Addenda: Representatives of London in Parliament, from Edward I to 1770

Pages 897-899

A New History of London Including Westminster and Southwark. Originally published by R Baldwin, London, 1773.

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A LIST of the REPRESENTATIVES of the CITY of LONDON in Parliament, from the latter End of the Reign of EDWARD I. to the present Time.

1298 AT a parliament at York, Walter de Finchingfield and Adam de Folcham.
1305 At Westminster, William de Combmartyn, Henry de Combmartyn and Walter de Finchingfield.
1307 At Northampton, William de Combmartyn and Henry de Durham.
1308 At Westm. Henry de Durham and William Servat.
1313 Reginald de Conduct, Johan de Causton, Anket de Gisort and Thomas Chetington.
1314 Nicholas de Ferndon, William Leer, William Servat and Stephen Abingdon.
1315 William de Leve and Henry de Durham.
1315 John de Gisort, William de Leire, Robert de Kelesey and Richard de Reher.
1319 At York, John de Cherleton, William de Flete and Roger dePalmer.
1322 Robert de Swalive, Reginald de Conduct, William de Hatford, and Gregory Norton.
1323 Walter Treppin and Robert Chetington.
1326 At Westm. Anketumus de Gisortio, and Henry de Sechford.
1327 Anketumus de Gisortio, Henry de Secheford, Reginald de Conductu, Thomas de Leyre, Edmund Colyn and John Sterle. It appears that only two of these were to serve in parliament.
1327 At Lincoln, Benet de Felsham and Robert de Kelesey.
1327 At York, Richard 'de Betoigne, Robert de Kelesey, John de Grantham and John Priour.
1328 At New Sarum, Stephen de Abingdon and Robert de Kelesey.
1328 At Nortbampton, Richard de Betoigne and Robert de Kelesey.
1328 At York, Richard de Betoigne, Robert de Kelesey, John de Grantham and John Priour.
1330 At Winchester, John Grantham, Reginald de Conduit, Stephen de Abingdon.
1330 At Westm Stephen de Abingdon and John de Causton.
1332 At York, Thomas de Chetington and Henry de Mongney.
1333 At Westm. Anketumus de Gisortio, John de Causton, John Priour and Thomas Chetington.
1333 At York, John Causton and Reginald de Conduit.
1335 Richard de Rocching, Richard Later and Roger de Forsham.
1335 At Westm Henry de Secheford, Thomas de Chetington and John Priour.
1336 At Nottingham, John de Causton, Richard de Hakeneye.
1337 At Westm. Reginald de Conduit and Bennet de Fulsham.
1337 John Grantham, Andrew Aubray, Ralph de Upton and Richard de Roc-hing.
1337 Henry Darcy, Simon Fraunceys, William Hanus and Waller Firk.
1338 At York, John Churlton, William de Flete and Roger le Palmer.
1338 At Westm. Simon Fraunceys and John de Northall.
1338 At Northampton, Ralph de Upton and Bartholomew Wanmars.
1339 At Westm. Simon Fraunceys and John de Northall.
1340 Nicholas de Farendon, Anketumus de Gisortio, Henry Monquey and Roger Hoseband.
1340 John Brittlesworth and Richard de Rocching.
1341 Simon Fraunceys and William de Brittlesworth.
1343 Anketumus Gisortio and Henry de Lecheford.
1346 Geffrey de Wickingham, Thomas Leggy, John Lovekyn and Thomas de Waldene.
1347 John Lovekyn, Richard de Berking, William de Ford and Richard de Wycombe.
1348 John Lovekyn, Richard Berkyn, William de Ford and Rich. de Wigcomb.
1349 Thomas Leggy and William de Ford.
1351 Adam Fraunceys and John Liche.
1354 Thomas Leggy and Thomas Wolsly.
1356 Adam Fraunceys, John de Stody, Simon de Redingtone and Adam de Acres.
1358 Thomas Dolsely, William de Weld, William de Essex and Richard Tokey.
1358 John Stodey, mayor, Bartholomew Freshing and Stephen Cavendish.
1361 Bartholomew Frestlyng, Stephen Cavendish, Walter de Berney and Richard Tokey.
1363 John Little, Bartholomew Frestlyng, John Turngold and John Hilltost.
1365 Adam Fraunceys, John Lovekyn, Simon de Bennington and Richard Preston.
1365 John Milford and Simon Morden.
1369 John Wartefeld, Bartholomew Frestlyng, John Aubre and John Organ.
1370 Adam Wimundeham and John Gardener.
1370 John Pecche, John Turngold, Nicholas de Exton and John Hadeley.
1372 At Winchester, Bartholomew Firstling and John Phelipot.
1373 At Westm. John Wroth, John Pecche, William Venour and William Kelphull.
1374 Adam Stable, John Ward, John Berlingham, and Adam Carlisle.
1377 John Hadeley, John Organ, William Tongue and William Venour.
1377 At Westm. Adam Carlisle, Walter Sybit, William Walworth, and John Philpot.
1378 At Gloucester, John Hadley, Jeffry Newton, John de Northampton and William Venour.
1381 At Westm. John Philpot, John Stadley, William Barret and Hugh Fastolf.
1382 Nicholas Brembre, John More, Richard Norbury and William Essex.
1383 Sir William Walworth, Sir John Philpot, William Garret and Henry Venour.
1383 At New Sarum, John Hadley, John Organ, John Rote and Henry Herbury.
1384 At Westm. John Hadley, John Organ, Thomas Rolf and Henry Herbury.
1385 John Hadley, Nicho'as Exton, Henry Herbury and William Ancrofts.
1386 John Hadley, John Organ, Adam Carlill and Thomas Gurdetere.
1388 At Canterb. Adam Barne, Henry Vannere, William Tong and John Clouhand.
1389 At Westm. William More, John Shadeworth, Adam Carlill and Will. Brampton.
1391 William Serringham, William Brampton, William Standon and John Balcote.
1394 Adam Carlile, Drogo Barentyne, Geoffry Walderne and William Arkham.
1399 At Westm. John Shadworth, William Brampton, Richard Merlan and William Somingwell.
1401 The names of the representatives are defaced.
1406 At Gloucester, William Askham, William Crowmere, William Marchford and John Bryan.
1413 At Westm. Drogo Barentyn, William Askham, William Marchford and Walter Gulktron.
1414 William Walderne, Nicholas Wotton, William Oliver and John Gedney.
1415 Richard Merlaw, Thomas Fauconer, William Weston and Nicholas James.
1417 William Crowmere, William Sevenoke, John Wells and John Boteler.
1419 At Gloucester; John Staundon, Nicholas Wotton, John Sudbury and Hugh Bybrede.
1420 At Westm. Thomas Fauconer, John Michell, Solomon Oxney and John Higham.
1421 Thomas Fauconer, Nicholas Wotton, John Whately and John Brokley.
1422 At Westm. Thomas Fauconer, John Michell, Henry Frowek and Thomas Mayneld.
1424 Nicholas Wotton, John Wells, Eborard Fleet and Thomas Bernewall.
1425 At Leicester, John Michell, John Wellys, Eborard Fleet and John Higham.
1426 At Westm. John Michell, John Wellys, William Milrefe and Walter Gawtron.
1427 John Michell, John Wellys, William Milrefe and Walter Gawtron.
1429 Nicholas Wotton, Nicholas James, William Milrefe and Walter Gawtron.
1430 William Estfeld, Nicholas James, John Higham and John Abbot.
1434 John Michel, Robert Large, John Bederenden and Stephen Forster.
1436 At Cambridge, Henry Frowyk, Thomas Cotworth, John Carpenter and N cholas Yeo.
1441 At Westm. Sir William Estfeld, John Bolbeys, Philip Malpas and William Cotesbrook.
1445 John Raynwell, Ald. Rob. Danvers, recorder,Burgoy, Richard Sturgeon.
1446 At Cambridge, Henry Frowyk, William Combys, Hugh Wyche and William Marrow.
1448 At Westm. Thomas Calsworth, John Norman, Geffrey Bolton and Thomas Billing.
1449 Stephen Broome, John Norman, John Needham, and John Hardroe.
1450 Henry Frowyk, William Marrow, John Harrowe and Richard Lee.
1452 At Reading, Steph. Brown, Will. Cantelowe, John.
1454 At Westm. Geffry Fielding; William Cantelome, John Harrowe and John Yung.
The returns to the parliaments held at Westminster in the 29th of Henry VI. and the first, third and fourth of Edward IV. are lost.
1461 At Westm. Ralph Josselyn, Thomas Ursewick, John Ward and John Crosseby.
1466 Sir Ralph Verney, John Irlond, John Brumpton and Stephen Fabian.
1378 Sir William Hampton, Richard Gardyner, William Brasebridge and John Ward.
1482 Sir Will. Taylor, Robert Tate, aldermen, John Fenhill, Hugh Clopton.
1483 Sir William Heriot, Robert Tate, aldermen, John Marshall, William Brecebridge.
1483 William Heriot, alderman, Thomas Fitzwilliam, recorder, William Bracebridge, John Peckering in Bracebridge's place, John Fenhill.
1485 John Ward, mayor, Tho. Fitzwilliams, recorder, John Peckering, Will. Spark.
1488 Sir Henry Colet, mayor, Sir Tho. Fitzwilliams, recorder, Hugh Pemberton, John Peckering.
1489 Sir Hen. Colet, alderman, Sir Tho. Fitzwilliams, recorder, Richard Nonnely, John Peckering, (in place of Sir Thomas Fizwilliams, who was elected for the shire of Lincoln) William White, alderman.
1492 William Tate, William Capell, alderman, Nicholas Allwyn, Tho. Bullesden.
1496 John Ward, alderman, Robert Sheffield, recorder, John Shaa, Thomas Bradbury.
1497 Richard Chawrey, alderman, Robert Sheffield, recorder, Ch. Wyndoat, Richard Nonnely.
1502 Sir John Shaa, alderman, Sir Robert Sheffield, recorder, Tho. Cremer, John Painter.
1509 John Tate, alderman, John Chaloner, recorder, James Yarford, Tho. Brugges in Yarford's place, made an alderman, Thomas Moore, mercer.
1511 Sir Will. Capell, alderman, Richard Broke, recorder, Will. Gally, draper, John Kyme, mercer.
1515 Sir Will. Capell, alderman, Richard Broke, recorder, Will, Gally, John Kyme.
1523 Geo. Moneux, alderman, William Shelley, recorder, John Hewster, mercer, Will. Roche, draper.
1530 Sir Tho. Seymour, alderman, John Baker, recorder, John Petyte, grocer, Paul Wythpde, merchant-taylor.
1537 William Roche, alderman, Roger Cholmley, recorder, Rob. Packington.
1540 No return entered.
1542 Sir William Bower, alderman, Sir Roger Cholmley, recorder; John Sturgeon, Nicholas Wilford.
1547 At Westm. Sir Martin Bowes, Robert Broke, Thomas Curteys and Tho. Bacon.
1553 Sir Martin Bowes, Robert Broke, John Marche and John Blundel.
1553 Sir Rowland Hille, Robert Broke, John Marche and John Blundell.
1554 At Oxf. Sir Martin Bowes, Robert Broke, John Marcbe and John Blundell.
1554 At Westm. Sir Martin Bowes, Ranulph Cholmley, Richard Grafton and Richard Burwell.
1555 Sir Martin Bowes, Ranulph Cholmley, Philip Bold and Nicholas Chune.
1556 Sir Will. Garrald, Ranulph Cholmley, John March and Rich. Grafton.
1558 Sir Martin Bowes, Sir Ralph Cholmley, John Marsham and Richard Hals.
1562 Sir William Chester, Sir Ralph Chomley, Laurence Withers and John Marshe.
1571 Sir John White, Thomas Wilbraham, John Marshe and Thomas Norton.
1572 Sir Rowland Heywood, William Fleetwood, John Marshe and Thomas Norton.
1585 Sir Thomas Woodruffe, William Fleetwood, Sir Thomas Alde sey and Sir William Fishe.
1586 Sir Edward Osborne, William Fleetwood, Thomas Aldersey and Richard Saltingstall.
1589 Sir George Barnes, William Fleetwood, Thomas Aldersey and Andrew Palmer.
1593 Sir John Harte, Edward Drewe, George Southerton and Andrew Palmer.
1597 Sir John Harte, John Crooke, George Southerton and Tho. Fettiplace.
1601 Sir Stephen Some, John Crooke, Thomas Fettiplace and John Pindar.
1603 Sir Henry Billingsley, Sir Henry Montague, Nicholas Fuller and Richard Gore.
1614 Sir Henry Montague, recorder, Nicholas Fuller, Tho. Lowe, Robert Bateman.
1621 Sir Thomas Lowe, Sir Robert Heath, Robert Bateman and William Towerson.
1624 Sir Thomas Middleton, Sir Heneage Finch, Robert Bateman and Martin Bond.
1625 Sir Thomas Middleton, Sir Heneage Finch, Robert Bateman and Martin Bond.
1625 Sir Thomas Middleton, Sir Heneage Finch, Sir Maurice Abbot and Robert Bateman.
1627 Thomas Moulson, Christopher Clitheroe, Henry Waller and James Bunce.
1640 Sir Thomas Soame, Isaac Pennington, Matthew Cradock and Samuel Vassell.
1641 Sir Thomas Soame, Isaac Pennington, Samuel Vassell and John Ven.
During the Protectorate.
1653 Robert Titchborne, John Ireton, Samuel Mayor, John Langely, Henry Barton and Praise-God Barebone.
1654 Thomas Foot, William Steel, Thomas Adams, John Langham, Samuel Avery, and Andrew Ricard.
1656 Thomas Foot, Sir Christopher Pack, Thomas Adams, Richard Brown, Theophilus Biddulph and John Jones.
1659 William Thompson, Theophilus Biddulph, John Jones and Richard Browne.
1660 William Wild, Richard Brown, John Robinson and William Vincent.
1661 John Fowke, Sir Will. Thompson, William Love and John Jones.
1678 Sir Robert Clayton, Sir Thomas Player, William Love and Thomas Pilkington.
1679 At Oxf. Sir Robert Clayton, Thomas Pilkington, Sir Thomas Player and William Love.
1665 At Westm. Sir John Moore, Sir William Pritchard, Sir Samuel Dashwood and Sir Peter Rich.
1689 Sir Patience Ward, Sir Robert Clayton, Sir Will. Ashurst and Sir Thomas Pilkington.
1690 Sir William Pritchard, Sir Samuel Dashwood, Sir William Turner and Sir Thomas Vernon.
1695 Sir Robert Clayton, Sir John Fleet, Sir William Ashurst and Thomas Papillon, Esq.
1698 Sir John Fleet, Sir William Ashurst, Sir James Houblon and Sir Thomas Papillon.
1700 Sir Robert Clayton, Sir William Ashurst, Sir William Withers and Sir Gilbert Heathcote.
1701 Sir Robert Clayton, Sir William Ashurst, Sir Tho. Abney and Sir Gilbert Heathcote.
1702 Sir William Pritchard, Sir John Fleet, Sir Francis Child and Sir Gilbert Heathcote.
1705 Sir Robert Clayton, Sir William Ashurst, Sir Gilbert Heathcote and Samuel Shepheard, Esq. Sir William Withers on Clayton's death.
1708 Sir William Withers, Sir William Ashurst, Sir Gilbert Heathcote, and Sir John Ward.
1710 Sir William Withers, Sir Richard Hoare, Sir Geo. Newland, and Sir John Cass.
1713 Sir Richard Hoare, Sir William Withers, Sir John Cass and Sir George Newland.
1715 Sir John Ward, Sir Thomas Scawen, Robert Heysham and Peter Godfrey, Esq;
1722 Sir Francis Child, Sir John Barnard, Richard Lockwood, Peter Godfrey, Esqrs. and Sir Richard Hopkins on Godfrey's death.
1728 Sir John Eyles, Bart. Sir John Barnard, Micajah Perry and Humphry Parsons, Esqrs. aldermen.
1735 Humphry Parsons, Esq; Sir John Barnard, Micajah Perry and Robert Willimot, Esqrs. aldermen.
1741 Sir John Barnard, Sir Daniel Lambert, George Heathcote, Esq; Sir Robert Godschall, aldermen: and William Calvert, Esq; alderman, on Godschall's death.
1747 Sir John Barnard, Sir William Calvert, Stephen Theodore Janssen, Esq; Slingsby Bethell, Esq; aldermen.
1754 Sir John Barnard, Sir Robert Ladbroke, Slingsby Bethell, Esq; William Beckford, Esq; aldermen: and Sir Richard Glyn, alderman, on Bethell's death.
1761 Sir Robert Ladbroke, Sir Richard Glyn, William Beckford, Esq; and the hon. Thomas Harley, aldermen.
1768 Sir Robert Ladbroke, William Beckford, Esq, Righthon. Thomas Harley, Barlow Trecothick, Esq; aldermen: and Richard Oliver, Esq; on Beckford's death.