Roger Whitley's Diary: November 1694

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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November 1694

November 1. Thursday, I went to the Parish church; some Aldermen, Sheriffs & the Almesmaster with me; they dined with me, also G.Mainwaring, Williamson, Cratchley & one Harison that read Prayers; they all went before 3. Brereton came to me about tollcorne & Adams about Penthouse businesse; about 7 I went to the Feathers; there was Edwards, Parry, Deane, & Wright; I left them at 9. Houseman went to Shotwick, retorned at 7.

2. Friday, Swordbearer was with me; then the Macebearer, also Cryer about the fees & perquisites of theire places &c. Pack with bills for the servants clothes; Radcliffe to get releife from the Assembly; Huson, Houseman, Lightfoote, Meadows &c. went to survey the mayors lands held by Alderman Ince; some of the children & servants went to Peele in the afternoone; I went to the Penthouse in the evening; about 7 to the Ship with Streete, G.Mainwaring, Bolland, Kinaston & Mercer; parted before 10.

3. Satorday, Cratchley was with me; then Johnson; I went to the Penthouse before 12. retorned past 1. the Captaine, Ensigne, Streete, G.Mainwaring, Edwards, Lloyd, Williamson, Adams dined with us; Bolland came after diner; about 4 we left Chester, came to Peele about 6 & met Mainwaring there from Peover.

4. Sonday, Houseman came from Chester; I was not at church; Mainwaring & daughter were in afternoone.

5. Monday, a man (& his father) came from Mr Lee to be my husbandman; went about 12. Mainwaring & Houseman went to Manley about the stone; retorned at 1. past 2 Charles Davyes came about the same businesse; Mainwaring went to Utkinton; retorned past 10. Huson came in the evening; stayd all night but I did not see him.

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November 6. Tuesday, Crew, Llee &c. came about 12. dined with us, parted before 5.

7. Wednesday, Griffith went to Chester with hay, linen, bottles &c. past 2 Mainwaring, daughter & I went towards Chester, called at Stanford Bridge by the way, did not light came to Chester before 6. about 8 Wayte from Manchester came about the roughfield; stayd 1/2 houer. Johnson came, stayd till past 9; G.Mainwaring came & Moris; went with him to join a company at James Mainwarings? 8. Thursday, Houseman went with Wayte to Lach about the Rough field, retorned at 12. Adams & Cratchley were with me; also Johnson about Bret's place. Mathers Browne came to get wheate money for his daughter; Wayte, Angell, sisters, G.Mainwaring, wife dined with me; I went at night to the Ship; there was Streete & Sparks (but he stayd not) 2 Mainwarings, Murray, Wright. Cratchley &c. I left them at 10.

9. Friday, I went to the Penthouse & Assembly past 11. retorned past 3; dined at G.Mainwarings with daughter Mainwaring, Angell, Sidney, Shales &c. parted neare 6. went to Tindalls at 7. 3 Mainwarings, Murray came to us; parted about 11.

10. Satorday, the Bishop came to visit me past 11. then I went to the Penthouse & thence, before 1, to Angells. dined there with Mainwaring, daughter, G.Mainwaring, his wife &c. took coach before 3 & came to Peele at 5.

11. Sonday, was not at church, Mainwaring & daughter went; Huson came in the afternoon; Moses & Burges (& Bowke interl) in the evening; Houseman went to Sherwood at Tarperly, retorned at 6.

12. Monday, Froyser dined with us; went about 4. Fincet, 2 Raphson's 2 Nortons, 2 sister Eyres dined in the buttry; I sealed a lease to Lettice Eyres &c. Raphson paid the fine (viz: 30) they went about 5.

13. Tuesday, Houseman want at 8 to meete Sherwood at Tatenhall; Mainwaring went to meete Crew & Chester frinds a coursing; Crew, 2 Mainwarings, Tindall, Murray, Melsh, Moore, Hough, Withers dined with us went about 4 (or past) yong & others dined with the servants.

14. Wednesday, Mainwaring went early to Chester; Houseman to Hawerden, Mold, Sherley, Bechin &c. Carrington came about his tenement; promises to bring frinds with him to take it; Bennet with a letter from Mr Taylor that he had paid the principall some interest &c.& about his bond &c. a Dutchman that lives at Warham came to see the frenchman; he says he knew him & his family in France; he dined in the buttry; sate with me awhile after diner; Mainwaring retorned at 11.

15 Thursday, Flint went early to Chester with brawne & 2 cheeses for London; about 12 Frith & another came to Mainwaring & dined with us; Bowker & Carterton went to Bechin; past 2 came Bruen & his wife, went about 4. Jackson came past 5. stayd all night. Flint came with him.

16. Friday, Mainwaring went before 8 towards London; Jackson went about the same tyme; Sir William Aston sent a servant to visit, he dined; the gardner of Peover brought us 2 capons &c. he had some plants from us.

17. Satorday, no company or businesse.

18. Sonday, I was not at church; Houseman & Broster retorned past 9. Bowker, Lasterson & Moses came at night about coming agen to Bechin.

19. Monday, Sherwoods man came to tell me his master would come to me on Wednesday or Thursday; Hughes came about slating.

20. Tuesday, Holland came about leasing at Lack; he dined with Houseman, came to me past 1. went about 2. Griffith went early with a cart to Chester for slates & bottles; retorned about 4; Gill came to look after 2 cows that ran away from Bechin; Key came in the evening, supt, stayd all night; at supper a fit of purging & vomiting took me; before I went to bed I had 3 vomits & 10 stooles.

21. Wednesday, Row & Carrington came to me about leasing Carington's tenement; Sherwood & Flint also came about leasing at Tatenhall & Sam Hussey at Lach. these dined with me, went before 3. a man came from Mr Griffith Jones to invite me to the funerall of Mrs Williams but we excused ourselves; Finchet came with 2 Cowleys to add lifes to 2 leases but stayd not; Morgan Whitley came at night; Key went after diner.

22. Thursday, Houseman & Broster went a shooting; Huson came about 10; past 3 Morgan & I went to see the new house at Akerley's; Samson came this evening to invite me & daughter's to dine with Sheriffe Bolland on Tuesday & help him with some venison; went back about 6. Charles Davyes came to get 5 li. (on Mainwaring's account) for getting pillars & had it.

23. Friday, Morgan & George Taylor went to the funerall of Mrs Hester Williams; no company or businesse this day.

24. Satorday, Mr Huit (& his son) came & signed articles for a lease of John Wright's tenement of Tatenhall; he dined with me; his son with Huson in the buttry; & with Mosse & Jack Joinson who had a lease for Hackneys tenement: (the wife being there) in mordpoore?.

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November 24, a tenant came from Alrey to Huson to discourse him about Mr Yarwoods having bin there to receive the rents that they had not paid him; my advise was to keep the money in theire hands; the businesses was settled alone by the Trustees &c. Huson went home that evening. in the night a cook mayd dyed 25. Sonday, was not at church daughter Mainwaring was &c. Bowker came at night about making the cook mayds coffin; Gill & Burges was here also.

26. Monday, Huson came about 10 the cook mayds frinds, mother, sisters & neighbors to her funerall about 12. Raphson & Newport came about widow Akerley; Hoskeys from Tatenhall about his lease; 2 Bostocks about theire work; they all dined with us, went past 3. Nanny Price went to Chester. Bowker & Gill were with me about work at Bechin 27. Monday, Griffith went early with his cart to Bechin for mist wood. Houseman to Sherwood at Tarperly about a lease, came to Chester at night; about 11 I & daughter went from Peele came to Chester at 1. dined with Sheriffe Bolland; there was severall Aldermen, Recorder, thing ? Parry, Angell, severall lady's in another roome &c. I & daughter came home past 5. at 7 Deane came to me ; then Kinaston, Streete, Johnson; all went before 10.

28. Wednesday, Adams came to me; then Flints brother about money, his father's to pay for a lease. then came Jack Johnson; I & daughter dined at Angells; went to the Coffee House at 4, then home at 5, went (with G.Mainwaring) to the Bishop, he was retired, did not see him; then to the Ship, there was Deane, Burrows, Murray, Parry, Johnson. parted before 9.

29. Thursday, I & daughter dined at G.Mainwaring; parted past 3. Johnson came to me with his bills; & Higgison about people's putting the geese in theire yard &c. past 5 G.Mainwaring & I went to Banners; there was Holland, 2 Treasurers, Williamson, Burrows &c. we parted past 9. went to Jackson's; there was G.Mainwaring, 2 Treasurers & Holland. we parted about 12. Houseman went about wood to Shotwick.

30. Friday, Edwards & Hind came to me; then Robinson, the Captaine of Invalids; then Adams, Morgan, sister Loyd & Sidney dined with me. Hatchet came about the money he owed; in the evening I & G.Mainwaring went to the Feathers; there was Streete. Loyd. Edwards. Morgan. Deane, Kinaston &c. past 8 we parted; I went with G.Mainwaring to the Ship; there was Morgan, Deane, Kinaston, Parry &c. we parted at 10 December 1. Satorday, I went to the Penthouse before 12. before 1 to sister Whitleys; G.Mainwaring, daughter & sister Sidney dined there with Morgan, his brother Roger; we went thence past 2. came to Peele at 5.