Roger Whitley's Diary: December 1690

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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December 1690

Decr: 1st. Monday, went with G.Mainwaring to Swinsen; then to Westminster together; dined at Bacchus with 2 Mainwarings, Bellot, Samuell, Gold, Burrage, my sonne, Streete, &c. went to the comitte, then home.

2. Tuesday, went to Westminster, our Report was made, carryed against: us by one; dined at home with Bidolph, Mainwaring, Jackson, Chester witnesses, Roger, &c. past 6, I went to the club; there was Every, Maxwell, Harris, Partridge, Rogers & another; I left them past 8, came home.

3. Wednesday, dined at home, Bidolph & Bradshaw with us, then came Streete, then 2 Mainwarings & Jackson; they went out about 3, came agen about 5, stayd not; onely Bidolph & I supt.

4. Thursday, William Morgan came to see me, then Whitworth, about Lord Maxwell's debenters; cosen Fairfax came & dined with us; in the evening, I went to the Sunne; there was Bidolph, Jarrat, Jones, my sonne, Lewes, G.Mainwaring, Parry, Lea, Cooke, we parted past 9.

5. Friday, I & Mainwaring visited Lord Warington; I dined at home; about 3 came Coling then Parry, then Gilmore; they went about 4; then Roger came; then Lord Pawlet, Mainwaring & Bellot; they stayd not ½ houer, &c. about 6 I went to visit Wood; then to the 3 Tunnes neare Grays Inne; there was Coling & Gilmore; we came home about 10.

6. Satorday, Parry came to see me past 11; went away before 12; dined at home.

7. Sonday, dined at home, William Mainwaring & Jackson with us; went in the evening to Wood, there was Gilmore, Coling, Maxwell & another; went thence to the Crowne; there was G.Mainwaring, Streete, Comberbach, another (stranger), Whitaker, Mainwaring, Minshall, &c. parted past 9.

8. Monday, Coling & his daughter dined with us.

9. Tuesday, dined at home, Jackson, &c. with us; went to Wood past 5.

10. Wednesday, dined at home, Jack Whitley & his wife with us; Morgan, Jackson, Minshall, &c. went to Wood, about 6; then to Mainwarings Coffe house, then to the Crowne; there was 2 Mainwarings, Bellot, Parry, Morgan, Ben: Gerard; parted at nine; brought Bellot home. Leigh came in the morning to take my answer to C[ouns]ell.

11 Thursday, G.Mainwaring came about 10, stayd not, I went to the Citty past 11, with Bidolph; then to Mr….

[fo. 126v]

Decr: 11 ..Mosiers; dined at the Angell with Bidolph, G.Mainwaring & Parry; then to the Sunne with them; there was Jones; then came my sonne, Lewes, Dashwood; retorned home before 9: 12. Friday, I went to Kensington with Mainwaring, Bidolph & my sonne; kissed the King's hand in the Bedchamber; dined (with them) at the Blew Posts, Bidolph & I went at night to Wood, then to Swinfen, then home past 7; a man came (in the morning) from Howard about Manley's money.

13. Satorday, went to London with Bidolph; left him with Gleg; went to Mosier, there was Cuttler; Mount came after him; Mosier read over my will, gave directions to Mount; I dined at the Angell with Bidolph, 2 Mainwarings, Whitaker & Borage; Bidolph went betimes; Whitaker's sonne after him; Traverse came to us; then Bellot, Lee & Bradshaw; we removed to the Sunne (all but Traverse) there was my sonne, Morgan, How, & Jackson; Mainwaring & I parted past 8.

14. Sonday, dined at home with Bellot, Minshall, Jackson & Kent; after dinner came William Mainwaring; he & Jackson stayd not long; then came Coling & Gilmore; they, Bellot & Mainwaring went about 6; I went to Wood; there was Dr Ashenhurst; I stayd ½ houer, went home before 8.

15. Monday, dined at home, Bidolph with us; went at night to Wood; then to Lord Maxfeild, saw him, & Lady Gerard; went then to the club; there was Harris, Cooper, Partridge, Maxwell, (Craven interl) & Shard, Mainwaring came in late; we parted past 10.

16. Tuesday, dined at home; Madame Offley, Lady Gleg,&c. came to visit in the evening. I stayd in all day.

17. Wednesday, dined at home, Mainwaring with us; Bidolph went to Luton; stayd within all day.

18. Thursday, dined at home; stayd in all day; Coling called at night; soe did Jackson & Fletcher.

19. Friday, Pigeon came to me; then Lord Portland's secretary about Roger's money; then came Foche, then Tovey; after dinner came Minshall, did eate some cold meate, &c. stayd not; then came brother Peter & Morgan stayd but a while;,&c. Jackson & Fletcher went out of toune.

20. Satorday, dined at home, Tovey came to see me; soe did Wood at night.

21. Sonday, G.Mainwaring & Knevet dined with us; went before 3; then came my sonne, & daughter, went about 5; Mrs Wood came about 3; went at 6; Bellot & his kinsman came about 9 & stayd till neare 10.

22. Monday, Mrs Fennick came to speake about Rogers money; Wood came about 4; stayd till 6.

23. Tuesday, dined at home, &c. Mrs Wood came in the evening, then Lord Warington, stayd till 10.

24. Wednesday, dined at home; Minshall came about 4, stayd till past 7.

25. Thursday (Christmas Day) stayd with; in all day; (Coney came to me about copper; brother Peter called, stayd not interl); Roger & Kent supt with us.

26. Friday, Kent came to me about Rogers businesse; Mrs Wood, cosen Kate & Minshall dined with us; Wood stayd till 10 at night; Bidolph sent his coachman with poultry from Luton.

27. Satorday, cosen Kate came to see me before she went out of towne (past 12); I went at night to visit Sir Ed: Wood.

28. Sonday, William Mainwaring dined with us, Cotton & lady came in the evening; they went neare 6; then I went to Wood, stayd awhile, went home.

29. Monday, dined at home; Mrs Wood, & Minshall with us; past 3, I went with Minshall to a Master's of Chancery, to give in my answer to Shepheards bill then to Humfreys, then to Tovey's; then home; 30. Tuesday, (Fowler came to me about 10: then I interl); I went to Mosier; dined at Pontacks with Mainwaring, Bellot, Lewes, my sonne & Borage; he left us about 4; the rest went to the Sonne; Baskervile & his sonne in law came to us; also Morgan & Hilman & a Cuttler; we parted neare 9; brought Bellot home, stayd with him till 11.

31. Wednesday, dined at home, stayd within all day; Roger, Mrs Fennick & Kent was with me about 4; Mount was with me at night.