Roger Whitley's Diary: January 1696

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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January 1696

January 1. Wednesday, (New Years Day) Johnson, James Mainwaring, Higgison, Davyes & Captaine Hamon dined with me. after diner came Streete, Lloyd, Edwards, 2 Sheriffs, Hand, Cratchley; Ince was sent for & severall constables & others about pressing 4 carts for the soldyers &c. they went past 6. past 8 Lloyd, Ince, severall constables & others came about the same businesse; they had another warrant signed for 1 cart in another ward; Houseman retorned this evening from Bechin & Kelsall 2. Thursday, no company this day but Adams in the morning; Ince was here about 4 but I was retired & did not see him.

3. Friday, Howesman & Huson went to Peele to pay servants wages & to discharge some of them; about 2 Edwards, Johnson & Pemberton were with me about the mint; went past 3. no other company or businesse this day. Houseman & Huson retorned late.

4. Satorday, I went to the Penthouse past 12. retorned neare 3. Streete, Edwards, Lloyd, Ince (& sister Lloyd) dined with us; Sheriffe Deane came after diner; all went about 5. then came Holland but I was retired, did not see him; Smith, the gardner & others came from Peele; but I had not tyme to talke with them; Profit came in order to his going to Dyssart; Huson intended to goe home; Frith & Bolland came to me past 12 about the clipt money.

5. Sonday, I was not at church; my sonne, his wife & children dined with me; I left them about 2. they went home in the evening; James Mainwaring came after supper; stayd 1/2 houer.

6. Monday, Broster went to Sir William Ashdown to wish on the wedding: Huson came about 8; he & Wright came to me in order to imploy the Sheriffe of Flint (in my sons suite) against Evans; Kerison came about his letter of Attorney to Foche; I went to the Penthouse past 5 in relation to Batho's Will & Collation; whilst we were there some wicked person threw a great stone through windows (at the upper end of the table where the Magistrates usually sit) but praised be God it hurt nobody; we parted past 7; called on Mrs Mainwaring; came home neare 8; Chatwick trimmed me..

[fo. 200v]

January 7. Tuesday, Broster went to meete Sheriffe at Hawerden about my sonnes suite with Mr Evans;Huson & Houseman went to Shotwick; Kit to Bechin; Norbery came about money owing by Mr Davyes to Booth & Golbourne (the last came to me in the evening to desire me to write to Foche about it. sister Sidney & Key dined with us; after diner Mrs Sherard & her aunt came about clearing her bond but did nothing, Houseman being absent; they were with my daughters; I did not see them; about 5 came Adams & Swordbearer from Wilcox to desire me write to our frinds in Parlement about our grievamces as to the duty on water bound coales & the tonnage of our ships & wishd I would call an Assembly to have a petition about it to the Parlement; Huson & Houseman retorned from Shotwick & Broster from Hawarden.

8. Wednesday, Norbery came about the money owing by Davyes to Booth & Golbourne that I would write to Foche about it; I discoursed Huson & Houseman about enclosing & leasing at Shotwick; Richard Hughes came about accounts; in the evening we all went to sister Whitleys, supt; Huson came to speake with me, stayd not, retorned home 1/2 houer past 8; Houseman not well, lay at Biggins this night.

9. Thursday, Parsons sent me 3 peices of Irish beef & sold me 2 couple of ling; Johnson cald before diner but stayd not; sister Lloyd & Key dined with us; Smith the brewer & James the smith came from Peele; retorned at night; Shayles man was with me, settled accounts with Houseman; Angell & sisters came about 3. I & daughter Mainwaring went past 3 to Mr Bunbery's; retorned after 5, 10. Friday, I & daughter Mainwaring went to Peele; retorned before 7. Johnson came after supper; stayd an houer, Adams came to us about giving notice of the Kings proclamation.

11. Satorday, I went to the Penthouse at 12 retorned before 2; Lloyd, Edwards, Johnson, Deane, Adams, Key, (Richard Hughes interl) dined with us; after diner came Wilcox; the rest went past 4; he about 5. then came Mercer & Coker about the Roodee keepers place; when they went came Colonel Cooke & Captaine Harrison; stayd till neare 8. a man came from Shropshire about leasing a tenement at Frodesley; I orderd Houseman to pay the coachman's wages (& discharge him interl) ; also John Griffith after supper James Mainwaring was with me but stayd not.

12. Sonday, was not at church; sonne, daughter, (Tomkins interl) & children dined with us & Kate Whitley;13. Monday, Chadwick trimmd me; I sent for James Mainwaring; afterwards he & Pemberton dined with me; also my sonne & daughter; John the coachman went away; I gave him 2 shillings, (besides his wages) ; Smith came from Peele to tell me of another sheep stolen &c. Hugh Grosvenor & Partington came to se me; stayd an houer; Fletcher & White came to talk about the Hall; the 2 sheriffs came past 5, stayd past 6. Adams came but stayd not 14. Tuesday, I went to the Penthouse at 12, reetorned about 2. 2 Sheriffs, Johnson, Grantham & Key dined with us; went about 4. Taylor & Huson came about 6. I gave Taylor the old depositions about the Roughfield; after supper came James Mainwaring. stayd not; then one Mr Bruen to desire me get him an imployment; went presently.

15. Wednesday, Cottrell opend the cloth on my knee; Danyes & Fletcher came about the Hall; Sidney dined with us; after diner Mrs Mainwaring came discoursed of Jacksons & her concernes; past 3 I went to the wheelwright at Boughton; retorned about 5. Philip came from Peele; Huson & Houseman examined the accounts of Lach with me; after supper Johnson & James Mainwaring came & stayd 1/2 houer with me; Adams came past 5; I gave him a draught of a letter to send to Sir Thomas Grosvenor & the Recorder to excuse my absence from Parlement.

16. Thursday, Adams was with me about the letter; I went to the Hall (the Quarter Sessions) at 12; retorned past 3. Streete, Edwards, Lloyd, Johnson, Cratchley, 2 Sheriffs, 2 Coroners, James Mainwaring & Adams dined with me; all went betwixt 5 & 6. my son came stayd not long; Smith came from Peele, gave me account that Prichard was whipt at Northwich quarter sessions.

17. Friday, after diner came Alderman Lloyd & the other Lloyd & Adams about an affidavit; also 5 Taylors to complaine of some that worked in towne & were not free; I went to the Penthouse at 5. retorned past 7. past 8 Johnson came to me, then James Mainwaring; went 1/2 houer past 9 [fo. 201r] January 18. Satorday, Mr Kirks, Moris & others of theire company came to me with a complainte against the binding of an apprentise to the damage of the company, I ordered them to be at the Penthouse at 12 where the businesse was settled to theire satisfaction; I came thither at 12 & stayd till after 2. Ellis came in the morning about Mrs Philips money; Streete, Lloyd, Johnson, 2 Sheriffs & Key dined with us; went about 5 19. Sonday was not at church; my sonne, his wife & children, cosen Kate & Tomkinson dined with me; went about 3.

20. Monday, Huson went to towne early; went with Houseman, Hall &c. about selling the wood at Shotwick; Jordan went with them about choosing a place to build in, casting for brick &c. I sent for Ellis & Huet about Mrs Philips debt & offered 2 bonds of cittisens to be assigned to her for it; Danat & one Brisco came to get leave to arrest one Browne; I sent the porter for Browne to speake with me about it. Brereton was with me about toll corne &c. Browne came to me, then Briscoe & Danat; I advised them to accomodate the businenesse among themselfes; if not I could not hinder the course of the Law; soe they went together. Cormisham brought me a letter from one Dorislas (who goes by the name of Norbery) to speake to Jackson to lend him a guiney; I desired Cormisham to excuse me to the gentleman that I could not move Johnson in any such matters; Arnot came about the hop yard; my 3 sisters dined with us; after diner came Bunbery, stayd not long; then Adams with a copy of K[ing] James' Instrument; then Hall (another with him) also Huson & Houseman with a draught of articles about Shotwick wood; Roger discoursed me about allowance of money during my absence if I went to London; after supper Johnson came & stayd till neare 10. I was past 6 with Mrs Mainwaring & agreed to give her a l ease of the Coy meadow for Rogers debt to Jackson.

21. Tuesday, Hall came (with his servant) Huson & Houseman & sealed articles for Shotwick wood (all within the Pales) Angell & 3 sisters & K[ate] dined with me; after diner came Jones about speaking to the Sheriffe in behalfe of Shaws wife (who was his lodger) the wife & another had bin with me in the morning to the same businesse; Pointon came to see me but stayd not; Browne came to get leave to arrest Brisco a smith; I told him I would send for him & persuade him to pay what he owed him; Lady Bellot came to visit us; Crosse & Cockson came about agreeing for the deere at Shotwick; I left them to agree with Huson & Houseman; the Quaker & James my smith came to me about the coach wheeles. I sent for Brises the smith, advised him to satisfy Browne his debt or the Law would have its owne course.

22. Wednesday, Palin came to me; after he & Moulson came & dined with me. Richard Lightwood was with me about 11; also the Swordbearer; I spoke to him about Symsons debt; in the evening I went to visit Gamull & Lloyd, they were both abRood. Hachet came with a complainte against old field?; I advised to discourse Adams in the matter; I went to Mrs Mainwaring past 6; there was Cartright her attorney & Houseman & daughter Mainwaring; I sealed a lease to her for Coy meadow; came home before 8. the Quaker came & the smith about the coach wheeles, I payd all the money to the Quaker for himselfe & all concerned in the matter. Smith was with me in the morning from Peele.

23. Thursday, Crosse came to me about the Hospitall businesse; Taylor about my severall concernes in his hands; sister Whitley & Key dined with us; after diner came Alderman Lloyd , Edwards, Cratchley, Johnson & Adams with a complainte against Eaton (toll gatherer at the water gate); we sent the porter for him, he was abRood; we signed a warrant to bring him before us at the Penthouse on Satorday; we sent to Mr Kenyon (Lord Derby's agent here) to desire him to come to us to heare the businesse examined for my lord's satisfaction; but he was in Lancashire; Mr Bunbery came about Neales Statutes; Cockson & Crosse about the deere at Shotwick; then Kensey from neare Peover with his son to be my servant; & Mary Pemberton from Peover [fo. 201v] January. 24, Friday, the Swordbearer was with me about Cooper, Simson &c. sister Sidney & Lloyd dined with us; also my sonne, his wifes sonne & Tomkinson; after diner Fox came about the money retorned to daughter Mainwaring; also Huet, Ellis & Bradborne about Rogers debt to Mrs Philips; for which I gave her an assignment on Kemps & Danats bonds; in the evening Robinson (Taylors clark) brought me the agreement with Cockson & Crosse for the deere at Shotwick to seale &c & the Peele gardner to take leave, I gave him 20 shillings to beare his charges to London; in the morning Kemsey & his [sonne] was with me; I hired his sonne for 6 li. the yeares wages; Parker the church warden & Adams came about a child left in the Rowes; the 2 Sheriffs, Johnson, Huet, and afterwards James Mainwaring supt with me; parted neare 10.

25. Satorday, I went to the Penthouse, dined at home; Johnson & Virginia Lloyd came to take leave of me; I tooke leave of cosen Mainwarings family, left my deare daughter Charlotte (sick) & 2 Bidolphs behinde me; took coach about 4 with daughter Mainwaring &c. came to Peele about 6.

26. Sonday, could not go church the weather being snowy & the waters out.

27. Monday, Huson came to me; we fell to our accounts; my sonne, his sonne & cosen Whitley came to Peele in the evening.

28. Tuesday, Grantham came about Aytrs businesse & Mrs Sherards &c. dined with us; & Roger came in the evening.

29. Wednesday, no other company but cosen Whitley, sonnes &c. Broster went to Chester to send goods to London.

30. Thursday, Grantham came agen; Adams & Swordbearer from Chester, dined; after diner they, cosen Whitley, sonne, Thomas, & his sonne went to Chester.

31 Friday, I sealed a new lease to [blank].for Ayres tenement at Kelsall; Roger, Houseman & most of the other servants went to Kents in the evening; Huson went home, I sealed Gills lease..