Roger Whitley's Diary: January 1689

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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January 1689

Jan: 1st. Tuesday, Mrs Deane, Murray, Philips, his wife & daughter dined with us; in the evening came 2 Harwars; stayd not long; then came G.Mainwaring & Fernhall & Smethers; then Brock: then Mr Mainwaring; Mr Hardwar came agen & supt with us; went home past 8; Mr Goldsmith's clarke came to Mainwaring after supper, stayd not; the rest stayd all night; I left them past 10.

2. Wednesday, Crew & Sherwood came, went with Mainwaring & the rest to Chester; Brock & Parry stayd at Peele, dined &c; Mainwaring retorned from Chester about 9; Grantham with him; he stayd not above ½ houer; I left them past 10.

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Jan: 3rd Thursday, Mainwaring went to meete Lord Delamer & theire Troops (before 9) Brock & Parry dined with us, stayd all night; 2 Hasterton tenants came hither in theire retorne from Chester.

4. Friday, Parry went homewards about 9; Huson went at the same tyme to Shotwick, also Griffith with a cart for corne and pales; Sir William Astons servant: came to see us, Brock stayd all night; Cadwallader brought a doe from Frodesly & a letter from Frogsall.

5. Satorday, Brock went away; & I went to Chester; dined at Wrights (a stranger with me) went to the Penthouse about one; Mainwaring & his Troop came in past 2; was received kindly by the Mayor &c: we were at the Sun that night.

6. Sonday, I went to St Peters in the morning; dined with the Mayor, (Mainwaring G.Mainwaring Goldsmith &c;) went to the great church in the after noone; to G. Mainwaring's at night.

7. Monday, went to the Penthouse; Proclamacion was made about the Election for the Convention; Sir Thomas Grosvenor was there, left the Mayor abruptly whilest he was discoursing with him about it & the reception of Lord Delamer (the next day) I dined at Angells: was at the Garter (with the Mayor, Mainwarings & severall others) at night 8. Tuesday, I dined with Mainwaring & his officers, the Mayor &c; at G: Mainwaring's; went thence to the Penthouse; Lord Delamer came in before 3, (attended with Mainwarings Troop & severall gentlemen & cittisens), the Mayor & Aldermen received them (in the Penthouse) in theire scarlett; the 24 Companyes with theire Banners in the streetes; the Cannon from the Castle &c; he was entertained by the Mayor & Recorder with speeches & a very hansome banquet; he went to Jacksons past 4; where Mainwaring entertained him and his company at supper; there were bonefires & great acclamacions.

9. Wednesday, I visited Lord Delamer at his lodgings; the Mayor called an Assembly; where they chose Lord Delamer an Alderman & his sonne a freeman; also the Deputy Recorder was made of the Assembly & Golborne made Sheriffe; his Lordship & all of us dined with Mr John Wright (Lieutenant to Captaine Mainwaring) (there my sonne came to us from London) & supt at Mr Warburton's; another of his Lordships Lieutenants: he took the Penthouse in his way to thank the Mayor & the Citty for the honour they had done him.

10. Thursday, his Lordship went out of towne about 8 (I did not see him that morning) the Mayor & severall Aldermen, Cittisens attending him on horseback; Mr Shakerley fyred all his Cannon at his going out &c; the Mayor, some Aldermen &c retorned spedily to the Penthouse; G.Mainwaring & I went to Jacksons about 2 to eate some cold meate; the Mayor came after us; we supt at the Sunne that night, much company, Mr Car &c; with us.

11. Friday, (being the election day) we met at the Penthouse; ajourned to the Common Hall; the P:rince of Orange, his letter was read; Sir Thomas Grosvenor, Mr Leeming, G.Mainwaring & my selfe were in nominacion; Cholmely was there and argued much for Sir Thomas Grosvenor that though he was Sherrife he ought to be retorned (if he had the majority of votes); the Recorder, Booth & Hunt were of a contrary opinion; the Mayor said he would take his pole but would not then resolve to retorne him (the writ and practice being against it) unlesse he would bring it under the hand of some able lawyers that he might safely doe it & would beare him harmlesse; the pole was demanded; they poled 2 for Grosvenor, 2 for Leeming and 4 or 5 for me and G.Mainwaring; then the pole was ajourned to a convenient place in the Rover in the Bridge Streete; some 100ds were poled for me & Mainwaring but not a man more for the other 2; neither would they, nor Chomley come to the place, though the Mayor sent his officers 3 severall times to let them know the pole was begunne & to invite them to it but they refused; also Proclamacion was made that if any body would pole for them they would be received, but none appearing for them & some 100ds being poled for Mainwaring & my selfe the Court was again ajourned to the Common Hall & notice sent (from the Mayor) that if they or any would appeare for them they should be received; but they still refusing to come or send the pole was ended & in open Court, G.Mainwaring & my selfe declared to be duly elected & the Retorne was accordingly made by the Mayor; under hand & seale & many Alderman, Cittisens & Gentlemen Witnesses: we went thence to dine at the Bull & past 6 removed to the Ship: severall frinds with us: I left them past 10.

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Jan: 12. Satorday, I visited Hunt; met the Mayor &c; at the Exchange; dined at Jacksons (the Mayor, Recorder, Mainwarings, Johnson, Deane, Pemberton, Basnet, Ely & severall other frinds with us; about the end of dinner came my sonne, cosen Whitley, Luke Lloyd with him; I stayd there till 4; went then with my daughters homewards; came to Peele at 6.

13. Sonday, we could not goe to church; Mainwaring came home at night.

14. Monday, Crew, the Deane, the Coroner, Mr Lee, yong Becket, Harison dined with us; they went past 2: then came Minshall; stayd ½ houer; he and Lee went away together; my sonne & Morgan came in the evening.

15. Tuesday, my sonne, Morgan & Huson went to Chester (past 9) to the Election of Representatives for the County &c; Huson retorned at night, past 11.

16. Wednesday, Sir William Aston, Crew, Warburton, Lee, Roger Mainwaring, William Mainwaring, 2 Minshalls, Daniell, Mr Bradshaw, Stephens & severall others dined with us (also an Irish gentleman, I know not his name, a stranger to me; he came from Lord Herbert to the Mayor of Chester); Aston went away betimes, then Warburton, Ely &c; Crew after supper; some of the rest stayd all night. Jackson & his wife came in the evening &c; some Frodsham men came about Mr Davyes mortgage 17. Thursday, I sent Houseman to Chester to see my goods sent to London. Captaine Daniell & cosen Minshall went away in the morning; Mainwaring went about 2 to Peover: Lieutenant Wright dined with us & Grantham; went away with Roger, Mainwaring, Bradshaw &c; my sonne, Mr Minshall & Jackson retorned in the evening; yong Becket came with a letter from his father about 5 & Hardwar to take his leave; they stayd not.

18. Friday, past 7, I & my daughters began our journey towards London; we called at the Lambe in Namptwich, stayd ¼ of an houer; went thence to Woore; stayd neare an houer; then to Stone, lay at Mr Barbers, my sonne overtook us on the roade; Minshall & Jackson came with us.

19. Satorday, we left Stone about 9; came to Elmehurst past 5; Mainwaring came thither to us.

20. Sonday, stayd at Elmehurst all day, Hughson came thither to me from Frodesly.

21. Monday, left Elmehurst past 10; stayd ½ houer at the Swan in Lichfeild; Biddolph, Mr Mainwaring my sonne & Jackson went with us; Minshall & Huson went from Elmehurst towards Chester; we met Lord Brandon & William Minshall at the Swan; they stayd not; I & my company lay at the Star in Coventry that night; Minshall & Mr William Biddolph came to us; I left them past 10.

22. Tuesday, Lord Brandon & Minshall called on us; went the next way to London; I & my company went that night to the Rose & Crowne at Northampton.

Convention Parliament meets 23. Wednesday, we went out about 7; stayd an houer at Newport, lay at the Crowne at Dunstable that night.

24. Thursday, we went out before 8; stayd neare an houer at the Greene Man at Barnet; there my sonne, & Morgan Whitley left us; Biddolph & Jackson dined with Saladine, & Cosens & another Cittisen (who came to meete us) at the Red Lyon; they overtooke us on the roade; they parted at Kentish Towne; I & my company came to the 2 Back Posts in Dukes Street neare St James (a House of Mr Yongs) where Lodgings were prepared for us; Lady Wood & her daughter Clara supt with us.

25. Friday, Lady Wood, her daughter & Mr Yong dined with us; then came Mainwaring, Biddolph & Minshall & dined; he and G. Mainwaring had bin with us in the morning; Hilman, Cosens & Jones came to see us; about 5, I & daughters went to Lord Maxfeilds, he was abroad; I left them at Tovey's & went to Humfreys; called at Tovey's for my daughters then to Lady Wood, supt there with Sir Edward &c; came home about 9.

26. Satorday, went to the House of Commons; the House was called; ajourned about 12; I dined at Mr Tovey's & Kent came to see me in the morning; brother Peter came and dined with me & daughters.

[fo. 102r]

Jan: 26. Sir Michael Biddolph went past 5 towards Combe; I & my daughters went past 6 to visit Lord Maxfeild then to Lady Wood, then home past 8.

27. Sonday, was not at church; brother Peter, Wood, Roger, Jackson &c; dined with us; Baskervile, G. Mainwaring, Gerard came to us; about 2; then Jones & Saladine; in the evening I went to Lord Delamer, he was abroad; then to the Taverne in the Piattso; there was 2 Mainwarings, Biddolph, Baskervile, Gerard, Jackson; the man of the House &c; we parted past 9.

28. Monday, went early to Westminster; we ajourned about 4; we dined (2 Mainwarings, Biddolph Norris & Lawton) at Lockets; parted about 7; I went home.

29. Tuesday, went to Westminster about 9; the House rose past 4; we supt with Sir Rowland Gavin at St James; there was Brandon, Colt, Conisby, Wildman, Morgan, Williams, Monpesson, Mainwaring, Biddolph & a lawyer (no member) we parted past 9; went home: 30. Wednesday, Kent came to me; I dined at home; went to Westminster past 2; the House rose about 4; I went to the Bell Taverne with Parry & a frind of his to discourse about my copper oare; there was also G. Mainwaring, Baroby, Jackson; one Captaine Fletcher (a frind of Baroby's) came to us; we had 3 bottles; parted past 6; I went with G. Mainwaring to Keck; he was abroad; then to Mainwarings Coffee House; then to the Griffin; there was 2 Mainwarings, Biddolph, Baroby, Jackson; we parted before 10.

31. Thurs day, Kent came to me; then cosen John Lloyd, then one Dockre; he discoursed of the copper oare, Coster, Mrs Howard &c; also about the Penny Post Office &c; the taylors man brought me new clothes &c; I dined at Baskerviles with 2 Mainwarings, Biddolph, Crispe, Minshall, my sonne, Jackson &c; past 4 I called at Baroby's; went thence to the Sunne (most of the company with us but Crispe); Abraham Dashwood & Gerard came to us & Hoare a little before we parted; I, Mainwaring & Biddolph left them about 9; called on Wood, had a bottle & supt with him; came home past 10.