Roger Whitley's Diary: May 1685

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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'Roger Whitley's Diary: May 1685', in Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711, ed. Michael Stevens, Honor Lewington( [s.l.], 2004), British History Online [accessed 21 July 2024].

'Roger Whitley's Diary: May 1685', in Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Edited by Michael Stevens, Honor Lewington( [s.l.], 2004), British History Online, accessed July 21, 2024,

"Roger Whitley's Diary: May 1685". Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Ed. Michael Stevens, Honor Lewington([s.l.], 2004), , British History Online. Web. 21 July 2024.

May 1685

85 May 1st Friday, I went to Lord Clarendon; then Lord Delamere; he was out of towne; then to Lady Wood, saw her & 2 daughters; then home &c there dined with us, Baskervile his wife, Mrs Parker, Barroby, Gerard, brother Peter, Mainwaring. Sir Michael Biddolph &c; after dinner came Minshall; they went away about 5; about 7 I went to the Bull Head in New Streete; where was St Thomas Gold, Oneby, Crosse & Chandler; then came Biddolph, Minshall, Barroby & Baskervile; we parted past 10; went home.

[fo. 31v]

2. Satorday, I was trimmed by Cosens; Captaine Stroude's man came for answer to a letter about money Roger owes him; Mr Foche came about Mrs Marbery's businesse; I dined at home, went in the evening to Humfreys; then to Kent; he was abroad, spoke with his wife; then to Jones; they told me Captaine Stroude hath sent to enquire for me; I sent him word I was there; he came with a stranger with him (Dr Stapleton); after them came 2 more strangers (he called them Seymour & Robinson, as I remember) we stayd till past 10; we had 5 or 6 quarts of wine; the doctor & I went away in my coach; I put him downe at the end of Arondell Streete; we left the other 3 gentlemen behinde us drinkng.

3. Sonday, went twice to church, dined at home; after evening sermon Baskervile came in with me & Saladine; after them the lecturer; we had a bottle of meade; past 5 I went with my daughters to Mrs Toveys then to Lady Wood; stayd an houer with her & family (2 daughters & Langton) then home; about the end of supper Alderman Mainwaring came; stayed till past 10.

4. Monday, I went to Lord Clarendon then to Auditor Done then to Humfreys then to Mr Ward; stayd with him neare 2 houers; then home to dinner; at 4 went to Auditor Phillips, there was Done, Froude. Bernard,. Graham, Ward & Humfreys; stayd till past 7; then to speake with Sir Edward Wood at Somerset House gate, he came into the coach to me; stayd not; then I went home; found Mr Mainwaring & Sir Michael there; then came Alderman Mainwaring & Hollinshed; they supt with us; parted past 10.

5. Tuesday, went to Lord Clarendon,. he was abroad, then to Kent; spoke with his wife; then to Mr Bruen to visit him; stayd 1/4 houer; then to Duncombe to Guildhall; went with him to the Excise Office; discoursed my businesse; left him there; went to the Sunne; there was Mr Mainwaring. G. Mainwaring, Biddolph, Mottershed & Geratt; parted at one; dined at home; Minshall with us; Mr Robert Lloyd came to me in the after noone; about 6 I went to Kent, he was abroad; his partner came to the coach to me; I went then to Jones; there was Sir Edward Wood & one Jefferys; dranke 3 glasses of wine; past 6 went to Lord Clarendon; met him in the passage went thence to the Bull Head, Wood Streete; there was the 2 Mainwarings, BaskervIle, Minshall, Crosse & 2 strangers; then came in Ben Gerard; we parted at 10; came home.

6. Wednesday, Cosens trimmed me; past 10 I went to Lord Clarendon; the Bishop of St Asaph came into the roome; I saluted him & left them; went to Lady Wood; saw her & her 2 daughters; found both Mainwarings there; they all left me; I went to Kents; stayd with him 1/2 houer then home; Mr Lee dined with us; I went out about 6; called on Waring about Roger's businesse; then to Lord Maxfeild, stayd with him neare an houer; then to the Bishop of St Asaph's lodgings; he was abroad; left my name with his landlord; then to the Sunne Taverne where was 2 Mainwaring, Biddolph, Lee, Mr Heron & Blackwell, marchants, (both strangers to me) & Stanley; then came Sir William Gulson; stayd an houer, & left us; we supt & parted about 12.

7. Thursday, dined at home, Lord Maxfeild, Lady Wood & daughter with us; also Minshall &c; after dinner came G. Mainwaring; he, Mr Mainwaring & I went to Duncomb; drank 2 bottles of wine with him; I went thence to Auditor Philips; there was Done, Froude, Graham, Bernard, Ward & Humfreys; there was disputes betwixt Froude, Graham & my selfe; they were very high injurious & threatening. but Patience. - Auditor Philips declared I was a man of great patience; Ward, Humfreys & I left them; I went to Mr Blackwells lodging in Abchurch lane; supt there; there was Biddolph both the Mainwarings, Minshall & Heron; parted neare 12.

8 Friday, went to Lord Clarendon, he was abroad; went to Kent, spake with him & his brother; dined at home; there was 2 Mainwarings, Biddolph, Dr Bernard, Heron, Minshall, Lee & Bruen; after dinner came Stanley & Barroby; I went again to Clarendon, he was out; then to Humfreys then to the Sunne Taverne; there was Geratt, Bruen, Lee, Minshall, 2 Mainwarings, Biddolph & Barroby; we parted past 11.

9. Satorday, I went to Auditor Philips, discoursed awhile of my businesse; dined at home; went in the evening to Lord Clarendon; then to Mr Heron's in Pye lane; there was him, his brother & cosen (a minister unknowne to me), 2 Mainwarings, Biddolph, Barroby, Lee, Minshall there; parted past 11.

[fo. 32r]

10. Sonday went twice to church, dined at home; in the evening came Alderman Mainwaring then Humfreys then Warberton; supt on cold meate together; Humfreys went away at 10, the rest stayed till 11.

11. Monday, I went to Auditor Philips then to Done; went with him to the Rainbow coffee house; drank a dish of tey, left him; called on Humfreys; he was abroad; dined at home; after dinner came Mr Mainwaring of the Guards about Mr Pierpointe; stayd an hour; Sir Edward Wood came after him; his Lady and daughter; stayed not long; there came 2 Mrs. Hicks to visit my daughters; I spoke with and drank with them but no discourse; I went to Humfreys; walked a while with Mr Keck under the trees in the upper court; there was a man (who before was talking with Fitton) came after us and moved as we did as if he had a minde to have heard our discourse; when he perceived I took notice of him he left us; I went to Philip's to let him know I would be with him on Wednesday morning; then to Sir Thomas Clargys; then to Bishop of St. Asaph; he was abroad; then to Ben Gerards to visit G. Mainwwaring; they were both abroad; then to the Bull Head, Wood Streete; there was Venables and his chaplaine; 2 Mainwarings, Biddolph, Jack Wright and Baskervile; then came Ben Gerard and Crosse; Venables went first; we all parted about 11.

12. Tuesday, dined at home; after dinner Mr Lloyd came; stayed till 3; about 6 Mr Pickering came; stayed till past 7; past 8 Mr Humfreys came; went to Chief Justice; he could not be spoke with; he supt with us, went away about 10.

13. Wednesday, I went to Auditor Philips then to Lord. Clarendon; spoke with Done in the streete; he promised to meete at Philips house on Friday morning; I went to Cosens; I was trimmed in his shop; there were several of his customers in the shop; I met Saladine at the door; walked with him awhile in the passage; went to East Indya House; spoke with Mr Page; went home; Prole came to me about my sonne and Jack Whitley; I dined at home; in the afternoone came young Kent to discourse about Roger; after him Mr Littleton; I left him with Biddolph; I went downe about 8 to Lord Clarendon; he appointed to come tomorrow; I called at Jones; drank a glasse of wine with Sir John Hanmer; came home.

14. Thursday, went to Clarendon at 9, called on Kent and Mrs. Tovey; they were both abroad; discoursed awhile with Colonel Darcy at Lord Clarendons; saw and spake with Sir Edward Wood in the streete by the Horse Guards; called on Duncombe and Mrs. Winstanley; they were both abroad, came home found Mathews (a poore shop seller) there; he begd some releife; gave him (by S. Hussey) 20 shillgs; there was Gleg and Mr Lee with Mainwaring in the parlor; I drank a glasse of meade with them; they went away; I dined at home, Minshall with us; at 3 went to Lord Clarendon, he was abroad; stayd at Jones an houer till Clarendon came in; I went thence to Kents; spoke with him and his wife; then to Humphrey's, stayd till 7; then to Sir Robert Clayton; found Keck and Mr Clayton; then came Sir Robert; discoursed awhile, then went home; there supt with us cosen Humphrey's wife; she went away past 10..

15. Friday, went to Auditor Philip's; there was Done; we stayd together till neare 12, I went to Clarendon; he was abroad; I spoke with his servant Roe then came home to dinner; in the morning Dr. Shalford came to me about giving me a certificate that I received the Sacrament; dined at home, brother Peter with us (Sir Robert Cotton, lady & daughter came interl); went in the evening to Humphrey's then to Duncombe, then to Sir Robert Clayton; they were both abroad; spoke with Keck and Clayton; went to the Bull Head; there was Biddolph, Mainwaring, Baskervile; and Oneby; parted past 10.

16. Satorday, went to Clarendon, he was abroad; then to Clargys; stayd awhile with him, then to Lord Maxfeild, then home to dinner; after dinner came Humfreys; we went to Lord. Cheife Justice; then home; there came Minshall then Barker of Namptwich; (Dr. Louer came to my daughters; stayd 1/2 houer interl); I went in the evening to Clargys, then home; there found my sonne and Lewes; they supped with us; went away at about 11; was trimmed by next barber.

17. Sonday, went twice to church; Lee, my sonne & Minshall dined with us; went not abroad that day; Minshall came to us past 9; after him my sonne; they went away past 10.

18. Monday, went to Lord Clarendon; he was abroad; then to Clargys, stayd awhile with him; then to Lord Maxfeild; spoke with Mr Thomson there; then home; dined at home; Minshall, Lewes, Mainwaring, Biddolph & sonne with us, after dinner came Lady Wood & daughter; stayd till about 4; Morgan coach maker came about one to speake about Rogers debt; I went at 4 with Mainwaring & sonne to meete Captain Mainwaring at the 3 Tunns by Grays Inne gate, went thence to [fo. 32v] Sergeant Bigland's chamber about Mr Pierpointe; thence agen to the 3 Tunns; there was Biddolph, my sonne, Minshall & 2 Mainwarings; we parted at 6; I went to visit Mr Williams; there was Lord Brandon & Thomson; I then went to visit Sir Thomas Meares; Mr Dolbyn was with him; stayd about 1.2 houer; Dolbyn went in my coach to Smithfield; I went thence to the Sunne; stayd not; went to Duncombe; stayd 1/2 houer; then to the Sunne agen; there was Brandon, Thomson, Biddolph, Mainwaring, my sonne & Minshall; after came in Lewes & then Mr Payne (a marchent) I left them past 10; came home.

19, Tuesday, I went to Lord Clarendon then to Clarges then to Kent then to Sir Robert Clayton's; he was abroad; spoke with Keck & Clayton; then to Mr Winstanley's; spoke with Kirk about Sir Thomas Player's coming to towne; then home; dined at home; went at 6 to Lord Clarendon, he was at dinner, went to Sir Edward Wood; stayd with him & Lady neare an houer; then to Mr Gerard; Adams was with him; he gave us 2 bottles of syder; then home; there was Sir Thomas Bellot; he supt with us; parted 11.

20. Wednesday, went to Lord Clarendon, he appointed to come agen tomorrow; met Mr Lloyd on Fleet Streete; spoke to him about the affidavit; came home; gave a yong man a note on Jones to pay G. Mainwarings bill to Hagshaw; about 11 I went with Sir Michael Biddolph & Mr Taylor to Mt Gerards to see Dr Oates whipt there was Dunvile, Dr Ashton & many others; soe we went over the way with Mr Adams; there was also much company; all strangers to me; as also the man of the house; I dined at home; Sir Thomas Bellot with us; in the afternoone Kent came also Mr Jones; they stayd but awhile; I went to Mrs Winstanley; she was abroad; spoke with Mr Kendall & her neice at the doore; also with Kirk about Player; called on Baroby; went to the 3 Tunns; there was Biddolph, Mainwaring, Bellot & Lee; then came in Oneby, Baroby, Brandon & Charleton; the 2 last stayd 1/2 houer; went away, & Mainwaring with them; I left them about 10; went home to bed.

21, Thursday, went to Clarendon; met Colonel Merden at his doore; we saluted one another; called on Sir Edward Wood; saw him, lady & daughter; stayd but awhile; saw Mr Mostyn at his doore in Milk Streete; he would have had me come in but could not stay; spoke with Baskervile at his doore; came home; Brandon, Fitton, Thomson, Charleton & Bellot dined with us; I left them; there came Mr Bougwy & 3 more about Egertons statute; also Saladine; I went past 3 to Lord Clarendon; then to Mr Jones; stayd there & slept; then went to Sir Paul Neale, Sir Edward Sutton, Conyers & Darcy; parted past 8; went home with Sir Paul; supt with him; there was his Lady, Mrs St Leger, another gentlewoman & Shephard; left them past 10; went home.

22. Friday, went to Lord Clarendon; discoursed my businessse with him; appointed in the afternoone to goe to the Lord Treasurer; came home before 9; spoke with Oneby & Mr Chandler in the Streete &c; Mr Adams & Taylor & Lewes dined with us; I left them, went to Clarendon before 3, sate awhile in the Privy garden; retorned past 4; I went at 7 againe to Clarendon; walked with him 1/2 houer in the Privy Garden; then went with him to Lord Treasurer; discoursed him awhile about my businesse; went with Lord Clarendon to his doore; called on Gerard to enquire for Taylor; he was gone; Adams & Gerard were in the shop; I went to the Bull Head; there was Mainwaring,Bellot, my sonne, Lewes, Baroby & Paine; we parted past 10.

23. Satorday, Captaine Mainwaring came to me about Mr Pierpoints businesse; stayd not long; Sir Thomas Bellot dined with us & my sonne; after them came Mr Pickering; we dranke a bottle of wine after dinner; they parted before 4; about 5 Lady Wood & daughter came & Mr Martyn, they stayd but awhile; Cosens trimmed me; I went to Done; walked with him 1/2 houer in Lincolnes Inne fields discoursing my businesse; went to Ward & Humfreys & then to the Kings Armes in Cat Eaten Streete; there was Biddolph, Mainwaring, Lee, Baroby; then came Baskervile then the Common Serjeant & 2 others; strangers to me; Baroby, Lee & another left us; the rest stayd till past 12 24. Sonday, went twice to church; Lee & Minshall dined with us; went in the evening to Lord Maxfields; saw Lady Gerard, Mrs Fairefax & Brandon; called on Kent; discoursed him awhile at his doore about Roger; my daughters were at Lady Woods; they came to the coach to me in Scotland Yard; went home; Sir Thomas Bellot supt with us; we parted before 11.

[fo. 33r]

25. Monday, Mr Davyes came desire me to speake agen to Lord Maxfeild & Mosse the farryer about my horse; Bellot came to Mr Mainwaring & went out together; a yong man came to speak about Mrs Penny' s debenter for clothes &c; my Lady Player sent for me, I went at 1; stayd with her & Mrs Winstanley ½ houer; there came in a gentleman (I think his name is Serjeant) stayd a while & went with Lady Player into the next roome; I left them, dined at home, Biddolph, Mainwaring my sonne, Minshall & Rawlins with us; after dinner came Oneby, took pipe & parted; then came Fowler & a man with him, about the coach;. in the evening came Mrs Lewes & one Cole (a stranger to me) with him; stayd neare an houer; I was at home all night, 26. Tuesday, yong Fowler & another man came to mend the coach; Kirk came with a message from Lady Player; dined at home; about 4 Mr Kent came, stayd almost an houer & a messenger with a letter from Mr Guy; I went to the funerall of Mr Glyn; sate by Mr Currans; discoursed with him, Sir John Wynne & Mr Buckley; went to Mr Attorney (with Humfreys) about drawing up an order; then home.

27. Wednesday, a man came to me from Mrs Winstanley to desire me come to speake with her; Cosens trimmed me; I went to Mrs Winstanley; there was a gentlewoman with her that desired the letters from Mrs Clare; she sayd she was her ant; she wept, sayd she would write for her to returne to England; I left them, came home, found Sir Robert Cotton, his Lady & daughter in theire coach at the doore; Sir Robert, Sir Thomas Bellot, Minshall, Lewes, my sonne, Biddolph & Mainwaring dined with us; after dinner came Lady Cotton & daughter; I brought them to theire coach; Lady Delamer came to my daughter; I saw her not; Mr Taylor of Chester came & stayed awhile; I went about 7 to Humfreys, met him (with Grosvenor) at the Attorney Generall; I went thence to Mr Guy's & Lord Treasurer; they were abroad; I called on Done's; he was abroad; went to the Bull Head, Wood Streete; there was Biddolph, Bellot, Minshall & Mainwaring (one Wilson came in but stayd not); we parted past 12.

28. Thursday, I went to Lord Treasurer, he was abroad, soe was Guy; I walked awhile with Duncombe in the Privy garden; Sir Edward Wood came to me but stayd not long. I went to dine with the churchwardens & neighbors at Brewer's Hall; retorned (with Baskervile) about 5; met Lord Brandons servant & Compton at the gate; he came about money Roger owes Lady Gerard; not long after Baskervile came with yong Mr Griffith, then came Baroby; the 2 first went away then came Lewes, sonne & Minshall; dranck a bottle of wine; I went to Guy & Lord Treasurer; they were abroad; I walked awhile with Mitton in the Privy Garden; I called at Dones, he was abroad; went home..

29. Friday, I went to Guy, then to Lord Treasurer then to Clarges then to Done; he was abroad, I received the disbanding accounts from his clark; then to the Attorney General; then to my sonnes; there was Minshall & Lewes; I discoursed ½ houer with Lewes & my sonne about bringing in security; I went to Kingdom then to Williams; discoursed them about bringing in my disbanding accounts to the Parlement; I met Mr Garroway in Chancery Lane; discoursed him about my businesse in the House; went with him to Sacheverell's lodgings; he was abroad; I went home to dinner; about 5 Sir Edward Wood came to me, tooke a pipe; went away about 6; I went about 7 to Humfreys, with him & my sonne to Mr Attorney then to the Castle Taverne; there was Bellot. Mainwaring my sonne, Minshall, Lewes, one Mr Serjeant (a stranger to me) & Morgan Whitley; we parted about 11.

30. Satorday, I met at my doore one from Mrs Russell about money Roger owe him; went to the Lobby at the House of Commons doore; there came Player also Auditor Done; one Hancock who belongs to the Speaker (as he sayd) sate by me & discoursed with me. Player & I were called into the House about the disbanding accounts; we were orderd to attend agen on Monday; I went into the Coffe house after Player; also walked awhile in the Court of Requests & in the Hall; met & discoursed with many acqaintances brought my accounts back to Auditor Done's clark; came home to dinner; at the end of dinner came Bellot, Mainwaring, my sonne & Lewes; they dined & stayd till neare 4; after they went came one Gibbons & another (both strangers to me); Gibbons & I sate apart in a corner of the dining roome at a distance from the other; Gibbons sayd his businesse was about Mrs Randle his kinswoman; how to get her from my sonne at Roterdam; his discourse tended that I should be at charge to bring her over & give her some maintenance her friends having forsaken her but I waved all promises; onely said that if they would write to her that her friends would take of her &c. if she would returne thence it was likely it might prevaile with her to leave my sonne & if that were soe [fo. 33v] 30. I would be willing to meete him Mrs Winsr, her ant, Sir Thomas Player or some other friends to advise what course were best take to keep them asonder for the future & would be content to doe something to accommodate matters (in reason), that if she were with child (as is reported) it were fit the child should be taken care of but would not engage my selfe by any promise onely that I would meete & discourse her friends what was fit to be done; I mention this more particularly to help my memory, being of opinion that Mr Gibbons had a designe to get some promise of money from me & that his friend was to witnesse it; they stayd not 1/4 of an houer & seemed not satisfied with my holding off; I went to Humfreys; walked awhile with brother Peter & Mr Lloyd in the Temple Garden; met Morgan Whitley at our coming out; went to Done; stayd with him till past 10; went home.

31. Sonday, went twice to church, dined at home; after evening sermon Baskervile, Mostyn & Chambers came in & drank a bottle of wine; I went to Williams in Grays Inne; there was Maxfeild & Brandon; I met Mr Ashurst in the court & Mr Serjeant but stayd not with them; I went to the Bull Head, Wood Streete; there was Biddolph. Bellot, Mainwaring my sonne, Lewes, Lee & a stranger; I parted past 10.