Roger Whitley's Diary: December 1694

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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December 1694

2. Sonday, was not at church, daughter was; Gill, Bowker, Burges &c. were with me in the evening.

3. Monday, Huson came about 10, Pointon came & dined with us; parted past 2. no other company or businesse. onely Antwistles man with a letter.

4. Tuesday, Sherwood came to me when we were at diner; had dined before; went past 2. Cadwalader brought a poore deere found famishing 5, Wednesday, Houseman went to the funerall of my tenant Crosse's wife; Huson went past 11 to Chester. a man came from Mostyn with a letter to daughter Mainwaring from Roger. Gerard & his wife came about 2. went past 4.

6. Thursday, Houseman went about 7 to meet Sherwood at Tatenhall; Charles Davyes & Fletcher came about masons work; went past 2. daughter & sister went to visit Mrs Bruen; Crew & Hough came before 3. went past 4.

7. Friday, Huson came about 10. Houseman went early to Mostyn to bring Roger to Peele.

8. Satorday, no company nor businesse; Huson went home past 4 . Houseman retorned about 8 & Roger with him.

9. Sonday, I was not at church, Roger, my daughter &c. went in the morning.

10, Monday. Huson came past 10. Fletcher about masons work at the new Common Hall; they dined in the buttry; then came Charles Danyes, he & Fletcher went past 2, a man came from Mr Lee to offer himselfe for a husbandman, he was too young; daughter & sister went to Tarvyn to the funerall of Mr Bruen's child & to visit Mrs Gerard; Key came to the evening; stayd al night.

11. Tuesday, Key dined with us; then went away; Smith also dined with us Huxley came past 2 then was Smith's lease sealed for Hanley's tenement in Tatenhall; they went before us.

12. Wednesday, Carington & Row came about leasing Carington's tenement; no other businesse.

13. Thursday, I sent Thomas with a letter to widow Cookson about her rent; about 1 came the Macebearer & Williamson; they did eate in the buttry; went past 2; Richard Hughes came about 5.

14. Friday, Sherwood & Smethurst came past 10 then Mrs Fryer; she about lease dined, went past 3. G.Mainwaring, his sons, Mr Parry came when we were at diner; went past 4. Mosse & his son came past 3. payd 1/2 in part of the bond [fo. 181v] December 15. Satorday, William Row & Caringtonn came & had the lease sealed; Huson was home at night.

16. Sonday, Mr Gerard came to Peele (past 11) administered Sacrament to me & Roger, daughters, sisters, servants &c, dined, retorned about 7; Roger, daughter &c. went to church after diner; Richard Hughes & his cosen continued here; Burges, Gill, Bowker were with me in the evening; were to goe to theire work agen on Monday.

17. Monday, William Row brought me a bill for 45 li. (part of his fine) Mrs Fryer came past 1 about Sherwoods lease; stayd not, Bostock came about mason's work; went before 3.

18. Tuesday, S: Hussey came about his lease, agreed & went past 3. Richard Hughes & his cosen went before 4.

19. Wednesday, Coker came (another with him) about 11. dined received money, & gave a bill for 25 li. on Tues at London; went about 3. Houseman came (past 12 to Tarperly. Flint about rent to widow Cookson; Roger & Bromley rid out in the afternoone, these went home at 7. Cadwalader brought a dove?.

20. Thursday, the coachman went to Chester & Griffith with 2 carts; Brock went after them about 11, retorned before 7.

21. Friday, Cadwalader retorned & Brock went (about 8) to Dyssert; Row brought 15 li. in part of his fine; Mr Flint dined with me, went past 2. the coachman & Griffith retorned from Chester.

22. Satorday, Houseman & Brock went to Chester past 10. Huson went home. Burgess came from Shotwick in the evening.

23. Sonday, I was not at church; Roger, daughter Mainwaring went in the afternoone; Moses & Bowker were with me in the evening.

24. Monday, Row, Carington & his wife came past 10. settled accounts with Houseman, paid him (in part of Carrintons arrears of rent li. 12:17; 6 which he gave to my daughter). Neate came to cure a carthorse; Done brought 10 li. (in payment of his fine) given daughter; he dined with Huson in the buttry. went past 2. Crosse & Widdens came past 5 but did not see them; Profit came from Disferth; brought rabits from Mrs Hughes.

25. Tuesday, Christmas Day. daughter &c. went to church.

26. Wednesday, Griffith & 2 carts went for coales; Buttler went to Chester about 8. retorned at 5. Bryan Bolland came in the morning, stayd not long. Jordan came dined; Bromleys brother came dined, stayd all night. Huson went home in the evening.

27. Thursday, some of the yong women & servants went to Chester. past 11 Gray came about the guttering in Davyes more;.

28. Friday, Charlotte, Sidney &c. went to Chester; Sherrard & Smithers came at 11 about lease of Tatenhall; then came Croughton, yong Murray, Edwards, Cothill, a stranger with them; all dined, then came Sparks, dined in the buttry; then 2 men to sing carrols; they did eate there also; all parted before 4.

29. Satorday, Huson went about 9 Bromley retorned from Namptwich, Huson paid Rogers servants theire wages last night & told them they were discharged. I & Roger & daughters left Peele came to Chester past 4. That night G.Mainwaring, Deane, Lawson, Jack Johnson were with me.

30. Sonday, I went to church, received the Sacrament; cosen Whitley dined with us.

31. Monday, Adams, Brereton & (Cratchley were interl) were with me; Lowe & Mrs Brereton came to me about Dr Pennington. Sam: Jones writ to me from the Northgate by his sister about Captaine Becks suite; I sent him to the Captaine. he promised to come to me next day (cosen Whitley &..? interl) I went to the [ Penthouse] past 4. 2 freemen were made & other businesse done about the lottery &c; then to the Ship. there was Streete, G.Mainwaring, Edwrds, Cratchley, 2 Sheriffs, we parted at 9, Houseman went to Tatenhall this morning.