Roger Whitley's Diary: January 1697

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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January 1697

January 1. Friday, Sherlock payd some money to Houseman in part of rent; brought some salt cod instead of hens &c;.they went back that day; Angell came about 2; gives account of Mr Bruens.death last night; has also sayd that Joseph Grindley is dead; Profit came to buy 200 brick; had order for them; my tenants of Ashton dined with us; also Angell, Jackson, Johnson & Alderson; Angell went about 2; the rest about 4. Jackson & Huson stayd all night.

2. Satorday, Mainwaring, Huson & Jackson went to Chester about 10. Gorse came about changing a life in his lease. Lunt for his bond & had it; Raph went home before his father; Hickson to visit & condole with Mrs Bruen; Millington came to write in his behalfe for an increase of salary (for his stage at Northop) Holland to borow a little money, I lent him 1/2 crowne; they dined with the servants. Nat Lea came in the evening, stayd all night.

3. Sonday, the yong people & Lea went to church. Mainwaring met them there (from Chester) came home together; Mainwaring & Lea went to church after diner, retorned at 5.

4. Monday, Mainwaring & Lea went past 10 to dine at Utkinton; Captaine Aston, Weddall & Hawley came from Chester & went after them to Utkinton; Kerison came & dined with us; cosen Whitley came past 2. then Charles Griffith, Kerison brought some poultrey, went before 4. cosen Whitley & Griffith went to Kents; came back to supper; also Mainwaring & Lea; all stayd all night.

5. Tuesday, came Tindall & Cratchley; Dick Minshall, Ely & Widins & dined with us; Warburton came after diner; he, Minshall, Lea, cosen Whitley & Morgan stayd all night; the last went about 4.

6. Wednesday, cosen Whitley went past 4, Warburton before 11. Lea after diner (about 3). Houseman went to dine at Frodsham; Atlet was with me about sawing.

7. Thursday, Mainwaring went towards London after 1. Minshall & Morgan brought him to Utkinton; retorned at night; Roger came at night; this day I had 16 sheep stolen or strayed.

8. Friday, Roger, Minshall & Morgan & my 2 Gransons & Alport went to meete Crew a hunting; Morgan came to diner, stayd not after; Angell dined with us, went about 3. Roger, Minshall &c. came then from hunting; they went in evening to Bromleys; retorned to supper.

9. Satorday, Houseman & Nixon went early to look after the sheep; Richard Hall and one Leech came to treate about leasing the Common ground Granson & Hewitt went about 10 towards Peover; Nixon found & brought home the lost sheep.

10. Sonday, the yong women & servants went to church; Raph to visit Lady Bellot at Chester; then to Mrs Bruen at Stableford; also Houseman went earlier in the evening, 11. Monday, Richard Holland, Leech & his brother came (past 11) about leasing. some Comon Ground (Preston dined with me & went about 3).interl); Prichard,Clare &c came to work at the Popes Butt; & Profit to fence &c. Morgan came in the evening.

12. Tuesday, sent both coaches to the funerall of Mr Bruen; Roger, Minshall & Morgan went in myne; Houseman, Nixon with them; also Broster, & then to Chester to help Huson in his accounts; Fowler & Earle came with me. were at diner; they had dined before; went about 2; Jordan with another man & 2 boys came to mend the copper &c. in the brew house; Roger &c. came from the funerall past 5.

13. Wednesday, Roger, Minshall, Morgan, Houseman & more of the servants dined at Bromleys; Allet came to work in the brewhouse; 2 Bostocks & carter came. dined with the servants; Bethell of Venaclog brought me 2 pigs & some rent. Raphs.father came in the evening; stayd all night.

[fo. 213r]

January 14. Thursday, Houseman early went to Whitby &c. Lloyd & Taylor came when we were at diner; Smith of Molesworth about 3. they, Minshall & Morgan went about 4. Kensey in the morning. about 11 Lunt, Bowker & Gill were with me; also Smith, but did nothing.

15. Friday, Ned Lightfooote came with barley, another with oates & Mr Leas men with 20 measures of wheate; William Mainwaring & Arderne dined with us; I left them past 2. they went away neare 5. my daughter went to take leave from Mrs Bruen, retorned about 5.

16. Satorday, Roger went about 10 to Chester; John Ince came & trimmd me; I gave him 2 s. Jordan & the other bricklayers finished theire work: I payd them 1 li. 2 s. 0 d. Houseman retorned at night.

17, Sonday, my grandaughters & servants went to church; Moses was with me in the evening; I promised to goe to Bechin on Tuesday.

18, Monday, Mr Deane & Holland came to see us, dined, went about 4. Moses came at night; had directions for Bechin; Hughes (& another) came about his work at Shotwick.

19. Tuesday, Leech & Whitley came about leasing the Common Ground; we agreed; they dined; went about 3. Lunt & his brother came about Akerley's lease; they would consider of it to this day fortnight; they went about 4. Denson came about the rent he owes & to renew his lease; did nothing, went about 4. Roger came about 6.

20. Wensday, no company nor businesse.

21. Thursday, Minshall, Pemberton & Corporall Deane dined with us; the 2 last went past 6. Minshall stayd all night; Houseman went to pay the taxes in Werral; stayd out all night.

22. Friday, Lashford brought me bills for 100 li.; Parry came from Mrs Hughes; they dined, Parry stayd all night; Minshall went past 2. Howesman retorned about 1. Smith came but we had not time to settle accounts; a coachman came to be hyred; shall have answer next week.

23. Satorday, Parry went about 10. Houseman went to Chester about 11. Lashford came about the 3 li. bill that was retorned; Ince came to trimme me; one Dod with him (from Hull) with his sonne to be fowler, fisher &c. the 2 brothers husbandmen were discharged this day; Howesman came late home.

24. Sonday, the yong woemen went to church; Huson came from Chester; Jonathan & Moses were with me in the evening.

25. Monday, Smith came about his accounts but could not perfect them & the 2 husbandmen againe to settle the yonger's wages; Lloyd & Taylor dined with us; James Mainwaring came past 2; all went about 5.

26. Tuesday, Roger went to Utkinton; Gamell came about 12 & dined with me; Pointon came about 3; they went past 4; Huson about the same tyme; Birkened came in the morning about Cokers concermes with Morgan but stayd not; I was this day indisposed; purged & vomited.

27. Wednesday, Mr John Palin came about Lord Maxwells rent; will call agen; 3 masons came from Chester for money due for work at the Hall (under Fletcher interl) & had it. another came & had money for sawing; Mrs Hurleston & 2 Lancashire gentlewomen came about 12; dined with us; went neare 5.

28. Thursday, Palin came about 12. dined, went past 3. Roger, daughter &c, went to Kents at 5. retorned at 7.

29. Friday, Shard, Cottrell & Billings dined with us; went about 4. Lashford came at 2 with 2 bills. Huson & Taylor came past 3. Roger & I sealed some writings about the Receivers Place. they went to Chester past 7 30. Satorday, Roger & Houseman went past 9 towards Chester.

31. Sonday, daughter &c. went to church; in the evening Jonathan came to me; then widow Taylor about the bottles she sold.