Roger Whitley's Diary: April 1685

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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April 1685

Apr 1st Wednesday, Cosens came & trimmed me; I dined at home; Mrs Bidolph came to see us but would not dine; Zouch & Puckle dined with us; they stayd not long, took a pipe & left me; Baskervile & Gerard came; aquainted me with the passages at the election in Cheshire; stayd but a while; I went then to Humfreys, he was abroad; then to Lord Maxfield, he was abroad; his buttler told me Lord Brandon stood faire at Lancaster; I called on Troughton, he came to the coach to me, sayd something about Graham; I then came home; mett Mr Lee by the way, he came home with me, supt with us & stayd till 10; then Roger came..

2. Thursday, Mr Wall (& his friend) came to me about the manor of Ively; then Mr Peters to let Roger blood; then a woman (Russells wife) with a bill for money Roger owes her; Mr Tuttle came to know how my physick worked &c. & Davyes with a message from Sir G.G. to meete him &c; Humfreys came about accounts; dined with me, also Kent & Roger; Humfreys went soone after dinner; the bit maker came for money for Roger; Roger & Kent stayd till past 5; then I went to the Palsgrave's Head; to Sir G.G.; there was his sonne, Sam Chetwyn & 3 or 4 more, strangers to me; I sate downe, dranck 2 glasses of wine; went immediatly away to brother Peters; saw him & his wife; then came Sir John Urban; read a letter from Mr Palmer about the election; I left them, went to the 3 Tunns by Grays Inne; thither came Sir G.G., his sonne & Mr Swinborne; I stayd till past 10; left them & came home.

3. Friday, cosen Francks came to see us; she stayed neare an houer; I went to Humfreys; he was abroad; I walked awhile with Browne under the trees; went; by water to the Swan in Fish Streete; there dined Player, Sir G.G., his sonne; Woodart, one Brabant & Corbyn; we settled accounts about charge in Humfreys suite &c; parted neare 7; I went in a coach with Player left him at Lad Lane; went to the 3 Tunns; there was Oneby, Page, Baskervile & another old man; we parted before 10; came home.

[fo. 29v]

4. Satorday, I went to Humfreys; retorned to dinner; after diner Cosens came & trimmed me; after him Corbyn; I went to him into the Hall resolving never to have any discourse with him by myselfe; he gave me accounts that the auditors & Kingdome would meete us on Wednesday next about our disbanding accounts; he brought a man with him (& told me his name was Coby, (as I take it); he proposed I would signe him a debenter for money due to him for clothing. I refused, which they were both angry at & went away grumbling. I went to Baskerviles, met Mr Venables (& 2 or 3 with him) at the doore; he desired to stay till he got a bottle of ale, I dranck a glasse & left him with Mrs Baskervile; I went to visit cosen Doll Ravenscroft; she had a gentlewoman with her; I stayd neare 1/2 an houer; went to Humfreys; found a gentleman with him; left them; went to Lady Wood; found Lady Gerard with her & her daughter; after she went Sir Edward came in; I went with him to Jones, his doore; he went in & I home.

5. Sonday, I went twice to church, dined at home Roger & Jones with us; went in the evening to Lord Maxfeild; stayd almost an houer; saw cosen Fairefax there; she stayed not; went to Jones; there was Wood, Rogers, Maxfield, Sutton, one Coniers & afterwards Mr Vane; we parted before 10; I came home.

6. Monday, Tuttle brought me a bitter draught; Lady Ellis servant; came to put me in minde to pay her money due at Ladyday; Mr Davyes came to know if I had spoke with Lord Maxfeild about his money; I went to Humfreys, thence to Jones; I met Kent there & spoke with Morgan (the coach maker) in the court; Mrs Wood came back with me to Martins; I saw there Mrs Langton, Mrs Martyn & Clara; I dined at home; brother Peter with us; he went away before 3; I went to Sir Thomas Players & Sir Robert Claytons, they were abroad; I went to Humfreys then to Jones; there was Roger & Kent; afterwards came one Fitz Hughes (a stranger to me); we dranck 2 or 3 pints of wine; parted before 10.

7. Tuesday, I went to Auditor Philips; there was Done, Janner, Froude, Bernard, Walker, Ward & Humfreys; thence went to Sir G.G. found him in Grays Inne walkes; there was also his sonne Sam & Swinborne; I left them presently; went to Mosier then home; Sir G.G. & Sam dined with me; we went to Sir Thomas Player; there came one Serjeant to Sir Thomas; stayd not long; we discoursed Sir Thomas about oor disbanding accounts; Sir G. & sonne came with me to my doore; there parted; past 6 I went to Jones; Kent came past 7; Roger & yong Kent past 8; I left them; went to Sir Edward Wood, Rogers & Maxwell in the next roome; parted before10 8. Wednesday, Cosens trimmed me; I dined at the Swan in Fish Streete; Sir Thomas Player, Sir G.G., his sonne, Done & Bridges; there was Corbyn & severall servants; after dinner came Sir Thomas Griffith, stayd about an houer; after him went Done & Bridges; I stayd till past 9; left Player, Sir G.G. & his sonne behinde; they had friders; drunck freely &c. I went home.

9. Thursday, Kent came to me from Roger; before 11 I went to Humfreys, retorned to dinner; spoke to Bedisford at Humfreys chamber about the money Roger owes Ayres; in the afternoone Captaine Faireband came to me about money Roger owes him; then Baskervile about money he owes Mr Gleg. I went to Sir Robert Clayton's spoke with Keck; then to Lady Wood; saw her daughter & Langton; then to Jones, there was Roger & both Kents; stayd till 10; when I went out Mrs Fenick spoke to me about Roger's money at the gate; there I left her, went home.

10. Friday, Corbyn came to tell me he had spoke with the Auditors & that Player was going out of towne; Morgan the coach maker came to me with a bill for the glasses & about the money Roger owes him; I went to Sir Thomas Player, but could not persuade him to stay & meete with the Auditors & Kingdome on Satorday; I spoke with Mrs Winstanley about Randle; I went to Humfreys; retorned by 12; Minshall dined with us; after dinner Baskervile came with the churchwarden & sexton to collect money for the lecturer; then Lady Wood, daughter & Langton; I went to Humfreys; retorned about 5; went about 7 to the Sunne; where was Sir Thomas Gold, Timms, Barroby, Page, Crosse, Oneby, Baskervile, Richardson; we all parted about 10.

11 Satorday, I went to Humfreys; then to Cowlane to speake with the man that bought the stolne glasses; then to Fowler about the coach; then to the Swan in Fish Streete; where was Done, Bridges, Sir G.G. his sonne; Kingdome, Bridges & another stranger; we dined there; Kingdome payd the reckoning. we parted about 5; I went to Humfreys, then home; was trimmed by the next barber.

[fo. 30r]

12. Sonday, went twice to church, Minshall dined with us; in the evening went to take leave of cosen Doll Ravenscroft at cosen Manley's; then to Lord Maxfield; then to Kents, spoke with them both then to Jones where was Sir Edward Wood for a while; then Roger & both Kents came to me; we parted about 10.

13. Monday, Sir Robert Thomas came to me about Mrs Fenicks money; stayd but a while; I went then to Humfreys; then to Auditor Done's; spoke with his clarke; then went to the Auditor at the Rainbow Coffe house, gave him my account; then to Sir G.G. at the Temple Coffe House about Kingdom's account & oath, then to Mr Fenwick the upholsterer about cosen Whitley's businesse then to the East Indya house to speake with Mr Page; could not finde him; I spoke there with Sir Josiah Child, Sir James Edwards & Mr Finch; then to Mr Fenwick the uphosterer about cosen Whitleys businesse then home for dinner; in the afternoone Mr Jones came to me about accounts; then Mr Gerard with a letter from Chester about brother Whitley's presentment &c; I went in the evening to Jones; there was Roger, elder Kent & Nathaniel Lee, we parted past 9; I came home.

14. Tuesday, I went to Humfreys, spoke to his clark; dined with Kingdon; there was Sir G.G., Done & both the Bridges; we parted about 5; I went to Lady Woods; saw her, Sir Edward & daughter; I went with him to Jones; there was Coling & Rogers; we parted neare 9; I found Roger below & 2nd Kent with him; then came in yong Charleton; said he was disbanded in Holland, left the Prince & Princesse well; Kent went to the Guard & I home before 10;.

15. Wednesday; Fowler came about the coach & Morgan about Rogers coach; then came Bende about money Roger is bound for; I went to Sir Robert Clayton; spoke with Keck; then went to Humfreys, met him on Ludgate hill; came back with him to the end of Milk Streete; called on Baskervile; went home about 12; dined at home; about 3 went to Sir Robert Clayton; stayd with him about ½ an houer; found Sir Peter Colliton with him; after he went came in Mr Neale but stayd not in the roome where I was; after I had ended with Sir Robert I brought his Lady to her coach & went home; called on Barroby but stayd not; went afterwards to Duncombe; stayd with him a short tyme in his outer roome, then went to Humfreys; thence to Jones Cellar; there was Roger & yong Kent; Sir Edward Wood came & drank a glasse with us & left us; I parted past 8; came to the Bull Head in Wood Streete about 9; met Mr Crosse there (the other company was gone) went into a roome with him; then came to us 3 of his acquaintance, all strangers to me; then came Barroby & Baskervile; we dranck 3 quarts of wine; parted before 11.

16 Thursday; the corne cutter cutt my cornes; Mr Jones the Scrivener came for Oneby's rent; Humfreys came to have gone to the Cheife Justice but he was abroad; I dined at home; Minshall & Neale with us; they stayd till about 3; Dr Palmer came & stayd a little after 7; then Lady Biddolph & Lady Napper; I went to Jones; there was Roger & Kent; I left them; went to Sir Robert Cottons; saw theire servant; they were all abroad; I came agen to Roger & elder Kent &.went to Sir Edward Wood in the next roome; drank a pinte with him; went agen to Roger & Kent; drank a pinte & parted..

17 Friday, went to Church; Mrs Norman came to get some clothes for her husband. I sent him a frise Coate, by her; Humfreys came, went to the chiefe Justice about my businese, but nothing done; about 2 , I & my daughters went to Lady Woods; thence I went to Sir Robert Cottons; stayd there neare 2 houres with him & his Lady; retorned to go to Sir Edward Wood; there was himself, Lady & 2 daughters, Langton & Mrs Gant; I went thence to Jones to see Roger; he was at his cosen Roger & yong Kent; I took another roome; Roger & yong Kent came to me; then came my daughter; we stayd awhile; parted went home(30v April 1685) 18. Satorday, I went to Sir Thomas Clarges desired his assistance to Lord Clarendon &c called at Kents, he was abroad; enquired at Jones for Roger, he was not there; dined at home &c; stayd at home all day.

19. Sonday (Easter day), went twice to church; after evening sermon Baskervile & his nephew came to me, dranck a bottle of wine; then I went out, met Sir G.G. & his sonne in Holborne; went to the Fountaine Taverne in the Strand with them; thither came his eldest sonne & sonne in law; we had a ½ flasque of claret; I left them went to Jones; thither came Sir Edward Wood, Duppa & Sir Thomas Williams; we parted at 10.

20. Monday, I dined at home; Mr Hamersley came to me for 2 li. due to him for solliciting Rogers businesse; I went in the evening to Jones; there was Roger & old Kent; we stayd about an houer; then yong Kent came in as we parted, I came thither agen to Sir Edward Wood & Rogers, then Franck Rogers came to us; we parted a little past 9.

21 Tuesday, I dined at noone; Minshall with us; went in the evening to Jones; Sir Thomas Clarges came thither to me; we discoursed my businesse about ½ houer; he went againe to the Coffe House; I brought him to the doore; went back to Jones, met Minshall & Roger in the yard; Weston past by, Roger talked awhile with him; then he & Minshall came into my roome & after them old Kent; we dranck a quart of wine, Roger went to the Horseguard; my daughters called on me in theire coach; I went home with them.

22 Wednesday, I went to Lord Clarendon; found the Bishop of Lincolne with him; after he went Mr Hall came in; after him a Frenchman; they stayd but awhile then his Lordship & I discoursed my businesse neare ½ an houer; I left the state of it with him in 2 papers; he was very civill to me; I went thence to Sir Thomas Clarges, he was abroad; then to Lord Maxfeild; his French taylor was with him & a servant; I stayd about ½ houer; then went to Mr Duncombe; he was abroad; then to the East Indya Company; talked with Mr Page (in the passage through the hall) about ¼ of houer; then called at Sir Robert Claytons; he was abroad; then home; I dined at home; Alderman Mainwaring to see us but could not stay dinner; about 4 I went to Mr Duncombe stayd above an houer; then (with my daughters) to Lady Woods; went to Jones; there was Saladine, Jones & theire wifes & Morgan Whitley; then came Roger & Minshall; they stayd not; I went to Sir Edward Wood & Sir Har. Progers; then came Sir Thomas Duppa & Minshall, took one pipe; I went home with my daughters about 9.

23. Thursday (the Coronation day) I went to Westminster; had a roome in the Palace yard for selfe, daughters, Minshall, Ewart &c; there was Vanham his wife, Mrs Baskervile & her fathers servant; there were some others (strangers to us); about 6 I went thence to Scotland Yard; met Mr Henshaw in the court, had a short discourse with him; I went into the Cellar; had a pinte of wine with Jones; went thence to Tovey's; eate a pigeon; cosen Kate Morgan came in as we went out; went home with daughters; then to the Bull Head in Wood Streete, where was Alderman Mainwaring, Lewes, Minshall, Baroby, Baskervile; parted past 11.

24. Friday, I went to Humfreys, Grosvenor was with him, but I sayd not a word to him; he went away; I went to Founds the goldsmith about the note he sent me; then to Jones; old Kent cane to me; we dranck a pinte of wine then home, cosen Kate dined with us; I went to Lady Wood in the evening. then to Jones; there was Roger & both Kents; we parted before the fyere works began; then came Sir Edward Wood; we had a pinte; I brought him to his house; left him there; went to the Castle in Paternoster Row there was Alderman Mainwaring, Ben Gerard, Wade& a stranger who left us; then came Lewes; we parted past 11, went home.

[fo. 31r]

25. Satorday, Minshall and I went to Islington, there was Roger, his man & 2 Kents; we went to Waltham Cross, dined there et 4 pigeons; then came Abraham Dashwood, we parted at 5; Roger,.young Kent & Pickmore went their journey; Minshall, old Kent & I retorned to London; Kent left us at Islington, when I came home we found Sir Michael Biddolph there; Minshall supd with us; parted.

26. Sonday, went twice to church, dined at home Minshall with us; after evening sermon Sir Edward Wood came then Baskervile, stayd an houer &c; about 6 Sir Michael & I went to take the ayre; called on Lord Maxfeild & Sir Thomas Clargys; they were both abroad, came home to supper then came Lewes & Morgan; Lewes was with Michael & I below, Morgan with his sister &c. above; parted past 11.

27. Monday, I went to Lord Clarendon; he was abroad; then to Clargy's; he was out of towne; then to Sir Robert Cotton; stayed with him till past 10; then to Lord Clarendon he was still out; then to Humfreys; he was also out, then home to dinner. Mrs Jones, brother Peter & his sonne dined with me; then came Alderman Mainwaring; at the end of dinner brother Peter sent for away; Mainwaring took a pipe then Baskervile came; after him Turton; they all went about 4; about 6 I went to Humfreys then to Paige's & Duncombes & Claytons; they were all abroad; then to the Bullhead in Wood Streete; there was Mainwaring, Wright, Ball, Bird, Williamson & Biddolph; Ball went first.; we all parted before 11.

28. Tuesday, I was with Lord Clarendon then with Duncombe awhile, then with Gulston, stayd an houer; thence went to the East Indya House there was Lord Worcester, Bathurst, Child, Edwards, Cooke &c; put in my votes; called at the uphollsterers; then at Sir Robert Claytons; there was he, his Lady, brother, Keck & a stranger; I discoursed awhile with Sir Robert; then came in Bertie, I left them together; (Mr Fenwicks of the mews Taverne came about Rogers money interl), came home. Mrs Booth & brother Peter dined with us; after dinner came Zouch & Mosier; stayd neare an houer; then Lady Wood & daughters; then Lady Delamer (but I saw her not) then Mr Monteage & his partner about wine, then Cosens the barber to trimme me; then I went to the Sunne Taverne where was Biddolph, Lewes, Minshall, brother Peter, Abraham Dashwood. Mainwaring, Morgan, (one Paine, Mr Lewes acquaintance) & Barroby came to me; Minshall & Barroby went away betimes; we all parted before 11; went home.

29. Wednesday. went to Lord Clarendon; then walked in the Parke; met Mr Thomas Howard. he saluted me kindly; then went to Lady Wood; saw her & Mrs Clara; then by water to the Temple; called on Mr Levely to get his order for writings in Cooks & Dod's hands; he sent his clarke after me with a printed paper of the case. betwixt him & Booth; I spoke with Mr Humfreys man; came home to dinner; after dinner the farryer came about the horse; then an attorney from the Middle Temple about money Roger owes; then Captaine Langley about the transport of seamen & soldyers &c; I went in the evening to visit Alderman Mainwairng at his lodgings & met Sir Robert Cotton there; Mainwaring was abroad; thence I went to Humfreys then to Duncombe; stayd awhile; went home.

30. Thursday, Alderman Mainwaring came to me, then yong Bende about Roger's debt to his father; I dined at home; went about 4 to Alderman Jeffreys then to Duncombe (he was abroad) then to the R: Coffee house; Saladine came to me; then to Sir Robert Claytons; he was out of towne; then home; Sir Michael Biddolph & I called at Mr Martyns; then to the Swan, Fish Streete; there came to us, Williamson, Turton, Baskervile, Lee & Stanley, cheesemongers, Kenrick, Barroby, Mainwaring, & Gerard; I left them about 11, came home.