Roger Whitley's Diary: February 1697

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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February 1697

[fo. 213v]

February 1. Monday, Sir William Ashton sent a servant to me with a petition ( from the Contrey) to the Parlement against making Weaver navigable & to get my hand to it which I refused, thinking it unusual for a member to subscribe a petition to the Assembly of which he is a member; John Ince came & trimmd me; Bromley came with Whitley about leasing.

2. Tuesday, Deane came at 12, dined with me, went before 3. Leech came (Whitley, Holland & Pike with him) to seale his lease; Pike about Akerley's tenement; they went about 4. past 6 Moses came to me; then Profit, then Jonathan &c. Houseman went to receive rents at Aston.

3. Wednesday, Houseman, Moses & cart went to Chester for herrings, soap &c. Profit came to receive instructions for Dyssert; about 4 came Roger, Huson, Lloyd & Taylor; we sealed the assignment about the Receivers Place; Lloyd payd 100; gave bills for the rest; he & Taylor went past 6. Wright & yong Whitby came about leasing Whitby's tenement.

4. Thursday, Profit went to Dyssart; Leech came & sealed a bond for his fine but I did not see him; Huson & I spent some time about our accounts; Roger, daughter &c. dined at Bromleys; Claxon came about money for work at the Hall but I payd none, his order not being sufficient; Crew's coachman brought me 18 fellifares;; Huson, Penster & I spent above an houer with Smith about his accounts; referd them till next day.

5. Friday, Allet came for money for sawing; Profit & his wife about the bottles; Abram about his bill (he was payd in part) Bromley & Whitby about leasing; G. Smith was discharged but stayd all night, 6. Satorday, Houseman went to Chester past 10; Huson past 2. Margot Broomes husband was with me (I sent for him) to discourse with him about work; on his good behavior.

7. Sonday, the weather kept my daughter &c. from church; Roger went towards Chester in the morning; Hope, Prichard & Profit were with me about money for Bechin works. I orderd them to come tomorow.

8. Monday, Hope, Kircam &c. came for money for Bechin work & were payd most of it; Clarkson came for money for work at the Hall & Hughes for slating at Shotwick & were payd; I sent Broster to make a visit from me & daughter to Mr Bruen & his wife; Wright came with 2 Whitbys about taking a lease; past 2 came Waddall & Hawley to make me a visit; went past 4. I sent Moses for 2 loads of coales from Bunnells of Tarvyn.

9. Tuesday, about 2 Mrs Bruen, her mother, Mrs Gerard & another came to visit my daughter; John Ince trimmd me; Houseman & Broster went to receive my rents at Ashton.

10. Wednesday, Houseman went to Chester to condole with Lady Calverley for the death of her nephew Preston; James Mainwaring & Pemberton tooke us at diner; went past 3. then came Aston, stayd 1/2 houer & went after them; Houseman stayd out all night.

11. Thursday, 2 Lightfoots were with me, stayd 1/2 houer; Harrison came for money for ridding & kidding had [blank], Ned Burrows came & dined with us; after diner Huson & Guyther came. I signed 2 assignments to Griffith & the shoemaker (for Rogers debts) on Frodesley; about 3 came Crew & Arderne; went past 5 & Wyshart about 6.

12. Friday, Bowker was with me about his leases & worke; I discharged Philip & payd him his full wages.

13. Satorday, Houseman went early to Chester to buy swine & to make Burges my agent at Shotwick; Huson & Nixon went with Betty Whitley & the French woman to Chester, about 10 Mr Lee's men brought me 20 measures of wheate; he writ to me to be Godfather to his sonne which I promised to doe; another coachman came this day to my daughter.

[fo. 214r]

February 14, Sonday, the yong women went to church in the morning; I sent Broster to Chester past 12; to enquire after & see my tenant Crosse & to advise Huson about my concernes at Shotwick. this day my tenent dyed; Broster went to Shotwick & Houseman came home.

15. Monday, Houseman went early to Chester & Shotwick to look after my concernes there; Bowker came for nailes for Akerley's house; Winpenny to lease Jones In=lack; Pickering to discourse about the garden & Huet came past 12; dined with me; desires to have the money Davyes owes him; will abate all costs & interest.

16. Tuesday, no company or businesse; Moses came with me in the evening about our work; past 7 Sheriffe Mainwaring sent his man with a letter to acquainte me that the clipper had escaped out of the Northgate & to have my advise & how to excuse it at London.

17. Wednesday, Houseman & Broster retorned from Shotwick & Chester about 11; Yong came about the agreement he hath made with Leech for his lease of the Common Ground bot I told him I could not concerne my selfe in it; Ed. Lightfoote came for a bond of his brothers which I delivered, the money being payd.

18. Thursday, Huson came past 11. Winpenny & his sonne came about leasing Jone's his Inlack; Hignet & Whitby about Whitby's tenements; cosen Whitleys man brought me a letter from his master about stating his accounts; Angell dined with us & Johnson, Bingley came after diner; all went about 4. my daughter tooke phisick; Roger came about 6.

19. Friday, Houseman & Broster went early this morning to Shotwick about the praising Mr Crosses goods; Bowker & Moses were with me about work.

20. Satorday, Roger went to Chester past 10. I saw him not before he went; Houseman & Broster retorned from Shotwick.

21. Sonday, the yong women went to church; Roger came hither in the evening.

22. Monday, Huson came about 7. stayd all night, Ince trimmd me &c. Roph went to visit Mr Delves & lady at Bolland.

23. Tuesday, Huson, Horseman & Broster went early to Shotwick; Hall's brother came about the bill he should have payd in August. promises to pay it next week; Hand & Cratchley came at 12 & Key; they dined with us; the 2 first went before 3. Key stayd all night. Bromley was with me about 7. promises to pay my money this week; Raph retorned from Bolland, Peover &c. I & daughter went to take the ayre about 3.

24. Wednesday, Key went back about 10. Jackson came to mend the carts; I & daughter went abRood about 3. Houseman came from Shotwick about 11 at night.

25. Thursday, Houseman went early to Chester cattle faire; Roger went about 10 (as he sayd) to dine at Newton; retorned at night; Morgan came about 7. also Houseman & Broster &c. Ewde, the new husbandman came this day to live with me; he brought 6 cows, 3 horses, a cart &c. from Shotwick.

26. Friday, Morgan went early to Northwich; retorned about 9 at night.

27. Satorday, Roger & Morgan went about 10 to Chester; Broster went after them about 11. Raph Kensey left my service; we parted fairely; will come agen when I have occasion.

28. Sonday, daughter &c. were at church; Moses was with me at night.