Roger Whitley's Diary: September 1692

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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September 1692

September. 1. Thursday, Huson came past 10. Crew, Arderne, Lancaster, Wheateare dined with us; bowled, went past 6; Sparkes came with Holland for Roger, went at the same time.

2.Friday, Mainwaring & Roger dined at Husons; Angell, Mrs Cooper, her son, & Morgan dined at Peele; about 2 Morgan & I went to Huson's; there was Mainwaring, Crew, Bruen, Roger, G.Mainwaring, Streete, Murray, Dorington, Jackson, Cratchley, &c. Bruen went past 5; we parted at 7.

3.Satorday, no company; Mainwaring & Roger went to Bromley's, came back betimes; Morgan want to Chester about 4.

4.Sonday, we went to church, received the Sacrament; Davyes the carrier dined with us, went past 2; Huson came before dinner, went past 3; sayd he would go to Alrey.

5.Monday, Mainwaring went past 7 towards Badiley; my daughters, sisters, cosens, Roger & Walforne went to Huson's about 3; retorned past 8.

6.Tuesday, Charlotte went before 7 towards Ruabon; Mainwaring retorned from Badiley past 10; Sir William Aston came at 11; went past 4; Angell came at 12; stayd all night; Lightfoote came at 5 to advise about his nephew's fine to Mr Davyes about putting his life in the lease; stayd not; Griffith & carts went to Lach after dinner.

7.Wednesday, Mainwaring and Roger went to Sir William Aston's about 10; retorned past 9; Pratchet came from Denington; Cadwallader with venison from Frodesly; a man with a letter from cosen Ralph Brereton, &c. Attorney Minshall's man came past 11; his master past 4; also Ince the barber from Chester to trimme me; Huson came past 10; went back about 6; Charlotte retorned past 8.

8.Thursday, Mainwaring & Minshall went about 7 towards Peover; Burgesse brought a buck from Shotwick; Alcock a taylor came to Roger& dined with us; Smith came after dinner to borow my barne at Moldsworth; they went before 3; Cadwalader retorned.

9.Friday, the surgeon Cottrell came past 9 to let daughter Mainwaring blood; one Bird came with a woman to see cosen Mainwaring's mayde; they dined with us; in the evening came Robin Gleg.

10.Satorday, Houseman went past 10 to Chester; retorned at night; also Mainwaring retorned about 9.

11.Sonday, Mainwaring's Charlotte,&c. went to church in the morning; Houseman went to Chester, after dinner; came back at night; Angell came past 4; about 9, my most deare sister Anne departed this life.

12.Monday, Huson came about 9; went to Chester about 11; also the smith; & Houseman to Aston; Foster came to make a coffin; Morgan came past 11; retorned past 4; Huson, Houseman & the smith came past 9 from Chester & Roger past 8 from setting.

13.Tuesday, Foster came about the coffin; Hixon went to Brynner & Ruabon; Houseman to Chester; a man came from Aston from Sir John Crew ,&c. past 2 came Mrs Cooper & cosen Ravenscroft & Mrs Bolland; they went past 5; Houseman retorned at 9.

14.Wednesday, Houseman went to Chester; Dutton came with lead & retorned to Lach; a man from Olton came to visit us; Wright & his wife came from Bechin, dined in the buttry; about 5 came cosen Whitley & his brother, Morgan about 8; Roger was out all day, came back past 9; Hall brought the hearse in the evening; stayd all night, &c. soe did John Wright.

15. Thursday, about 8 they carryed away the body of my deare sister Anne to be buryed at Hawerden; Mainwaring, cosen Whitleys & severall neighbors went with them; also 2 Charlottes, cosen K. Mainwaring, women servants, &c. Mr Phillip Egerton came too late, stayd awhile with me; went home; Mainwaring, his sister, Charlott's, Houseman, &c. retorned at night.

16.Friday, Mainwaring & Roger went to Lord Rivers; Houseman to Utkinton; 2 servants came from Sir W. Aston, & Mrs Offley to visit us; Angell came past 11; Mainwaring, Roger, G.Mainwaring & Streete came at 5; stayd till 6; Lee came at supper; Huson at 11; [fo. 149v] 17. Satorday, I went to Chester with Mainwaring, Roger & Angell; lighted & dined at the Bull (G.Mainwaring, Streete & Recorder with us) after dinner came Captaine Wright, Kinaston, Lloyd, Morgan, Farington, Parry, &c. went away past 6.

18. Sonday, was not at church; Mainwaring, daughters, &c. went; & Roger in the afternoone; Huson & his wife came in the evening; retorned home that night.

19. Monday, Mainwaring went early to Peover; Claxon & Bates came to talke of building at Shotwick; past 2 came Crew & his lady to see us; at 3, I & Roger went to Chester (also Walforne) I went to the funerall of Mrs Skellerne; soe to the church; then to Jackson's with Murrey, Hemthorne, Bruen, Jolly, Kinaston, &c. Angell came to us; Gleg, Dorington, &c. we went homewards past 6; at Boughton we had notice that some bayliffs were gone a little before to arrest Roger; he left the coach, took Walforne's & rid back towards Chester; a little before (neare Reeves, his house) my coach was stopt by 11 or 12 people; one of them demanded if Mr Roger Whitley were in the coach; I told him he was, my name was soe; he said he had a writ to serve; I bad him doe his duty; some of his company puld open the doore of the coach; he then said it was against Roger Whitley junior; I told him he saw who was in the coach; he might do his duty; then he said he found he was not there; I told him he ought not to have stopt me in that riotous manner with soe many people on the King's highway; that I would question him for it; I desired to know his name which he refused to tell me (which I thought strange, if he were a lawfull officer) but he & his company hasting away, some of the standers by told me his name was Radford, that he lived in Hanbridge; soe I & Walforne went home & Roger also met us neare home.

20. Tuesday, Pratchet came from Dedington; the barber from Namptwich; a carpenter & bricklayer from Chester; sister Whitley, cosen Morgan, cosen Cooper, Mrs Stringer came at 12; dined & went at 5; Gerard & his wife came about 3; went past 5.

21. Wednesday, Moses went about 7 towards Dyssert; Mosse, his wife & Eaton came about a lease; Roger went to Utkinton past 11; Walforne after him before 12; Angell came before 2, went about 4; cosen Whitley came at 3, stayd all night.

22. Thursday, Burges brought pigeons, &c. from Shotwick about 10; past 11 came Lady Aston, her daughter, Mrs Crew-Offley & Mrs Lee; past 12 came Crew, his lady & Wheateare; they dined, went about 5; Angell came at 12, stayd all night; past 9 Roger's daughter & her mayde, Morris, &c. came from Shrewsbury.

23. Friday, Charlotte, 2 cosen Mainwarings, Charlotte & Betty went to Aston; Angell went before them (about 10); past 10 came Johnson, Peck, Donald, Waine & his daughter; also Neile the faryer; Johnson, Peck, Donald dined with us; Waine, his daughter & Huson in the buttry; Jackson came after dinner & stayd till about 5; the rest went before; Huson went home past 7; Roger & cosen Whitley went out at 5; retorned past 9; Angell, Charlotte, retorned past 5.

24. Satorday, G; Mainwaring & Streete came at 9, retorned before 12; daughter Mainwaring, her daughters & 2 cosen Mainwarings went to Peover past 10; Angell & my sister to Chester before 11; cosen Whitley to Aldersey's past 1; also Cartright to Chester; came back at night.

25. Sonday, Roger & cosen Whitley went to church; Wheateare dined with us; cosen Whitley went homewards past 1; Minshall came in the evening, past 7; Jordan dined here, went past 2.

26. Monday, Huson came about 10; Morris & the mayde retorned to Shrewsbury; yong Mr Davyes dined with us; went with Houseman before 2; cosen Powell came past 2; Minshall went past 3; Davyes came with Houseman agen, stayd all night; a cooper came from Shropshire to goe to Shotwick; Grantham came, stayd not.

27. Tuesday, Huson went at 7 (the cooper with him) to Shotwick; Houseman to Hope; a gardner brought a letter from Peover; Minshall brought rent for land at Bechin; Birdsey dined with us; Hardwar came after dinner; they went presently; Leigh & another Chester man came about 12; these were they that gave us notice at Boughton that the bayliffs were before to arrest Roger; they did eate & drink in the buttry; went about 4; my sonne Thomas came past 7; Colonel Harman with him; I left them at 10; they sate up till one.

28. Wednesday, G.Mainwaring, & Streete & Jackson came at 12; Mainwaring, my daughter, &c. came at one; Jackson, Streete & G.Mainwaring went about 4 or 5.

29. Thursday (cosen Powell went home about 9 interl.) Mose & Houseman went to Boughton & Chester at 9. I went after them, cald on them at Bruces; then I cald on the man at the Black Lyon; then to Jackson's; there was Nathaniel Lee; G.Mainwaring, Mainwaring, 2 Glegs, & Colson the barber, &c. I went thence past 12 with Lee & G.Mainwaring to his house; dined there; after dinner came Lee Attorney & Downes about Roger's money; also Mrs Lee; we went past 4 to Jackson's; I & Nat. Lee went to ?Wilcox to give information about the Riot; then we went to Jackson's, there came Ormes & 3 more; I went past 4.

[fo. 150r]

30. Friday, Hughson came at 9; he, Houseman, William Davyes & Simson went to the Audit at Midlewich before 10; Nixon & the buttler went to Chester about 11; about 2 a man brought a letter from Alderman Wilcox; Nixon & Buttler retorned at 7.