Edward I: Lent 1298

Parliament Rolls of Medieval England. Originally published by Boydell, Woodbridge, 2005.

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1298 Lent

Introduction Lent 1298


Lent session of king's council (March-April)

Edward I returned to England from Flanders, where he had been since August 1297, in the middle of March 1298. Immediately after his return (on 15 March) he issued summonses to what look to have been the official members of his council for a session of the council at Westminster, beginning on Palm Sunday (30 March) 1298. (fn. foot-1298l-1) Various matters required discussion. One was the state of affairs in Scotland after the disaster at Stirling Bridge in September 1297. It was decided that there needed to be further discussions on this at York at Whitsun. (fn. foot-1298l-2) Another was the instructions to be given to the king's envoys going to Rome to discuss the papal arbitration of the matters at variance between the English and French kings. (fn. foot-1298l-3) A third was the king's financial needs. Another of the decisions apparently reached at this meeting was to summon a parliament at York at Whitsun with representatives of the counties and towns, who were able to vote the king a subsidy. (fn. foot-1298l-4) The writ of summons does not describe it as a meeting of parliament. The only reason for doing so is the heading to membrane 1 of SC 9/11 which ascribes the business it records to a parliament held at Easter (6 April) 1298. Since this membrane is a later transcript and its ascription is not supported by any other surviving evidence it should probably be disregarded.

It is not entirely clear how long this session of the king's council lasted. The king remained at Westminster only till 11 or 12 April, but the council may have gone on holding sessions after he had left. Certainly the ordinance deciding on the removal of the Exchequer and the Common Bench to York which is ascribed to this session on Roll 11 did not give rise to a mandate to the sheriff of Yorkshire for its execution until 29 April. (fn. foot-1298l-5)

The first four items on m. 1 of SC 9/11 are the sole surviving record of business done at this session.

Appendix Lent 1298

Evidence of business done at this council meeting from chancery enrolments


Issue of special countrywide commissions of oyer and terminer into prises made in the king's name to be held in accordance with an ordinance made by king and council. Dated 4 April 1298 at Westminster.

Source : CPR 1292-1301 , 338-9 (and see CCR 1296-1302 , 204-5)


Restoration of city of London to its citizens. By king and council. Dated 11 April 1298.

Source : CPR 1292-1301 , 341


Memorandum that abbots of Grestain, Cormeiles and Preaux came into the king's court before his council in the exchequer on 14 April 1298 and offered fealties for English lands but king deferred acceptance.

Source : CCR 1296-1302 , 202


Mandates to justiciar of Ireland at request of John fitzThomas relating to possible pardoning of men outlawed at suit of father for death of Richard Harold, payment of expenses in attacking king's enemies and rebels in Connacht and breach of truce between fitzThomas and earl of Ulster. By king and council. Dated 16 April 1298 at Westminster.

Source: CCR 1296-1302 , 156


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