Addenda: Bishops of London

Pages 899-900

A New History of London Including Westminster and Southwark. Originally published by R Baldwin, London, 1773.

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A List of the BISHOPS of LONDON.

658 Cedda, the first Saxon bishop.
666 Wina.
680 Earkenwald.
685 Waldherus.
716 Ingwaldus.
747 Ecgwulfus.
754 Wighedus.
761 Eadbrightus.
768 Eadgarus.
773 Kenwalchus.
784 Eadbaldus.
795 Heathobertus.
802 Osmundus.
816 Ethelnothus.
830 Coelbertus.
848 Deorwulf.
851 Swithulfus.
860 Heathstanus.
870 Wulffius.
905 Ethelwardus.
922 Healstanus.
941 Theodredus.
944 Wulfstanus.
951 Brithlemus.
958 Dunstan; abbot of Glastonbury, then bishop of Worcester, and translated from London to Canterbury.
959 Elfstanus.
981 Edgarus.
996 Wulfstanus.
1004 Alfhunus, tutor to the sons of Ethelred.
1016 Alwy.
1034 Elfward, the last Saxon bishop.
1044 Robert, the first Norman bishop; afterward translated to Can[terbury.
1051 William.
1075 Hugh de Orivalle.
1085 Maurice.
1108 Richard de Belmeis.
1128 Gilbert Universalis; canon of Lyons.
1141 Robert de Sigillo; monk of Reading.
1150 Richard de Belmeis; archdeacon of Middlesex, and nephewof the former of that name.
1158 Richard Fitz Neal; dean of Lincoln, and lord high treasurer of England.
1163 Gilbert Foliot; translated from Hereford.
1189 Richard Nigellus, lord treasurer.
1199 William de Sancta Maria; dean of St. Martin's-le-Grand.
1221 Eustace de Fauconberg, prebend of Holborn, and lord high treasurer.
1229 Roger Niger, archdeacon of Colchester.
1241 Fulk Basset, dean of York.
1259 Henry de Wingham, prebend of Newington, and lord high treas.
1262 Richard Talbot, dean of St. Paul's; who died before his consecration.
1262 Henry de Sandwich, prebend of Wildland.
1273 John de Chishul, dean of St. Paul's, and lord high treasurer.
1280 Fulk Lovel, archdeacon of Colchester, who refused acceptance.
1280 Richard de Gravesend, archdeacon of Northampton.
1304 Ralph de Baldock, dean of St. Paul's, lord high chancellor.
1313 Gilbert de Seagrave, canon of Lincoln.
1317 Richard de Newport, dean of St. Paul's.
1318 Stephen Gravesend, prebendary of Wenlakesbarn, and Chamberlain wood.
1338 Richard de Wentworth, prebendary of Kentish town, and lord high chancellor.
1340 Ralph de Stratford, canon of St. Paul's.
1354 Michael de Northburg, prebendary of Mapesburg.
1361 Simon Tibald de Sudbury, domestic chaplain to pope Innocent VI. and chancellor of Sarum: murdered by Wat Tyler in the Tower.
1375 William de Courtney, translated from Hereford, and afterward to Canterbury.
1381 Robert de Braybroke, canon of Litchfield.
1405 Roger de Waldron, who had been archbishop of Canterbury, and lord high treasurer, but was deposed, and died soon after this appointment.
1406 Nicholas de Bubbewith, lord high treasurer; translated afterward to Salisbury, &c.
1407 Richard Clifford, translated from Worcester.
1421 John Kemp, translated from Chichester; and afterward to York.
1426 William Gray, dean of York, translated afterward to Lincoln.
1431 Robert Fitz Hugh, archdeacon of Northampton.
1436 Robert Gilbert, dean of York.
1448 Thomas Kemp, archdeac. of Middlesex, and chancellor of York.
1489 Richard Hill, dean of the king's chapel.
1496 Thomas Savage, translated from Rochester, and afterward to York.
1501 William Warham, keeper of the great seal; translated to Canterbury.
1504 William Barons.
1506 Richard Fitz James, translated from Chichester.
1522 Cuthbert Tonstal; translated afterward to Durham.
1530 John Stokesley, prebendary of St. Stephen's chapel Westminster.
1539 Edmund Bonner, translated from Hereford,—deprived.
1550 Nicholas Ridley, translated from Rochester,—deprived and burned.
1553 Edmund Bonner, restored; but again deprived.
1556 Edmund Grindal; translated to York.
1570 Edwyn Sandys, vice chancellor of Cambridge; translated afterward to York.
1576 John Aelmer, archdeacon of Lincoln.
1594 Richard Fletcher, dean of Peterborough.
1597 Richard Bancroft, prebendary of Westminster, translated afterward to Canterbury.
1604 Richard Vaughan, translated from Chester.
1607 Thomas Ravis, translated from Gloucester.
1609 George Abbot, translated from Litchfield and Coventry, and afterward to Canterbury.
1611 John King, dean of Christ-church, Oxford.
1621 George Monteine, translated from Lincoln, and afterward to Durham.
1628 William Laud, translated afterward to Canterbury.
1633 William Juxon, translated from Hereford, was deprived by the parliament in 1641, but being reinstared at the restoration of Charles II. was soon afterward removed to Canterbury.
1660 Gilbert Sheldon, chaplain and dean of the closet to the king, afterward removed to Canterbury.
1663 Humphry Henchman, translated from Salisbury.
1675 Henry Compton, translated from Oxford.
1713 John Robinson, translated from Bristol.
1723 Edmund Gibson, translated from Lincoln.
1748 Thomas Sherlock, translated from Salisbury.
1761 Thomas Hayter, translated from Norwich.
1762 Richard Osbaldiston, translated from Carlisle.
1764 Richard Terrick, translated from Peterborough.