Roger Whitley's Diary: February 1686

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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February 1686

[fo. 48v]

1st Monday, as I was in the hall with my daughters (who were going out to Lady Cottons) there came in an odde kinde of fellow, I asked him what he would have; sayd he would speake with me; I bade him speake; he asked me what hopes of the soldyers money that were disbanded; I told him I could say nothing to the matter; that was all the answer I could give him; he seemed unsatisfied & went away muttering; I went to the spectable maker neare the Sunne to mend my spectables; I spoke with Alderman Jeffreys & Sir Thomas Griffith on the Exchange & a french man spoke to me about Mr Arthurs bill for Roger; I spoke with Mr John Heron about taking Sir William Ashton's sonne; I called at Mr Nokes to enquire for Mainwaring. Sir John Elloways was in the shop & saluted me; I went to the Swan; there was Mainwaring Abraham Dashwood, Heron & 2 more, then came in another; we pd 6d a peice & parted; I bought Bertram's book at the stationers by Popes Head Alley; I called at Sir Robert Claytons; spoke with him & Keck; then called on Lady Player; she was in bed but found her brother & sister at dinner; dined at home; in the afternoone Saladine & Rowland came to me, stayd about 1/2 houer; then came Sir Bernard Gascoigne to discourse the businesse of the Post Office; after he parted I went to Humfreys; he was abroad; I spoke with Mr Cod; came home.

2. Tuesday, I went to St Lawrence; Kidder preached; Hilman came for his money; I sent Houseman with him to Jones; I sent for the next barber to trimme me; I dined at home; afternoone Jones came to me to goe to Sir Thomas Chitchley; in the evening I went to Humfreys; I met Sir John Wynne under the trees; he, Mainwaring & I walked a turne or 2, together; Mainwaring & I went to Mr Buckley; Vaughan came to us; we stayd there, till 10: then came home.

3. Wednesday, Mrs Wood dined with us; in the afternoone her mother & brother came to see us: they went away together; about 5, Sir G.G. came to me (having sent his man in the morning to desire me to be at home); he stayd but awhile; then I went to the Fountaine; Sir Edward Wood, Rogers & Maxwell came to us; we parted before 10, came home.

4. Thursday, I went (with Mainwaring) to see Mr Offley; Lord Derby came in whilest we were there; we went thence to Lord Delamer; stayd but awhile; I called on Sir Thomas Chitchley; then on Sir Robert Clayton & Keck; then home to dinner; Mainwaring & Dashwood dined with us; Mr Baskervile sate by; about 4, I went out with my daughters to visit Mr Harry Griffith & Lady; there was severall gentlewomen with them; I went then to Sir Francis Clark; 3 of his daughters were with him; then came in a gentleman, after him, a gentlewoman; strangers to me; I left them in 1/2 an houer; then went to Mrs Vanhams; she & her daughter were at home; my daughters with them; about 6 we came home; about 7, I went to the Bull Head; there was Lea & Gleg; then came Sir William Aston, Mainwaring, Dashwood, Baskervile & Baroby; Aston stayd but awhile; we all parted about 10.

5. Friday, Jones the scrivener came for Oneby's rent & had it; Lady Wood & 2 daughters dined with us; Sir G.G. came in the afternoone; stayd about 1/2 houer; in the evening came Sir Bernard Gascoign about the Post Office; stayd about 1/2 houer; past 6 I went to the Ship in Grations Streete; there was Mainwaring, my daughters, Mrs Pigot & her sonne; we had oysters &c; the women playd at cards; Saladine came to me in another roome; stayd not long; past 8 Scotto came, afterwards Minshall; we all parted about 10.

6. Satorday, I went to the Parish Church, being the Kings holiday; I dined at home; went in the afternoone to Humfreys, then to Clargys (he was abroad) then to Lady Wood, saw her, her daughters & Mrs Langton, then to Lady Gerard; there was her daughter & 2 maides working in the roome by her; at Grays Inne gate Sir G.G. came to the coachside to me; we agreed to goe to Done about the accounts on Tuesday morning: I came home before 7.

7. Sonday, I went twice to church: dined at home; after evening sermon Baskervile came home with us; we dranck a glasse of wine; past 5 Mainwaring & daughters went to Lady Woods; she, her daughters & Langton were at home; then came Sir Edward; he, Mainwaring & I went to Jones: we dranck 3 bottles of wine; Jones often with us; we brought Sir Edward home; then went home with my daughters.

[fo. 49r]

8. Monday, Waring came to me about Plimley's businesse; I went with Mainwaring to Westminster; walked an houer in the Hall with severall people; went thence with Sir William Aston & 2 Pickerings in my coach to take leave of Lady Aston; then Sir Willougby called on Pickering at the end of Paternoster Row; then he, the other Pickering & I went to Pontacks; there we dined with Offley, Mainwaring & Minshall; we parted before 5; I came home; past 7 I went to Sir G.G. chamber in Grays Inne, he was abroad; my 2 daughters went to take leave of Lady Aston; called on me before nine, went home.

9. Tuesday, I went to St. Lawrence, Tillotson preached; thence to Claytons; spoke with Keck; met Lady Clayton & another at the gate; brought her into the parlor; called at Lady Players; she was not well, spoke with her mayde, came home; Mr Thomas Offley & brother Peter dined with us; John Whitley came after dinner; I spoke with him awhile in the buttry; told him of the bad company he kept & the ill courses he took; advised him to get into some honest imployment or goe beyond seas or goe home to his frinds; for here he would be ruined; he promised to look after imployment or goe beyond sea; he sayd he would come often to see me; I told him I would be glad to see him if he would get into some honest imployment, I would help him all I could; soe we parted; Offley and brother. went immediately away; then came Minshall; I left him & Mainwaring together; went to my chamber; before 5 came Mr Millington, then Mainwaring came in, then Mr Parkhurst, then Pickering; Parkhurst went away soone after; then came Gleg, then Millington went, then Mainwaring, the other 2 went past 8. I stayd within all night.

10. Wednesday, Cosens trimmd me; I went (with Mainwaring) to Westminster; stayd there, talking with Duncombe, Clayton, Sir G.G. &c. till neare one; came home; Sir Edward Wood dined with us; about 5 I went to Depuy; there were company with him; had a short discourse in the inner roome; went thence to the Swan in Cornhill; dranck a pinte of wine with Parsons, then a dish of coffee with Jones; then I went to the 3 Tunns on Ludgate hill; there was Gleg, Mainwaring & afterwards Cooper; we parted past 10.

11. Thursday, Mr Fowlis man came with a French bill of Rogers; I refused it; I went then to Depuy; Sir John Baber came into us, stayd awhile & left us; I discoursed with him till neare one; came home, found Jones there, he went with me to the French house in Lothbery; left me there with Lord Coote, Wentworth, Stephens, Mainwaring, Parkhurst & two others (strangers to me); we dined; Wentworth went first then Stephens; we all parted about 6; Mainwaring & I left Parkhurst at Grays Inne gate; went to the Rose taverne; there came to us Lord Delamer, his brother Cecill & Mr Charleton; they signed a bond to Charlotte; we had onely one bottle; called on Parkhurst at his lodging; he came to the coach with us; spoke with Mainwaring then we went home.

12. Friday. I went to Lord Dover's house & Clargy's, they were both abroad; then to Lady Wood; stayd awhile with her and her daughter Mrs Clare; then came home; went to dine at the French house in Lothbery; there was Wood, Philips, Mainwaring & myselfe; Sir William ........... was there, both before and after dinner to speake with Philips; Jones also came to speake with me and Mainwaring; Scotto came & dranck a glasse of wine; Nat: Booth came as we were parting; past 5 I met Sir G.G. on the Exchange; walked with him neare half houer; then met Saladine; went with him to the Coffee House, had a cup of tay; went home.

13. Satorday, next barber trimmed me; Kent came to me about Rogers debt; stayd neare half houer; Lord Delamer & Mr Stephens dined with us; after dinner came Baskervile, then Lee; afterwards Lord Delamers brother & 2 others; met his Lordship in the hall with some writings; pen & inck was called for; his Lordship went immediately away; his brother & the other 2 after him; then went Baskervile & Stephens; Lea went with Mainwaring past 5; about 7, I went to the French house; there was Offley, Thomson, Stephens, Lea, Mainwaring & another (a stranger to me) we supt, parted about 10.

[fo. 49v]

Feb 14. Sonday, went twice to church; dined at home; Minshall with us; after evening sermon Baskervile and Minshall came home with us, then Mr Bird; we drank a bottle of wine; went with Mainwaring to visit Lady Delamer and her sonne to take leave of them (dropt Minshall by the way at Grays Inne); we found much company with old Lady Delamer, Lord Stamford was there; he saluted me at my going out; I was not acquainted with his Lordship; at Lord Delamer's there was his Lady, Mrs Offley, her sister, Lady Billet &c; my Lord was abroad; we stayd but a while; went to Sir Edward Wood; we saw him, Lady, sonne, daughters & Mrs Langton; stayd about an houer; called on Sir G.G. at his chamber; stayd an houer with him; came home; found Lea there; dranck a bottle of wine; parted past 10.

15. Monday, Lea came to see me, stayd not; I dined at home; about 3 Lea came agen; then Jack Whitley to tell me he would gladly get an imployment at home or abroad; would willingly goe to the East Indyes; when he went Saladine came and brought me some books; then Lea & I went to Williams chamber in Grays Inne about Lea's father's businesse; he was abroad; we spoke with his clarke; we met Sir G.G. in the court, walked a turne with him; left Lea at Lincolne Inne gate; went to Humfreys; spoke with him, there was Trant & 2 or 3 more there, came home.

16. Tuesday, I dined at home; after dinner Jones came; stayd awhile; past 4 I went out with my daughters to visit Mrs Vanbrug at Mr Weyman's house; there was he and severall (men and women) in the roome; we stayd awhile; he inquired how my businesse went; if nothing would be abated &c;I told him, I had but little hopes but must be content not to speake though I might think &c; my daughters went home; I went to the Tower; there was Lord Scarsdale, Lady Brandon; her sister & aunt with my Lord; then came one Mr Tipping (stranger to me) I stayd till neare 7; then came home.

17. Wednesday, I went to church; then to Sir Robert Claytons; spoke with him & Keck about my businesse; dined at home; after dinner there came a man to me (a stranger) with a letter from Morgan the coach maker about money he was bound for at Rogers request; I told him I would not be concerned for it but would send to Kent to speake with him about it & the woman, whose debt it was (as I have bin told); I went in the evening to Humfreys, spoke with his clarke; then to Sir Winston Churchill; stayd with him neare 1/2 houer; then to Jones; sent for Mr Yard but he could not come; I drank a pinte of wine with Jones; then went to the Globe in Fleet Streete; there was Offley, Stephens, Thomson, Fountaine & Lea; we parted past 11.

18. Thursday, I called on Baroby at the Coffee House, did not goe in; I spoke with Norton at his doore; I went to Humfreys; spoke with his clarke, about my Peticion; went to Clargys; brought him in my coach to Lord Hallifax doore; called at Lord Dover's; he was abroad; called at Sir Edward Wood; they were at dinner, he came to the coach to me but stayd not; I called on Turner, a bookseller, in Holborne; to aske for the life &c. of the Blessed Virgin; came home to dinner; Mainwaring & Lea dined with us; in the afternoone came Sir Robert Cotton, his lady, sonne & daughter; stayd above 1/2 houer; in the evening I went to Humfreys; there was Lady Dungannon & Mrs Baylis; I went to Depuy, he was not well nor to be spoke with; I called at Tovey's, soe home, met Corbyn at the doore, he was in drinck; stayd not; went to the 3 Tunns; there was Mainwaring, Lea, Baroby & Crispe; parted past 10.

19. Friday, went to Lord Brandon in the Tower; stayd neare an houer; he was in physick; called on Duncombe & Clayton in my retorne; they were both abroad; in the morning Bernard & another brought me a Coppy of the Decree against me & the Privy Seale; about one, Keck came to me to speake of the money; Minshall was at my house when I came from the Tower; he & Turton & brother Peter dined with us; they parted past 4, I went to Lady Wood; saw her, her daughters, sonne & cosen; Mainwaring came to me; we went to the Feilders in Grace Streete; there came Heron, then Lewing to us; we parted about 11, came home; there was Pigot and her sonne at cards with my daughters; I left them, went to bed.

(50r February 1686) Feb. 20. Satorday, Collin Birch his cosen came to speake to me about disbanding businesse; Sir Edward Wood called to see us; stayd but awhile; Mr Lewing dined with us; after dinner came Baroby & Baskervile; we parted neare 5; next barber trimmed me; stayd at home all night.

21. Sonday, went twice to church; Minshall dined with us; in the evening Mainwaring & I went to Lutwich; drank a bottle of wine with him; then to Williams at Grays Inne; we had 2 or 3 bottles of wine; another gentleman (stranger to me) came to us at last; when we came in we met Mr Thomas Vaughan, Mr Justice Wynne & another going out; we parted past 8; called on Baroby, there was his wife & another woman; Mr Calamy & two other gentlemen (strangers to me) with him; we left them before 10; came home.

22. Monday, I went to Lord Dover, he was in bed; then to Depuy, he was abroad; I went to Serjeants Inne; there was Lewing; I went with him to his chamber; feed him (as I did Powys before) to be my standing councell in all things except the present cause depending betwixt me and Mr Davys; I met Sir G.G. & his sonne Sam in the court; walked awhile with them, went to my coach, thither Humfreys came to me; discoursed awhile about my businesse; went then to the Sunne by the Exchange; there was Bedisford, Mainwaring & Dashwood; the 2 last dined with me at home; I past through Nokes his shop to ask for Mainwaring; spoke with his man; (met Dorisla in the streete; he desired to eate some oysters together on Thursday night interl); Jones came to me whilest I was at dinner; I talked with him awhile in the hall about Clayton & Keck; the upholsterers men came to put up a bed in Biddolph's chamber; I went in the evening with Humfreys to Lord Chancelors; his Lordship was abroad; then I put Humfreys downe at the end of Suffolk Streete; went to Depuy, he was abroad, spoke with his man; called on Humfreys; left him at the Temple; went to Garroways, sate there with Gulson neare an houer; went home; then Mainwaring came in; after him Baskervile & Gleg; parted about 11.

23. Tuesday, I went to Keck, discoursed my businesse with him; past through Serjeants Inne to the Temple; spoke with Humfreys clarke at the doore; came home to dinner; went in the afternoone to Sir Robert Clayton, discoursed him & Keck about my businesse (Sir Stephen Langham was with them but stayd not after I came in); I went then to Humfreys & with him to the Lord Chancelors; there was much company there; his Lordship spoke to us on the stayrs going out; bade us come some other tyme; I went to Depuy; his wife came in, talked of Cheshire & Lancashire friends but soone left us; I went then to the Vultur; there was Millington; stayd with him till past 10; came home.

24. Wednesday, the next barber trimmed me; Minshall came to Mainwaring they went with me to the Temple; I met Rowlands in the court, he told me of his troubles with Price the goldsmith; I went to Humfreys; he went with me to Lord Chancelors; he was sitting in the Court; much company there; one Williams asked me if I had seene Dr Jeffreys; Humfreys & I came away together; he parted in Cheapside; I came home; Mainwaring, Minshall & Lea dined with us; Sir Edward Wood sent his man to know where we should meete that evening; the Castle was named; there I found Wood, Sir G.G. & Gladstone; Mainwaring & Lea came to us but stayd not long; Sir G.G. left us betimes; we all parted before 10.

25. Thursday, a gentleman came to look on my geldings; I went to Humfreys, he was gone to Westminster, there I found him; Duncombe was there; I walked awhile with him discoursing of advancing money on the Duke of Buckingham's mortgage; I went with Humfreys to Lord Chancelors left him there; went to Woods; saw him, his lady, sonne and daughter; called agen at the Chancelors; Humfreys came with me to Cheapside; I dined at home; In the afternoone Saladine came to me with letters from France; I went to Humfreys; with him to Lord Chancelor; we were a pretty while with him; I brought Humfreys to Lincolns Inne Fields; there I met & talked with Owens Hughes; I called on Pigeon, found him & the other clark in the office; Done was abroad; I went to Wood & with him to the Sunne Taverne; there came to us Mainwaring, Hooke, Stephens, Garrrat, Dorisla & Lea; Dorisla stayd but awhile; we had oysters; we parted neare 10; Wood and Lea came home with us; his Lady and 2 daughters were at our house; they went away together past 10.

[fo. 50v]

26. Friday, there came a stranger to me to know if I would buy some land neare Sandbach or lay out 1000 li. on a mortgage neare Chester; I told him perhaps I had a friend might if he would give him the particulars soe he left me; I went to St Lawrence to the sermon; there I met Saladine, we walked awhile in the streets; then I came home to dinner; in the afternoone I went to Keck, then to Humfreys; walked with him awhile; Mr Wharton & another came to us & went with him to his chamber; I met Lord Coote & Sir Harry Ingoldsby in the Temple; talked awhile together; I went to Grays Inne to speake with Sir G.G., he was abroad; his man Franck came to the coach to me, I went to Duncombs, he was abroad; there was Mr Richard Kent; I stayd not; went to Garroways; stayd 1/2 houer with Sir William Gulston; came home.

27. Satorday, Lewing came to me, in the morning to talk of sister Whitleys businesse; he told me of the present differences at Chester &c; in the afternoone the next barber trimmed me; I went to the picture drawers in Cheapside; my daughters were there; thence to Humfreys; I met Captaine Crescet at the Rainbow doore; I came home before 7.

28. Sonday, I went twice to church; dined at home; after evening sermon Jones came to me, then Baskervile; Jones left us; then came Bird; they stayd till past 5; I went to Lady Gerard, she was abroad; then to Lady Wood; saw her, her sonne, daughters & Langton; there were some ladys visiting Martyn and his wife; went home in my coach.; I called at Grays Inne on Sir G.G., stayd but awhile; went home.