Roger Whitley's Diary: January 1692

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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. "Roger Whitley's Diary: January 1692", Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711, ([s.l.], 2004). . British History Online. Web. 21 May 2024,

January 1692

January 1st. Friday, Huson came past 10; (Cadwallader retorned past 11 interl.) Palin, about his accounts, &c. Joseph let Anne Davyes some blood; Palin dined with us & Myers a Clothworkes & a yong Dyer that married Mr Bridges daughter; they went past 2; Palin about 4; Grindley then came about taking land at Shotwick; went past 5.

2.Satorday, Roger went early towards Knotsford or Tabley; Huson & coachman about 11 to Chester; I sent venison to Morgan; Burges brought venison from Shotwick.

3.Sonday, Bidolph went to church; dined at Smiths; Caterall came in the afternoone, stayd all night.

4.Monday, Finchet, Holland, & others came about renewing widow Bolton's lease & Akerley about his lease; he & Finchet dined with me also Totty a joyner; he stayd all night; also the men came & agreed about the new ditch at Shotwick; a man from Chester (with Jordan) to mend the boate & Hughes to repaire the slates; in the evening came cosen Whitley & his sonne also Luke Lloyd & his son in law; stayd all night.

5.Tuesday, Huson went about 10 to Shotwick; Hackney sealed an assignment of his lease; cosen Whitely & 2 Lloyds stayd all day.

6.Wednesday, no company (onely cosen Whitley & 2 Lloyds).

7.Thursday, after dinner came Conen, and about 4 came Jones & Warmingham to call on him; they dranck & went immediately away.

8.Friday, Joseph went to Chester for fish; Huson came about 12; Donald with him; dined below; brought periwigs for Bidolph; went in the evening.

9.Satorday, Huson went to Chester past 10; also 2 Lloyds went home; cosen Whitley presently after them, &c. I discharged Catherall; ordered to account with the cook in order to his going.

10.Sonday, Bidolph, Charlotte & sisters went to church, dined at Smith's; Morgan came past 4.

11.Monday, I sent my coach to Chester for Mrs Mainwaring, &c. Donald & his wife came past 1; dined in the buttry; Davyes from Chester came to talke of work at the old castle of Shotwick; Bidolph & Morgan went a shooting; about 5 came G.Mainwaring, his wife & daughter, stayd all night; soe did Donald & his wife; Roger retorned about 6.

12.Tuesday, Finchet & Akerley came about a lease in Kelsall; Streete, Comberbach, Ellis, Burrows, Griffith, &c. dined with us; went past 4; Conen, Fitzhew & one Knight came in the evening, stayd all night.

13.Wednesday, Conen, Knight & Fitzhew went about 11; the postmaster of Tarporly dined, went past 2; Danold, Leadbeter & Parke came late, dined in the buttry, went past 3; Mrs Donald with them; another man came from Savage, 2 brothers with him; Deane came to take land at Mouldsworth.

[fo. 141r]

14.Thursday, G.Mainwaring & Morgan went about 10 to Chester; Holland & Bolton came about taking a lease; Smith (of Bunbery interl.) came to speake about lands at Tatenhall; after dinner my daughters, sisters, cosen Mainwaring, her daughter, &c.. went to see Mrs Huson, came back at 7; Roger & Bidolph were abroad & at Bromley's.

15.Friday, Hixson went to waite on Lord Warmington at Chester, retorned before 12; Roger went to Chester in the morning; Bromley came about his rent; Sidall & Gill about widow Reyland..

16.Satorday, Huson went to Chester past 9; Davyes came about stone at Shotwick; about 12 Fairefax came ; Roger came past 1; Warington, Crew, G.Mainwaring, Lee, Jackson, Morgan,&c. neare 2; Warington, Fairefax,&c. went neare 5; then Crew, Lee,&c. Minshall came past 6; he, G.Mainwaring, (Jackson, Morgan interl.),&c. stayd all night.

17.Sonday, I was not at church; most of the rest went, & Jackson went to Chester.

18.Monday, G.Mainwaring went home about 8; Morgan went to Poole before 8; Bidolph & Minshall went a shooting; past 9 the tenant of Houghton came to borrow money; Mrs Mainwaring & her daughter went about 2; Bidolph & Minshall went out agen before 3 & Roger; they retorned at 6; Holland of Kelsall came to offer land to sell from Sir John Arderne.

19.Tuesday, Bidolph, Charlotte, Sidney & 2 or 3 children went to Chester, also Minshall, about 10; G. Johnson & 2 others came from Shotwick past 1; dined below; the buttler went to Chester after dinner; stayd all night; the rest retorned at 6.

20.Wednesday, the brewer went to Chester; Tomkinson to Cotton; Robert Coxon also Holland & Foulkes the Carpenter dined below, went about 3; Huson came about 10; Roger & Morgan dined abroad (at Holland's interl.) came not home till past 12 at night.

21.Thursday, I sent Houseman to Cotton; while we were at dinner came yong Cooper, Walley, Lloyd, Townsend, Jones, James Mainwaring & Jones; dined, went about 4; Roger & Morgan went with them to Bromley's; retorned past 6; a man brought fish from Wallasey.

22.Friday, after dinner Roger & Houseman went to Kelsall; stayd out all night.

23.Satorday, Huson & Morgan went to Chester about 8; Roger & Houseman came home in the morning; (Roger went to Utkinton in the afternoone, came back after 7 interl.) Sir John Mainwaring retorned from London.

24.Sonday, I was not at church; Bidolph went in the morning; most of the rest in the afternoone.

25.Monday, I sent Tomkinson to Cotton; Huson met him there, retorned in the evening; Hough dined with us; 5 of the Hollands dined below; they spake with me (about 2) about a lease at Kelsall; Crew & Cockaine came past 3; stayd till neare 7; Roger & Houseman were at Bromley's; came home late.

26.Tuesday, Huson went about 11 to Cotton to the funerall of G. Cookson; Grindley came to me about his going to Shotwick; Jordan came about making brick, &c. at dinner came one Barry from Chester, to speake with Mainwaring about making the river navigable; then came G.Mainwaring & Fernehagh (then came Morgan interl.) Barry & Fernehagh went past 4; Mainwaring, G.Mainwaring & Morgan went to Bromley's; Roger went out after dinner; they retorned past 6; past 5 came Minshall; he & G.Mainwaring & Morgan stayd all night; Huson retorned past 5.

27.Wednesday, Grindley came about taking ground at Shotwick; Mainwaring & G.Mainwaring went to Chester past 10. Mainwaring retorned about 6; Totty, Abraham, &c. were here (with Huson) in the afternoone; stayd not long.

28.Thursday, Minshall dined, went about 2; Roger brought him part of the way; retorned past 7.

29.Friday, Mainwaring & Morgan went to Utkinton past 11; retorned past 8; Jackson & Salisbury dined with us; went severally after dinner; Hollands & Boltons came about the lease; also Edward Lightfoote & 2 other men, Catherall & Crosby; they all went about 4; in the evening came a surgeon to Charlot's mayde; he supt with us & stayd all night.

[fo. 141v]

30.Satorday, Huson & Morgan went to Chester about 10. Cadwallader brought a doe from Frodesly; Roger & Houseman went out after dinner; retorned about 9.

31.Sonday, I was not at church; Bidolph, Mainwaring & Roger went after dinner; Roger stayd abroad, & Houseman, till 9.