Roger Whitley's Diary: February 1689

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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February 1689

Feb: 1st: Friday, went to Westminster, dined with Lord Coote, Russell, Parkhurst, Doudsdale, Mainwaring, Biddolph, Lawton & my sonne at the Swan in Kings Streete; went to the Comittee; I called on Roger & Kent at the Jockey Taverne; had 2 pintes of wine, came home past 9.

2. Satorday, I went to Westminster; dined with 2 Mainwarings & Biddolph at the Ship in Gratious Streete; retorned home about 8.

3. Sonday, was not at church; dined at home; 2 Mainwarings, Biddolph, Lawton, Rawlins with us; brother Peter came after dinner; he, G. Mainwaring & I went to Grays Inne past 5; G.Mainwaring & I visited Sir William Williams; then went to Towers in the Piatza; there was Biddolph, Mainwaring, Cooling, Wood, Lawton & one Kinersly; we parted past 9.

4. Monday, I went to the House past 9; we rose past 12. Mainwaring, Biddolph & I dined at home; found Mrs Tovey with my daughters; about 6 Roger came to us; then Sir Edward Wood & Sir Charles Meredith; stayd till neare 9.

5. Tuesday, I was at the House before prayers; I spoke to Lord Maxfeild in the Lobby & to Lord Delamer in the Hall about the businesse of Chester &c; I walked awhile with Sir John Talbot; dined at the Swan with Sir Edward Chisnall, Ferrers, G.Mainwaring, Pickering & Parry; we came thither neare 5; parted neare 7; came home (Ferrers in the coach with me) to the Pell Mell.

6. Wednesday, I went to the House; we dined at the Beare & Harrow neare St Clements with 2 Mainwarings, Biddolph & Lawton; went then to Lutwich, stayd with him till 10; Gerard was with him; we went then to Mainwarings Coffe House; then home.

7. Thursday, went to the House; dined with Sir William Basset at the Sunne; went back to the House; then to the Rhenish wine House, then home.

8. Friday, went to the House, dined at the Rhenish wine House (Mrs Pryors), 2 Mainwarings, Biddolph, Norris with us.

9. Satorday, went to the House; dined at Pryors, 2 Mainwarings, Biddolph, Norris, Lawton; went to see sonnes wife in Alderbery; then to the St Johns Head; (there were 2 Mainwarings, Minshall, Lee, Baroby &c; [fo. 102v] Feb: 10, Sonday, not at church; dined at home, my sonne, daughter, Minshall dined with us; Wood was with me in the morning; came again in the evening; we walked a while in the Park; I visited Bishop of Chester's wife; there was a minister with her; she gave me a glass of shery; I went home past 7; Saladine, his wife & sister came to see us in the afternoone; also brother Peter &c; Roger dined with us.

11. Monday, went to Westminster, sate late; dined at Pryors; 2 Mainwarings Biddolph Lawton, Norris & Sir Har: Goffe &c; went thence home 12. Tuesday, was at the House; sate till 5; dined at Pryors with Birch, Hamden, Norris, Lawton, Folio, Mainwaring Biddolph Haughton &c; went home about 9.

13. Wednesday, (Ash Wednesday) went to the House; then the 2 houses waited on the Princc & Princesse of Orange at the Banqueting House; declared them King & Queen; Proclamacion made at the Gate & other usuall places; I went with Biddolph to the Cellar in Scotland Yard; there was 2 Mainwarings, Norris, Lawton, Stratford, Baroby, Jackson, William Jones &c; they left me neare one; Wood came, I brought him home; dined at home with my daughters; went in the evening to wait on Mrs Howard in Golden Square; I retorned about 7; Roger came & supt with us; Morgan came but stayd not.

14. Thursday, I went to the House; called on Mainwaring & Biddolph at Pryors; there was Hurleston, Arderne & Bedisford & Minshall with them; I stayd not; dined at home, Mainwaring, Biddolph & Minshall with us; stayd home all day; in the morning Lutwich clarke was with me; also Norman; in the evening Mr Yong came to me, after him Lee & his sonne; stayd but awhile.

15. Friday, I went to the House, we ajourned presently; went then to Whitehall, dined at home; sonne, daughter, Morgan, Mrs Tovey with us; I went in the evening to Humfreys then to Gerards, there was Lutwich; left them past 9; came home.

16. Satorday, went to Whitehall; great nombers there; dined at home; Mainwaring & Lee with us; about 4 Cotton & Lady visited us; also sonne & Morgan; then Lady Wood & daughter; all went before 6.

17. Sonday, was not at church; dined at home; brother Peter, Roger, Jackson, with us; was at Court in the morning & evening; went with John Maxwell to Towers; there was 2 Mainwarings, Roger & G. Mainwaring's cosen Barnes; parted at 9.

18. Monday, went to Lord Maxfeild, & Wood, then to the House; the King came to the House of Lords (the first tyme) I dined at home; Lord Stanford & Delamer, Lawton, Biddolph, 2 Mainwarings with us; after dinner came Lee, then Cotton & Lady; then Sir William Aston; they went all away before 5; Wood was also with me; we went to the Blew Posts in the Haymarket; there came to us Coling; then 2 Mainwarings, Biddolph & Dashwood; we parted past 9.

19. Tuesday, went to the House; dined at Pryors; 2 Mainwarings, 2 Lees, Biddolph, Lawton, Norris, Dashwood with us; we parted before 4; I came home, stayd there all night.

20. Wednesday, went to the House; dined at Pryors; 2 Mainwarings, Biddolph, Noris, Lee & his brother with us; Roger came to me after dinner; stayd awhile; I went to the Committe; then with Mainwaring & Biddolph to Towers; there was Wood, Rogers & Gilmor; we parted about 10; Warburton's brother & Fowler were with me in the morning also a man about money I had payd to Usbert.

21. Thursday, went to the House; dined at Towers (about 2) with 2 Mainwarings Thomas Lee & his sonne & Maxwell; Wood came in, but stayd not; then came Lawton; Lee went about 4; I left them about 5; my daughter called me there; we went to Lady Woods, then home.

22. Friday, I went to the House, dined at Pryors with 2 Mainwarings, Norris, Montague &c; went with G.Mainwaring to Mrs Howards, she was abroad; then to Leek (at his brothers: a Goldsmith, neare Exeter change) then to the Sunne; there was 2 Mainwarings 2 Lees, Gerard, Lewes, Baskervile; a Colchester man gave us Barrils of Oysters, we parted about 10.

23. Satorday, went to the House; dined at Pryors with 2 Mainwarings, Pickering, Lawton, Lee & Sir John Bland; went to the Comittee; then with the Lord Brandon, to the Dog; there was Thomson, & a Welsh attorney (one Williams) I left them presently; went home past 9.

[fo. 103r]

Feb: 24. Sonday, was not at church; dined at home; about 4, Delves & his Lady came to visit us; I went about 6 to Mr Harbord (about Provisions for Ireland) then to Towers; there was 2 Mainwarings Baskervile & his 2 Nephews; went then to Lord Maxfeild; there was Brandon & Medows; he left presently; I stayd a while after;went then to Lady Woods where Mainwaring was, soe home 25. Monday, Minshall, Ely & Tichborne came to see Mainwaring I visited Lord Clarendon, then to the House; dined with the Speaker, Gore, Hulbord, How, Anslow, Montague, Knatchpole, Speaker, Serjeant & Chaplaine: parted neare 5; came home; daughter Mary & her children were come to my house; Biddolph was gone to Westminster; Kent came to offer me his house; I stayd at home..

26. Tuesday, I went to the House, about 11; dined at home with 2 Mainwarings Biddolph Roger, Minshall & Jackson; whiles at Dinner Lady Wood, sonne & daughter came to us; Ely came after dinner; they all went about 4; onely G.Mainwaring & I about 5; we went to Sir Edward Woods; he went with us to Coven Ggarden; there I parted with them; called at Tovey's for my daughters; came home together.

27. Wednesday, I visited Lord Delamer, then went to the House, dined at Lockets with 2 Mainwarings Biddolph Lee, Roger &c; went to the Committe about 4; stayd till past 10; called at Pryors with Gray, Biddolph & Mainwaring had a quart of wine; went home.

28. Thursday, went to the House; then with G.Mainwaring to Harbord's; retorned to the House, dined at Pryors with Biddolph, 2 Mainwarings, Gray, Norris, Lawton, Baldwyn, Lee, Minshall & Pickring; Roger was there but did not dine; I went then to the Committe; came home about 9.