Roger Whitley's Diary: December 1695

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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December 1695

December 1. Sonday, was not at church; Houseman went to Bechin; retorned at night; my sonne's wife & children dined with me; after supper came Johnson & James Mainwaring; stayd till past 9.

2. Monday, Houseman & Huson went (past 8) to Brombrow; Cottrell dressed me about 11. Kinaston brought me 2 li. (for Shones ring) which should have been mine. he was Sheriffe (2 yeare s ago). Adams, Swordbearer, Macebearer were severally with me; about 4 I went to the new Hall. met Coker & Mercer at the bottom of the stayres; took them in the coach with me; we went to Garthers, had 2 flagons of ale; I went at 5 to the Penthouse & about 7 to the Ship; there (2 Tuesday, Johnson & Bennet, 2 Bollands, Roger came to me, I left them at 9 crossed out), Wilson, Allen, Bennet, 2 Bollands; Roger came to us; I left them at 9 3. Tuesday, Johnson was with me; then Streete (about Roger). past 12 I & daughters went to dine at Sheriffe Deane's; past 2 we went to the funerall of Mr Cooper; met them coming out of the house, went with them to the church doore we went into Anderson stayd awhile; drank sherry; came home; Hall of Cranage came to me about Shotwick wood; I insisted on 450 li.; promised to come agen tomorow.

4. Wednesday, Johnson & Hall, the Tanner, came to me about Hall's renewing his lease; then came Wright, Allen & Payne for a charity to Mr Murray (Minister) for his house & corne that was burnt; I gave them 10 s.; then I went to the Assembly at the Penthouse. retorned before 2. the Common Councell (all but 3 or 4 who were also invited) dined with me; all went before 5. Hall of Cranage spoke to me in the streete about Shotwick wood, I sent Howesman & Huson to him, but insisted on 450 li.. Huson & Houseman retorned today (about 2) from Brombrow & Shotwick.

5. Thursday, Jack Johnson was with me about his suite with his sisters; the Stewards of the Weavers about How's being made free, Cottrell looket on my knee; Huson & Houseman went early to Bechin & Tatenhall; sister Sidney, Mrs Done & Key dined with us. about 2 came Wilcox & his sonne; then Johnson, after him Denson; they went at 4. Mrs Mainwaring called but stayd not; the coachman came back from Peele 6. Friday, the Bishop came to see me. about 11 Cottrell came but did not dress me; Adams was with me about setting of the Court; Davyes brought me 4 payre of shoes & was payed. Streete came about Roger, to buy him horses, clothes, allowance of money; sister Sidney & Lloyd dined with us. after diner came Kinaston, Lewes & Crompton (who desired to be made free tomorow) Hand came from Lady Bumbery to desire me speake to her husband to compose & end differences with her daughters; Huson & Houseman came late to towne this night, but not to me.

7. Satorday, I went to the Penthouse at 12. retorned before 2. Streete. Lloyd, Johnson, Key, sister Sidney dined with us. James Mainwaring came after diner.Hodgkeys.of Tatenhall had his lease sealed. soe had Cook of Brombow; Griffith came from Peele; soe did Brewer but I saw him not; Jones complained that some of the Army Officers in towne hindered his drum to beate for volunteers; I gave him a permission to beate &c;.Huson told me he would goe home at night 8. Sonday, I was not at church. daughters &c. were; Penant, his wife & son, daughter & children dined with us; Broster went to Peele. Smith came thence but retorned at night; Johnson & James Mainwaring came past 8. went past 9.

9. Monday, Brereton brought me account of the last years toll corne; Robinson came about painting at the Hall cosen Kenyon, sisters, Lloyd & Sidney dined with us; I went at 4 to the new Hall. then to Lady Bellot, then to the Penthouse at 5, to the Ship at 7; there was Deane, Allen, Hand & Bolland, Streete came after then Taylor, Parry . I left them at 9.

[fo. 199r]

December 10. Tuesday, Huson came to towne; 2 Sheriffs, sisters & Key dined with us. past 2 came Taylor; went before 4 (this day I payed Cottrell 20 li. for dressing my knee crossed out I payed Cottrell 20 li for my knee interl) Huson, he & I discoursed of severall businesse in his hands; Houseman stayd out all night (Gray was with me about money which he & Recorder owed for interl). Smith brought Crews husbandman to be hyred.

11. Wednesday, Wright came past 11 about having a Sacrament on Sonday; Mercer, Birket & Sidney dined with us; Davyes complained of a woman that sold him bad corne; I went before 5 to the Gowthers; the comitte met there to agree with the workmen about the Hall; Hand & Johnson came home with me; Allen came afterwards, stayd till neare 9.

12. Thursday, sister Lloyd, Sidney & Key dined with us; before 4 I went to the new Hall; then to Mr Egertons, he was abRood, then to sister Whitleys; then home; 2 Sheriffs & Johnson came after supper; went before 10.

13 Friday, the Bishop came about allowing a minister, towards his maintenance at Brombow, & Streete about the election of Murangers; Adams & Macebearer about the same businesse; sisters dined with us; Houseman went to meete Mr Lloyd at Gresford about cordwood; I went to the Penthouse at 5 to choose Murangers; we had there 3 or 4 bottles of wine; parted before 8, called on Mrs Mainwaring; Henry came to us; I left them past 9. came home, supt.

14. Satorday, Mercer came with a coachman; Griffith from Peele with the cart; I went to the Penthouse past 12; retorned neare 2. Lloyd, Edwards, Adams, Key, & Sidney dined with us; Deane came after diner with the Proclamation for the Fast; then came Ince with George Harvey who proposed some alterations as to the building of the Hall. Frank Holland came to borrow halfe a crowne & Brock, the pewterer brought (after I sent for him) one of my plates (which I lost when I lived at St. Johns) he remembers he bought a dozen & 1/2 at my house & thinks it was from Huson but cannot remember what he bought besides; I sent for Huson but he was gone home.

15. Sonday, I went to church with daughters, received the Sacrament; 2 Sheriffs, son, his wife & children dined with me; Smith came from Peele; retorned againe.

16. Monday, Angell came to give M: Biddolph a vomit; Bolland brought Mr Jones his 40 s. for the Mayor's ring; I payed him his bill for drink. sister Sidney dined with us; after diner Charlotte founded in her chamber but I praise God she soone recoverd, Angell & Anderton came to her; a contreyman complained of Whitaker, a Butcher, for not paying what he owed him; he promised to pay part at Candlemas, soe parted. Fletcher came about the Hall; then Mr Wright about my certificate for having received the Sacrament. I sent for Adams to prepare the certificate; Johnson called to give me account of what they did in the Penthouse about auditing the Murangers accounts. Huson came to towne; Gill came at night in order to his going to Frodesley tomorrow.

17. Tuesday, my barber trimmd me; Moses went to Frodesley; Huson to Northop & Broster to Dyssart; Mr Holt & Tydder came (with Roger) & dined with us; after diner (about 3) came Parson Wright, the Sheriffs, Johnson, Allen & Adams about certificate for our receiving the Sacrament; also Sir Thomas Grosvenor with a letter to me about Sir William Williams petition & with him came Wilson, Bennet & Hilton; they went first & past 6 the Sheriffe & Johnson; Taylor came but stayd not.

18. Wednesday, (fast day but I was not at church) Brereton was with me about toll corne; James came from Peele but stayd not; Nixon went to Peele, retorned at night; sister Loyd dined with us; past 3 came James Mainwaring stayd awhile; past 5 I went to the Penthouse & past 4 to the Ship; there was Streete, Allen, Murray, Bolland & Anderson; parted neare 10. Huson retorned at night from the inquisition against Evans at Northop; Houseman was out all night.

19. Thursday, Wilcox sent word he would dine with me, afterwards Gamull did the like; they dined, also James Mainwaring (& Wilcox sonne interl) & Key; Pigot came to me from Grosvenor to advise how to proceed about Williams petition; after diner came Allen to the same purpose; I told him I had not yet considerd of it; I had separate concernes in it which did not relate to Grosvenor, soe ought not to put him to charge on my account; but I would doe what became me in the whole matter & in 2 or 3 days would give a further answer Wilcox gave me a paper of Mainwaring's account about the election. Johnson & J. Mainwaring came to.

[fo. 199v]

December 20. Friday, Johnson was with me about the wheate money & coales for the prisoners in the Northgate; 2 sisters dined with us; after diner came the Butchers to desire that no contrey butchers may be permitted to have a market on Tuesday (not being a market day) though Xmas eve; I told them I would examine president & advise with the aldermen tomorrow at the Penthouse; Taylor came with a letter from Wayte about the Commission & Intergatorys on Minshalls businesse. Holland brought 20 li. to Houseman in part of his bond; past 5 I went to visit Mr Holt; dranck 2 or 3 glasses of wine & left him past 6. came home; about 8 Winstanley brought me some salted turbats to see & to sell them if I liked them & the price.

21. Satorday, [Cottrell] came past 11 & bound up my knee, Bryan Bolland came to see me; I ordered him to pay widow Harberd 20 shillings out of the money he owed me for wood; I went to the Penthouse at 12, the Recorder was there but refused to dine with me; I came home about 2, Streete, Edwards, Murray, Huet, Deane, Johnson, Key, Sidney dined with us; after diner the Butchers (both of the towne & contrey) came about keeping the market on Xmas Eve; we orderd them to doe as was usuall in such cases; the Alderman & steward of the Bakers complained of some people going about to sell bread &c. but brought nobody before us, soe nothing was done; Moses brought a doe from Frodesley; Smith & the Constable of Ashton brought Prichard on supposition of stealing my sheep & a jack &c. Mr Booth sent him to the Castle; Johnson came after supper, stayd about an houer.

22 Sonday, was not at church; Tindall, James Mainwaring & Pemberton & roger dined with me; went past 2. the London coachman came to drive me.

23. Monday, about 12 Edwards, Deane, Parry & his sonne came to make Parry's 2 sons free; also 2 Coopers desire to made free also; I promised to come to the Penthouse in 1/2 houer. Bingley, Cottrells man came, I gave him 10 shillings. Streete came about the money Roger owed Sir Philip Cooke. I went to the Penthouse past 12. made 4 freemen; Sir Philip Coote came to me there; we parted before 2. I dined at home; in the evening came Allen, Hilton & Pigot about Williams petition; then Streete & Coote; dranck 2 or 3 glasses of wine; all went before 8.

24. Tuesday, Wilcox sonne came to know what news I had from London; Barber dined with me; Fletcher was with me about the money he owes me; Adams, I sent for but stayd not; Key dined with us; Streete, Johnson of the Beare & Ned Burrows came to me about removing the invalids in to the Castle; Streete & I went to visit Sir Philip Cooke at the Golden Lyon about 6 there was Mr Robert Buckley & Penant; the last 2 left us in 1/2 houer; we parted before 8, came home, after supper came Sheriffe Holland; I sent for Deane & Johnson; we parted about 10. Profit came from Dyssart & brought 12 rabits from Mrs Hughes.

25. Wednesday, (Xmas day) I went to church; the almesmen dined with me &c. soe did Sir Philip Cooke, Mr Buckley, Penant & Streete; all parted before 3. about 6 came Cooke & the Quaker of Tarperly about Sherards money. gave them a bill for 60 li.

26. Thursday, my son. daughter & children & Sidney dined with us; went at 6. I sent the London coachman to Peele. Whitfeild came for his lease (at Brimbrow) payed part of his fine; gave bond for the rest.

27. Friday, past 11 came, Edwards, Johnson, Sheriffs & severall others to desire me write Sir John Mainwaring to get a Mint established at Chester for present supply &c. sister stayd & Sidney dined with us; Captaine Jones came to complaine of a woman that spake ill of him; I desired him goe to Alderman Lloyd I not being well; Jones attorney came to me about 2 concerning the money my son owes him; I sent for Huson to him; they went together; I promised to pay him this night or.tomorrow. James Mainwaring came past 8, stayd past 9.

[fo. 200r]

December 28. Satorday, Brereton complained of Jellico for not paying toll for wheate being brought out of the countrey; I desired Johnson & Adams to come to me & to get the Justices to examine the matter; Streete. Lloyd & Johnson dined with us & my 2 sisters. Wrighr & Gray had theire leases sealed. Bryan Bolland came (for crossed out) about charity money I gave to the poore; Cottrell came to see me; Griffith came from Peele; Finchet came with Wright about his lease; Leadbeater came to desire leave to arrest Quick; I sent for Fox to retorne money to Morgan; Jones the attorney was with me in the morning about the money my sonne owed him & was paid it to Mr Parnell; about 7 Sheriffe Holland came to see me, stayd 1/2 houer; soe did Johnson after supper.

29. Sonday, was not at church; my sonne, his wife & children dined with us; stayd till evening.

30. Monday, Coker & Mercer came to me about 11. Streete came to complaine that the excise officers refused halfe crownes which caused great disturbance in the towne soe did the Swordbearer; I sent him to Firth about it; he & another officer came to me after diner; assured me they would refuse no clipt money that was sterling; afterwards came Warrington, Pemberton & Griffith with the same complainte; then Streete againe; I told them what Frith promised; Nixon & Madamoiselle went to Peele in the morning; retorned at night. Dr Angell, sister Lloyd & Sidney dined with us; about 3 came a French Captaine & another officer to take leave; being to march on Wednesday, Smith & the brewer came from Peele; I sent for them to give me account of the misdeamenors lately at Peele &c. they went back about 5. about 7 Deane came to see me, stayd but awhile &c, sister Sidney supt with us; Charlotte took a bath..

31. Tuesday, Dannalds old servant trimmd me Cottrell came to see me; Adams came to get my hand to a certificate of the good behavior of the officers & soldyers in the 2 company's of Colonel Beaumonds Regiment quarterd here & to signe a warrant for 4 carriages to remove theire baggage to Namptwich; I did both; Houseman went in the morning to Bechin; Huson came to towne in the afternoone; Broster came also from Dyssart; James Mainwaring, Wright & Gerard came to see me; past 2 went about 3.