Roger Whitley's Diary: January 1686

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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'Roger Whitley's Diary: January 1686', in Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711, ed. Michael Stevens, Honor Lewington( [s.l.], 2004), British History Online [accessed 23 July 2024].

'Roger Whitley's Diary: January 1686', in Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Edited by Michael Stevens, Honor Lewington( [s.l.], 2004), British History Online, accessed July 23, 2024,

"Roger Whitley's Diary: January 1686". Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Ed. Michael Stevens, Honor Lewington([s.l.], 2004), , British History Online. Web. 23 July 2024.

January 1686

Jan 1st. Friday (New Years day) I went to church: dined at home; cosen Kate, brother Peter & Minshall with us; in the evening Minshall came again; supt with us, parted about 10.

2. Satorday, I dined at home, stayd within all day; in the evening Minshall came, stayd but a while; the next barber trimmd me.

3. Sonday, went twice to church, dined at home; Minshall with me; went in the evening with Mainwaring, Sir G.G. (at Grays Inne) about our accounts in Done's hands; thence went to the Fountaine; Wood & Maxwell came to us; parted about 9, came home.

4. Monday, I called on Sir G.G. went to Done's; he was abroad; his servant sayd in Lincolnes Inne walkes but we could not find him; then we went to Lady Gerard; stayd 1/2 houer; then I brought him, to Grays Inne Gate: soe home; Abraham Dashwood dined with Mainwaring & me & my daughter: went immediately away after dinner; in the evening went with Biddolph to the Castle Taverne; there were 2 Buckleys, Vaughan, Hooks, Offley & Mainwaring, Offley & some others supt; 2 Buckleys, & Vaughan; went past 9; the rest parted past 10.

5. Tuesday, I went to St Lawrence: Tilletson preached; Deane Shalford came to me about Dr Jeffreys money: I dined at home; in the evening came Sir Edward Lutwitch & Humfreys; then Biddolph, Mainwaring & Minshall; they parted neare 8.

[fo. 46v]

6. Wednesday, I went to the Quest with Chandler, Baskervile, Mitton &c. when I came home I found Sir Robert Cotton, his Lady & daughter at my house; they went presently away; I dined at home &c. a man came to me with a bill from Roger.

7. Thursday, the next barber trimmd me; Mr Carleton came & discoursed me about the Knight Harbingers place; I went with Biddolph, Mainwaring & Baroby to tast wine at the Kings Armes; I bought a hogshead; dined at home; about 3 went with Biddolph & Mainwaring to Dr Calamy's funerall; went to church with them, could get no roome, came home; before 7 I went to Duncombs; found Sir Samuel Dashwood with him; dranck 3 bottles of wine; parted at 10; I went to the Sunne; there was Biddolph, Mainwaring & Baskervile; then Cook came to us; we stayd there till past 11.

8. Friday, I went to Mr Powis in Lincolnes Inne, enterteyned him for my slanding councell (only in the businesse of the way, he was retained by Mr Davyes) I gave him 3 guineys; I went thence to Done's; spoke with Pigeon about the disbanding accounts: I went then to Sam Gerard; called at Lady Woode & Lady Gerards but went not in; called on Mr Wright, he came to the doore to me; went home; there found Sir G.G. & Minshall to dine with me; then came Lee & Mainwaring, Mrs Tovey also dined with us; they left us before four; Minshall went first then Sir G. then Lee; in the evening came Sir Thomas Gold, Alderman Chandler, Oneby, Baskervile & Baroby; we had 3 or 4 bottles of wine, some Cheshire ale & cold meate &c. Biddolph & Mainwaring were with us; Gold, Chandler & Baroby went betimes; the rest stayd till neare 11.

9. Satorday, went to Lutwitch; dined at home; in the evening went to Sir Edward Wood; there was he, his lady & daughters; stayd but awhile; met Minshall in Holborne Streete; went home immediatly.

10. Sonday, went to church; was not well, came out in the sermon; dined at home, Lee, Biddolph & Mainwaring with us; stayd at home all day; in the evening came Jones to see me then Gulston & his lady; then Cotton & his lady.

11. Monday, went to the funerall of Sam Gerard's wife; met them in Holborne; went into Mr Neale's coach with Biddolph & Mainwaring; went to St George church, retorned home in my owne coach; next barber trimmd me; I dined at Haberdashers Hall with the Quest; there was Alderman Bathurst, the Recorder, Aske, Wade, Norton &c; at my going out Mr Norton (one of the Quest) desired me to drink a bottle in the hall; there was Mitton, Barobyy, Dee, Baskervile & 2 or 3 more; I left them about 5; came home; about 7 I called on Baskervile to goe with me to the Kings Armes about agreeing for a hogshead of wine but he was engaged; Baroby went with me; the master of the house came to us; after him another gentleman (a friend of Baroby's); we had 3 pintes of wine; parted about 9.

12. Tuesday, Kent came to me about Rogers money; I went to visit Mr Egerton at Mr Lownes; we sate about 1/4 of an houer together in the lower roome; I went to the Temple; met Sir John Wynne in the passage; had only a few words of complement with him; came home; went to dine with daughters & Mainwaring at Sir William Gulstons; only theire family & oures together; we came all home a little past 9.

13. Wednesday, Sir Edward Wood, his Lady & daughter came to visit us; they dined with us; Mr Martyn came in after dinner to speake with Lady Wood; dranck one glasse of wine but stayd not; went away past 3; about 5 Sir G.G. & his eldest sonne came to visit me, then Minshall; they stayd not long; went away together; about 8 came in Mr Boutell of Manchester (with Mainwaring) Mainwaring left him with us, then came Lee; they supt with us; past 9 Mainwaring came againe; we parted about 10: Mr Jones came to see us after dinner & had directions to send me some phisick.

[fo. 47r]

14. Thursday, I took phisick; after dinner Tovey came to see me; in the evening came Jones to see me; then one Mr Fowlis with a bill from Roger; I would not accept it, only promised to consider; whilest he was with me came Lee & told us Lord Delamer was acquit by the Lords; Fowlis drank a glasse of wine & left us; Lee supt with us & Biddolph they went out about 10, I went to bed.

15. Friday, I was trimmd by the next barber; I went to visit Sir William Aston (with Mainwaring) he was abroad; we went then to Lord Delamer, saw him, his Lady & 2 Brothers; then I went to Done's; he was abroad; I spoke with one of his clarks; called on brother Peter, saw him & his wife, Sir Jon Uban was with them; I went to Pontacks, dined there with Sir Edward Lutwitch, Mr Powis, Biddolph & Mainwaring; went thence to the Sunne with them; Garrat came to us; Lutwitch & Powis went away about 8; the rest went into the kitchen with Dorisla, dranck 3 bottles of wine; Cook came to us but stayd not; Biddolph & I came home (Mainwaring went out by the way) we found Minshall at home, dranck a bottle of wine; he left us past 10.

16. Satorday, Mr Egerton sent his man to let us know he would dine with us; I went to visit Humfreys; called at Duncombs, he was abroad; called on Keck; found Egerton at my house; he dined with us; stayd with us all day; supt with us; Biddolph dined with us & stayd with us till Mainwaring came home about 8; went out awhile; retorned in 1/2 houer; Egerton supt with us, went away neare 11.

17 Sonday, went twice to church, Minshall dined with us; in the evening Minshall & Bowtell dranck a bottle of wine & a bottle of ale; I went to Sir Thomas Chitchley, a gentleman was with him; spoke to him of my businesse; went presently away; went with Biddolph & Mainwaring to Sir Edward Woods; saw him & his 2 daughters; went with him to the Grayhound in the Strand; Wright came to us; also the mistress of the house & her husband for awhile; he was in drink; Wood left us about 9; we all parted & went home about 10.

18. Monday, Sir Bernard Gasgoine came to speake with me about the Post Office; Sir G.G. came whilest we were together, stayd not; Sir William Ashton, his Lady & sonne came to visit us; went to see Bedlam; came againe & dined with us; Sir G.G. called but stayd not; in the evening I went to the Kings Armes; there were Nat Booth, his cosen & Bowtell; then came Minshall, then Baroby; Baroby stayd above an houer then left us, then came Mainwaring & Egerton; we parted neare 11.

19. Tuesday, next barber trimmd me; Lord Delamer, Bowtell, Minshall, Lady Wood, her 2 daughters & her kinswoman dined with us; in the evening came Mrs Humfreys & another gentlewomam; I brought them home about 6; went to the Sunne; there was Dorisla, Jarrat; Sir G.G., then came Mainwaring & Bowtell; Mr Cook came sometimes, in to us; Sir G.G. went first; then came Egerton; Dorisla left us, past 10: we all parted past 11.

20. Wednesday, I met Sir G.G. his sonne Sam & Mr Wren in a coach; we talked about going to Dones &; I called at Staple Inne; Warings clark came to the coachside to me; I went to Done's; he and his clarks were abroad; his man came to the doore to me; I came home to dinner; Mainwaring & Biddolph dined with us; after dinner I went with them to the Tower to visit Lord Brandon; whilest we were with him Lord Scarsdale came to him then Lady Brandon & her sister; we left them; I went with Biddolph to the Temple to Humfreys; he was abroad; we stayd awhile expecting him then came home.

21. Thursday, I went to Humfreys then to Done then to Sir Barnard Gascoine; he was abroad; I spoke with his man; I called at Mr Yards house; he was abroad; I also called at Mrs Toveys & at Mr Egertons lodgings; they were abroad; there came a man to me from Abney about Roger's money; I dined at home; Mr Lea, brother Peter & Biddolph with us; about 3, they left us: in the evening came Lea & Biddolph then Duncombe; he was with me alone neare 1/2 houer; then went away; then Mrs Pigot came to my daughters; she stayd, till past 1; before 7 came Baroby & Norton; then came Mainwaring, Baroby & Norton, went about 9, Lea about 10.

[fo. 47v]

22. Friday, next barber trimmd me; I went to see Lutwitch, Powis was there; then to Sir William Ashton; stayd awhile with him & his Lady; went then to Sir Edward Woods where I & my family dined, called on Lady Gerards, her man told me she was abroad; about 6 Sir Edward Wood, Biddolph, Mainwaring & I went to the Sunne in Holborne; Mr Stephens came to us, also Minshall & Lea; we parted about 9, came home.

23. Satorday, I dined at home; Duncombe sent me a note that he would be with me past 3 o' clock; he went with me to the Lord Treasurors; there left me; I was with his Lordship: neare 1/2 houer; there were 2 or 3 gentlemen in the outward roome; Froude with them; I went thence to Mrs Tovey; her sonne & daughter were with her; thence I went to Egertons lodgings; Lord Cholmely, Mr Robert Booth, Thorneycroft & another gentleman were with him; I stayd but awhile; left them together; I went to Humfreys; Trant came in a little before I left him; I came home.

24. Sonday, I went twice to church, dined at home; in the evening Baskervile came in with us, dranck a glasse of wine, left us; Mainwaring & I went to see Williams at Grays Inne; then to Lord Delamer; there was Sir William Cooper & one Atwood, a lawyer with him; we stayd about 1/4 of an houer; as we were going away one of his brothers came in; we came home; Baskervile & Mitton came as we were going to supper; stayd till past 9.

25 Monday, Waring came about Plimleys money; I gave him a bill on Jones for the remainder in full being 191:15:4. ; Baskervile came to speake with Mainwaring & the writing master to teach the girle to write: I went to Sir G.G., stayd awhile with him; then to Sir Thomas Chichley; called at Sir William Ashton, he was abroad; dined at home; Mrs Tovey & young Baskervile with us; after dinner Jones & Saladine came to see me; stayd but awhile; I went in the evening (with Mainwaring) to the Kings Armes to agree for the hogshed of wine; Baroby came to us; then the Common Serjeant; then another man to Baroby; then one Emery (a little in drink) - we parted about 10.

26. Tuesday, Sir G.G. man came to see me from his master; afterwards Sir G. & his sonne George came & dined with us; after dinner came Abraham Dashwood & Mr Thomas; then came Minshall; Sir G.G. & his sonne went about 4; then Sir William Ashton, Sir Robert Cotton, & Mr Offley came to us; they stayd till past 6; I went to Sir Robert Clayton about 7; spoke with him & Keck; then went to the Bull Head; there was Mainwaring, Dashwood & Thomas; Baroby came but stayd not 1/2 houer; we all parted about 10.

27. Wednesday, Mr Davyes came to speake with me, about the money he pretends Lord Macclesfield owes him; I told him, I had neither seene nor heard anything from or off his Lordship for 7 or 8 months; nor was it fit for me to enquire after him or meddle in any of his concernes, considering his present circumstances; nor would I have any discourse about him; I told him if ever his Lordship was restored to the Kings favor I would then speake in his behalfe; till then, I desired to have no more of the matter; he would have told me his lodgings but I refused to know it; soe we parted; I went to the Temple, met Leeming & spoke with him in the court; I also spoke with Mr Cod in the court; I came home, found brother Peter there, then came a gentleman to him (I think he told me his name was Robins) to get me surrender the Plantation patent before a Master in Chancery; I promised to meete them betwixt 3 & 4 under Lincolne Inne Chappell; my brother dined with me; I went to Humfreys, then to Powis at Lincolnes Inne; then met my brother & the other 2 men under the Chappell; went with them to a Master in Chancery to surrender the Patent; they pressed me to goe drink a bottle of wine, [fo. 48r] 27 but I refused; I went then to Sir Robert Cotton; found Sir Charles Cotterell & his sonne with them; they immediately went away; I stayd about 1/2 houer with Sir Robert & his Lady; then I went to Lady Wood; saw her, her sonne & daughter; then to Mr Offleys; he & his lady were abroad; there was Sir William Ashton, & his Lady; I stayd awhile with them; I called on Sir G.G. at the 3 Tunns; there were his 2 sonnes, Dr Moore, Swinborne & 3 or 4 more with him; I drank one glasse & left them; I went to the Vulter to speake with Millington but he was at cards in the club roome soe I saw him not; I called on Mr Keck about my businesse & came home.

28. Thursday, I went to Lady Gerard, her aunt was with her; then to Lady Wood, she, her daughter & Mrs Miles were together; I stayd but awhile; went to the Exchange; met Saladine in the streete; spoke to him for a bill; to Paris; called on Mr Mainwaring at Nokes; met Gulson, went with him to the Exchange, went with Scotto & Mainwaring to the Sunne; found Nokes there; had a quart of Rhenish; Nokes left us; Baskervile came to us; we immediately parted; spoke to Abney for a hatt & to the next spectable maker for new glasses; went to the Exchange; spoke to Mr Millington about the bottles I owed him; dined at home; Lea & Minshall with us; Lady Cotton & daughter came about 4; stayd but awhile; I went with Mainwaring & Lee to the Temple; spoke with Humfreys; his wife was with him; then we went to the Fountaine; Sir Edward Wood came to us; we had 2 bottles; parted about 9, came home.

29. Friday, Davyes came to me, about Lord Maxfield's money; I told him, it was not in my power to serve him; nor had I nor would I have any correspondence with any one that was in his Majestys displeasure; he prest me to speake to Sir G.G.; I refused it & sayd I thought he was of the same opinion; not to be concerned with any man in such circumstances; I told him if I ever saw my Lord restored to the Kings favor & a freeman I would then speake to him if he desired it; he got up in a little heate & sayd, if he could finde him out he would repent that he had used him soe ill or words to that purpose, soe went away unsatisfied; then came Mr Nat Booth, to speake with Mainwaring, then came Baskervile; I left them & Mainwaring together; I went to Sir Robert Claytons, spoke with him & Keck in the hall; stayd but awhile, came home &c; dined at home; in the evening came Lady Aston, Mrs Offley & her sister; I left them with my daughters; Sir William Aston came to them; they supt & went away in my absence; I went to Mr Page, was with him Mr Cannon & 4 or 5 others (strangers to me) neare an houer above at Elfords coffe house; I went then to the Vultur; they brought me to a roome where another gentleman was (I think his name is Foster). he stayd for the Common Serjeant & some others; he drank to me & left the roome; then came Millington & Scotto to me; another person came in to speake with Millington but stayd not; we discoursed about getting a place to put Sir William Astons sonne apprentise; we parted past 9.

30. Satorday, I went to church; the next barber trimmd me; dined at home; in the evening came Sir William Aston & his Lady & 2 sonnes; stayd about 1/2 houer; I went to Lady Gerard, she was abroad; went to Lady Wood; then called on Sir G.G. at his chamber; his sonne & another gentleman was with him; stayd but awhile; came home; Mr Lea was there with Mr Mainwaring he went away about 10.

31 Sonday, I went twice to church; Minshall dined with us; after dinner came Zac Kent; they walked out with Mainwaring retorned about 4; they & Baskervile drank a bottle of wine; about 5, Mainwaring Minshall & I went to Sir G.G. chamber; he was abroad; his servant & one Bernard was there; Sir G.G. sent for us to come to him to the Rose; there was with him Carnaby, Moore & Thomson; we parted about 8; set Minshall downe at the end of Chancery Lane; came home.