Roger Whitley's Diary: June 1685

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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June 1685

1st Monday, went to attend the House of Commons with Sir Thomas Player about disbanding accounts; was not called in; the businesse comitted to meete at 3 in the afternoone; I saw & spoke with severall acquaintance in the Lobby & Court of Requests; called on Humfreys; dined at home; went in the afternoone to the Committee; spoke with severall members there & in the Speakers chamber, besides, Sir Thomas Player, Corbyn, Bridges &c; went afterwards to the Romer with Player, Corbyn, Lewes, Mr Babington & Sir He Beaumont; thence to Humfreys, then to the Attorney General; aftertwards to the Attorney's house, then home.

2 Tuesday, went to the Court of Exchequer then walked awhile in the Hall; discoursed with Hardon & Lee about members letters, disbanding accounts &c; after with Boscomen, Hall, Huband &c. then came home; dined, Mrs Tovey with us; went at 3 to Westminster, the Comittee was ajourned; discoursed a while with Kingdon & with Player in the Court of Requests; went with him & Corbyn to the Bacchus, stayd about an houer, examining the Clothyers accounts; met Done by the way, discoursed awhile with him in the Palace yard;. called on my daughter at Lady Woods; went to the Kings Armes neare Guildhall; there was Biddolph, my sonne & Baroby; he stayd not; then came Mr Crispe, his brother, another gentleman & one Emery or Everard (the 3 last strangers to me) we parted past 12.

3 Wednesday, I dined at home, Sir John Conway, Sir William Neale, Minshall, Biddolph, Mainwaring with us; in the afternoone I went to the Committee; after that met Lord Weynouth & Duncombe in the Hall; then to the Dog Taverne there was Done, Egerton, Jones, Chiffins & another; I drank 4 glasses of wine; then came the clarke with the order which Done signed & I left them; went to Humfreys; then to Sir Robert Clayton; spoke with his brother; soe home.

4. Thursday, Mrs Russell & her sonne came about Rogers money; I told them I would consider but not promise payment (Houseman & Hussey were by) Mr Kent came about his money; I went with Mr Mainwaring to visit Mr Bruen; then to Kingdon; soe home to dinner; stayd at home all afternoone, Jones with me examining disbanding accounts; Sir Edward Wood called but stayd not; late at night came Bellot, Lewes, Baroby, Minshall, Lee, my sonne &c. stayd till 12.

5. Friday, Corbyn came home from Sir Thomas Player; I went to Sir Thomas Player; spoke with him & Mrs Winstanley; dined at home; went to the Committee; before 8 came to Humfreys, with him to the Attorney General, thence to Sir Robert Clayton, spoke with him & his brother about the money, then home; after supper Humfreys came, went with me to Lord Cheife Justice's; dranck a bottle of wine; stayd till past 11.

6. Satorday, Mr Barcroft came to shew me a letter from Sir G.G. about disbanding accounts; I dined at home, Bellot, Minshall, Lewes, sonne &c. with us; after dinner came Lord Maxfeild, Fitton & Thomson; after them Dr Tims & Baroby, then Mainwaring went to Auditor Dones there was his brother & Sir Philip Egerton, we had severall bottles of wine; parted neare 11.

[fo. 34r]

7. Sonday, went twice to church; dined at home; after evening sermon Bellot &c. came in with us; about 7 a clock they came againe, supt with us with Baroby &c. we parted about 11.

8. Monday, I went to Auditor Done's; dined at home; before I went in the morning Mr Leveson, Gore & Sir Bellot came, drank a glasse of meade, went away with Mr Mainwaring; there was also one Wilson (a stranger to me) came to see Mr Mainwaring; in the afternoone came Mr Shakerly also Mr Kents partner who had a bill from Kent, had 10 s in part; I went about 6 to meete Major Done at the 3 Cups; there was he, his brother; Bellot & Mainwaring we parted about 9. came to the Bull Head, there was Bellot, Mainwaring, Minshall & Baroby; we parted before 11.

9. Tuesday, Mr Jones came about the accounts; I went to Humfreys, Ward & Williams to get some guineys; dined at home; Sir Robert Cotton & his sonne with us; met Minshall in Grays Inne court, talked awhile with him about Rogers debts & Mr Neale; went in the evening to Lord Clarendon; then home; Boroby & Gerard came & supt with us, then Bellot, Lewes & my sonne; parted past 11.

10. Wednesday, Mr Jones came about accounts; & a man with a bill drawne on me by Roger; dined at home; went to the Committe; in the evening Baroby & Mr Crispe came to us; supt with us; there was my sonne, Minshall & Lewes, at last Mainwaring came; we parted past 11.

11. Thursday, I went to the Crowne in Bloomsbury, there was Player, Birch & a great many Clothyers; also Bridges & Kingdon (awhile) dined at home; Major Done, his sonne, Bellot, Lewes, my sonne &c; with us; in the afternoone came Sir Guilliams & his lady; then Sir G.G. his sonne & sonne in law; dranke a bottle of wine, then I went to the Bull head to take leave with Baskervile; there was Bellot, Mainwaring, Baskervile, Crosse & 3 or 4 more, all strangers; I left most of them there; came home about 11.

(12. Friday, Humfreys came to me, then Mr Wilson, he sayd he would goe homewards on Monday if Lord Darbys businesse did not come on. I went to the Crowne in Bloomsbury; there was Sir G.G., Birch, Bridges & some Clothyers; they talked that Monmouth was landed in the west; I went to Whitehall met Captaine W?(entry cancelled).

12. Friday, I went to the Crowne in Bloomsbury; there was Sir G.G., Birch, Bridges & severall Clothyers; we dined there then went with Sir G.G. to the Committee; it was ajourned; met Sir Robert Cotton, Mainwaring, Lewes, Mr Parkhurst &c in the Court of Requests; went back with Sir G. to the Crowne, Birch & the clothyers; then went to the Cyder House by Kings Gate; there was Auditor Done (who sent for me), his brother, Sir Philip, Lord Buekley, Sir Hugh Owen; Mr Hawtrey, Kt of Middlesex & one more a stranger; I left them, went home at 9.

13. Satorday, Humfreys came to see me, then Mr Wilson; I went to the Crowne; there was Sir G.G., Birch, Bridge & some clothyers; they talked that Monmouth was landed; I met Captaine Winde at Whitehall, he spoke to me about his debenter; I went to Coling, to speake with Lord Arlington; called at Kents, saw his partner; went home, dined; my sonne came to us, after him, Lewes; in the evening came Mr Cokayne; I went to Cosens, was trimmed at his shop; I went with Saladine & Jones to the Sunne; drank 2 pintes of wine with them; then went behinde the bar to my sonne & Lewes; drank a bottle of wine; met Val Duncombe as he came out; onely bad him good night; went home, sonne & Lewes with me.

14. Sonday, went twice to church, dined at home; Minshall came, he stayd not; went in the evening (with Mainwaring) to Lord Maxwell; I went up to him; left Mainwaring below with Brandon,& Thomson, brought Brandon to Petes coffe house; went with Mainwaring & Thomson to Jones; drank 3 pintes of wine; put Thomson downe in Drury Lane; came home; there was Humfreys, his wife, Bellot, Lewes, my sonne &c; they supt with us; Humfreys & his wife went away about 10. The rest about 11.

15. Monday, Player sent Kirke to me to meete him, Birch &c. at dinner at the Crowne but I went not; dined at home; went in the afternoone to the Committte; thence to the Bacchus; Sir G.G., Player, Birch, Corbyn & Mr Swinborne with us; Kingdon & Done came to us; stayd awhile; I brought Sir G.G. & Swinborne (in my coach) to Sir Gilberts lodgings; went home; Lewes came, stayd not.

16. Tuesday morning went to Bishop of St Asaph; then to Westminster about disbanding accounts; dined at home, retorned thither in the afternoone, examined Sir Players papers for my orders & vouchers; went back [fo. 34v] Begins with copy of text from f.33r May 30 1685 (I would be willing to meete him……….. satisfied with my holding off (cancelled) 16. about 7, Mr Jones with me; I went to Alderman Jeffreys; he was abroad; spoke to his servant; called on Saladine, walked awhile with him; went home.

17. Wednesday, went with Jones to Westminster about our accounts; walked awhile in the Court of Requests; dined at home, Mr Cokaine, the cheese factor with us; went back to the Committee; there was Sir H: Goodrick & Kingdon, with me & Jones there they examined my accounts; Sir Anthony Deane stood by awhile & Mr Ewers; I called on Sir G.G. at the next house but stayd not; went to Cosens to be trimmed, he was abroad; met Mr Jones there; went to the Swan; Gardiner came to us, had a bottle of wine; Jones stayd not; we parted about 10.

18. Thursday, the next barber trimmed me; I dined at home, Lady Wood, Bellot, Minshall, sonne & Mainwaring with us; after dinner came Lewes & Sir Edward Wood; they parted betwixt 5 & 6; I went to the Committee, there was Player, Sir G.G. & some clarks; I retorned about 8, met Dorisla & another on the Exchange; stayd not with them; went to Cosens to look for Mr Jones; went home, Mr Jones came to me about Cornewalls accounts.

19. Friday, Mr Jobber came to me about Rogers money & Mr Oneby about the house; I went to Westminster about my accounts; dined with G.G., Player. Birch, Pigeon, Corbyn, Mr Gerard, Bancroft, Swinborne, Corbyn, 2 or 3 more (at Heaven) stayd above with the clarks till 6; spoke with Captaine Cornewall about his accounts; but he would not goe to clarks & members of the Committe to examine or rectify them; met Sir Edward Wood, went with him to Jones; there was Maxwell & Mathews; then came in Watkins & Duppa; I left them at 9; Maxwell went away with me; I left him at Somerset Gate; went home.

20 Satorday, Mr Kent came to shew me a letter from Roger; Bellot, Lewes & my sonne dined with us; after dinner came Mr Tovey, drank a glasse of wine; they all went before 5. I went to Westminster about accounts; gave Mr Pigeons 2 papers to annexe to my accounts; he went with me in my coach, to Temple; I went to Humfreys; then home.

21. Sonday, twice at church; dined at home; Mr Price came to me to desire me be at the next vestry about his concernes; at night Bellot, Lewes, Minshall, Lee, Morgan & my sonne supt with us; parted about 10; Mr Jones came but stayd not.

22. Monday, Jones came in the morning about accounts; Mrs Tovey dined with us; I called at Sir Robert Claytons; saw Keck; went to Westminster; there was Player, Ewers, Pigeon, Corbyn &c; I went to the Speakers chamber; spoke with Gulston, clarke &c; went then to Lord Maxfeild; he was at his doore, a minister (stranger to me) with him; went in to the parlor to reade the Gazette; went to see his horses; Sackvile called at the doore; I left them; went to Claytons; dispatched my business with Keck; went to Coffee House; saw Saladine there; came home.

23. Tuesday, dined at home; went in the evening to Westminster, met Pigeon & discoursed him by the way; walked awhile in the Hall with Kingdon & Sir John Louther; went to Lady Wood, there was Mrs Nurse; stayd awhile with them; went to Humfreys; then to the Bull Head, Wood Streete; there was, Oneby, Crosse, & one Goodfellow (a stranger) then came Dr Tymms; then another stranger; Goodfellow went first; we stayd till past 11, made a new bargaine for my house.

24. Wednesday, I went to Westminster; spoke with Sir Thomas Player, Sir G.G. & Birch & Pigeon; retorned before one; dined at Pontack's with Bellot, Lewes, Minshall, Mainwaring, my sonne & daughters; went againe to Westminster; the Committee were gone; Crosse spoke to me about Mr ? Shones money, Roger owes him; I met Sam Fanshaw in Court (of) Request but no discourse; onely complements; I went back with Mainwaring to the Mairmade in Colnehill; there was Lewes, one Mr Williams & 2 other. all strangers to me; then came Bellot & my sonne; we parted about 11, came home..

[fo. 35r]

25. Thursday, I went to Westminster about my accounts; dined at the Bacchus with Sir G.G., Player, Birch, Corbyn & 3 or 4 other clarks, theire names I know not; went to the Committee againe; discoursed with severall Members of Parlement & others in the Court of Requests &c; both before noone & after went with Player, Sir G.G., Captaine Clifford, Jones, Corbyn & another (I know not his name) to the Bacchus againe; drank 2 bottles of wine; Sir G. went in my coach, I called on Lord Clarendon, then brought Sir G. home, soe home my selfe.

26. Friday, I went to Westminster; dined at the Bacchus with Sir G.G., Birch, Lord Faulkland, Done, his brother, Euens & Davenant; after dinner came Player; the clarks dined below; went againe to the Committee; wayted in the Court of Requests & Speaker's chamber; talked awhile with Boscowen & some Members; went away about 8; called at Cosen's shop; spoke with Saladine & with Gulson at Garoways; called at 3 Tunns; there was Oneby, Page, Jones & Crosse; parted about 11.

27. Satorday, Cosens trimmed me; I went Westminster; dined at home, Bellot & sonne with us; after dinner Mr Beddisford came; stayd not long. I went againe to Westminster; walked awhile with Mr Philips in the Court of Requests; spoke with Brandon in the Hall; Philips went with me in my coach to the new Exchange; I called at the Miter; there was Wood, Rogers & Maxfeild; drank one bottle with them; went home;.

28. Sonday, went twice to church; dined at home; Minshall with us; in the evening went to visit Lady Bellot; there was Sir Thomas, Minshall, Kent, Mainwaring, my daughters, the master & mistress of the house &c; Jones came thither to speake with me; afterwards I went with Mainwaring to the Fountayne; Wood came to us; we dank one flaske; went home with my daughters; there was my sonne, Minshall & Lee & Morgan; they supt & parted past 10.

29. Monday, went to Westminster, retorned home to dinner; Lewes, sonne & cosen Brereton dined with us; Minshall came after dinner; they stayd not long, went to the 3 Tunns; I called on them drank one glasse & left them, went to Westminster; discoursed with severall members & Birch & G.G. about our disbanding accounts; I went thence to visit Mr Thelwall & his nephew Williams; thence to Humfreys; then to Alderman Jeffreys; he was abroad; then to Cosens; saw Saladine; went to the Sunne; there was Sir G. G., his sonne, Mr Cook; then came Mainwaring & my sonne; Jones came but stayd not; we parted past 10.

30. Tuesday, a man came to me from a widdow about Egerton's statute; I went to Westminster about disbanding businesse; dined at Grays Inne with Minshall; there was Lady Bellot, my daughters, Sir Thomas Bellot, Lewes, Mainwaring, Lee, my sonne, Morgan &c; the gentleman that owned the chamber came to us; dranck a glasse of wine but stayd not; we all parted about 5; I went to Westminster, talked awhile with Duncombe; called on Kent; stayd an 1/2 houer; discoursed about the money Strowde demands; called on Humfreys, met him by the way; went home; Minshall & sonne supt with us; they parted about 10.