Roger Whitley's Diary: September 1691

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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September 1691

September 1. Tuesday, Lord Warrington,&c. dined with us; (also Angell & sister interl.). Crew came to us at dinner; they bowled till 5; then parted; Mainwaring & Minshall went in my Lord's coach.

2.Wednesday, Roger & I went to Chester; (Huson went before us interl.) lighted at Jackson's; Donald trimmed me; (Taylor was with me interl.) we dined there with Lord Kingston, Captain Berry & some other officers (who treated us) G.Mainwaring, Streete, one Cooper, &c. past 4 I went with G.Mainwaring to the Sunne; there came Streete, Murray, Johnson, Sparks, Parry, severall others, Nat: Lee, his brothe,&c. Taylor came to me, stayd not; I left them neare 7; Roger & I went home together.

3.Thursday, Huson came about 9; went towards Manchester neare 11; Roger went abroad in the afternoone; Luke Lloyd came about 7; stayd all night.

4.Friday, cosen Lloyd dined with us, went past 2; Ephraim Bennet came to see me past one, went about 3; Hghson retorned (about 11) from Manchester.

5.Satorday, Huson went about 10 to Chester; Joseph went about 11 after him; Roger came home about 8.

6.Sonday, I was not at church, Roger went in the afternoone, &c. Mainwaring retorned past 8. Huson came about 3 & went to church & then home; (I sent Houseman to Lord Rivers interl.) & Hickson to Manchester.

[fo. 135v]

7.Monday, Huson came before 8; Hochland about slating the mill; Lord Kingston, Captain Berry, Tempest, Ash, Peirceson, King, Cooper, Jackson dined with us; went past 5; Bramhall of Namptwich came past 7; stayd all night; Lightfoote came in the afternoone also a Leverpoole butcher to pay money & buy more sheep; stayd but awhile; Huson went home past 8 in order to his going next morning to Shropshire.

8.Tuesday, Bromhall went before dinner; Roger went abroad (& his man) about the same tyme; past 2 Mr Taylor's clarke came to me with some writings; retorned presently; past 5 came Hunt, Hardwar, Kenrick & a doctor, stayd till almost 7.

9.Wednesday, Mainwaring & I went to Chester past 11; lighted & dined at Jackson's; Taylor came thither to me; also G.Mainwaring, John Wright & tenant Deane came to me; about 3 I went to Hunt; met Taylor there; discoursed particulars about the suite; went thence (with Streete interl.) to wayte on Lord Kingston at the Bull; he was abroad; Widow Taylor gave me some cherry-brandy; then I called on Alderman Anderson, dranck but did not stay; went to G.Mainwaring; there was Streete, Mainwaring, Kinaston & Johnson; parted past 6, called at Ephraim Bennets; had a tankard of ale in the coach; came home at 8; Pratchet came to see us from Sir Thomas Delves.

10.Thursday, Mainwaring went about 7 to Badely; Pratchet went about 10; Dr Angell & his wife came after dinner; went about 4; past 6 came cosen Whitley, stayd all night; Mainwaring retorned about 8; Roger neare 11.

11.Friday, Robert Coxon came about 9; stayd till one; I, Mainwaring, cosen Whitley, &c. dined at Bromleys; I retorned past 4; Crew came past 5, & Cockaine; Edisbury (& Delves interl.) came neare 7; then Gleg & G.Mainwaring; Crew & Cockaine went about 7; the rest stayd all night.

12.Satorday, Mainwaring,&c. went to the funerall of Mrs Shakerley; Huson came past 10, went to Chester about 12; (Hickson with him crossed out) took Levet's writings,&c. with him in a little hayre trunck for Mr Taylor, in order to a tryall with Mr Booth about the rough field; Mainwaring, Edisbury,&c. came back past 8; also Major Latham a little before them.

13.Sonday, I was not at church. most of the rest & daughters were; G.Mainwaring went early to Chester; Huson came past 8.

14.Monday, Edisbury went about 7; the rest about 9; I went past 10 to attend the Sheriffe at the Glasse House; there was Lord Macclesfeild, Warrington, Brandon, Bellot & a great nomber of gentlemen; the Judges came neare 3; we waited on them to the Castle; I stayd not; (went to the Hall to my Councell interl.); then went to Angells, did eate there; then to G.Mainwarings to wayte on Lord Macclesfeild; found him at dinner, did eate 2 or 3 oysters with him; then went with G.Mainwaring to Jackson's; there was Minshall, Farington, 2 Bradshaws, Pennington, &c. called & payd for a quart of claret; went home alone.

15.Tuesday, went to Chester, lighted at Jackson's; went to the Penthouse; there was the Mayor, Lord Macclesfeild, Warington, (the Recorder interl.) severall Aldermen & others; went thence (neare 12) to the Common Hall; there was an Assembly; chose Mr Shakerley Alderman; I dined at Streete's with Lord Warrington & G.Mainwaring; after dinner came Brandon, Mainwaring, Bellot, Parry (also a man from Shropshire with his sonne to be my servant) they all went at last; I brought Brandon to the Castle; then met my Councell (past 5) at Minshall's chamber; soone left them, went home.

[fo. 136r]

16.Wednesday, sent Burges past 9 to Huson at Chester & the coach man about 5 also with venison to Mr Johnson & Sheriffe Daintisse,they retorned at night.

17, Thursday, I went to Chester past 9; lighted at Jacksons; went to the Court; had a tryall with Mr Booth; it went for him; I dined with the Judges; Gleg, Lee, Reeves, Angell & many Lawyers; went to Mr Attorney's chamber; he went to Court; his man gave us a bottle of wine; there was Crew, Angell, Dick Minshall with me; I went thence in Angells coach to G.Mainwarings; there was Lord Macclesfeild, Fitton, Thomson, Crew, Minshall, Angell, William Buttler &c; past 6 Lord Macclesfeild & Minshall went in my coach; Fitton & Thomason in the Lords coach, soe to Peele ½ houer past 8; with severall servants.

18.Friday, 1/2 houer past 7, Lord Macclesfeild & his company went away for Gosworth; Minshall stayd with me; I sent the coachman & Hickson to Chester about theire clothes, they retorned about 9.

19.Satorday, Finchet came to me about Walter Smethers herriot & a man with him about putting a life in Bolton's lease at Kelsall; went before 11; Roger, Mainwaring & Major Latham came about 8 (at supper).

20.Sonday, I went to church (with daughters) in the morning; Latham went away early; the Constables brought Margaret Broomes husband before Mainwaring; he committed to prison.

21.Monday, I sent Davyes to Flint with venison to the Judges & to Dysert; Tomkinson went to Shotwick about 10; Bellot dined with us; his mother & sisters came after dinner past 2; went past 5. Tomkinson retorned at night. Daniells (father came to see him interl.).

22Tuesday, Huson & postillion went to Flint & Dysert about 3; I sent Tomkinson after him (to Aston) about 11; past 2 Mr Minshall of Stoke came to see us; also Mr Smith of Moldsworth; went ½ houer past 4.

23.Wednesday, went to Chester with Mainwaring & Minshall about 2; lighted at Jackson's; went to the Cathedrall to the funerall of the Deane; retorned to Jackson's; there was Minshall, Marsh, Cockaine, Kinaston, Mainwaring, Crew (Davyes the shoemaker), &c. at going out saw Baroby, Baskervile, Aston &c in the passage; Crew went with Mainwaring & me in my coach to Tarvyn.

24.Thursday, Lady Calverley sent her servant to speake with me about buying some wood at Bechin; Daniells father went back to Staffordshire; G.Mainwaring came to us at dinner; Bidolph & daughters came about 4; G.Mainwaring went past 5.

25.Friday, Mainwaring went (about 7 interl.) to Peover (or Gosworth) the coachman to Chester, who retorned at 12; Angell dined with us; went past 4; I sent the cart (in the night) to Aston (for wheate interl.).

26.Satorday, William Minshall came about 6; Mainwaring & his brother past 9; the cart retorned about 6 from Aston with Dysert wheate & Tomkinson from Dysert.

27.Sonday, I was not to church; Bidolph & others went; Huson came about dinnertyme; William Minshall stayd all day.

28.Monday, Angell & suregeon dined with us, soe did Minshall & Mainwaring, his brother & Bidolph came from setting after dinner but did eate in the buttry; they went a setting againe in the evening; retorned about 7; Mr Kent came with them; Minshall went past 5; Hardware came about the same time, stayd not; Huson went home late.

29.Tuesday, Tomkinson,&c. went to Chester faire to sell cattle & wooll; Mainwaring & his brother went thither also, past 9; Roger & Bidolph took phisick; Minshall came about 5.

[fo. 136v]

30.Monday, Minshall dined, also Kent, Dicas, a Taylor, &c. Minshall went about 2; Mainwaring, his brother & Roger went with him to Utkinton; Bidolph & Houseman went a setting; Tomkinson to Chester; Huson & Davyes to Denbigh Audit; Tomkinson retorned past 10.