Roger Whitley's Diary: October 1691

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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October 1691

October. 1st Thursday, Mainwaring & his brother went early towards Gayton; Kent went past 12; Mr Minshall came before one; then Mr Arderne took us at dinner; went againe about 4; Houseman went to Chester, retorned late.

2.Friday, Roger & Minshall dined at Utkinton; retorned after I was in bed.

3.Satorday, I went to Chester with Bidolph, Roger & Minshall; as I was taking coach Colonel Danyell came to speake with me but would not light; said he would speake with me at Chester; he went along with us; I & my company lighted at the White Bull; thither he came to us; dined with us & Mainwaring, his brother, Lee, his sonne, Farington, &c. after dinner Danyell discoursed me about sister Lettice Whitley's concernes; desires a frindly reference; I consented, acquainting him with particulars that I could not stop my son's proceedings; but would endeavor to bring things to accommodation; I told him Mathers promised to referre the costs to referee's; I went then to the Bishop. (Minshall with me) then to Jackson's; there was Mainwaring, G.Mainwaring, Berry, Streete, Baroby, Baskervile, Crosse, Parry, &c. we left them about 6; came home at 8.

4.Sonday, I went to the Sacrament with daughters, Mainwaring, Bidolph,&c. was not at church in the afternoone.

5.Monday, Mainwaring went to Peover; his brother to Utkington past 10; Bidolph & Minshall went a larking; retorned past 2; Kerison dined with us; he & Minshall stayd all night; Meakin came from Namptwich to offer me his service as a clark; Vernon of Utkinton came past 4 about Smether's herriot & putting a life in the lease; Huson came about 8.

6.Tuesday, Kerison went about 7; Minshall & Roger about 8; he retorned at 7.

7.Wednesday, Bidolph & Roger went with me to Chester; lighted at Jackson's, dined at G.Mainwaring's with Streete, Berry, another officer, (Minshall interl.) & Morgan W. (Baroby came after dinner interl.) went thence about 4 to Angell's; saw my sister; went thence to Jackson's; overtook Alderman Wright & Warmingham in the Row; they went in with us; there was Minshall, Streete, Conen, Baroby, Kinaston, Farington, Crosse, &c. went thence about 5; called at Ephraim Bennets; did not light; G.Mainwaring, Minshall & Morgan came to us; had a tankard at the coach; left them there; came home before 8; Huson stayd away all night.

8.Thursday, sent Hickson with Mt Levet's Administrations to the carryer; directed in a box to Mr Jones; Angell dined with us; after dinner came Warburton then Conen then Minshall, Wright & Johnson; they all went past 4. Roger went out with them; came againe about 8.

9.Friday, Bidolph went about 9 to meete Mainwaring at Sandway head; Vernon of Utkinton came ½ houer past 11; about Smether's lease; went before dinner; after dinner came Jackson & the surgeon; did eate in the buttry; Jackson went out with Roger, retorned about 8. Mainwaring & his sons came about 6 from Peover.

10.Satorday, Huson came about 7, went to Bechin & Chester, (soe did the smith interl.) Mainwaring, Roger & Jackson went to Lord Rivers; about 11 came one Okey about taking a lease at Lach; he stayd but awhile; they retorned from Lord Rivers before 8.

[fo. 137r]

11.Sonday, I was not at church; Roger, Mainwaring & Bidolph went in the afternoone & Jackson went to Chester; Angell dined with us & stayd all night.

12.Monday, Bidolph went before 8 towards Elmehurst. before 12 came G.Mainwaring, Johnson & Deane; dined, went past 3; Fox & Jones came after dinner, dined in the buttry; went before 3; Mainwaring & Roger went to Bromley's; retorned past 6.

13.Tuesday, Mainwaring & Roger went to Chester, stayd there all night; Tomkinson retorned from Staffordshire about 8 at night; about 3 in the afternoone came one Woodart to offer the lease of Danyiell Hackney's house; stay not above ½ houer; Jordan & Hughes came hither, dined.

14.Wednesday, Mrs Bolton dined with us; went againe past 2; Minshall came after supper, stayd all night.

15.Thursday, I went (past 10) towards Chester with Minshall & Mainwaring's 2 sons; dined at Jackson's with Roger, 2 Mainwarings; Kinaston, Farington, &c. past 3 I went to the Quier; then up with the Bishop; Shakerly & Anderton came after, then a little Doctor of phisick; I left them, cosen Wright went downe with me; I went to the Angell's, & about 6, to the Ship Taverne; there was the Mayor, Recorder, 2 Mainwarings, Roger, Minshall, Parry, Farington, Johnson, Deane, Murray, Streete, &c. I left them past 9. lay at Angell's.

16. Friday, I went to Mainwaring's; then to the Penthouse; there were the Mayor, Deb. Recorder & Aldermen, about the Election of a Mayor; Shakerly pretended to have the Precedence before me, in the list of Aldermen (as being a Knights eldest sonne) but was disapointed and laughed at for his paines; we went then to the Common Hall; there was a great pole for the Mayor; I had the majority; then Lord Warington; Allen & Bennet much short of us; Warington, (Mainwaring in his stead) & I were house Lord Warington was chose; then the sheriffs (Madocks & Johnson) we supt at Anderson's; there was the Mayor, Recorder, Grosvenor, Shakerly, severall Aldermen & others; about 8, I went to Sheriffe Johnson's; there was Heath, severall others coming & going; I left them past 10.

17. Satorday, I went to the Quier, then up with the Bishop; discoursed him & his chaplaine about the Chappell; & the unjust reflections of some malitious people; left them at 12; dined at Angell's (with Minshall, Roger, &c.) past 3 I went to Jackson's; there was Berry, his Lieutenant., Roger, &c. I went thence to Ephraim Bennet's; there were G.Mainwaring, Streete, Edwards, Batho, Minshall, Parry, Roger, & severall others; I payd 3s for the ale, left them at 5, went home with Roger & Mainwaring's 2 sons. Mainwaring went in the morning to Colebrooke; dined at Lee's, (& home about 8 interl.).

18. Sonday, I was not at church; Morgan came before dinner; & William Davyes came late from the Audit.

19. Monday, Mainwaring went to Middlewich; Bolton brought part of his rent; Hough dined with us; Lee's man brought a horse for Roger, dined, was payd 17li; in the evening came Lieutenant Tempest, Jackson, Bradshaw, & Donald; supt, stayd all night; Huson came about 3, went with Morgan to Chester past 4; Mainwaring retorned past 8.

[fo. 137v]

Oct.20. Tuesday, Captaine Berry, &c. came early from Chester; went a hunting wth Roger & those that were here all night; I did not see them; Tomkinson went past 9 to Cotton, Bechin & Tatenhall; Angell dined with us; went past 3; about 5 I went to Bromley's; there was Mainwaring, Roger, Berry, Tempest, Ash, Jackson, Hignet, Bradshaw, Donald, the surgeon,&c. I left them in an houer; Mainwaring came home with me; Roger an houer after; Tomkinson retorned past 7.

21.Wednesday, Mainwaring went to Chester past 8; Roger & I went neare 11; alighted at the Royall Oake; dined there with 2 Mainwarings, Streete, Wright & Goldsmith; after dinner came Kinaston,.Parry, &c. Taylor to speake with me & Pack (also Griffith interl); about 4 I went to Sheriffe Johnson's with Streete & G.Mainaring; thither came Mainwaring, Morgan & Vicars; also Deane came in with the Sheriffe; we went about 5 to the Royall Oake; there was Wiliams, the brewer; we parted about 6;came home at 8; there I found cosen Brereton & his sonne,&c. Burges brought a fawne from Shotwick 22.Thursday, cosen Brereton & his sonne went past 10; Crew, Dr Jackson, Lancaster. Manley, the vicar & hiss wife dined with us, also one Booth in the buttry; Cockaine came about 3; they all went about 5. S: Hussey came in the morning; stayed all night.

23.Friday, Hussey went past 8; my 2 grandsons went to Peover past 12; after dinner Mr Okey came about taking a lease at Lach; about 3 Mainwarings & Roger (& Houseman interl) went a setting; in the evening (past 7) came Bromley & Yong; they stayed till 9.

24.Satorday, Tomkinson went to Chester past 10. after dinner Mainwaring & Roger went to Utkinton; retorned past 7; cosen Morgan came in the evening.

25.Sonday, I was not at church; Mainwaring & Roger went about 7 to Chester; retorned about 8; Joseph Harison dined with us; went to Chester after dinner.

26.Monday, Huson retorned about 7 from Shropshire; went past 8 with Tomkinson towards Brombrow & Shotwick to keep Courts,&c. about 10 Mr Conen came from Dyssert; went again about 4; G.Mainwaring, Streete & Jackson, Joseph Harison & Strenger came about 12, dined (Stringer dined with Morgan in the buttry) Harison went past 2; the rest & Morgan past 4; Roger, Mainwaring & I, daughters & sisters went to Kent, did eate & drink, retorned past 6 (John Hussey came, stayed all night interl).

27.Tuesday, Mainwaring went towards London (about 11) Roger with him to Dedington; Hussey went then to Chester; the surgeon came to us at dinner; retorned presently. Hussey came back about 8.

28.Wednesday, Hussey went back to Peover about 8. I sent Houseman to visit Mr Lee,&c. at Darnehall; I went to Chester, lighted at Jackson's; dined at Angells; Donald trimmd me there; G.Mainwaring came to me; we went to the Bishop; stayed with him & his chaplen ½ houer; discoursed about consecration of the Chapell; but wanting time now to do it they agreeed that it should be made use of for prayer till it could be conveniently consecrated; G.Mainwaring & I went to the Sunne; there was Vicars, Farington, Wright, Frances,&c. about affidavits in Mr Vicars & Warmingtons businesse; there was also Morgan, Kinaston, Parry,&c. past 4, G.Mainwaring, Morgan & I went to visit Mr Batho; saw his wife (& sister Lloyd.interl); then we went to visit Sheriffe Madocks; saw him & his daughter & Morgan sisters there,&c. then I went home; came to Peele at 7. Tomkinson retorned from Shotwick.

29.Thursday, Ned Burrows came from Chester to see us; then Conen; then the 2 Jenyons from Whitby to pay the rent of Glasier's tenements; they dined, went past 2; Conen stayd all night; Huson came past 3; I & Conen sealed new articles.

30.Friday, Conen went past 8; Morgan came about 9; went before 10 with Huson to the Audit at Middlewich; Burges brought venison & fish from Shotwick; Cooper of Manley brought a smith's bill for Roger.

31.Satorday, Tomkinson went about 8 towards Chester; retorned about 5; Roger & Bidolph came about 5; William Davyes about 8 from the Audit; Morgan went with Huson to Burton.