II. A.D. 1397. Letter-Book H. fol. cccxiv. (Latin.)

Be it remembered, that on the first day of August, in the 21st year etc., to avoid the damages, dissensions, and perils, which have often heretofore happened in divers Wards of the City, by reason of the headstrong, partial, and imprudent elections of the Aldermen thereof, it was agreed and ordered by the Mayor, Aldermen, and Commonalty, of the said city; that in future at every such election of the Aldermen, at least two reputable and discreet men, either of whom in manners and worldly goods is fit to be a judge and an Aldermen of the City aforesaid, shall by the men of the Ward which is so destitute of an Alderman be peacefully and quietly chosen, and presented to the Mayor and Aldermen of the City, for the time being; to the end that the one of those men of whom the same Mayor and Aldermen shall deign to make choice, may be admitted and sworn the said duties of the Aldermanry well and faithfully to perform.

Election of Richard Whityngton as Mayor.

21 Richard II. A.D. 1397. Letter-Book H. fol. cccxvi. (Latin.)

On Saturday, the Feast of St. Edward the King and Confessor [13 October], in the 21st year etc., in presence of Richard Whi tyngtone, Mayor, John Cokayn, Recorder, William Askham and John Wodecok, Sheriffs, John Hadlee, John Hende, William Staundone, William More, Thomas Knolles, John Shadworth, William Evote, John Wade, Thomas Wilford, William Parker, John Warner, William Venour, Hugh Short, John Walcote, William Bramptone, and John Fraunceys, Aldermen, and an immense number of the Commonalty, summoned for the election of a Mayor for the ensuing year, by their common assent, the aforesaid Richard Whityngtone was elected Mayor for the following year; and afterwards, in the Guildhall of London, on the Feast of the Apostles Simon and Jude [28 October], he was sworn etc. And on the following day, the morrow of the Apostles Simon and Jude, he was presented before the Barons of the Exchequer of our Lord the King, admitted, and sworn.