Roger Whitley's Diary: August 1685

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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August 1685

Aug 1. Satorday, I went to Humfreys then to Ward about the peticion; dined at home; Minshall came at the end of dinner; went about 6 to Humfreys then to Sir G.G. at the 3 Tunns neare Grays Inne gate; his sonne, G. & Swinborne with him; parted about 8, came home.

2. Friday, went twice to church, dined at home, Minshall & Gleg with us; after evening sermon, Saladine & Jones came to us then Baroby & Biddolh then Griffith Williams; they stayd not long; I went with my daughter to Lady Wood; she & her daughter were at home; met Mainwaring in the court; he went up with his wife; I went to speake with Lord Treasurer; met Sir Richaard Wiseman & the Deane of Rippon in the garden, talked awhile; the Deane left us; Wiseman & I sate on the bench awhile; he told me Duke Albermarle had layd down his commission; we parted, I spoke with Guy about my businesse; when the Trearurer came out I delivered him my peticion then went to Lady Wood; & home with daughter & Mainwaring; Baroby came & supt with us, also Humfreys & his wife; we parted about 10, Baroby soone after.

3. Monday, dined at home; Mr Lee, Lady Wood & daughter with us; Fowler's sonne came to me about hyring a coach for Tunbridge; past 3 I went to the Treasuary chamber, there was much company; about 5, Done told me the Treasurer had ordered our attendance on Tuesday at 4 in the afternoone; I met Sir Thomas Price's agent in the court; he discoursed me about Jones his lodgings; I went to Humfreys; called at Levet's chamber, left word with his man that I had bin to see him; went to the Sunne Taverne Holborne to enquire for Mainwaring &c. they were not there; went to Swinborne's chamber on Grays Inne; there was Sir G.G. & his sonne; we went together to Holborne; took coach, came home.

4. Tuesday, Tuttle came to see me, talked about phisick, drinking waters &c; then came Prole's servant; told me Jack Whitley had agen absented himselfe; that cash was wanting, above 80 s they missed about the 18 of June; he pretended it was payd the goldsmith, that since then other summes -was wanting in cash; but they made not up accounts till Satorday last; he told them he would take care to pay it in but was not at home last nigh & believes was gone; that sometimes he kept ill houers which Prole had taken notice of; but he would not reforme &c; I went to Sir Robert Claytons; there was Mr Clayton & Monteage in the shop; I spoke to the last about wine; to Clayton about the Duke of Buckingham's & Chichley's interest; then came Keck, I sayd the same to him, soe came home; Lady Wood & her daughter came to dine with us; Mr Tovey came to see us but stayd not; at 4 I went to the Treasury, had a hearing the Lord Treasurer sayd he would not then absolutely determine; gave me tyme [fo. 37v] to goe to Tunbridge; bid me see him on my returne; I called on Humfreys & Levet; afterwards met Levet in the court; he asked me if I had money to spare; I told him not; he enquired how my businesse went with the Treasurey; told me he had a friend had greatt interest with him; offered me his service; I thanked him, told him I would trouble nobody; soe parted; Baskervile, Jones & Saladine came to take leave but stayd not; about 9, I went to the Bull Head; there was Mainwaring, Bellot, Minshall, Heron & Baskervile; we parted before 115.Wednesday, Minshall came to take leave of us; we took coach ( for Tunbridge Wells)Note 37v continued Adjust 5. Wednesday, Minshall came to leave of us; we took coach (Mr Mainwaring. his wife, the cookmayds & selfe) we dined at Sevenoake; there we met Mr Brereton; he came into our roome, dranck with us but dined in another roome, we came to our lodging at Tunbridge about 7; supt at home.

6. Thursday I dranck the waters at home; Sir Edward Wood & Bellot dined with us; about 5 I went to visit Lord Jeffereys; there was 4 or 5 in the roome with him, when they parted I went with them; thence to the bowling greene, met there severall acquaintance; Sir John Cope, Ash, Ashurst, Sir Edward Villers &c; went thence to the Castle, there was Wood & Scotto; then came Bellot & Mainwaring;: we parted neare 9, came home.

7. Friday, went to the wells; there was very many of my acquaintance; Lord Jeffereys, Brereton, Bancks &c; we went to prayers with them then home to dinner; after dinner Colonel Sackvile made me a visit; stayd not long; in the evening we visited Lady Bellott; went thence to the Castle with Sir Thomas; there was Wood & Bromfeild; then came Mainwaring we parted about 9.

8. Satorday, went to the wells. Lady Bellot, her neece & Sir Thomas dined with us; in the evening went to the Castle; there was Wood & Scotto; we parted; then I went up to Mainwaring, Bellot & Minshall; parted at 9.

9. Sonday, went twice to church; dined at home; went in the evening to visit Sir James Edwards & lady; then to Lord Jeffereys, he was walking on the hill; desired me to come to him the next day; in the evening went to the Castle; there was Bellot, Mainwaring, Minshall, Bromfield & Scotto (for a while) we all parted about 9.

10. Monday, went to the wells; dined with Bellot, there was his lady, neece, Mainwaring, Minshall, Bancks, Ashton & Dyas; about 4 I left them; visited Sackvile; there was Sir Edward Villers; I went about 7 to Lord Jeffereys; stayd with him ½ houer; told him how my businesse was with the Lord Treasurer gave him some papers; went home; Bellot & Minshall came to us; parted neare 10; Capt:aine Faireband spake to me in the walkes about money Roger owes him; Minshall was by.

11. Tuesday, went to the wells; dined at home, Bellot, Bancks, Minshall, Dyas & Aston with us; they parted about 4; then came Mr Stephens, stayd but awhile; in the evening came Wood; we went to the Castle; Mainwaring, Bellot, Minshall, Bancks, Dyas, Aston came after us; also Sir H Owens came to us; we parted before 10.

12. Wednesday, went to the wells; dined at Thomsons with Bellot, Mainwaring Minshall,Stephens, Ashton, Bancks, Dyas & Brereton; I left them about 4; went to prayers then home; found Wood there; he stayd not; in the evening went to the Castle; there was Wood, a Goldsmith neare Temple Bar, Moses & Scotto; the 2 last went soone away; then came Owens then Stephens & Brereton; afterwards Mainwaring, Bellot, Bancks, Ashton & Minshall; I went home past 9; Mainwaring Brereton & Stephens in the coach with me.

13. Thursday, I went to the wells; after prayers to Thomsons with Minshall & Faireberd to discourse of Rogers businesses; we dranck a pinte of wine & parted; I dined at home; went in the evening to Lord Clarendon then to the Castle; there was Wood, Scotto, Bromfeild & a minister in a lower roome; I went to them; the minister left us; then Scotto & Bromfeild; Faireber d came to us & then Minshall, Wood & I went away; I went up stayre & Minshall after me to Mainwaring, Bellot, Brereton, Shepheard & Owens; we parted past 9; Brereton & Stephens brought me home; dranck a bottle of wine, parted past 10.

[fo. 38r]

14. Friday, went to the wells to see the German's tricks past 11 then to eate oysters at Thompsons with Wood, my daughters &c; dined at home, Minshall with us; after dinner Sir James Edwards, his Lady & Mr Crispe came to visit us; I went to the teahouse about 5 to reade the Gazette then home; in the evening to the Castle with Wood; there was Titus, Moses, Pate & 3 or 4 more who I knew not; I dranck one glasse, left them & went home; there was Bellot & Mrs Tovey; we supt, parted about 10.

15. Satorday, went to the wells, dined at Thompsons with Mainwaring, Bellot, Minshall, Bancks, Dyas, Aston, Brereton, Hook & severall others (strangers to me), in all 16 at table; I left them before 4; went tp prayers then to Power the barber then home; Humfreys came to us from London; supt at home.

16. Sonday, went to the wells & twice to church; dined at home, Scotto with us; went in the evening to the Castle; there was Wood, Titus, Scotto, Mainwaring, Minshall, Bellot, Bromfieldd, Humfreys, Mr Wilson & one Melish (a stranger); he, Bromfield & Scotto went first; the rest not long after about 9.

17. Monday, went to the wells, to Thomsons with Bellot, Wilson & Price; Bancks & Titus & Poultney came soone afer; Titus, Poultney & Wood dined with us; they parted neare 5; I went to Rusthall Greene; stayd an houer; Sir H. Owens & Ashton came back in my coach; I went to the Castle; there was Wood, Titus, Scotto, Moses, Owens; then came Ashton, Stephens & Mainwaring; we parted past 9.

18. Tuesday, I went to the wells; dined at home, Humfreys with us; after diner came Brereton, Stephens & Hook, then Lord Dungannon & Sir H. Onen; they stayd about an houer, drank 2 bottles of wine, then came Wood but stayd not; I went to Humfreys to take leave of the Cheife Justice; he was abroad but his brother came home with us in the coach from the bowling greene, we sate awhile talking with him; afterwards came in another Diane, then my Lady Moore; I went immediately away (the Chiefe Justice being not well & gone to his chamber); I made Mr Crispe a short visit; Humfreys came home with me, then came my sonne & Minshall, then Lewes & Morgan Whitley; they supt with me; we parted about 10.

19. Wednesday, I went to the wells & to the Cheshire barber to trimme me; to the tea house, then with Bancks to the Bellots; dined at home; Wood, Scotto, Lewes, my sonne and Morgan with us; they parted past 4; after dinner Lady Bellot & Mrs Wilson came to play at cards with my daughters; I went in the evening to the Castle; there was Wood, Bromfield, Bancks, Scotto, 2 or 3 more with us above; we parted before 9; I found Bellot, Mainwaring, Bancks & Dr Bernard below; I stayd awhile with them; went home.

20.Thursday,. went to the wells; at 11 to Thomson's with Lady Bellot & daughters; there was Mrs Wilson & Tovey, Bellot, Mainwaring, Lewes, my sonne &c; I dined at home; Lewes, Morgan with us; before 3 Morgan went towards London; in the evening I went to the bowling greene, then to the Castle; there was Wood, Bromfield, Scotto, (Browne a stranger to me), Lewes. Mainwaring, Bellot, Bancks, Ashton &c. I went away past 9.

21 Friday, I went to the wells; to The Kings Head to eate oysters with Mr Gore, Lewes, Bellot, my sonne &c. there was one Mrs Faringdon, my daughters & Tovey; I dined at home; St Hughes & Ashton with me; they parted at 4; about 5 came Sir Walter Yong, Mr Duke, Mr Beale & another gentleman (the 2 last strangers to me); they drank 2 bottles, parted before 6, onely Duke stayd a little while because it rained; he went presently away; then I went to visit Sir H. Owens ; there was with him Stephens, Gore & another; thence I went to the Castle; there was Wood & Scotto, then came Lewes &Mainwaring then Owens & Bellot; we parted past 9.

[fo. 38v]

22. Satorday, went to the wells, went home about one; dined; in the evening went to the barbers beyond the church; he was a stranger that trimmed me; told me he had fomerly served Lord Maxfield; went to the Castle; there was Wood, Scotto. Bromfield. Lewes, Mainwaring, Bellot, Ashton &c. parted about 9.

23, Sonday, went to the wells; twice to church; Wood dined with us; went in the evening to the Castle; there was Wood, Scotto, Bromfield, Browne, Bancks, Mainwaring, Lewes, Bellot & Ashton; we parted past 9.

24. Monday, went to the wells; to church; to Thomson's to eate oysters with Lewes, Bellot, Gore Mainwaring, my sonne, Lady Bellot, Mrs Faringdon, daughters &c; Brereton, Stephens & Buckley dined with us; after dinner came Lewes; they parted before 4; I went to Rusthall; Mr Scotto came with me to Ephraim bowling greene; thence with him,Ward & Bancks to the Castle; there was Wood, Bromfield & Browne; Lewes, Mainwaring & Bellot came to us & Moses with a stranger with him; they parted before 9; then came Stephens; I left them; went home past 9.

25. Tuesday, went to the wells; after prayers went to Thomson's with Mr Millington, his wife, daaughter & sister, Scotto, my sonne & daughters & Mrs Tovey, I gave them oysters & wine, then home to dinner; afterwards to the wells, to prayers, then to Ephrahim bowling greene, then home before 6; went to the bowling greene at 7; stayd awhile because of the raine; went with Ward & Bancks to the Castle; there was Wood, Bromfield, Browne, Scotto, Bellot, Mainwaring &c. we parted at 9.

26, Wednesday, went to the wells, then to prayers, then to the Kings Head to eate oysters; there was Lewes & my sonne, Brereton, Mainwaring, Crispe & Browne at another table; we stayd not long; dined at home, Scotto with us; went in the evening with Scotto to visit Millington; came back to the Castle; there was Wood, Bromfield, Browne, Mainwaring &c. went home at 9.

27. Thursday, went to the wells & to prayers; at 12 went in the coach with Wood, Bancks & my sonne to the Bull in Tunbridge towne; there met us Bellot, Mainwaring & Lewes, we dined together; came to Southborow where I met my daughters; went home with them; called at the Castle; there was Wood, Scotto, Browne, Bellot, Bromfield, Mainwaring, Bancks & Lewes; we parted at 9.

28. Friday, went to the wells & to prayers; then to Thomson's to eate oysters; there was my sonne & daughters, Tovey, Lewes, Bellot, Bancks & Mainwaring; we all dined at Sir Thomas Bellot's lodgings with my Lady & Mrs Wilson & Sir H. Owens; went to the bowling greene about 5, then to the Castle; there was Wood, Bromfield, Browne, Scotto, Mainwaring, Bellot & Bancks, Sir H.Owens (& one Smith, a stranger, came with him); Brereton, Buckley & I went home with Mainwaring past 9 29 Satorday, went to the wells & prayers & dined at home, Bellot, his lady, Mrs Wilson, Wood, Scotto, Lewes &c. with us; after dinner Mrs Wilson's brother came to her, drank one glasse of wine &c; in the evening went to the Castle; there was Wood, Bromfield, Scotto, Lewes &c; past 9 went to see Lady Bellot; the doctor was there, I stayd not, went home.

30. Sonday, went to the wells, twice to church; Mr Crispe, his brother & Wood dined with us; went in the evening to the Castle; there was Wood, Scotto, Bromfield, Browne, Bellott, Lewes &c. parted past 9..

31. Monday, went to the wells & prayers, to Thompsons with Bellot & Lewes (& a stranger interl); deanck 2 pintes of Rhenish; I dined at Bellots; there eas Dr Charleton, my sonne and their family; parted before 5; went in the evening to the Castle; there was Wood, Bromfield, Scotto, Browne, Lewes, Bellot. Owens, (& one Smith); I went away at 9.