Roger Whitley's Diary: August 1691

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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August 1691

AuG.1st. Satorday, Huson & Tomkinson went (about 5) to Caergurley faire; Oswald & his frind went about 7; Burrows, before 10; Cadwallader came with venison past 12; in the evening (past 9) came Morgan W: & cosen John Lloyd; also Tomkinson.

2.Sonday; I was not at church; Mainwaring his wife, Roger, &c. went to church; Roger & Lloyd supt at Husons, he came home with them about 9.

3.Monday, Plimley & Turner came about accounts & dined with Huson in the buttry; retorned past 3; Huson went with them to Chester; Mainwaring went to dine with the Sheriffe & came back past 9.

4.Tuesday, Tomkinson went to Dysert; Vicars dined with us also G.Mainwaring Lloyd, Murray, Deane, Kinaston, Minshall, Farington, Donald, &c. went to bowles about 4; there came some Chester women & a yong man to see the Garden; about 6 Crew came, stayd till 8; the rest went about 7; the women about 6; Minshall & Barber stayd all night.

5.Wednesday, Mainwaring went (past 9) to Spurstow, he retorned late; Mr Lee & his son Nat. dined with us; went past 3; Jack Lloyd & Morgan at the same time, & Roger & Minshall went to Bromleys.

6.Thursday, Bromley came about his accounts of rent, &c. after dinner severall Chesterwomen & some men (Madocks,&c.) came to see the house, gardens, they walked, had fruite, drink, &c. went about 6; Mainwaring, Roger & Minshall went to Bromley's; retorned at 8; a Leverpoole butcher came to buy sheep (past 7).

7.Friday, after dinner came Dicas, a Taylor, had a pipe, &c. in the compasse; the cooper came about his accounts; I went to Bromleys at 7, there was Mainwaring Roger & Minshall, we came home, past 8.

8.Satorday, Mainwaring went to Dedington past 7; Huson to Chester past 9; Tomkinson went past one; Mainwaring came back about 11 at night; Tomkinson about 8.

(134v August 1691) Aug. 9. Sonday, I was not at church; many of the rest were; one Cooper came to Roger from Shrewsbury about money; dined & went after dinner; Huson came at night.

10.Monday, Mainwaring, Roger, Houseman & Minshall went to Shotwick to hunt; Huson & Tomkinson wen tp Frsham faire then to Shotwick about the yythes; they all went about 6; Mainwaring, Houseman & Tomkinson retorned past 9; Huson about 11.

11.Tuesday, Huson went this morning early towards Shropshire; Charlotte, Sidney & Betty Whitley went to Chester in Mainwaring's coach; William Minshall came at latter end of dinner; stayd all night; Roger, Charlotte,&c. (& Minshall) came past 11; also Donald the barber.

12.Wednesday, Mainwaring & William Minshall went about 9 to Middlewich; Donald trimmed me; went about 3; I went past 6 to take the ayre to Moldsworth; there was Roger, Minshall & Smith; I went to Kents with them; stayd ½ houer soe home; Mainwaring retorned about 11.

13.Thursday, Mainwaring his wife, Roger, Sidney & Minshall went to Aston (past 10) retorned past 8, &c. Minshalls man brought a setting dog about 2.

14.Friday, Mainwaring, Roger, Minshall & Houseman went a setting about 10; retorned about 8; no company all day.

15.Satorday, Donald came at 11 to trimme me; Sir William Aston, his lady, mother, daughters, Mrs Crew Offley & her children & Chaplaine, Sir John Crew, his lady, Mrs Cockaine,&c. dined with us; went back about 6;.

16.Sonday, I was not at church (onely Roger & Minshall) Morgan came to dinner, stayd all night; Mainwaring & Morgan went to church in the afternoone; Roger & Minshall (I think) to Barrow; Huson came past 8; Cadwallader brought a buck from Frodesly.

17.Monday, Morgan went to Chester about 9; Mainwaring his wife, Roger & Sidney past 10; Nixon went with venison to Bellot, Taylor & Edwards; Huson went about noone towards Mold; Mainwaring, daughter, Roger & Sidney retorned at night.

18.Tuesday, Roger's daughter, Mrs Margery, Cadwallader & Nixon went towards Shresbery (about 9) Roger & Houseman went about the same time (to Chester) Houseman retorned past 9; Mainwaring very late, &c. Roger stayd at Chester, & Bingleys with theire wifes & 4 or 5 woemen came to see the gardens past 5; went past 6.

19.Wednesday, no company; Mainwaring his wife & I went to Bromley's past 6; retorned presently; Morgan came about 9, left Roger at Chester; Nixon retorned .

20.Thursday, Lee called about 10 but did not stay; Mainwaring & Betty & 2 sisters went to Utkington past 11; 2 Chester men (Stringer & Cockaine) came about 10; dined, went past 2; about 6 came Astleys & another from Shropshire about leases; went to Bromleys about 7 to lye there; Mainwaring, Betty, sisters, Roger & 2 Minshalls came about 8.

21.Friday, Huson came about 8; Mainwaring, Betty, daughters & sister Anne went about 11 to Utkington; 2 Minshalls, Morgan, Astleys & the other man dined with us; Ormes & 4 other pipemakers came about 12; did eate below&c ; Atkys & the other man went before 2; Richard Minshall about 3; William Minshall & Morgan about 6; (Morgan went towards London) Betty & her 2 sisters in law came from Utkinton past 8; Tomkinson went to Shotwick about 10; retorned about 8.

22.Satorday, Roger went abroad in the morning about 9; Huson went to Chester past 10; Tomkinson, past 1; he retorned past 8; Roger after him.

[fo. 135r]

August 23. Sonday, I was not at church; Mainwaring, Roger, daughters,&c. went; Mrs Huson came in the evening; stayd 2 houers; her husband came at 7, stayd all night; Roger's servant came to him.

24.Monday, Mainwaring's 2 sisters & his 2 daughters went (about 10) to Mr Edisbury's; Richard (the buttler) to Chester; Huson & Tomkinson (early) to Namptwich faire; Tomkinson came back about 8.

25.Tuesday, Richard retorned early from Chester; a man from Shotwick to complaine of Mr Massey's abusing the Parke; Donald came at 11 to trimme me; G.Mainwaring, Streete, Captain Berry, Captain Wiburn, 2 Lieutenants, Ensigne Cook, Parry, (Minshall interl.) Kinaston, Donald, Baskervile, Cooper, Captaine Aston, James, &c. dined with us; bowled, went past 6; Minshall stayd all night.

26.Wednesday, 2 men from Shrewsbury came to Roger for money; they dined with us; went away past 2; Roger, Mainwaring & Minshall went to Cockaine's after dinner; did not retorne till very late after we were in bed.

27.Thursday, Hickson went early to Chester; retorned about 11; Sir William Aston, his mother, lady, 2 daughters, Sir Jo[hn] Crew, his lady, Mrs Crew-Offley & Mr Mackworth dined with us; the women went to cards, the men to bowles, after dinner; Sir William Aston, his mother, lady & 1 daughter went past 6; the rest supt, & went past 11; I left them past 10.

28.Friday, William Minshall came about 11, dined,&c. Mainwaring & Dick Minshall went to Utkington past 11; Roger went abroad whilest we were at dinner, William Minshall went after him past 3; they stayd out all night.

29.Satorday, Mainwaring, Roger & 2 Minshalls came from Utkington about 8 in the morning; Huson went to Chester past 10; the slater came to me about the mill; Tomkinson went to Chester about one; William Minshall went about 5, the rest went a setting.

30.Sonday, I was not at church; some of the rest went in the morning, others in the afternoone; Mainwaring, Roger & Minshall went to Bromley's (about 5) I went thither past 6; came back past 7.

31.Monday, Mainwaring, Roger & Minshall went to Utkington past 9; Lord Maxfeild sent his frenchman to know how we did; he went again in ½ houer; Lightfoote came about sheep, stayd not; about 2 came old Mr Hardware & Smith, went in ½ houer; Hickson retorned from Chester, went again (past 4) for a box from the carryer; Cadwallader came with a buck from Frodesly about 2; Burges brought another from Shotwick at night; about ½ houer past 8 came Lord Warington (with Mainwaring interl.) his 2 sons, &c. supt, stayd all night.