Roger Whitley's Diary: August 1692

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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August 1692

August 1st Monday, Mainwaring & Roger went to Chester past 10; Angell dined with us, went past 3 with his wife to Oulton; about 7 came Mary Wyat's sister (Mrs Lambe) and her husband from Lichfeild; about 9 came 2 Mainwarings from Chester & Roger soone after them.

2.Tuesday, Before 10 the 2 Mainwarings went to dine at Darnehall & then to Caringham; about 4 came the curate of Barow & Antwisle's man; they stayd till 7.

3.Wednesday, Hind came to my sisters from Oulton about 9; Huson came about 10; about 4, a man brought a letter from Lady Broughton to enquire after a Black that had over-run her; I answered it; the man retorned presently.

4.Thursday, Lambe & his wife retorned early towards Lichfeild; past 9 Holland, Akerley and Merry came about their accounts, & had their bonds up, they went past 11; I sent Thomas & a cart to Shotwick; Hocknell & Brock dined with us; went (neare 3) with Roger & Houseman to Bromley's; past 4 came Kelsall about taking Shotwick; then came Mr Hadley & a plummer (concerned in the waterworks at Chester) I gave them a bottle of wine; they went about 7; Roger came back about 10.

5.Friday, Antwistle's man came for 5 li (for his master) on account of Barrow tithes; Roger Row came to complaine of trespasse by my horses; I gave him 2s 6d; about 8 came Mainwaring & G.Mainwaring, his wife & daughter came past 9.

6.Satorday, Huson went to Chester past 9; G.Mainwaring, his wife, daughter about 10; Roger & Houseman soone after; Angell & his wife came at dinner; stayd all night; Houseman came back about 10; Burgesse brought a buck from Shotwick; Walforne went to Namptwich at 2.

7.Sonday, Mainwaring went to church in the afternoone; Roger came about 9 from Chester.

8.Monday, Mr Delves, Crew, Sherwood, Wheateare dined with us; went before 4; Walforne retorned past one.

9.Tuesday, Hardwar's man came for an answer to a letter; Cockson came about his accounts; Huson came at 10; they dined in the buttry; a Periwig of Chester came about proposing an estate to sale; dined with us, went neare 3; Mainwaring & Roger dined at Bromley's; about 4 came Kelsall about Shotwick; went past 6, Coxon went before; Mainwaring came at supper; Roger & Ned Morgan past 9.

10.Wednesday, (fast day) Mainwaring, his wife, Roger, Ned Morgan, went to church; Walforne preached; retorned past 1; we dined at 2; Dicas a Taylor & a button-woman came to Roger for money; they dined in the buttry; went past 2; Mianwaring, Roger & Ned Morgan went to Bromley's; retorned past 7; Basnet came to settle accounts past 4; he went againe past 6.

11.Thursday, Mainwaring went before 7 towards Cumbermere; Ned Morgan went past 2, Roger & Walforne with him; these retorned at 7; Houseman out all night; Kelsall came at 5 about Shotwick; went past 6; Huson went at the same time; Mainwaring retorned at 9.

12.Friday, Mainwaring & Roger went to Chester past 10; stayd all night; one Row came in the morning about marling; retorned at 10; Cartright went with him to Shotwick, retorned at night. Angell dined with us, went back past 4.

13.Satorday, Cartwright went to Chester past 10; retorned at night soe did Mainwaring at 6; Houseman came home after 2 nights away.

14.Sonday, Mainwaring & daughters went to church; Huson came at 7, went agen about 9.

15.Monday, Mainwaring went past 7 to Sir Willam Aston; Profit went to Dysert, Gill to Northop; Huson to Tatenhall; Jordan, Hughes, & Davyes came to work here; the buttler went to Chester at 3, retorned at 9; Mainwaring came at the same time.

[fo. 148v]

16.Tuesday, Mainwaring & his daughter Charlotte went towards Dedington & Crew about 7; about 11 came Salmon (a man with him interl.) about retorne of money to London; he dined; after dinner came Morgan Whitley to him; Yong came with Salmon, dined below; Salmon went about 4; the curate of Barow brought a letter from Antwistle, stayd an houer; a barber of Namptwich (a man with him) came about 2 to serve Roger who being abroad; they retorned about 5 to Namptwich; about 6 came Whitworth with Lord Maxfeild's debenters; I gave him a Bill on Jones for 464: 15: 0- he stayd all night; past 7 came Minshall, stayd all night.

17.Wednesday, Huson & Abraham came about 7 to tell over money; Palin came with Huson about his accounts; Whitworth went past 10. Evans brought a buck from Shotwick; about 12 Cartright went with venison to Mainwaring & Streete & then to Shotwick; retorned at night; Kelsall & another came about taking Shotwick, dined, went past 2; Salmon & Abram came about 4, told over some money; went about 6; also Morgan, Minshall, Palin, &c.

18.Thursday, Griffith went about 4 with the cart to Chester; Angell came at 11, dined & went past 5; Sparkes, Pemberton & Croughton came whilest we were at [dinner] dined with us; went past 4. (Hardware came past 2, stayd an houer interl.) I went to Moldsworth past 6, retorned at 7; Griffith retorned at 3.

19.Friday, Bolton came about his accounts, dined with Huson in the buttry; went past 5. Roger came from Chester before 7.

20.Satorday, Huson went to Chester past 9; I went thither at 2; lighted at Jackson's; Donald trimmed me; Salisbury came to speake with me about his son in law; Sir William Aston, Mainwaring, Crew, &c. were above; I went to them but stayd not; Major Latham went with me to Lord Sidney's; he was at dinner; Lord Delamer came and brought me up; we sate downe at table & there was his Lordship, Mr Boyle, Colonel. Smith, Sir Cyrill Wich, Sir Stephen Evans &c; I stayd ½ houer after dinner; his exellency was very civill to me; I went thence to Johnson's at the Bull (where was Aston, Crew, Streete, G.Mainwaring, &c. stayd not; went then (Mainwaring with me) to the Coach & Horses; there was Carter, Dolbyn & severall of Lord Sidney's company; dranck a glasse or 2 of wine; went to Jackson's; took coach (Mainwaring & I together) about 8; came home ½ houer past 9.

21.Sonday, Mainwaring went early to Chester; I was not at church; Huson came past 5, went past 8.

22.Monday, I sent Griffith with 11 oxen to Bechin (to meete Huson there) Houseman went to Chester at 2; past 4 came Mrs Bolland & others with her; stayd till 6; Mainwaring came from Chester at 8; Houseman past 9; Pack & another came (at 8) about one Potter's businesse (who was arrested) they went presently back agen.

23.Tuesday, Lord Sidney, Lord Delamer, Boyle, Evans, Smith, Crew, Booth, Lee, G.Mainwaring, Hickman, Streete, Johnson, Deane, Warburton, Arderne, Dorington, &c. dined with us; went in the evening; Crew, Warburton, Booth, Arderne also Mr Gerard after them; Huson came at 10, went home past 9.

24.Wednesday, Hickman brought a buck from Frodesly; I sent ½ of it by Gill to Ruabon; Mainwaring went past 9 to Namptwich & Crew. Sir Thomas Delves' keeper brought ½ of a stag, dined, went at 2; about 4 came Farington, Bolland, their wifes & 2 or 3 other women, yong Marsh, &c. they went past 6; about 7 came Frodsham & Dicas; dranck a glasse of beere, stayd prayers; went before supper; Atkis came past 7, stayd all night.

25.Thursday, Smith came to Atkys; they & Hickman went about 10; Huson came in the evening; Nixon went to Chester, retorned past 5; Griffith, 2 carts, &c. went to Lach at 3; Roger came home at 8. Burges brought a buck from Shotwick at 9.

26.Friday, Nixon went with venison to Dr Fog about 11; then to Lach; at dinner came Venables & Bennet from Chester, dined with us; went about 4; Huson went home at 8.

27.Satorday, Roger & Walforne went to Chester, Houseman to Lach about 10; the Barber of Namptwich came to speake with Roger, dined, went at 2; Mainwaring & his daughter retorned from Crew past 7; also Walforne & Houseman from Chester.

28.Sonday, I was not at church, Mainwaring, daughters & sisters were; Roger came from Chester at 8; also Huson & stayd all night.

29.Monday, Huson went early towards Dysert; Angell came at 12, dined, went at 5; Donald trimmed me, dined, went past 2; the curate of Barow & his wife came at 4, went at 6; Bingley, Denson & another Baker came at 5, went past 6.

[fo. 149r]

30.Tuesday, Houseman went past 10 to Lach; Merry came at 9, I lent him 13li; Mainwaring went past 11 to Utkinton; Streete & Jackson dined with us; Wright, his wife & sister came in the afternoone; went back in the evening; 2 cosen Mainwarings & Betty came about 7 from Crew.

31.Wednesday, one Birdsey came about 11 (a frind of Mr Kiffins) he dined and went with Mainwaring and Roger a setting past 2; then went towards Frodsham; Griffith with the carts, &c. retorned from Lach.