Roger Whitley's Diary: July 1685

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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. "Roger Whitley's Diary: July 1685", Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711, ([s.l.], 2004). . British History Online. Web. 20 June 2024,

July 1685

1st Wednesday, Cosens trimmed me; Bellot came & played chesse with Mainwaring I went to Westminster, dined at home, Bellot with us; & Minshall, my sonne &c; they went away about 4 or 5; I went in the morning to the Globe in Hatton Buildings; there was Waring, the Under Sheriffe, Minshall & my sonne; we parted about 9; came home; there was Bellot & Morgan parted at 10.

2. Thursday, went to Westminster; walked awhile in the Hall & in the Exchequer chamber with Lord Maxfeild; spoke with Humfreys in the court; was with Player, Sir G.G. & Birch, Corbyn &c at the Bacchus; dined at home; Bellot & his lady with us, also Brandon & Parkhurst; after dinner came Lewes; they stayd drinking till 7; then I went to the Kings Armes by Guildhall; there was Oneby, Jones the Scrivener (& his man sometimes) Tymms, Bellot, my sonne & Morgan; we parted past 10; about this tyme Mr Travers came to borrow money to bring him to Chester. I advised him to follow his friends or goe to his father in law (Bird) neare Ware; he sayd he had not money; I had Hussey lend him 20 shillings.

3 Friday, I went to Mr Dones, spoke with him & his brother; dined at home; Mr Thelwall, Williams & my sonne with me; after dinner came Bellot & Minshall; they all parted before 5; I went in the evening with my daughters to the picture drawers; then to Toveys; there was her sonne & daughter with them; thence I went to the Bull Head where was Bellot, Mainwaring my sonne, Minshall; then Mr Baskervile's man came to me with a letter from my sister Anne; stayd not long; we all parted before 11.

(35v July 1685) 4. Satorday, I went to Done's, he was out of towne; I spoke with his clark; dined at home; Minshall, my sonne with us; in the evening went to Garoway's coffee house; there was Sir Edward Wood, Sir Michael Wharton; Sir G.G. & his sonne Sam came in after us; Sir Edward Wood & I left them; we went to the Swan; Sir G: came to us, drank a glasse of wine & left us; then came Saladine; we soone parted; I brought Wood to the Fountaine in the Strand; drank a bottle of wine; parted past 9.

5. Sonday, went twice to church; dined at home; Minshall & Lee with us; in the evening I went to Woods; there was himselfe, Lady & Mrs Gaunt; he & I went to Jones; met Sir Harry Progers by the way; he went with us; there came to us, Mr Mainwaring my sonne & Sir Frances Clarke; we parted about 10; came home.

6. Monday, I dined at the Crowne in Bloomesbury; there was Player, Gerard, Birch, Corbyn, youth a friend of Birches & 2 clarks of Gerards; in the evening, Swinborne came to speake with Gerard; but stayd not; we parted past 7; I put Gerard downe at Grays Inne; came home.

7. Tuesday, Bellot came to Mainwaring they went out together; the upholsterer came about his goods; & Mrs Lydington (& woman with her) about Egertons money; I dined at home; Mr Littleton, his lady, 2 daughters & Mrs Vanham, Hylord, Bellot & Minshall & my sonne dined with us; after dinner, Dr Stratford came & his lady, stayd but awhile; then Lady Wood & Sir Edward then Sir Robert Cotton, then Mr Dashwood; they stayd not long; in the evenings Mainwaring & I went with Wood to the Fountaine; Rogers & Maxwell came to us; we parted before 9; called at the Shepheard in Cheapside; there was Bellot, Minshall & my sonne; we drank a bottle of wine; parted about 10, went home.

8. Wednesday, Cosens trimmed me; Bellot came to us; went out with Mainwaring; I went to Done's; he was abroad; I spoke with Pigeon; went to Jones, spoke with him in the court; dined at home, my sonne & Mainwaring with us; Bellot came after dinner, after him Lee; they went away about 5; I went to Humfreys & Gulston (about Egerton's statute) then to Alderman Jeffreys, spoke with his relacion; then home &c. Mr Mittton came to me, after him, Mr Key (Done's clarke) stayd but awhile.

9. Thursday, went to Lord Clarendons, he was abroad then to Kents; spoke with him; afterwards met his brother in the streete; discoursed him about Roger & his horse; called at Toveys then on Lady Bellot; took her & her daughter home in my coach; they dined with us; also Sir Thomas Lee & my sonne; after dinner came Lady Wood; I went about 5 to meete Sir Edward at the Shepheard coffee house; found him at the Taverne with Mainwaring, Bellot, my sonne & Lee, we parted about 7; I brought him to Scotland Yard gate in my coach; retorned home; Jones came to me about accounts.

10.. Friday, Pointz came to me about his goods; I went to Lord Clarendon, he was abroad; dined at home, my sonne, Minshall, cosen Evans, Abraham Dashwood with us; they went away before 5; went with daughters to take the ayre, called at Lady Woods, then on Mrs Tovey then home, Morgan came, stayd awhile.

11. Satorday, Mr Pointz came to fetch away some goods; I went to Lord Clarendon, he was abroad; Bellot & Mainwaring went with me to Jones (twice) & to Lord Maxfeilds; saw his Lordship: & Fitton; dined at home, my sonne with us; after dinner came Wood then Baroby, after him Oneby & Mitton; drank a bottle; they went away; Cosens trimmed me; Wood, my sonne & Baskervile went to Mr Griffiths lodgings in Norfolk Streete; Wood left us; we went up to visit the Lady; there was Mrs Morris & another with her, then came in Mr Barkley & Vaughan; we left them; went to Jones; there came Wood, Bellot, Mainwaring & Rogers; we parted past 10.

12. Sonday, went twice to church, dined at home; Gleg & Morgan came to see us; after sermon I went with daughters to Tovey, then to Sir G.G.; his sonne Sam was with him; they sent for a bottle of wine; my daughters called me there; I called at Dones, he was abroad; went home; my sonne & Morgan came after supper; went before 10.

13. Monday, went to Lord Clarendon; met Kent in the streete; he told me he saw one that left my sonne well in Holland; I called at Serjeant Trumpetter; to enquire how Lord Cheife Justice did; went thence to cosen Humfreys, then to my sonne, Minshall was with him; my sonne came home with me; Sir G.G. Bellot & his lady dined with us; in the evening Bellot & Mainwaring went with me to Jones; there was Morgan; we retorned, left Morgan at the Temple; went to the Bull Head; there was Neale, Minshall & one Heron; we parted about 11.

[fo. 36r]

14. Tuesday, dined at home; went in the evening to Lord Maxfeild, saw him & both his sons; stayd about ½ houer; in our returne met Minshall in Holborne; talked with him at the coach side about Mr Neale's businesse; called at the Bull Head; Bellot, Mainwaring & I stayd there till past 10..

15. Wednesday, Sir G.G. man came from his master to know how we all did; Bellot came to see us; but stayd not; Captaine Lloyd of Edgeworth dined with us & my sonne; they went about 3 o'clock; Cosens trimmed me in the morning; in the evening I went with my daughters to take the ayre; called at Tovey's; came home before 9.

16. Thursday, went to Done's, he was abroad; spoke with Pigeon; went to Bishop of St Asaph, Mrs Mathews of Montgomeryshire was with him; stayd but awhile; went to Humfreys, Alderman Jefferys & Page & to the East India House & Virginia coffee house; could finde none of them; a man came to me from Abney about Roger's debt; dined at home, my sonne, Sir G.G. with us; in the evening I went with my daughters to Mrs Harrisons about an Indyan gowne; then to Mr Smiths shop neare the Temple; left them there; I went to Humfreys; met Morgan there; he went with me to the coach; I went to the Sunne Taverne in Holborne; there was Mainwaring, Minshall, my sonne, Sir G.G. & his eldest sonne; we parted before 10.

17. Friday, dined at home; in the evening went to Mr Pages; he was abroad; then to Nokes; found my sonne there; then to the Sunne; there was Bellot, Mainwaring, Abraham Dashwood, Lee, Heron & Nokes; stayd about an houer, then to Humfreys; then to Towers with Bellot & Mainwaring; Brandon & Charleton came to us; Brandon gave account of what he heard in the coffee house of the late fight & defeate of the rebells; I spoke to him about Roger; to get him into the Prince's service; Humfreys came to us; wee parted past 10; went home, &c in the morning Jack Whitley brought me some cloth.

!8. Satorday, Hilman came to me about making my clothes; Sir G.G. about his sonnes businesse & to enquire about Martin's money in the East Indya House; went to Alderman Jefferys & Page, both abroad; met Sir G.G. at Elfords coffee house; we went to Duncombes; he was abroad; we met Mr Hall in the Exchange alley; talked awhile together, then came Saladine; we went over to the Exchange, sate down & talked awhile; Alderman Jefferys came to me, talked awhile; Mr Knightly told me Sir John Crew was well at Fawsely; I came home to dinner; my sonne dined with us (? Trayton came after dinner interl); in the evening I went to the Sunne; there was Sir G. G., his sonne, my sonne; Colonel Birch came to us; stayd not long; we parted at 10.

19. Sonday, went twice to church; Minshall dined with us; after sermon came Baskervile, Jones, Saladine & another man; they stayd not long; Mainwaring, Minshall & I went to Sir G. Gerards then to Lord Brandon, then to Jones, drank a bottle of wine; then to Sir G.G. his sonnes were with him; then came Lord Brandon; we stayd together till past 10.

20. Monday, the farryer came about my horse; then Fowler about the coach; Cosens trimmed me; I went to the Bishop of St Asaph, he was abroad, spoke with his servant: called at Done's; spoke with Key?; Bellot & sonne dined with me; after dinner came Minshall; after him Waring; stayd not long; Humfreys came to speake to me at dinner tyme, but would not sit downe; after 5 I went to Lord Cheife Justice; there was serjeant Price & many more; I spoke with my Lord & left them; a silk man brought some silke to me; we bought none; the farrer came againe; bought a horse for me; I went to Mr Page at Elfords, there was with him Sir Mathew Andrews, Sir Richard Hadock & 2 others; thence I went to the Sunne; there was G. G. & his sonne, Mainwaring, my sonne, Minshall, Lee, Morgan; Birch came but stayd not; we parted past 10.

21. Tuesday, I went to Lord Clarendon, he was abroad; Auditor Aldworth told me there was a letter for me at the Treasuary; Seagar went in with me to aske for it but could not finde it; I went to Done, he was abroad, his clark Key met me in Holborne, told me the Auditor was not in towne; I dined at Pontacks; Brandon, Sir G.G. his sonne, my sonne, Mainwaring, Minshall, Bellot & Lee with us; went thence to the Sunne; Brandon, Sir G., his sonne, my sonne & Mainwaring with us, went thence to Jones with Mainwaring; Sir Edward Wood came to us; I went to Lord Clarendon; retorned presently; we parted at 10; came home.

22. Wednesday, my sonne came & stayd an houer discoursing his businesse; Lord Treasurers messenger brought me a letter from Mr Guy; the harnesse maker came to receive money on Roger's account; I dined at home; Thomson, Wood, Bellot & my sonne with us; after dinner came Sir G.G. & his sonnes; Fit Gerard, Minshall & Baroby; Bedisford & Lloyd came in, but stayd not; in the evening I went to Auditor Philips, then to Humfreys; then to the Nags Head in Cheapeside; there was Sir G.G., his eldest sonne; my sonne & Minshall; we parted about 10.

(36v July 1685 23 Thursday, I dined at home; went in the evening to Lord Clarendon; then to Bishop of St Asaphs; he was abroad then to Jones there was Sir Edward Wood, Captaine Gladston & Sir Thomas Duppa; we parted about 9; Gladston went in my coach to Covent Garden; I called on Sir G. G.; his sonne & one Mr Wren came to us, he gave us a bottle of wine; I left them neare 10; in the afternoone Warburton came to me; he asked many questions; I gave him few answers; he talked of Goodenough, Fergerson, & others of that gang, men I knew not, & that Cornish & Ramsey were clapt up; at last sayd he heard Lord Delamere was come to towne to render himselfe; I told him I heard nothing of it nor had I seene him of above a yeare nor ever had any correspondence with him, only civility when I saw him &c; I hoped, he knew nothing of the rebellion which was as foolish & mad as wicked; I called for my coach, &c. then he told me he came to take his leave, was going into the contry &c. that Mr.Chomondley promised to be at some charge to put up brim bowling greene; I sayd I should be glad of it; that neighbours & contrymen might meete there as an indifferent place; it might be a meanes to reconcile all againe amongst ourselfes & that we might live in love and charity together; he drank 2 glasses of wine; found me not free to talke, soe left me.

24. Friday, I went to Lord Clarendon, then to Lord Maxfield, then to Done, then to Humfreys & with him to Sir Edward Herbert; then to Mr Williams; called on Minshall; then to the Crowne in Bloomsbury; there met with Player, Corbyn & Gerard; we went thence & dined at the Mayrmayde by Grays Inn gate; saw Minishall in the kitchen but did not dine with us; we parted before 5; daughter Biddolph called on me, went home with her; left Sir G. & his sonne Sam (who was newly come in) behinde us; the next barber came past 6 & trimmed me; Mrs Tovey supt with us.

25. Satorday I went to the Treasury Chamber, there was Sir Edward Wood, Humfreys, Bernard, & severall others I was called in to the Lord Treasurer; where was Ernely, the 2 Auditors, Frowde, Graham, Guy & one other; his Lordship discoursed to me about my businesse, I made some short replyes he gave me the coppy of the Auditors Report & ordered me to give in my answer on Thursday next but to appeare without councell; I went imediately away, gave Humfreys the coppy of the Report & some other papers; called at Lord Maxfields, he was gone to Whitehall (as they told me) so I came home past 12; dined at home, whilst at diner Corbyn came from Player with a note about 20 li. he desired to have in part of money disbursed by him about the disbanding businesse; I went to him in the hall, told him I was at dinner; if he came about 4 I would doe what I could to help him: after dinner Baskervile came to borrow my coach for some friend for 2 or 3 houers tomorrow; I promised it; I went to the Temple, found Humfreys busy in the cheqer office; called at Somerset House; took Wood & Rogers in my coach to Jones; stayed there till past 8; brought Rogers back in my coach; found Minshall there at supper; he parted before 10 .

26. Sonday, went twice to Church; Wood, Rogers, Bellot, Lee & Minishall dined with us; about 5 they parted, I went to Sir G.G.; spoke with his eldest sonne there; went then to Lord Maxfeild; saw my Lord, Lady Gerard, Sir G.G., Fitt Gerard & Thomson; brought Sir G. his sonne & Thomson in my coach to Sir G. lodgings; went then to the Fountayne; there was Wood, Rogers, Bellot, Mainwaring & Lee; we parted past 9.

27. Monday, I drank Epsom water having taken pills overnight; Lee came to see Mr Mainwaring he stayed but awhile with us; Corbyn came to receive some money on Sir Thomas Players account which Sam Hussey payd him; Sir G.G. his man came & told me his master heard there were warrants out against him & me; I told him I had heard as much but could not beleive it being well assured I had given no cause for it & hoped the like of him; after dinner came Abraham Dashwood then Minshall & then Tovey to know how ye waters wrought; I went to Humfreys house; then to the 3 Tunn Taverne by Grays Inne; there dispatched business with Waring; there came Bellot, Mainwaring Dashwood, Lee, Minshall, then Sir G.G. but stayed not long: we parted near 10; came home.

[fo. 37r]

28 Tuesday, I dined at home. Bellot, his lady & cosen with us; brother Peter was unsatisfyed at something & would not stay dinner; after dinner Mr Lloyd came; after him Minshall & Baroby; they parted about 4; before 5 Mr Littleton came, stayd till 6; Waring's clarke came to receive some money; the old coachman came about hyring a coach for Tunbridge; I went to the Temple, spoke with Humfreys; called on Sir G.G. he was gone to bed; called at Dones & Sir Thomas Chicwley's; they were both abroad; came home about 7.

29. Wednesday, dined at home; brother Peter with us; went about 4 to Humfreys then to Toveys, then to Lord Clarendon, he was abroad; called on Sir G.G.; he was not well, stayd about ½ houer; called on Jones, he came to the coach; told me Lord Arlington was dead; came home before 8. Waring's man called for the money; I bade him come agen about 9; about 4 Sir Robert Cotton & Lady came to visit us; stayd but awhile.

30. Thursday, went to Humfreys & with him to Whitehall; the Treasurer ajourned my businesse till afternoone; I met Merden; had generall discourses about my house at Chester, his health & dyet &c; went to Lord Clarendon, acqainted him with my transactions with Lord Trearurer: went to Maxfeild to take leave of him; came home before 12; after dinner Minshall came, stayed but awhile; then Mr Ford about Buttlers rent charge at Bechin &c. then I went to Humfreys, with him to the Treasury Chamber; gave in my answer to Lord Treasurer; saw Clargys's &c. in the outward roome; retorned by water to the Temple; took coach & soe home about 6.

31 Friday, Mr Lee came with Mr Mainwaring but stayd not; Bellot & Lee dined with us; went away before 4; the farryer came about the horse; I went to the Temple at 6; walked ½ houer with Ward in the court & sometimes with Kindon & Bridges; stayd at Humfrey's chamber above 2 houers, he was abroad; went to the Bull Head, there was Bellot, Mainwaring, Lee, Minshall, Baskervile, Baroby; afterwards Humfreys came to speake with me; stayd but awhile; we parted about 11.